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The Racist Change – Dirty Sex Tales

Twelve year old John was sat at the breakfast table and was not feeling very happy, today was the day that his sixteen year old stepsister Laura would return home from the detention centre that the court had sent her to for fighting with the police and breaking one police officers nose. Laura was a very violent racist thug who took drugs and drank cheap cider she was well out of control and did not have many friends even her own mum did not like her much, John hated her the only family member to like her was Amy Laura’s sister who was two years younger than what she was, Amy was also a racist thug but not as violent as what Laura was. Amy was not at school because she had been suspended for hitting her class mate Jacob and calling him a black bastard. John set off for school on the way he warned his classmate Josh that Laura was due home that day, Midway through the morning Laura got off the bus in the town centre a few people saw her but ignored her. Laura decided to take the short cut through the derelict trading estate as she walked she saw Jacob who was bunking school sitting on a wall talking to his class mate Sam who was also bunking school, Jacob nudged Sam and said ” the bitch is back” Sam looked and said ” she is a bitch but I will still fuck her” Jacob said “no way she don’t take black cock” Laura walked inside the former ice cream factory when she did Jacob said ” what she doing there is only one way in and out” after ten minutes when Laura had not come out the two boys got up went over to see where Laura was and got a shock, Laura was standing completely naked, the boys looked first at her ample boobs then her love tube, Laura said ” you took your time getting here, the two boys could not believe what they were looking at but were liking what they were seeing and when Laura said ” what you waiting for come fuck me” Sam slowly walked forward while Jacob waited back, Sam walked up to Laura then slowly reached out and cupped her boobs and started to massage them, Jacob then walked up and when started to undo his trousers Jacob started to massage Laura’s boobs, Laura lay down on the old blanket on the floor and parted her legs Sam moved quickly and was soon kneeling between Laura’s legs and after bending forward slid his eight inch dick into Laura’s love tube and started to thrust in and out while Jacob sucked her nipples, after five minutes Sam felt Laura cum but carried on thrusting away making her cum a second time before he was squirting his cum over her body, Laura rolled over and took Jacobs nine dick in her mouth and started to suck it and after a few minutes when Jacob squirted his cum into her mouth Laura swallowed it, the two boys stood looking at the white thug girl as she dressed and as she started to walk away she said to Jacob “you can fuck me next time” both boys sat hardly believing what had happened, Sam said to Jacob ” thought you said she don’t take black cock” Laura walked home and after having a long soak in the bath then sat at the kitchen table talking with Amy telling her things were going to change and there was to be no more racism and that she had to make amends to Jacob, Amy looked at her sister and said ” what he is a fucking nigger” Laura slapped Amy right round the face knocking her off her chair, Amy lay on the floor totally surprised looking up at her step sister who said ” you are going to let both Jacob and Sam fuck you” Amy could not believe what she was hearing, the door opened and John walked in with Josh, Amy got up and ran to her room, Laura started to follow her removing her towel as she did, Josh and John both looked in surprise at Laura’s naked bum and smiled, Laura went into the bathroom and after a few minutes came out still naked the two boys looked at her love tube and boobs hardly believing what they were seeing, Laura went into her room Josh looked at John and in a sarcastic way said ” you poor boy you have to put up with that” a few hours later Amy arrived home from the youth club and saw a naked Laura making a drink then to her shock a naked Jacob walked out of Laura’s room his dick sticking up at nine inches, Amy could not believe what she was seeing, Jacob went over to Amy and cupped her boobs, Amy pushed his hands away, Laura glared at her, Jacob slid his hand under Amy’s tee shirt and found her naked boobs which he started to massage, Amy knew better than to defy Laura and did not struggle after a few minutes Jacob slid a hand inside Amy’s joggers and started to rub her hairless love tube and after a couple minutes found it was getting wet he lifted Amy’s tee shirt up and over her head and off then started to lick and suck her nipples which were now erect, Laura walked behind Amy and pulled her joggers down and one by one lifted each of Amy’s legs and pulling her joggers right off, Jacob then took hold of  the naked Amy’s wrist and guided her to her bedroom where he pushed her back onto her bed and smiled when she parted her legs and with in a few minutes was sliding his throbbing nine inch erection into Amy’s love tube as he did Amy groaned out loud Jacob started to thrust in and out making Amy moan after five minutes Jacob felt Amy cum and feeling glad that he had taken Viagra carried on thrusting in and out of the groaning Amy’s love tube making her cum four more times before he squirted his cum over her stomach then laying down beside her, in the morning Jacob woke to find Amy sucking his dick while Sam thrust in and out of her love tube, and when Jacob squirted his cum into her mouth Amy swallowed it, during the day Laura got a phone call saying that John had been taking to hospital after falling from a trampoline and that Josh would take his gear home, Laura went to the hospital to see John leaving Amy on her own, Josh arrived at the house with John’s gear and his eyes went wide when he saw Amy naked in the kitchen, Amy let Josh in and told him to dump John’s gear on his bed, John went after he had put John’s gear on his bed he left the room and through her open door he saw Amy laying on her bed with her legs open and rubbing her love tube, Josh stood and watched Amy said to him ” come on in and give me a hand” Josh smiled and went in as he did Amy moved her hand Josh started to rub Amy’s love tube and when she started to undo his trousers he did not try and stop her and soon his six and a half inch hard dick was out and when Amy asked him if he had ever fucked a girl he told her no, Amy said ” let’s put that right stood up and stripped Josh naked and after a few minutes for the first time in his life Josh was thrusting into a white girl’s love tube, half a hour later Josh was walking down the road smiling but hardly believing that he had had sex with a girl two years older than him. At the hospital Laura had seen John and learnt he would be hospital a few weeks as he had broke his leg she was now in a store room with the  seventeen year old porter who was from Uganda pushing is ten inch dick up her love tube. All round the town people noticed how quieter Amy and Laura were, Amy had gone back to school and some of the black boys were suddenly glad to see her, Amy was in the derelict part of the school bent forward sucking Josh’s dick while Jacob was thrusting in and out of her bum with Sam waiting for his turn, Amy was thinking what have I been missing.

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