The Organisation of Sluts for the Pleasure of select men – Chapter Three, The Night Before Induction

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This is the third chapter in the series so I would recommend reading the other two first.  Please comment and tell me what you think and where I could improve!!!! 



On the way back from the restaurant to my house we pick up Bex, she puts a tight low cut t-shirt on over her tits with no bra so people can still make out her tits pretty well.  She gets into the taxi, I am sat in the middle with these stunning girls either side.  Steph (19) on my left, Bex (16) on my right, I slip a hand down the front of Bex’s jeans, in any normal situation the guy would get slapped for this, but because I was being invited to join the Organisation of Sluts I could do whatever I wanted with these girls.  My hand slipped down to her smooth bald pussy I felt the lips of it part for my fingers to enter.  I brush over the entrance to her pussy lightly and feel her shudder a little, I notice how wet she is as I bring my fingers up to her clit.  I begin to rub her clit, round and round in little circles, as she begins to moan.

 “We are back, ” Steph says to the two of us engrossed in what we are doing.  I remove my fingers from Bex’s clit, bringing the fingers to my own mouth to lick.  I thank the driver as we get out of the car and walk up to the front door of my apartment block.  I open the door and we climb the stairs to my flat, I let the 2 girls go in first.

 “Bex strip for me like a good girl, Steph you need to tell me what I need to do tomorrow, ” I say.  I sit down on the sofa as Bex, strips for me and Steph walks over and sits with me.  As Bex removes her jeans revealing her legs and pussy, I moan out loud, it is so perfect and she knows it.  Bex then gets down on her knees, her chest pushed forward her tits out in the position she has been taught called.  I don’t know about the position but presume correctly that it is some sort of position to show they are giving themselves to the master.   “Good girl Bex, stay there please, ” I say as I turn to Steph and place a hand on her leg,  “So tell me, tell me everything. “

As I move my hand up and down her leg, she begins to explain about the following day,  “You will arrive at 7pm and be met by a nominated slut she will be 17 or under, she will take you into a room and strip you naked.  She will then place a red sash around you that covers your cock, this will be removed later.  At 7:15 you will be led from the room into the main hall, where you will be introduced to all the other males, they will all be naked.  Each male will have a girl either side of him, knelt down in the position Bex is in now. ”  I look over at Bex her tits pointing out and grin feeling my cock growing as I bring my hand up to Steph’s pussy.  She moans a little before she continues,  “The girl to the male’s right will be his pet, like I will be to you although you don’t have to keep me as your pet you may get a new one.  A males pet is the only girl that is exclusive to that male she is the girl he can keep for himself, often this is the girl that he may call his girlfriend outside of the organisation.  On the left of the males is his personal groom, this is often one of the younger girls and is there to clean and wash the male, often used to clean his cock after sex as well as be his personal toilet.  You will get to choose a personal groom later on.  Once you have shook hands with all the males, you will be led over to a bed, on the bed will be Amy your nominated induction fuck.  Once you have entered her pussy you will officially be a master of the club.  You will fuck her in front of everyone but you will not cum inside her, all new males must cum for the first time in my Grandmas mouth, she is 70 years old it is tradition.  That is the only time you will ever have to fuck anyone that age, although you may fuck people that age through choice of your own.  Once that has happened everyone relaxes a bit, you will spend time talking to the other males and fucking various girls.  I will then be presented to you as a present from my grandfather.  The party will last all night. “

By this point I am fully hard imagining the orgy that will happen tomorrow wondering how many times I will come.  I remove my hand from Steph’s wet pussy and push my fingers into her mouth for her to clean.  She does so tasting her own sweet juices.   “So what are the rules? ” I ask,  “What can I and can’t I do? “

I remove my fingers from her mouth and begin to unbutton my trousers wondering what Bex’s pussy will feel like around my cock.  I pull my cock from my boxers setting it free both Bex and Steph look at it with longing.   “I have a list of rules in my bag if I may go and get, ” she tells me.

 “Go and get them but on your way back I want you to strip naked and crawl in the rules in your mouth, ” I demand as I look over at Bex.   “Bex come here, I hope your wet, ” I say.  She crawls over and I motion for her to sit astride of me one leg on either side, I don’t bother to see if she is wet before saying,  “Sit on my cock Bex, all the way in first time without pausing. ”  She does exactly as I say, sinking right down onto my 8 inch hard cock I let out a long deep moan as I feel how wet and tight she is.  She sits there waiting for my next command getting used to the feel of my cock.  If she wasn’t under my command she would pull off me and run away teasing me until I had caught her but she knows unless told to do so she would get punished severely for doing something like that.  I look in her eyes and say,  “Bounce up and down, and fuck yourself on my cock baby. “

She began going up and down on my cock getting rather fast, holy shit I think to myself, never having felt a girl so tight or as good.  She felt even better than Steph’s pussy did, I grab her and ram her down on my cock and hold her there, my full length deep inside her.  As I hold her there Steph comes crawling back in on all fours her tits swinging, I knew that if Bex or I moved she would make me cum instantly I was so turned on.   “Steph my slut I am so horny right now I could cum, how do you make sure I can perform again quickly? ” I ask, as I begin to feel less horny knowing I could begin to fuck Bex again.  I begin to bounce Bex up and down again my hands on her ass.

Steph answers,  “All the girls are taught how to give the best blowjobs sir and these can usually get any man hard again.  We don’t use any drugs or stimulates, just our body’s Sir! ”  She stays on all fours her big tits swinging below her, looking like a good little dog.  It isn’t long before I am at the stage I was before this time I don’t stop Bex but move her faster and faster.

 “Go on slut, bounce on my cock faster.  Go on I am going to cum, ” I moan out loud as she gets faster her amazing tight pussy around my cock.  With one last bounce I pull her down my cock all the way in her as I let out a long loud moan and begin to cum in her pussy.  Stream after stream of cum goes deep into her pussy as I hold her there, I pull her close and kiss her hard on the lips.  She moans into my mouth as she feels her pussy filling up, I move her up and down a couple of times before pulling her off my cock covered in my cum.  Cum is also running out of her pussy,  “Catch the cum from your pussy baby and eat it like a good girl, don’t waist a drop. “

Kneeling on the sofa next to me she begins to scoop up my cum from her pussy and legs and licks it from her hand, this is so fucking hot I think young girls at my command.  Bex pushes 2 fingers into her pussy and brings them out covered in my cum and begins to lick them.  I look over at Steph who is jealously looking on wishing she was serving me, I pat my leg and motion her over as if she was a dog.  I take the rules from her mouth as she crawls over her big tits swinging, I then reach down and pull her by her chin towards my semi-hard cock.  I move her so that her lips are against the shaft of my cock covered in mine and Bex’s juices, she gets the idea that I want her to lick and clean my cock.  She sticks her tongue out and begins to lick up and down the shaft of my cock like a pro, I moan and it’s not long before I feel myself getting hard again.  Bex has finished cleaning herself so is just knelt on the sofa her legs spread, as I begin to read the rules:

This document sets out the rules that you agree to upon becoming a member of the Organization of Sluts, it sets out what males can and can’t do and what they can expect from all females.

1)  All members’ females and males agree to undergo test for STIs every week at the nominated discreet doctors.

2)  There is no membership fee for males, all monies females earn goes into the organization.

3)  All females are for the exclusive use of members only and no member shall allow a non member any sexual contact what so ever.

4)  No images or videos of anything that goes on within the club may be shown to any outsider (videos/images may be taken for personal use).

5)  Male members may have sexual contact with non-members but must be tested within 24 hours of contact, the male member may only use his personal toy before being tested and she must be tested at the same time.

6)  Any male may choose any female (apart from personal pets) at any time of day or night.  All the male needs to do is text the female and she will be there within 30 minutes.

7)  Males must follow the punishment and breeding guidelines.

The rules go on in the same manner, mostly what I would expect.  By now my cock is fully hard again from Steph’s tongue which she is still running up and down my shaft.   “Good girl my pet, ” I say to Steph,  “Now Steph go and put your thong back on, I won’t be fucking you again not until your my personal pet.  Then go into the bedroom and get it ready for me and Bex, we are going to be lovers for the night. ”  Steph tries hard to hide her disappointment, she will get to know how I will use her over the coming years, using her to get my hard before I fuck another girl.  I look at Bex who is just knelt on the sofa her legs spread a little, for the first time I get a proper look at her pussy.  It is well kept, not a hair in sight and looking like it gets care with moisturiser.  I grin to myself loving that I have 16 year old pussy so close and at my command.  I stand up my dick sticking ram rod straight out in front of me I take Bex’s hand making her stand up, she is about a head taller than me as I lead her into the bedroom.  As we go I slowly strip naked.

The bedroom is lit only by candles which Steph has dottered around the room, there is the faint scent of incense.  Steph is knelt at the foot of the bed pushing her tits out wanting to be noticed, I ignore her as I lead Bex into the room.  I turn to Bex and pull her close, so close so that our naked bodies are touching, her warm perky B tits against my chest my cock brushing against her belly.  I kiss her hard and passionately as if we were lovers, as I run my hands down her back towards her arse.  After a couple of minutes of playing with her tongue I push her onto the bed, I tell her to,  “Get in the middle of the bed and spread your legs baby. ”  I crawl into the bed and get in between her legs, I lower my mouth to her pussy and begin to lick it, Bex squeals in delight as she feels my tongue lick against her sweet young mound.  It isn’t long before I am tongue fucking her on her way to orgasm.   “Slut you may cum when you want, ” I say, looking up briefly from my work.  I push my tongue deep into her pussy before moving up and lapping at her clit.  That seems to really get her going, I keep going for about 5 minutes before she because to thrash about the bed and scream in ecstasy as she cums.  I grin as I look up at her face, keeping her in the position she is in I move up her body, bringing my cock up to her pussy.

 “Guide my cock into your pussy baby, and you better cum again before I do otherwise you will be sleeping outside, ” I bite her bottom lip as I say the threat menacingly.  She lines my hard cock up with the entrance to her hole as I push forward.  In one swift movement my whole 8 inches is once again in the best feeling pussy I have ever known.  It wasn’t long before I was slamming in and out of her fucking fast, the whole bed moving.  I moan out loud as I fuck her going faster than I have ever gone before with any girl.  She screams in pleasure as I pull my cock all the way out of her and then ram it all the way back in.  It isn’t long before she is cumming hard over and over again.  After about 15 minutes of fucking her in the missionary position, I pull out of her and instruct her to get on all fours.  Her ass in the air I line up my cock with her pussy and begin to fuck her doggy style.  This has to be one of my favourite positions it makes me feel so powerful as I tower above the girl I am fucking.  I grab her sides as I slide in and out of her getting faster and faster.  I reach round and rub her clit, I can feel my cock moving in and out of her as I rub it.  She screams in pleasure at the touch of my fingers.  This rough fucking continues for a while, before I remove my fingers, getting back into my towering position and getting faster.  I feel myself about to reach climax so I ram my cock deep into her and hold it there and for the second time in 3 hours I cum inside Bex.   “Fuck yes, you dirty slut, Fuck Yes, ” I say as I cum.

Once I have finished, I pull out of her.  I look down to see cum running down her legs,  “Steph come here like a good slut, me and Bex need cleaning.  Clean my cock first and then suck all the cum from Bex’s pussy, ” I say grinning I am so happy.

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