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The Release – Dirty Sex Tales

The large factory had stood on the edge of town for many years and employed people from the town as well as surrounding areas, the factory specialised in cleaning and restoring anything made from metal, there was plenty of work at the factory and the workers were happy, but then work started to dwindle and eventually the factory went bankrupt and closed down, the place was boarded up and keep out signs and warning signs of chemicals were erected then after awhile squatters got into the site looking for metal to sell as scrap, they started to rip out copper pipes which caused a few leakages of chemicals that were still in the pipes, after being in the factory for two weeks the squatters left leaving behind a lot of damage and leaks, chemicals started to mix together and some went down into the sewers and also the water supply to the town became contaminated. At the school Sharon the sixteen year old captain of the girls swimming team had just finished practise for an up coming diving competition, Mr. Khan was the sixty year old care taker who was due to retire and was well known for perving after the girls. Mr. Khan was cleaning in the changing rooms when Sharon walked in and instead of getting the normal verbal abuse from Sharon Mr. Khan got a pleasant hello, Mr. Khan watched Sharon as she went under the shower admiring how her swimming costume hugged her slender figure he noticed the pokies and thought something has turned her on, when Sharon untied the strings on her costume Mr Khan smiled and when Sharon peeled her costume down and took it off Mr Khan stared at her naked body noticing her erect nipples, Sharon stood under the water and started to rub her ample boobs, Mr Khan  stood watching as Sharon started to rub her love tube, Sharon left the shower and went to a bench a lay on it with her legs hanging over the sides, Sharon looked at ” Mr Khan and said ” fuck me” Mr Khan walked over to the bench undoing his trousers as he went and releasing his seven inch erection which he was soon sliding into Sharon’s love tube as he thrust in and out of the white girl’s love tube making her groan as he did he wondered how after five years with out one he had suddenly got an erection but did not care and soon felt Sharon cum. Sharon’s sister June who was a year younger than Sharon was talking to her classmate Colin who was the school nerd and not well liked, June took another swig of water from the fountain then pushed Colin onto the floor pulled his trousers open and started to suck his dick swallowing his cum when he squirted it into her mouth. Cindy the sixteen year old bully was tormenting the Bengali boy who was four years younger than what she was when she suddenly stopped and undid her blouse and unclipped her bra letting her firm boobs spring out the boy looked hardly believing what he was seeing, Mr Khan was just pulling his dick out of Sharon’s love tube after feeling her cum four times stood back and watched as her naked boyfriend who had come into the changing room pushed his nine inch erection into Sharon’s love tube while her sister Amy who was four years younger stood naked watching and rubbing her love tube, In the gym the mixed martial arts class had turned into a big orgy with all ten members of the team naked and indulging, Cindy had now stripped naked and was having her boobs played with by the young Bengali boy, June was also naked sucking the dick of a classmate while another thrust in and out of her love tube, Amy was groaning loudly as Mr Khan pushed his dick into her love tube, all over the school students were stripping naked and indulging in all manners of sex. Outside it had started to rain and not long after it had started to rain people in the street were starting to strip naked and start having sex, Seventeen year old Mark was walking naked up the street his dick standing up erect at eight inches like a flagpole, sixteen year old Martin the homophobic thug walked out of his house naked with a nine inch erection, Stan who was two years younger and very gay was looking out of his bedroom window looking in awe at the naked Martin who had beat him up a few times Stan saw lots of naked people in the street with some girls and boys masturbating, Martin was now banging on Stan’s door who knew Martin was after his sister who was a year younger than Martin his sister was not in but four of his classmates were After twenty four hours a big cordon had been put round the town to stop anybody getting in or out the local authority was trying find out what was causing the sex driven residents to act like they were doing, the chemicals in the factory continued to seep into the towns water supply, Martin was laying in the garden with a very sore bum and a taste of cum in his mouth with the four Bengali girls who were all seven years younger than him cheering as he squirted his cum for the third time the fourth girl saying my turn now, the lights in the school had now come on none of the students were any way ready to leave school they were all to busy having sex where ever they could get it, parents who had been waiting at the school gates to meet their kids were not at all bothered that their kids had not shown like their kids they were to busy having sex with who ever was free,  after two weeks the local authority still had no idea what was causing the behaviour up at the water plant the supervisor was checking water pressures and saw that the pressure for the town that was now being called sex town was dangerously high so told the staff to release some of the water to feed the big city and a couple of the neighbouring towns to ease the pressure on sex town and soon water was on it’s way from sex town to the city and the other towns.

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