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The Perfect Dream Cum True

If I could have anything I wanted, it would be for my face to be my stepdaughter’s throne. She is 19 and has the most amazing thick body ever, at 5 feet 6 inches and 230 lbs, very nicely distributed in the ass and thighs. Unfortunately, that will never happen, but two new friends she made at work have become regular guests at the house recently. It has become so automatic for me over the years, but I am completely and undeniably submissive to my stepdaughter’s wants, wishes, desires. I can only imagine how it looks to those that get to witness it. I really am her bitch. Anyhow, it turns out her new friends are both 19 as well, and one them is an apprentice for a dominatrix in Chicago. The other girl is one who locally has a reputation of being an absolute anything goes freak so I’m told by my son who is a few years older. It was probably the 9th or 10th time they came over to the house, but my stepdaughter was not there. They said they knew she wasn’t, and that she was already at a party that they were on their way to. I asked if they were picking something up they had left (they had stayed the night at least 5 times in the past 2 weeks) or just stopping by to say hi. They informed me that they were there to give me what I really wanted. About 2 months before these 2 started showing up, they informed me that my stepdaughter had found the porn that I watch on my computer. In a nutshell, it is femdom in general (heavy on strapon, queening, dominant daughter), sissy, bbc, and shemales. Gay of course too, and all kinds of white girls getting gangbanged by well hung thick dicked big muscular black men. The one who was the dominatrix placed a bag on the kitchen table and told me to go into the bathroom and change into what was in there. Then she told me to instead strip there in front of them. I reluctantly did, and as soon as my tiny 3/4″ flaccid cock peeked out she let out an evil chuckle. Very pathetic she said. She walked up to me and flicked my tiny penis with her thumb and forefinger. She laughed again and then opened the bag to reveal some very sexy pink thigh highs with cute hipster panties with frilly edges. I very eagerly put them on. She then told me it was time to see my stepdaughter. My heart was racing, oh my god. So hot, but so scary. But she wasn’t there of course. The girls put on the video chat and as I stood there in my panties, stockings, and now wig and lipstick, there was my stepdaughter, in her bra and a thong surrounded by 3 big black dicks. Hi daddy she said, just before she took over half of a thick veiny uncut 9 inch bkack dick in her mouth. My cock had never been so hard. Just then I felt two pokes on my backside. Her new friends had strapped up and let me know that they were filming all of it. The local whore had quite the dong at 8″ and medium thick, but the dominatrix in training was wielding 10 quite thick inches with raised studs underneath the head. After 10 minutes of lubing and loosening up, they began tag team spit roasting me until I came puddles all over myself and was left a trembling frightened mess. I couldn’t even focus on my stepdaughter getting the amazing pleasure of the 3 big black cocks at once as her friends turned me into the sissy I have always wanted to be. I would’ve been sobbing, but I was too exhausted. They say we’re doing it again. I truly hope so.

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