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The Night Yoshiko Tried to Pinch My Dick Off

I first met Yoshiko in 1989.  She and I had a mutual friend, Patrick that she was visiting   Yoshiko had just returned from Japan and was looking for a place to stay.  I lived 150 miles away and had driven down for the weekend.

Shortly after I arrived Patrick I sat outside in the front yard talking about this and that.  A few minutes into our conversation Patrick asked me, you like Asian women  don’t you.  I told Patrick I did and asked why he was asking me about it.  Would you like to have a Japanese woman live with you?  Thinking his questions were a little strange and not knowing what Patrick was getting at, I responded, why are you asking me these questions.

Patrick said, lets go into the shop.  I want to introduce you to someone.  In his shop I saw Patrick’s wife and a beautiful Asian woman I had not met before.  We walked over to the woman and Patrick said, Donnie, this is Yoshiko, Yoshiko, this is Donnie, and then he walked over to where his wife was working.

Yoshiko and I were both embarrassed with this introduction.  We looked at each other, said hello, and began a halting conversation.  We spoke a little bit before Patrick and his wife came over and invited us into the house for coffee and tea.  In the living room Yoshiko and I sat across from each other, with Patrick, his wife, and I doing most of the talking.

I had driven down Friday night.  I stayed the weekend and got to know Yoshiko during that time.  I had broken up with a girlfriend a few years before and had been living alone since that time.  As the weekend went by, I warmed up to the idea of  living with a woman again.  When I returned home, Yoshiko and I went back together.   That night I told Yoshiko that I would give her the cot to sleep on.  I placed a thin mattress on the floor for me with a pillow, and a blanket, telling Yoshiko that I would sleep there.

As we got ready for bed, I told Yoshiko that I usually sleep in the nude and Yoshiko told me to go ahead and undress, she did not mind if I were naked.  She said, I like to sleep in the nude too.  We both undressed and went to bed, Yoshiko laying on the cot and I on the floor.  I don’t remember why, but Yoshiko soon told me to sleep with her.  I was hesitant sleeping with her and told her.   I told her, I don’t trust myself. Twice more I told Yoshiko that I did not trust myself.    The third time Yoshiko angrily said I trust myself, come on, come in bed with me.

It was later when Yoshiko and I talked about this night, I found out that Yoshiko was only being polite as she asked me to sleep on the cot with her.  She did not like the idea of me sleeping on a cold concrete floor and wanted me to be more comfortable.  Yoshiko was not inviting me to have sex with her but she did not protest when I began to have sex with her.  I later found out that in a way, she was being polite when she did not protest me fucking her, but, she did get back at me for doing it.

I lay in bed with Yoshiko and she turned to face the wall.  I lay down on my back, our naked bodies pressed against each other but soon I turned on my side and I lay against her back.  Laying there I could feel the comfortable warmth of her of her body pressing against the front of mine. I moved so that I was as tight against her back as I could be.   After a few minutes I reached over her with my left hand and began to hold and massage Yoshiko’s breasts.  Yoshiko said something about it being OK to touch her, or at least I heard what I wanted to hear.  I liked the softness of her breasts as I gently massaged them My dick was hard now and pressing between her legs.  Soon I could no longer hold myself back.

In my mind, I had convinced myself, Yoshiko would not have asked me to get in bed with her, unless she wanted to fuck.   I moved up on my hands and knees, turned Yoshiko onto her back and spread her legs then felt her pussy. Yoshiko said nothing.  Yoshiko’s pussy was warm and more importantly for me I could feel the wetness of her pussy just inside her vaginal lips.

I held my dick against the mouth of Yoshiko’s pussy, caressed her pussy lips with the head of my dick, moved the wetness around to the outside of pussy, then I pushed the head of my dick into her. Slowly in and out I moved my dick, wetting it with the juice of Yoshiko’s pussy so I could push further and deeper into her into her with each thrust, until I had pushed the full length of my dick into her warm, wet pussy.  Yoshiko still said nothing to me while I was doing this.  I was convinced even more that Yoshiko wanted to be fucked.
I lay on top of Yoshiko, enjoying the feeling of a woman underneath the weight of my body as I fucked her.  Before I had my orgasm I felt a squeeze of pressure inside Yoshiko’s pussy.  I asked Yoshiko “what did you do”? She told me she had squeezed my dick in her pussy.  I asked her to do it again and she did.  I liked it.

I continued fucking Yoshiko until I had an orgasm, it felt good to squirt my cum into her pussy.  I lay on top of Yoshiko, my dick still hard inside her wet pussy, now wetter with my cum, feeling the warm afterglow of cumming inside a woman again.  Then Yoshiko squeezed my dick.  I lay there on top of her paying attention to how it felt having my dick squeezed by a pussy.  It was a feeling I had never felt before that night.

The squeezing grew stronger until I felt pain in my dick.  I pushed up with my hands and tried to pull my dick out of Yoshiko’s pussy.   I couldn’t!  I could not pull my dick out.  I pulled again and told Yoshiko to let me go.  Let go of my dick.

We lay there, me straining to pull my dick out.   Yoshiko lay smiling up at me.  I said, Yoshiko, you are hurting my dick, please let me go.    I was held against my will, my hard dick in a pussy, well and truly caught in it, like a leg in a trap.  Yoshiko lay there smiling, a sort of fuck you kind of smile.

After a few minutes, I don’t how long. I felt the pressure of Yoshiko’s squeezing pussy start to ease up.  I pulled again, trying to pull my dick out.  I was still caught.  Another minute or two, the pressure eased up more. Again I pulled back and this time I felt my dick sliding out of a tight squeezing pussy and I was out of Yoshiko.    I remember the feeling in the head of my dick as it was pinched coming out.  It hurt.

My dick was out.  I got up, turned the light on and we both checked my dick.   Yoshiko asked how my  dick felt.  I told her it hurt a little.   My dick was red with the small veins visible around it.   I asked Yoshiko how her pussy was.  She told it felt ok.  I put my fingers inside and felt her.  I asked her to squeeze my fingers if she could.  There was little pressure but it was not like what it felt like with my dick in her pussy.   With my anxiety over what had just happened, fading, we soon we went to sleep.  Me being relived that my dick appeared to be OK.

The next morning I woke up feeling Yoshiko’s warm body against mine.  She and I were in a spooning position.  My right arm was under her neck and I was holding her left breast.  My left arm was over body and I was holding her right breast.

After a few minutes I grew aware that she was awake and I got up to pee.  I looked down at my dick and was shocked. My dick was a blue and purple color.  I said “oh shit”.  Yoshiko asked what and I told her to look at my dick and she was shocked.  She reached out and touched my dick and asked what was wrong with it.  I told her I don’t know.  I had to pee so I did.  Peeing felt different that morning.  Not bad, just different, I could feel the pee moving through the shaft of my dick.

Yoshiko wanted to look at dick again.  She sat on the bed and I stood close so my dick was in front of her face.  She held it, moving it around so she could see all sides of it.  Does it hurt, Yoshiko asked.  I told her it hurt a little.

Yoshiko started to laugh. She said, I bruise your dick.  What, I asked?  Yoshiko said, I squeezed your dick so hard last night it bruise now and she laughed again.  Next time you don’t fuck me if I don’t say you fuck me.  And Yoshiko laughed as she moved my dick up, down, and sideways looking at the bruises.

I like the colors Yoshiko said, maybe I do again to you.  While that was not exactly what I wanted to hear, that Yoshiko’s pussy would clamp down so hard on my dick, it would be bruised, there was promise in the comment.  The only way she could bruise my dick like that again, was if we fucked again.  I liked that.  Except for the vise like grip of her pussy around my dick, I really enjoyed fucking her.

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