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The Ride – Dirty Sex Tales

The weather was very hot and it had been hot for two weeks, there was no breeze to help keep people cool, but despite the extremely hot weather the horse riding centre was very busy, lessons were being held as normal and groups were going out riding as normal. Sixteen year old Laura was a local racist bully girl who was well feared and had few friends, she was at the centre waiting to go out on a ride that had been paid for by her granddad but because she was a novice she was not allowed to go out riding on her own, Laura was waiting for her guide to arrive but it was discovered that the guide had been taken ill and could not make it, Pao who was two years younger than what Laura is was asked to be a guide for Laura as nobody else wanted to be, Pao agreed to the job, Laura looked at Pao and said ” what her” Pao replied ” yes me I am a Bengali girl but I can ride so shut your mouth get on your horse and let us go” Laura mounted her horse and the pair rode out, after leaving the stables one of the other girls said ” will Pao be safe Laura wont like being spoken to like she was by a Bengali girl and if she finds out she is a lesbian as well that will really piss her off” The head instructor smiled and said ” yes your right but one thing I have never said about Pao is that she holds a black belt in karate” he walked away smirking, out in the fields Laura was moaning about the heat and saying it was to hot, Pao was not complaining she had noticed that the top buttons on Laura’s shirt was open and she could see a good bit of side boob and was liking it, after awhile Laura told Pao that she needed to stop to rest and after stopping dismounted as Laura dismounted Pao got a clear view down Laura’s shirt and saw a complete boon with erect nipple and smiled then dismounted, Laura looked at Pao and said  to her ” are you a fucking lesbian you keep looking at my chest” Pao smiled and said ” yeah I am a lesbian and when you dismounted I good look at one of your tits and a nice stiff nipple” Laura yelled ” you dirty fucking bitch” and charged at Pao who side stepped the charge, Laura turned walked towards Laura and fell to the ground as Pao hit her, Laura got to her feet but soon fell again when Laura delivered another blow, each time Laura got up Pao hit her again after being knocked to the floor four times she stayed there, Pao said ” now for my revenge on the times you have bullied my cousin and friends” she then kicked Laura in the side of the leg and said ” your shirt off” Laura looked at Pao and said ” fuck off” but after getting two more kicks undid her shirt completely and took it off, Pao looked at Pao’s ample boobs and said “now your jeans” and after a couple of minutes was naked, Pao sat astride Laura’s hips and pushed her flat onto her back, Laura said ” what the fuck you doing” Pao then started to massage Laura’s boobs and said ” guess sexy” she then bent forward and started to lick and suck Laura’s nipples, Laura was cursing and swearing calling Pao a lesbi and dirty slag and that she was going to kill her, after a few minutes Laura stopped cursing, Pao saw that her nipples were well erect reached behind and slid a hand between Laura’s legs and rubbed her love tube and felt it was moist, Pao smiled then lifted her tee shirt over her head revealing her naked boobs pulled Laura’s head up pushed a boob in her mouth and said ” suck you bitch” after a few minutes Pao let Laura’s head go and started licking her nipples and after five minutes stopped slid down Laura’s legs and inserted her fingers into Laura’s love tube and Listened to Laura groan as she pushed her fingers in and out of her love tube pushing in as deep as she could and with her free hand gently squeezed one nipple while sucking the other and after five minutes Pao felt Laura cum and as she did heard her groan out loudly, not long after Pao stood up and told Laura to dress and after a hour the pair were back at the stables and when asked if everything was ok Laura said ” yeah it is cool” later that night as Pao walked up the stair well in the tower block of flats where she lived she saw Tina who was in her class at school and the sister of Laura Tina was leaning against a wall, as Pao approached her Tina said ” my sister told me what you did to her when you were out horse riding, Pao went up to Tina and said to her  ” what’s up are you jealous” Pao  pulled the zip on Tina’s hoody down revealing her naked boobs and grabbed hold of then, Tina said ” you fucking slag” Pao bent forward and started to suck Tina’s nipples at the same time slid a hand inside Tina’s joggers and started rubbing her love tube, Tina said ” bitch” then pushed Pao against the wall pulled her tee shirt up and started to lick her nipples  and undoing her jeans and after a couple of minutes Tina was kneeling and licking Pao’s love tube and after five minutes Pao gushed, a few minutes later Tina was walking away saying ” I knew you were a dirty lesbian” and started heading home. The next day Pao was out riding again with Laura keeping a careful eye on her in case she tried to get revenge after riding for a hour Laura stopped Pao rode on and after a short while heard Laura shout I need some help, Pao turned and saw Laura standing beside her horse completely naked rubbing her love tube.

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