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The Sauna 2 – Dirty Sex Tales

It was a Sunday afternoon and Abdul was working on the reception desk of the family owned sauna, Sunday afternoon was family day, no singles were allowed in. Cindy who was 16 years of age the same age as Abdul arrived with her parents and 12 year old sister Amy after paying the entry fee they headed into the sauna, Cindy spotted her friend Kim with her brother Mark who was a couple of years younger than Cindy, After stripping and wrapping towels round their naked bodies the Adults went to the parents section while the girls and Mark went to the under 18 years of age section, there were quite a few youngsters in the younger persons sauna, Amy sat on the floor right opposite 16 year old Steve who lived on the same estate as she did, once she had settled Amy got a surprise she could see up Steve’s towel and had a view of his dick, Amy smiled liking what she was seeing, after half hour Kim’s mum poked her head round the corner and told everyone there was free drinks in the canteen, every body rushed out except for Amy and Steve, after the others were gone Steve smiled and said ” you enjoying looking at my cock” when Amy asked him what he was on about  Steve told her he could see her looking up his towel, Steve got up went to the door stood with his back to it and removed his towel, Amy stared at Steve’s 6 inch hairy dick smiled and watched in awe as Steve got a full erection, Amy looked at the 8 inch throbbing dick said ” nice” Steve started to stroke his throbbing dick as Amy sat watching and after a few minutes when Steve squirted his cum in 5 spurts Amy gasped and said ” fucking hell”  Mark was sitting on the fire escape sulking because his sister had had a go at him. he heard the door on the stairs below him creak as it opened looked through the rails and saw Cindy after a short while Mark saw Abdul come through the door, Abdul looked at Cindy said to her ” you all alone” Cindy said ” till you got here I was” Mark realised they did not know he was there, when Cindy unhooked her towel and let it drop to the floor Mark’s eyes lit up as he stared at Cindy’s naked firm boobs with erect nipples and her hair less slit, Abdul undid his trousers letting his 7 inch erection spring out, Cindy knelt took Abdul’s dick into her mouth and start sucking it, Mark watched open mouth then after a few minutes saw cum dribble down Cindy’s chin he saw Cindy scoop it up with her fingers lick it off and say ” waste not want not” Abdul did his trousers up and got back through the door Cindy put her towel back round herself and follow him. After awhile Mark went back to the sauna smiled at Cindy who was on her own and told her what he had seen, Cindy went bright red begged Mark not to tell, Mark agreed not to tell as long as she sat with her tits out like other girls did, Cindy knew she was beaten and agreed after 20 minutes others came back in the boys were surprised to see Cindy’s naked boobs on show, Amy noticed the bulges in their towels as did Kim who soon left with Steve. Abdul watched the CCTV and watched with joy as Steve pounded a naked Kim on the stair well switching the record on the controls to on and twenty minutes later smiled broadly as Cindy appeared on the stairs and start to be pounded by a boy while others stood naked with their solid dicks ready for action over a hour Abdul watched a naked Kim and Cindy getting pounded while Mark and Amy sat on the stairs above them watching, Abdul knew the tape would be well viewed in the Bengali community.

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