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The Rich – Part 1

Over a period of a couple of weeks the residents of the small English town had watched with great interest as the two adjoining houses that stood next door to each other were converted into one house, each of the houses had four bedrooms and had stood empty for nearly two years, the conversation was now complete and the new family were moving in, residents soon learnt that Sara was the eldest daughter aged sixteen years and her sister Amy was two years younger and their mum had ran off with another leaving the dad to raise the daughters on his own, residents also learnt that the family was very rich and that they owned a chain of shops. It soon became obvious that both Amy and Sara were stuck up and spoilt getting everything that they wanted and little time for their neighbours and were not interested in helping their neighbours or mixing with them. Twelve year old Mark was the local paper boy and had to deliver the papers to the rear door of the house and was doing so early one morning and got a very pleasant surprise Sara was standing in the kitchen completely naked.  Mark looked at her ample boobs noticing her nipples were erect, he also had a clear view of her hair less love tube which she suddenly started to rub, Mark stood watching in awe and saw Sara push two fingers up her love tube and started to masturbate, Mark stood watching in awe and after five minutes Sara gushed and not long after had pulled her fingers from her love tube turned and walked out of the kitchen giving Mark a good view of her bum, Mark carried on and delivered the paper hardly believing what he had just saw but was glad that he seen it and could not wait to tell his school mates the next day Mark had two of his class mates with him on is paper round but there was no sign of Sara. Two days later as Mark did his paper round he saw Sara again in the kitchen and again she was naked, Mark watched but she never did anything she just poured a drink and left Mark did not tell his mates, Mark saw Sara naked a couple of more times but did not bother telling his mates, then one day Mark could not do his paper round as he was unwell and Simon his brother who was two years older than him did it for him, as Simon went up the garden path he saw Amy in the kitchen completely naked, Simon looked at her well developed boobs and love tube and as she left the kitchen admired her bum later in the day Simon saw Amy in the deserted country lane and spoke to her saying ” I saw you in your kitchen this morning you were naked you got a nice pair of tits” Amy looked at him and said ” I don’t care” Simon said ” prove you don’t care get your tits out now” and was surprised when Amy lifted her jumper over her head and took it off standing topless and when Amy said ” I suppose you want to fuck me do you” Mark nodded, Amy climbed the fence into the field and walked to the trees, Mark was soon following her and when he got to the trees he saw Amy laying on the grass naked legs open Mark quickly stripped and was soon sliding his six inch dick into Amy’s moist love tube and started to thrust in and out and after five minutes felt her cum just before he squirted his cum over the grass, after twenty minutes as Simon walked down the lane with    Amy  she gave him an invite to a party at her house. for that weekend, as Simon arrived for the party he noticed all the windows were blacked out when he got inside he saw a lot of the people were naked,  Colin stripped went upstairs after getting a drink and saw Sara laying naked on a bed with two of Marks mates sucking her nipples he saw Amy leaning over the rails her boobs flopping about as his mate thrust in and out of her from behind , Simon saw Tina who was a classmate of Marks naked her nipples erect going into a room he her into it followed her and after five minutes Tina was breathing heavy as Colin thrust in and out of her love tube.


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