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The Sisters – Dirty Sex Tales

Martin had just started his shift as a car park cleaner, Martin was sixteen years old and a sex pest, he could not get a job any where else because nobody else would employ him, he was well hated and had been beaten up a few times. The Bengali owners of the multi story car park in the city centre had employed Martin and paid him a low rate of pay knowing that he would take it. Martin was in the basement of the car park which was not used very much and had just put his overalls on and was on the walk way just above the parking area when he saw Mandy who was four years younger than he was walk in to view, he had always admired her long blonde hair and thought it made her look extra cute, Mandy looked at her watch then kicked a can which Martin knew he would pick up later, Mandy went to a wall and did a handstand against it as she did her skirt fell down covering her face, Martin’s eyes went wide he saw that Cindy had no panties on and he could see her love tube, Mandy dropped forward back onto her feet as she did Martin saw her bare bum, Mandy sat on the floor stretching her legs out in front of her then drew one leg up bending it at the knee as she did her skirt fell back giving Martin another view of her love tube, as he looked Mandy started to rub her love tube, Martin watched in awe and when Mandy inserted two fingers into her love tube and started to Masturbate Martin thought wonder if she needs any help, he stood watching as Mandy masturbated and after five minutes heard her groan and bend throw her head back Martin knew she had cum, after a few minutes Mandy got up and started using her phone as she went, after a few minutes Martin saw a car enter the basement and knew it was Mandy’s mum and saw her sat in the back with her sixteen year old sister Laura sat in the front beside her mum who was driving, after parking the card Mandy and her mum got out and went to the exit leaving Laura behind in the car, after a few minutes Laura got out of the car and after looking round the basement got in the back of the car and lay on the back seat then after a minute got out again closed the door and opened the front door standing with her back to him as she stood there Martin could see her elbows moving and wondered what she was doing then her jeans slid down a bit and Martin saw the top of her bum then Laura pushed her jeans right down and Martin saw the whole of her bum, Laura turned sat on the car seat giving Martin a good view of her love tube, Laura took her jeans right off then removed her tee shirt and sat naked on the seat, Martin stared in disbelieve at Laura’s ample boobs and love tube thinking this is cool, Laura started to rub her love tube with one hand and squeezing her nipples with the other then after a couple of minutes inserted her fingers into her love tube and started to masturbate Martin stood watching in awe hardly believing what he was seeing, after five minutes Laura moved forward and Martin saw her gush after a few minutes Laura stood up and dressed after using her phone Laura left the carpark, Martin stood hardly believing that he had just seen the two sisters who lived next door to him masturbate, later that night he was in the house on his own when the phone rang when he answered it he found it was Laura who said can you come in we want to speak to you, after putting the phone down Martin went to Laura’s house after being let in he went to the lounge and was totally surprised when Laura said ” did you enjoy watching me and Mandy masturbate in the car park” after Martin had said yes Tina said ” if you ever tell anybody your dead” Martin said ” don’t worry I wont tell” Laura called out ” come in Mandy” and Mandy walked naked” and said ” your not the only flasher” Martin looked at her developing boobs with erect nipples and love tube, he turned and saw Laura was naked her nipples were well erect, Laura said to Mandy ” tell him what you want to see” Mandy said ” I want to watch her suck your cock” Martin looked at Laura who said ” come on get naked” Martin was soon standing naked with Laura sucking his eight inch dick while Mandy stood watching, after five minutes Martin said ” I am about to cum” Laura carried on sucking and when Martin squirted his cum into her mouth Laura swallowed it, after a few minutes Laura said” tomorrow night I want to watch as she sucks you off” after dressing Laura gave Martin two DVD’s saying they don’t know about this watch them later, that night when he was in his room Martin watched the two DVD’s with eyes and mouth wide open, one disc showed girls from Laura’s class at school naked in the shower he knew a few of the girls and had flashed at them there was also a scene of Laura laying naked on the floor being serviced by Mark, on the other disc there were some of Mandy’s friends at the swimming pool naked in the showers and also a scene of two of Mandy’s friends looking at a magazine  and masturbating, the following night Martin was standing naked while Mandy sucked his dick and Laura watched and like her sister had done Mandy swallowed Martin’s cum, afterwards Laura said ” mum is away for the night so you can fuck us both no need to worry we put Viagra in your tea, Martin laughed said ” I took two Viagra before coming round” In the morning Martin returned home thinking they are good.

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