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The Stables – Dirty Sex Tales

The riding stables had been built over one hundred years ago and had began off as stables for the army but when the army gave them up the police force brought them and used them for training and stabling police horses but due to cut backs in police funding they were put up for sale and a very rich property developer was going to buy them and demolish them but he failed in his plans when the government had the buildings listed so by law they could not be demolished, then the stables were brought by a multi billionaire who now ran a successful riding school from them, the stables were all made of stone with high walls and large wooden gates making them very secure, people from all over the country went there to go riding and benefit from the extra’s, Steve who at sixteen and was the head stable boy was turning up for work his dad was dropping him off and as normal Steve’s ten year old Sister Kim was complaining because she could not go into the stables, once inside the stables Steve changed and went through to the classroom where he saw his sixteen year old girlfriend Laura teaching three Bengali boys about riding, Steve knew the boys were all two years younger than Laura and he could see that Laura had large pokies in her very tight fitting tee shirt that was keeping the boys attention drawn, in the next room he saw his best mate Mark teaching the younger sisters of the Bengali boys and saw the outline of Mark’s dick showing in his riding breeches, Steve went into the stables where he heard groaning looked in one of the stalls and saw Tina’s sister Sara who was two years younger than Tina leaning over a rail she was completely naked with a sixteen year old Bengali boy thrusting in and out of her from behind in another stall he saw Sara’s class mate Kim kneeling and sucking the dick of a boy who was two years older than his sister, Steve went into the office and checked the diary and saw it was just the Bengali family in today, Steve went back to the classrooms and saw that Tina was naked a boy rubbing her love tube while another sucked her nipples while in the other room Mark was also naked his eight inch erection being stroked by one of the girls as he walked back he saw Tina was now laying on her back with one of the boys thrusting in and out of her love tube and the other two waiting their turn, back in the stables Kim was now swallowing the cum of a seventeen year old Bengali boy while Sara was still being pounded by the sixteen year old boy while another one was having his dick sucked, Steve got a call to go to the phone and in the office his secretary sixteen year old Mandy handed him the phone as Steve took the phone he put his free hand over Mandy’s shoulder and slid it inside the top of her tee shirt and started to massage her naked boob after speaking on the phone Steve said to Mandy we got ten boys from the boarding school arriving at four o clock then started to undo Mandy’s jeans, Mandy said is that the twelve year old boys Steve told her yes as he slid his nine inch erection into her love tube and ten minutes later nine year old Pia watched in awe as Steve squirted is cum over Mandy’s body,  As Steve dressed he thought at three hundred pound per person no wonder the punters get the extra’s and one day they will get to ride a horse, he looked in on Tina and saw her standing naked with five twelve year old boys staring eyes wide at her naked body, and thought have fun boys.

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