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The House – Dirty Sex Tales

The large house at the end of the street had been empty for many years, the garden had become over grown a few of the windows had been broken. The owners of the ten bedroom house had announced they were planning to turn the place into a mini hotel that would open in a couple of years time and in the mean time they would be installing a care taker. When 19 year old Martin arrived at the house announcing he was the new care taker people looked at him with thinking he was going to be trouble, he looked as if needed a bath and a hair cut along with a change clothes, the day after arriving he was seen standing in the gardens of the house looking around and walking back wards and forwards at midday people were pleased to see that the grass in the gardens of the house had been cut and looking a lot neater with the trimmings nicely stored away in bags ready for collection, by tea time the panes of glass in the ten broken windows had been replaced and the broken gate repaired. The butchers wife had cooked a meal for Martin and sent her daughter Kerry to the house to deliver the meal on arriving went round the back of the house and finding the door open walked in put the meal on the table and went looking for Martin,  Kerry went down the hall as she did she heard running water and saw a door ajar as she got to the door and about to push it open she saw Martin standing under the shower, Kerry looked at Martins naked body and could not take her eyes of his dick that was hanging down, it was the biggest one she had ever seen and judged it to be about 8 inches, Kerry crept out the house and went home telling her older sister Amy what she had seen. With in a few minutes 16 year old Amy was walking through the door of the house she saw the meal on the table, Martin walked in the room still naked from his shower, Amy looked straight at his dick, Amy smiled said “there is a meal here for you” Martin looked at Amy said “thanks” Amy then told Martin he had a good sized dick on him, Martin smiled and told Amy it looked like a nice set of boobs under her jumper, Amy smiled lifted her jumper revealing her naked well developed boobs, Martin stood looking took a couple of steps forward cupped the naked boobs said” they are nice” and started to gently rub them, Amy looked down and saw Martin now had a 10 inch erection which she started to stroke it, Martin pulled Amy’s jumper over her head and off then started to suck Amy’s now erect nipples before laying her on the table then undoing and pulling her jeans down and off, Amy moaned out loudly as Martin pushed his dick into Amy’s waiting and wet love tube then started pounding into the groaning Amy and after a short time felt her cum, Martin carried on banging away making Amy cum twice more before he stopped,  Martin stepped back looking down at the naked body of Cindy, Martin went to his room dressed returned to the small kitchen to find Amy was no longer there. The next day a notice appeared in the village announcing a new youth club was opening at the house and also a gardening club. after a month both clubs were going well with Amy making a few visits to the house outside of youth club hours and leaving tired. The house swimming pool was restored and got well used. Kerry was at the house one night went to get her jumper that she had left on a balcony over looking the pool as she went onto the balcony she saw 16 year old Steve swimming in the pool on his own Kerry saw he was swimming naked and smiled when he got out of the pool and saw his dick was sticking up erect in the air and smiled even more when he started stroking it at 11 years of age had never seen a boy doing it and sat down and watched and when Steve squirted  his cum in 4 spurts Kerry smiled even more before going back down to where Martin and Amy was. The next day the local school used the swimming pool . Martin stood watching the girls change smiling at seeing 12 naked 16 year old girls making a mental note to increase the size of the spy hole he had made in the wall. Later that night Martin watched through the hole as Steve banged away into a naked Amy. Next day the police was at the house there was no sign of Martin, The local people discovered from the police that Martin was not the caretaker he was a wanted sex offender who pried on teenagers.

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