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The Sludge – Dirty Sex Tales

The derelict farm had stood on the edge of the town for eighty five years, during the working life of the farm many cows and pigs had been reared and sold but then a recession hit and the farm closed down, it had been closed for nearly ten years, nobody was interested in buying the place so it slowly fell into disrepair, then a large school was built next door to the farm, for some sort of legal reason the farm could not be demolished so the only visitors to the farm were courting couples and those looking for a quiet place to take drugs or drink booze. It started to rain on a Monday morning and by Tuesday afternoon the rain was pouring down very heavy then as quick has it had started the rain stopped, the dried up cow and pig muck became very wet and started to slowly run down the hill towards the school and was soon seeping into the school drains and been sucked up into the school air conditioning unit, in the school basement Sixteen year old Steve who was the school racist bully and well feared thug was giving Pia a Bengali girl who was four years younger than what he was a lot of verbal abuse her brothers friend Palash who was two years older than her was sitting on the floor nursing a bleeding nose given to him by Steve, Steve suddenly noticed the strong stench in the air and said ” what the fuck is that” Pia and Palash had not noticed it suddenly Steve took his jacket off and said ” who wants to see me naked” Pia and Palash kept quiet but both had noticed the glazed look in Steve’s eyes, Steve took his shirt off followed by his shoes and socks, then started to undo his trousers saying ” you want to see me naked have a good look at my cock” and took his trousers off then slid his under pants down and off, Pia’s eyes went wide when she saw his seven inch hairy dick and when Steve said ” you want to watch me as I shoot some spunk” Pia found the courage to say yes” Steve’s dick grew and soon Pia was looking at a nine inch erection and watched in awe as Steve started to jerk it, Pia could not believe what she was seeing and when Steve squirted his cum in four spurts Pia said ” wow” Steve’s girlfriend July walked in and like Steve she had glazed eyes, her blouse was wide open Palash admired her ample boobs covered with a blue bra, Palash watched as July took her clothes off and stood naked, he looked at her ample boobs and love tube and when July said to him ” do you want to fuck me” Palash nodded, July lay on the floor parting her legs as she did and saying come on then, Pia smiled when Palash undid his trousers letting his six inch erection spring out, Palash went over to July knelt between her legs and was soon thrusting in and out of her love tube, Pia stood watching and when Palash pulled his dick out of July’s love tube and squirted his cum up her stomach Pia thought yeah two dicks and two sets of spunk, In the prefects room Sara the sixteen year old head prefect was telling Martin off, Martin was two years younger than what Sara was and had been caught spying on the girls, suddenly Sara said what is that pong” and Martin saw her eyes glaze over and pokies appear in her blouse, Martin watched in disbelieve as Sara stood up and started to strip and after a minute he was looking at her naked large boobs and her erect nipples and a minute after that was looking at her naked love tube Martin undid his trousers and when his seven inch erection sprung out Sara knelt and started to suck it swallowing when Martin squirted into her mouth in the school swimming pool the class of twelve year old girls were sat waiting for the sixteen year old boys to finish swimming before they could start, some girls were making lured comments about the bulges in the boys trunks when the strange smell drifted into the pool area the boys suddenly took their trunks off, the girls smiled at the sight of ten naked boys and were admiring their hairy dicks and when the boys all got erections and started to jerk the girls watched in awe and cheered as each boy squirted their cum, in the basement Pia had now stripped naked and was masturbating watching Steve as he thrust in and out of July’s love tube while she sucked on a naked Palash’s dick, a hour after the smell was first noticed in the school every student was naked with the boys jerking their erections while the girls watched liking what they were seeing and rubbing their love tubes, the rain started again and the sludge was washed away. A big investigation was held into what had caused the strange behaviour at the school but an explanation was never found, the sludge died out and became solid again and remained solid  until one day there was  a very heavy thunder storm with a down pour of rain and the dried muck turned to sludge again.

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