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The Three Day Pass Chapter 12 by JoyStick

The white BMW passed over the Washington Bridge and headed toward Paterson. About 15 minutes from Fazzi’s place, Joseph pulled off the road and called him to let him know he was coming. From the excitement in Fazzi’s voice, the soldier could tell that Kassie must have informed him that he might be stopping to pick up his laundry.

“Yes Yussef, we have been waiting to hear what news you have for us,” he said.

“We? Who is we?” asked the surprised Joseph.

“My friends, the investors, that I told you about,” Fazzi said. “It would be nice if you could come and meet them. I’m sure they would like to meet you.”

“I most certainly would like to meet them. As a matter of fact, I was calling to ask if I could meet with you tonight,” Joseph said. “I just left the Worthington’s house and I have great news for you. I was looking forward to telling you what happened, and as long as I had to make a stop at your place I thought I would tell you in person rather then on the phone.”

In a very low voice Fazzi asked, “You have to make a stop here or do you want to make a stop? You do know that Kassie and Mary are away until tomorrow evening!”

“Yes I know that. I do have laundry to pick up and, well, it is getting late and the base is a few hours away,” Joseph stammered into the cell. “I just thought you would want my report and that I could catch a few hours of sleep before I had to return to class.”

“You are most welcome to come here. Come right up to the main house. You can meet with my friends and make a short report to them. I’m sure they will be pleased to meet and hear from you,” the Arab said. “I have been bragging about my future son-in-law to them for weeks. Hurry, because the meeting is almost over. After they leave you can give me a more detailed report of your weekend.”

“Yes, I should be there in a few minutes. Hold them there, as what I have to tell them will make it worth their while to wait,” Joseph said. And in his most seductive voice whispered, “‘Habibi’, it will be good to see you again. I have missed you.”

“We will be waiting,” Fazzi smiled, and put down the phone and returned to the meeting.

“Gentlemen we have a treat coming,” he told the six men assembled in his library. “My future son-in-law, he wants to talk to us about investing some of our money with one of the best firms on Wall Street. I reported to you last week about him and his connection with Richard Worthington. Well, it looks like he might have some news for us.”

“We thought you were kidding us,” one of the men said. “Is this the one you gave the car to? The car that I had to get ready in three hours?”

“Yes, and now I think that gift is about to pay off very well!”

Joseph parked the BMW in the rear of a long line of parked cars in front of Fazzi’s home. He took a folder from the rear seat of the car. It contained promotional brochures with information on some of the stocks Rich’s father had given him to show Fazzi. Some of them were stocks that Worthington thought were good investments. Joseph rang the front doorbell and was greeted by an effervescent Fazzi in the traditional way that Arab men greet each other-he enfolded the soldier in his arms and kissed him on both cheeks.

“Marhaba, sallam alechem, welcome. Come into the library and meet some of my friends,” Fazzi said, taking him by the arm and leading him into the room. “They have been waiting to meet you and hear your report.”

They walked into the room and Joseph was introduced to everyone. He tried to take note of their names as he smiled and shook hands with all of them. One of the men took hold of his hand and held it as he said in Arabic to Fazzi, “No wonder you rushed me to get that car ready Fazzi. It looks like you have got your daughter a blond prince. He is worth at least 20 camels!”

“Only 20 camels? Then I would say that I got the better of the deal,” the smiling soldier disputing him said. “The daughter of Fazzi is worth at least 100, if not more!”

Fazzi laughed and said to the embarrassed man, “I am sorry. I should have warned you that Yussef speaks our language. In fact, his knowledge of our language and customs is almost frightening. The only problem is his Egyptian accent, and be assured that I am working on that.”

“So then it was you, in addition to Fazzi, whom I should thank for that excellent automobile. It is a really fine piece of machinery,” Joseph said, trying to placate the embarrassed car dealership owner. “Now let me tell all of you what I learned from Mr. Worthington.”

They all sat around and Joseph opened the folder and passed around the information. “To begin, let me assure you that ‘Worthington Associated Investment Corporation’ and Mr. Worthington, personally, will be very pleased to do business with you. He sees the Arab/American community as a new market, full of opportunity, promise, and yes, MONEY. A market that until now has been concentrated in ‘Oil’, but which he sees has the ability to grow and flourish in many new directions. He visualizes vast opportunities and will try to accommodate you in any way he can. In order to better understand your particular needs, he suggests a meeting, a personal meeting, between Fazzi and himself. After that, then he would like to meet with all of you as a group. At that meeting he will have investment counselors, who will take the time to advise and answer any and all questions you might have. He is so eager for your business that he himself will personally talk to all of you both in a group and as individuals.”

“Why will he do this?” asked one of the men. “Not one of those Wall Street bastards has ever paid the slightest bit of attention to us.”

“First of all, he is not a bastard. He happens to be a very nice man and a good friend of mine,” answered an angry Joseph. “Yes, he is a businessman, just like most of you. Yes, he is and can be a hard-nosed son- of-a-bitch when it comes to making money. Look, my friends! Here in America the only way to make ‘real money’ is by investing in stocks and playing the Market. If you want to make lots of money, there is no company with a better track-record on Wall Street.”

“Yes!” shouted another man, “and charge us an arm and leg for it too!”

“I guess he will,” Joseph said, “but if you want to make money you have to spend it. I guarantee that he will earn every penny of his commissions. While none of us can predict the market, his company is the best there is. I only wish the army paid me more money so that I had surplus cash to invest. That ‘bastard’, as you called him, is the one I would want handling it for me.”

“Yussef is right. I am going to recommend that Worthington and I meet first, and I see what he has to say. I will report back to you, after which, we can decide what to do,” said Fazzi. “Any objections? Hearing none, it is approved. Meeting over and I’ll notify you when our next meeting will take place. Thank you for coming tonight.”

Fazzi saw the men out, and after they left, he returned to the library and said, “Yussef you did well. I’m proud of you, ‘habibi’, very proud. I hope that Worthington realizes what a fine associate you are going to make.” He walked over to Joseph and pulled him up into his arms and their lips met and they kissed deeply. “My love, did you mean it earlier when you said you really missed me?”

“Yes, Fazzi, I did miss you. All weekend I just could not get you out of my mind,” he lied. “Do you think I did well this evening with your friends? I hope I was not too .”

“You were fantastic. I could not have done better myself,” Fazzi said, hugging him and pressing his body against Joseph. “I can feel the heat and passion of your body and tonight we have the house to ourselves. I missed you and want to show you how much I love and appreciate you. I want you to stay here tonight. Sleep with me, in my house and in my bed. Come my son, my love. I will show you how much I missed you. Tonight we have plenty of time and we do not have to rush anything.” Taking him by the hand, he guided him up the stairs to the master bedroom.

“Fazzi, I really feel weird about this,” Joseph said. “It is just wrong to do this not in the same bed you share with your wife not in the same house where your daughter, my future wife, sleeps!”

“Yussef, darling, that is what makes it so exciting,” the aroused, drooling, sex-crazed Arab whispered. “Yes, in that very bed that has never had the pleasure of passionate, senseless, carefree sex, yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhhhhh Yesssss!” He began to almost rip the clothes off Joseph, kissing him and running his fingers over the newly exposed flesh. As the shirt and undershirt were removed from the young soldier’s strong chest, the older man went into a feeding frenzy, nibbling and sucking on the young, well-defined chest. His fingers pulled at the belt buckle, opening it and undoing the pants, letting them fall to the floor. Stepping out of them, Joseph stood before him, clad only in his shoes, socks and undershorts. Frantically pulling the young, nearly nude body before him to himself, Fazzi continued his oral stimulations. His lips kissing and his tongue licking, he slobbered his way down the taut body, till he reached the navel. He used the tip of his tongue to explore the depths of the belly button, causing shock waves of passion to radiate out to soldier’s covered penis. The throbbing cock caused the shorts to create a large tent. Seeing the jerking motion of the now hard cock, the delighted, horny Arab moved his open mouth and buried it over the cotton-covered mound.

Joseph’s knees were shaking. In a vain attempt to prevent his falling down, he moved backward until he could feel the bed against his legs. He placed his hands on the head of the man kneeling before him, and ran his fingers through the dark hair of the Arab, in an attempt to steady his own staggering body. The overheated soldier rubbed his cloth-covered package over the face and gasping mouth of Fazzi. Encouraged by this action, Fazzi reached up and inserted his fingers into the waistband of the underpants and slowly began to lower them. He stopped as the head of the uncut penis peeked over the waistband. Joseph shuddered as he felt the older man’s lips touch and kiss his foreskin. The excited Arab’s teeth began to gently nibble at what was a rare feast for the mid-easterner. His hot, wet tongue-tip flitted in and out licking the foreskin. Then, like a snake, it slithered under the foreskin and around the sensitive gland licking out the pre-cum that had collected there. At this point, what little resistance Joseph might have had just melted down before this sexual onslaught. His legs buckled as the hot, wet, drooling mouth of this man moved up and down his still almost completely covered cock. Fazzi kissed and licked over the still partly cotton-covered crotch. The cotton soon became soaked with saliva until it was transparent, exposing the soldier’s hidden treasure. The hot Arab’s probing tongue traced the outline of Joseph’s manhood. Joseph retreated slowly, until he felt the bed pressing against the rear of his legs. Unable and, by this point, unwilling to escape, he realized that he had lost control of the situation. Fazzi tenderly pushed, prodded and gently assisted his now completely subservient younger lover to lie down-his back on the bed, his feet still touching the floor. Fazzi rose up and once again looked down at the nearly naked young body before him. Joseph started to rise up on the big bed.

“No my love. Do not move. Stay as you are. You are so beautiful laying like that-pure, innocent, vulnerable- looking like you are a gift from Allah that I have unwrapped and am about to devour.”

Quickly stripping off his clothes, the olive-skinned Arab knelt between the outstretched legs of the prostrate body before him and removed its shoes and socks. Using his teeth to grip the waistband of the underpants, he gently pulled them down-slowly uncovering the hard seven-inch treasure. Completely exposed, Joseph lay before him nude and vulnerable. Losing no time, Fazzi’s hot, wet mouth quickly moved up and down his legs, as his fingers enclosed the seven-inch steel pole. No longer a helpless victim, the young man was moaning and gasping for breath. His youthful hormones kicked in-making him as sex-crazed as if he had sniffed a half-dozen ‘Poppers’. Spreading his legs wide, he pulled the Arab’s head to his crotch and wrapped his legs around the head, rubbing his private parts into the face of his new lover. Fazzi’s eager lips kissed and sucked the private treasure before him. Unable to resist the musky odor, Fazzi’s nose moved up and down that sensitive area between his balls and ass slot, and his tongue-tip explored and circled the rosebud. Fazzi spread and removed the legs encasing his head and planted kisses up the young body till his lips found Joseph’s nipples. Licking, sucking and nibbling on first the right and then the left nipple, he then reluctantly moved on to the near-frantic soldier’s neck, throat and chin, and then to his ear.

“This time my love, I will make sure that you do not leave with the ‘blue balls’,” he whispered into his ear. Then the fingers of his left hand circled Joseph’s neck holding his face so that their mouths were welded together in a deep kiss. The Arab’s long tongue probed every corner of Joseph’s hot mouth. Then with his right hand he encircled Joseph’s throbbing cock. He began moving his hand slowly up and down the shaft as his thumb swiped across the sensitive cock-head. His hand expertly continued to work the soldier’s cock as he face-fucked him with his long tongue. Moving his mouth away for a few seconds, the older man looked down upon the face of the moaning serviceman and said, “Yussef, ‘habibi’, you are mine now, yes mine. Mine forever. Kassie may borrow your body from time to time, but from now on you are all mine: your body-your heart- your mind-your soul. Mine all mine. You belong to me!”

And in response, Fazzi could feel Joseph’s fingers encase his own manhood and slowly begin to rub up and down. Together, their fingers enclosing each other’s cocks, they pumped faster and faster till both exploded in orgasmic eruptions.

Fazzi, too exhausted to say anything, just lay there with a smile on his face. Joseph got up and went into the bathroom, locked the door, turned on the water, kneeled before the toilet bowl and puked his guts out. He then took a quick shower, dried off, found some mouthwash in the cabinet and used it to clean the rotten taste out of his mouth and returned to the bedroom with a wet towel in his hand. The Arab lay on his back, tears in his eyes. Joseph, using the wet towel, cleaned the cum from the older man and was about to get dressed and leave when he heard Fazzi, still sobbing say, “Yussef, I heard you in there. Was it so disgusting that you had to vomit? Do I really sicken you that much? Is my body so repulsive to you?”

“Fazzi no! No! Don’t ever think that,” Joseph said. “You are still a very handsome man. Your body has not lost its military fitness or hardness. You are still strong and sexually attractive. And therein lies the ‘rub’.”

“What does this ‘rub’ mean?” asked the sobbing older man.

“The ‘rub’ means ‘the problem’,” said the soldier, reaching out and offering Fazzi a clean corner of the towel to dry his eyes. “Look, ‘habibi’, the truth is that I find myself falling for you–but I do not feel free to let myself admit it. I touched your cock and it felt wonderful. I wanted more but I could not do more. I could never do more and you deserve more, much more, and I can’t give it to you. Not now. Not ever. Never could I give it to you. The conflict, between what I want and what I feel free to give, is what’s making me sick and upsetting my stomach. It’s what’s driving me away from you.”

“Please, sit here with me. Do not leave me alone tonight. Stay with me through the night,” Fazzi pleaded, patting the space beside him on the bed. “I swear that I will not ever go farther than we did tonight. Not even if you want and demand it. Please, stay tonight. Warm this bed that has been cold all these years. You can get up early and return to base in the morning. Tonight, let me pretend that we are bound together like we should be. I need your body next to mine throughout the night.”

Joseph lay down beside him and Fazzi covered their naked bodies with a blanket. “Should I set the clock for 6 A.M.?” he asked.

“Make it 5:30. I have to pick up my laundry.”

He set the alarm, put out the light and then snuggled up to the young body beside him and whispered into his ear, “It will be all right my love. In time you will accept me; somehow we will make it work. It is ‘eshalla’, the will of Allah.” He leaned over and kissed him on the lips and then held him in his arms and fell asleep.

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