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The Three Day Pass Chapter 18 by JoyStick

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The end of Chapter #17

Joseph slammed his cock in once, twice, and then…exploded with an erotic growl while he unloaded himself in a flood of cummmm into the condom. Just as the first salvo blasted, Fazzi began soaking the expensive bedcovers with his own passion juice. And with each successive eruption his ass muscles milked Joseph’s cock more and more

Chapter #18

Joseph lay exhausted on top of Fazzi, his cock slowly softening and finally popping out. The Arab was in a state of sublime rapture. He was almost comatose, unable to move or do anything except breath heavily. Joseph rolled himself off Fazzi and lay beside him. Fazzi lying on his belly, his face down, while the soldier was on his back, staring blankly up at the ceiling. Fazzi opened his eyes and looked over to Joseph, smiled and said, Are you OK? Yes. Why do you ask? Joseph inquired. I’m fine. What about you? Did I hurt you? I did not mean to be so rough. I just lost control and got carried away.

I am fine, better than I have been in many years. Perhaps better than I have ever been. God that was wonderful, I have never felt this way before-not even with my first lover. He moved his face over to Joseph’s and kissed him. I do not know if we will be able to have this bed coverlet cleaned. We might even have to replace it, but it was worth it.

Joseph kissed him back and said, I’m sorry about the cover. You are going to think this is a stupid idea, but maybe we should frame it and hang it as a reminder of our first love session. Perhaps I should show it to the men of the village to prove that we consummated our union by making you orgasm. You know, sort of a variation on the custom where the relatives of the bride parade the bloodied wedding night sheets before the village to prove the bride was a virgin.

Habibi, I am not a virgin. I have not hidden the fact that I have had many, many men as well as women in my bed. You know that I lost my virginity at a very early age. However, today, I felt like all that happened to another person and that I was reborn a virgin again. The old Fazzi no longer exists. I never felt like this. Not even the first time. Fazzi said with tears in his eyes, and in all honesty I am telling you that I now realize that you are the only one that I have ever loved. I know that you may not feel that way about me now, but I hope someday to make you love me as much as I love you.

Why do you say that, Habibi? Why do you question my feelings for you now? If you loved me as much as you say you do, you would not have any reason to distrust my commitment to you. Have I given you any reason to doubt my feelings for you?

No, absolutely nothing at all. He said running his fingers up, down and across Joseph’s chest and arms placing little kisses in their wake. It is just that I am the first man lover you have ever had. You are really inexperienced and have not had the pleasure of loving or being loved by a man. Yussef, my love, do you realize that this is the first time that you did not leave our love making and run to the bathroom in order to throw-up.

Yes, I realized that. He said as he again kissed the man beside him.

Perhaps it is because I have finally come to face who and what I am.

And what is that, Habibi? Fazzi asked.

A dirty young homosexual faggot, hopelessly in love with an older man! he lied or thought he was lying.

Is that so bad?

At this point I’m not sure if it is or not. I need time to get used to this. You must remember that I have been programmed to believe that what we just did is a mortal sin. One for which there is absolutely no forgiveness. In the life to come, I will burn in Hell. And this is to say nothing about what could happen, in this life, if the army was to find out. It will ruin any career I might have hoped to have there. However, this feels too good to be bad and at this point I really don’t care. In spite of all that I have been brought up to believe from my childhood on, I still cannot stop myself from finding pleasure in the act or in you. This pleasure means more to me than the army, my country or my soul and all I can say is that I’m hopelessly in love with you. Joseph smiled as he got out of the bed and went into the bathroom, leaving the door open, he removed the condom and washed himself off. He returned with a warm wet washcloth to clean Fazzi off. See my stomach is fine, no heaving, in fact, to prove it, I think it would be a great idea if you were to call the cook and tell her to prepare a good meal for us . I’m famished. During super we can plan our day tomorrow. I hope you do not have to go into work.

I can see that your whole attitude has changed and for the better. I know that this is just the beginning of a wonderful time for the both of us. A time of love and discovery, one perhaps filled with pitfalls, but one we will travel together. Fazzi said, As far as working tomorrow, no whatever work I may have, can be put off till Saturday when you will be gone. I will hate to see you leave, but I must have some time to devote to business. If you were to live here full time I would never get to work. It is good that, for now anyway, you have your career and I have mine. The only thing I have arranged is just a session with a tailor for the late morning tomorrow. Then we are free until that meeting with Worthington in the late afternoon. The rest of the time is ours to do with what we want.

And how do you suggest we spend that free time? the soldier jested.

I was thinking of asking that dancer, Dina, to come to the house for a private performance tomorrow evening, after the meeting. Just for the two of us-a private erotic warm-up session, but I don’t think you need any warming-up. He laughed. You seem to be able to perform without any aphrodisiacs. You, my young Christian Crusader lover, are the male reincarnation of that Greek goddess, Aphrodite, he said lifting the phone and calling down to cook telling her to prepare the evening meal.

They cleaned up and went down to eat. On the way there Fazzi told Joseph to go on to the dinning room by himself while he stopped to give some last minute instructions to his chauffer-valet about what he would need for Worthington’s meeting the next day. He rejoined Joseph at the table, where the cook set before them a feast, which Joseph ate like a pig.

Mmmm, this is delicious. Joseph said. I see you have a new cook. Wasn t she the maid? Yes she was. Mary and Kassie took the old cook with them and I promoted the maid to cook. It looks like you like her cooking. Yes this is great food. He said between mouthfuls. Easy my love. You keep shoveling that couscous in like that and you will get as fat as a cow. I’m not too sure I would relish a fat lover on top of me. Fazzi said. Good food should be savored, not treated like garbage to be disposed of as quickly as possible.

You are right, but unfortunately I have become used to eating Army cooking and that slop I tend to want to get rid of quickly. Joseph said. If it pleases you, I will try to develop my table manners more. After all we are going to live together and I do not want anything to harm that relationship.

Fazzi looked into Joseph’s eyes, smiled and then said as he took Joseph’s palm to his lips, Yussef nothing is going to harm our, relationship. Anyone or anything that comes between it will be pushed aside. Just like I got rid of Kassie and Mary, it will always be just you and I-together.

I hope you know that I have been talking to Kassie almost everyday. She tells me that both of them are doing well and she is going back to school.

Yes I know that, I too, spoke with them and things are going well there. It costs me a fortune but this way everyone is happy except Kassie and perhaps you, habibi? Do you miss her?

Putting down his eating utensils, Joseph reached under the table and ran his fingers along the Arab’s leg between his thighs and let his hand rest on the man’s basket. With his other hand he picked up his coffee cup and said, I think you can see that, I am happy here with you. Now tell me everything that might happen at this meeting tomorrow. I want to be sure that there are no surprises or anything that would embarrass Mr. Worthington.

Well there is one person, perhaps two, that might cause a bit of trouble. You remember that man at the meeting that did not trust ‘Wall Street’ types. He keeps trying to sabotage this project and I don’t know what questions he might ask. Fazzi said raising his palms upwards. I just hope Richard can think on his feet. The last thing I want is for something to get screwed up. I want us to earn a lot of money. That money is needed very badly right now. Most of the funds from our so-called Arab brethren in the oil rich countries have been cut off from those poor souls in Palestine and this money will be used to fund schools and hospitals and other social services that are almost nonexistent now.

Why invite him then. Would it not be better to just have him disappear for the evening?

That would be the bullies way. That would be doing things the old way. I want this done the American way. If we are going to invest in America we will have to start thinking and acting like Americans. Besides, in case something goes wrong and we loose money, I do not want to have ‘an I told you so’ guy throwing it in my face. It will be fun to see if Richard can handle him. In any event I can always arrange to have him ‘disappear’ later. He said with that understated smirk that Joseph knew meant that he was not really joking. For a few seconds he reminded the soldier of Marlon Brando playing the Godfather. Joseph sat drinking his coffee and wondered if he really was joking or not. He got the impression that Fazzi enjoyed seeing people tested and perhaps seeing them twist and squirm as he thrust them up on a big bar-be- cue spit. Maybe even burn a little as he threw another log on the fire as he turned the handle himself. They finished their dinner and made their plans for tomorrow and Friday.

A while later Joseph excused himself and said he wanted to finish his unpacking. He made his way to his room and put his things away. He was just finishing unpacking the last of his possessions and was looking for a place to store the pistol that Barns had issued him, when Fazzi knocked on the connecting door. Do you mind if I come in? Fazzi asked opening the door and peeking in.

Quickly slipping the gun back into his overnight case and closing the lid of his luggage he called out, No come on in. Why do you knock and ask? I have nothing to hide from you. I told you I want us to be ‘as one being’. We have to learn to trust each other.

Yussef, it has nothing to do with trust. It has to do with privacy; this is your private space. I want you to feel that this room is your sanctuary and you have the right to be alone if you want to be. I will never enter here without asking first.

That is one thing more that I will have to get used to. In the army there is no such thing as privacy. I will have to try to remember to knock when I enter your bedroom. Joseph said. However, you do realize that having to knock has just remove some of the love making scenarios I had fantasized about. I had planned on sneaking up on you in the shower and laughing almost to the point of having tears in his eyes, Fazzi said, well, in that case, I have the perfect solution, let us declare the bathroom as neutral territory. Speaking of which I think I’m going to get ready for bed now. We have a big day tomorrow and I think a good night’s sleep will do us both a world of good.

Will you be wanting me to sleep alone in my room tonight? Joseph asked dolefully. If a good nights sleep is what you want perhaps we should sleep apart?

Yussef, darling, you can assume that I will want you in my bed with me every night from now on. I want to be able to wake up with you next to me every morning. Even if we just sleep together and nothing else. Fazzi said as he started to return to his room through the connecting bathroom. If we do sleep apart, I will assume that we have had a lover’s spat.

Oh Fazzi, one thing more, stammered the soldier who was not too sure if Fazzi might not have seen the pistol being covered up or not. I did a rather foolish thing that I don’t think you are going to like or approve of it. But, I did it because I love you. I thought it was a good idea at the time and I still do.

Stopping and turning around Fazzi asked, What is that?

I purchased a hand gun.

You what? Why in the world would you feel you needed to do that? We are well protected here.

Well I know that your driver carries a gun and since there will be times when you and I would be alone in my car-I thought you might feel more at ease if you knew I could provide you with the same degree of protection that he does. He lied. I’m a good shot and I do know how to use it. As a Sergeant I do carry a sidearm and I am licensed to carry a weapon. Besides which, who would you rather have protecting you-a paid employee or someone that loves you and is looking out for your welfare? One another reason is that that if I’m to live in Paterson there are sections of this town where I might need that gun.

I’m glad you told me about the gun. I just wish it were not necessary for me to employ bodyguards, but it is. As long as you are careful and don’t behave like a cowboy, it is OK with me. Fazzi said and smiled to himself, as he already knew about the gun. Unknown to the soldier, while they were eating, he had his chauffeur go through Joseph’s belongings. The chauffeur’s revelation about the gun had worried him, but now, he breathed a sigh of relief because Joseph had, on his own, told him about the gun and the reason he had it.

Just make sure that you secure the weapon in a safe place. Tomorrow I will have a cabinetmaker install a lock on that night table. You can keep it there. He walked over to Joseph and held him in his arms and kissed him. I want you to know that I love you for everything you have done for me and this above all. This wanting to protect me with your life, if need be, proves to me beyond any doubt how you feel about me. I am sorry that I had any doubts about your commitment to me. I am most sorry that because of my work and lifestyle that I have placed you in danger, too. There are people out there who would like nothing better than to do me in. And now that you are going to be connected with me, they might want to take out their frustrations on you as well. It is good that I now know you are going to take precautions as well. I was going to have my bodyguard protect you as well, but now I will have him familiarize you with the security system and make you a partner in the setup. When you are discharged from the army and living here all the time, you will not only be my lover and my partner, but I will have you take over our security. Then I will be able to get rid of that idiot driver. Enough of that crap now, lets get ready for bed I’m going to take a shower before I retire.

Joseph watched as Fazzi when through the bathroom to his own bedroom. He closed the connecting door and put away the gun and started to get ready for bed himself. Stripping down he waited until he heard the shower running and then he tip toed over to the door opened it a crack and peeked inside. The room was filled with water vapor. Through the fog he could spot Fazzi’s form through the frosted shower stall door. He opened the sliding shower door a bit and peeked in Could you use someone to wash your back? he asked as he stepped into the spray of the shower head. He took the washcloth and soap from Fazzi and worked up a good lather. Running the washcloth over the Arab’s back from his shoulders down to his ass, his fingers moved seductively over the olive skin of the man. He marveled over how well the older man had kept himself. He spun him around so that they faced one and other and started to wash his front. Paying particular attention to his chest and nipples. The running water rinsed the soap off as he bent his head down so that his lips covered the Arab’s nipple and he sucked it into his mouth. Nibbling on each hard projection then rubbing his teeth over the erect nipple he worked the cloth over the ass globes and up and down the ass slot. Moving his soapy fingers over the rosebud he started to probe and push until his finger gained entry. Fazzi began moaning, his ass humping the finger. Steadying himself against the wall he started to ride the probing digit. Joseph licked and kissed his way down to the man’s belly button, his tongue tip probing the inside as his fingertip continued to work the man’s backdoor. Joseph felt Fazzi’s hands pressing on his head and shoulders, pushing him down until he was on his knees and his face was on the same level as his hairy balls. The smell of Fazzi’s sex filled Joseph’s nostrils as his nose rubbed through in the man’s soaked pubic hairs and touched the skin around his cock. The smell emanating from his sex, acted as a strong love potion drawing his lips to the man’s balls. His tongue reached out and touched the round pear shaped testis. He opened his mouth and his lips sucked in one of the man’s balls while his finger continued to press into the asshole and rub over the love button.

Yes! My darling lover, YES!! He kept shouting over and over. PLEASE!

PLEASE! Fazzi screamed as he grabbed hold of his own cock and tried to rub it over Joseph’s lips. Those lips he kept away from the cock tip. Instead ran his tongue tip up and down the shaft avoiding taking the meat into his mouth. Every time that Fazzi tried to get his cock into the soldier’s mouth, he would shake his head avoiding the fuck stick. Getting to his feet and turning Fazzi around pulling the man’s backside against his cock, Joseph placed his cock between Fazzi’s thighs. He reached around and took his lover’s rampant dick in his fingers and slowly moved his cock up and down while his own hard hot cock rubbed back and forth along that sensitive area between the Arab’s balls and asshole dry-fucking him. With the shower spray cascading over their bodies, Joseph sunk his teeth into Fazzi’s neck sucking on the soft tender neck skin while he jerked off the moaning, screaming man until he ejaculated all over the walls, followed by Joseph’s explosion, covering the Arab’s perineum with his hot cummmm.

The next morning Joseph awoke feeling Fazzi’s wet throat on his cock.

Good morning, my love. That is a nice alarm clock you have. I want to feel that every time I wake up, much nicer than that damn record of that bugler blowing that fucking revelry, we hear every morning at base.

Joseph just lay back in the big bed and enjoyed the Arab’s milking him to a climax. When he was done Fazzi got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. He came out and said to Joseph, I hope that someday you will want to wake me that way.

Someday, maybe, but it may take a long time for me to want to do that to anyone. He lied. I really enjoy it being done to me but as your master I can not bring myself to do it to you, yet. Can you understand that?

Yes I do, habibi, one day maybe you will get over this Christian set of morals and give into your animal instincts. It is just that, instinctive. A natural inborn desire to suck.

Yes Fazzi, I realize that. Perhaps that is the difference between our cultures. My culture directs me to control my sordid sexual desires while yours takes them and glorifies them into heavenly rewards.

Ouch, that was un-called-for. It maybe true but it is un-called- for. Fazzi said. Do not get on your high moral horse with me. Admit it! There are lots of things you Christians do that are worse than sucking the cock of your loved one.

You got me there, babe. Let’s call it a draw and kiss and make up. Joseph said smiling as he kissed Fazzi and patted his ass. We better get moving if we are going to make that appointment with the tailor. I know you would love to see me running around here nude all the time, but, there are times I may need to put on some clothes.

The two of them washed and dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast and await the arrival of the tailor. He arrived about one hour later and unloaded a huge group of fabric samples. Fazzi tested each sample and approved each selection that Joseph made. Joseph wanted to know how much a suit would cost, but Fazzi said, Don’t worry about the cost. It is a gift. I want you to have at least two suits, a few slacks, a sports jacket, some shirts, matching ties, and socks-a complete wardrobe. You might even need a tuxedo incase we have a formal affair to go to.

Now that’s where I draw the line. I’m not going around looking like a penguin. Joseph said as the tailor took his measurements and wrote them down. How long will it take you to make up the order?” He asked the tailor, in Arabic.

I will have the muslin patterns ready next week for a first fitting. After that, because it is for a friend of Mr. Muhammad, we will work to get them done within a few weeks. Good workmanship takes time and I guarantee the best workmanship. We will keep your muslin patterns on file and unless you gain weight, we will be able to produce whatever else you might need in the future within a week. Then to Fazzi he whispered, Even if you decide that he might need a tuxedo. Just let me know and I’ll have it ready for him within a few days.

After the tailor left, Fazzi & Joseph ate a light lunch and then supervised while the servants turned the library into a small auditorium for tonight’s meeting of the investment club. At one end of the room a small raised dais and podium with a built in speaker system was set up. In front of this chairs were set out for twenty-five people. On one side of the room a table and coffee urn were setup and light refreshments and small sandwiches artfully displayed. Everything was ready for the arrival of Worthington and the guests.

It looks wonderful. Worthington should be very pleased. I hope we have not forgotten anything. Joseph said just as Fazzi hearing the doorbell ring turned and went to answer it.

Richard, so nice of you to be early. This will give us a bit of time to get you and your men set up. Come in. Fazzi said as Worthington and two of his employees entered the house. Richard introduced his entourage to both Fazzi and Joseph.

Nice to see you again Fazzi, where should set up? Fazzi showed them the room. This is wonderful. We could not have asked for better. Richard said and then told his men to set up their equipment. There was a projector and other selling paraphernalia, which the men arranged. On each seat was placed a packet of information (some of it had been translated into Arabic) as well as a clipboard with paper and pencils. As the men were distributing the packets Fazzi took Richard on short tour of the house and the two men talked about what was going to happen at the meeting.

Richard, Fazzi said, I must warn you that we may have a bit of trouble here tonight. There may be one or two people who are coming tonight that are not in favor of this project. They would like nothing better than to see the whole concept collapse and I apologize for them in advance. I would not have invited them except that they are of some importance in the community and if I had barred them, it would have looked as if I had something to hide. I am sure that you will be able to handle them. I will be there with Joseph just in case.

As long as the questions are related to making money, I’m sure I will have no problems. If I can handle federal and state securities inquiries as well as tax investigations with their legal interrogations, surely, I think I can handle any questions coming from investors. He laughed. Things like that add spice to the selling process. One gets used to that sort of thing and if one can not take the heat-one should not venture into the ‘Arabian Dessert’ looking for business.

Well put! I think my friends will have an interesting evening in store for them. Then turning to Joseph he asked, Yussef, are you ready?

I sure hope so.

The men finished up their preparations just as the first guests began to arrive. Fazzi greeted and introduced each new arrival to Richard and Joseph. Joseph knew most of them and invited them to partake of the refreshments. Even the tailor that he had met that morning was there. As soon as the guests were settled Fazzi introduced the people sitting on the dais, and Richard began his presentation.

If any of you have trouble understanding any thing I say in my presentation- feel free to interrupt and either Mr. Muhammad or Mr. Benson will try to explain it in Arabic. We want every investor here to feel that he is completely informed and familiar with the way in which his money is being handled.

Worthington emphasized as he turned to Joseph and asked him to translate his last statement into Arabic. He then proceeded to go through his presentation. He proceeded slowly and surely, with few interruptions, point- by-point, until he completed his presentation.

Now I will take questions. He said as a few hands went up. Yes? he asked one of the elder men. What is your question?

Will we have the final say on what stocks are purchased? the man asked.

Of course you will, it is your money. Let me assure you that you will have complete and final say on how and where your money is invested. You will set up an investment committee and they will review each stock and approve or disapprove it. No stock will be purchased without the committee’s approval. I don’t understand why a question like this would even be raised. Perhaps you would tell me why you would think that I’m going to invest your money in a company that you might have objections to.

Yes I will tell you. He said. You see Mr. Worthington this money is ‘Arab money’ and we would not want it invested in ‘Jewish’ companies or in companies that have any dealings with the Jewish occupiers of our homeland. Neither would we like this money invested in companies that have Jews on their boards of directors or that employ many Jews.

Worthington was shocked. That my friend would be impossible. For one thing I can’t go asking a company to provide me with that kind of information. Not only is it illegal – it is wrong and un-American. No employer is even allowed to ask questions about the religion of its employees. I don’t even know how many Jews, Moslems or Christians I have in my company. All I am interested in is-if that employee is working his hardest to enrich the company. Let me make it absolutely clear. This is America and I don’t give a damn where you come from – if I think that a company is a good investment I will recommend it. If you are foolish enough to refuse my advise, that is your right to do so. I am here to advise you only. If someone should suggest some other companies to invest in, my job is to give you my opinion, nothing else. Like I said before. It is your money. If you want to earn only 4 or 5 percent when you could be getting 10 to 20 percent, I would suggest you put the money in a savings account and get maybe 3 or 4 percent.

Mr. Worthington is right! The committee will have the final say over an investment. We will decide, no one else. If you don’t like our handling of the money – vote us out. Let us have no more of this kind of talk. I will assure that our money goes to the right companies. Fazzi said glaring the questioner down. I will be responsible, me and no one else. If you don’t like it – take your money and At that he let his voice trail off. The man sat down in his chair and was not heard from again. The rest of the meeting went along speedily. Fazzi rammed through his choices for the committee and they were approved by voice vote. After that people were asked to pledge money to start up and the donations even shocked Fazzi. Well over two million dollars was pledged. The meeting then broke up into small groups with Worthington’s personnel taking to each group and explaining how the club would operate. The meeting broke up at about midnight. The last to leave was Richard and while he was saying good-bye, Fazzi apologize for the one or two hot heads. I must say you did very well in handling them. I had been prepared for much more opposition. I had a few ‘friends’ spread out and they were just waiting for a sign from me and they would have, shall we say, escorted them out. But that never became necessary. You did very well, Richard. Even that one that asked the question invested some money. In the end- Money has its own nationality. He laughed. I must say that the pledges really shocked me I had not expected so much money to be pledged right away. I thought they would hold back until we showed some profit.

I, too, was surprised. I am sure that once we get started there will be even more. I will get back to you with my suggestions on investments within a few days. Joseph, I want to thank you also. You did very well. Perhaps you would like to come into the city tomorrow and see how this next step operates. I’m sure we can put you up at the house. I’ll even invite Rich, if he can get away from that play he is in. Sarah will be happy to see you. I can make it for Saturday. Tomorrow is Friday and I’m going to the Mosque with Fazzi. I think our clients would like it if I’m seen at their services. Joseph said. Besides I’m interested in learning all I can about our customers.

Good idea, but if you change your mind just let me know, you are always welcome. Richard said as he was leaving. Sarah will be unhappy, but business comes first. She is used to this by now, with me.

After he left Fazzi looked at Joseph with a look of incredibility on his face. He shook his head from side to side and said, I hope, my love, that was not a big mistake. I don’t understand why you treat that man and his family so so what is that word in English Yes casually. First you do not invite him to your graduation and then you refuse an invitation to be a guest at his home. It is as if you do not like him and to make matters even worse, you do not care if he knows it or not.

Habibi, I’m sure he does not feel that way. I like Richard and his family very much and I’m sure he knows that. This is a culture thing. Sometimes we use expressions like ‘Call me sometime’ or ‘Come over this week end’. They are not really invitations, but rather nice meaningless things we say to indicate that the conversation is over. Joseph said and then took Fazzi’s hand in his and asked, Shall we go to bed now?

Are you just asking that as one of your meaningless invitations or are you propositioning me for real? questioned the Arab. I will never understand the intricacy of the American language or culture.

You do quite well my love. I only wish I could understand your culture as well as you understand ours. Joseph said as he pulled Fazzi to him and kissed his lips and hugged him and whispered in his ear, I did not think that I had to ‘proposition’ you anymore. I thought we were passed that point. But to make it 100% clear, my cock is getting harder and harder. I want you in bed with me NOW!

They kissed again, only this time more deeply and held on to each other tighter. When they broke the kiss, Fazzi looked around the room and said, I guess we could leave the cleanup to the servants to do in the morning. After all, that is why I pay them. They went upstairs and tried to make love, but Joseph’s treatment of Richard was still bothering Fazzi and finally he insisted that he try to make amends.

Ok, I’ll tell you what. I will call Richard tomorrow and tell him that I will join him and the family late Friday night. I will pick up Rich after his performance and the two of us will spend Saturday at his place. We can use that time to go over his proposals. Are you happy now? Can we make love now? I surrender to you.

Fazzi said, I accept your surrender. Do you realize that we have had our first fight? See we have made it over the first hurdle.

Joseph smiled to himself realizing that this man in bed beside him had just given him his passport to be with Rich over the weekend.

The next morning Joseph called Rich and told him to expect him at the theater. He would pick him up and they could either travel to Long Island or spend the night in Manhattan and then go the next morning.

Where are you? Rich asked. Can you come early? We can go to eat before the theater.

I’m in Paterson. I have to go with Fazzi to Mosque. That is usually an all day thing with the congregation having social meetings after. I don’t think I can get away before six or seven. In case I’m not there by the time the play starts, leave word at the box office for them to let me in. Joseph instructed him. How is the play going?

Very well! As a matter of fact I have been offered a part in Broadway play. Not the lead but it is a rather large supporting part. Rich said in a voice that Joseph could tell was bubbling over with excitement.

Fantastic! You are really beginning to move. I am really happy for you.

Dad told me about the meeting last night. He said you did a class ‘A’ job. And that money wise it was better than he expected. Anyway I’ll see you this evening and you can fill me in on the details. I have to run now. I have an acting class in a half hour. See you tonight.

Joseph said good-bye and then Fazzi and him went to services. As a non- Muslim Joseph was not required to assume the position that Muslims usually take during prayer, but he expressed the desire to be instructed in the proper methods and Fazzi was only too happy to take him in hand and instruct him and explain everything to him. When some of the regular worshipers raised an eyebrow, Fazzi told them that this was his future son-in-law and that Joseph was thinking of converting.

Did you think I would allow a non believer to become part of my family? He answered them and that seemed to satisfy everyone.

He should go for formal instruction. One of the men demanded.

Yes he should and will do that. When the time is right. Until then I will be his teacher. Could you find a better one to take him under his wing?’ Fazzi laughed.

That seemed to satisfy everyone and the congregation formally invited Joseph to join them in prayer. After prayer there was a learning session and collation. Joseph followed the discussions as best he could. Now and then he would ask Fazzi to clarify a point or two. Many of the people came over later and told Fazzi that they had heard about the meeting last night and that they too would like to invest money in the ‘club’. Joseph overheard some younger men say something to the effect that soon money would flow to the freedom fighters and we will avenge ‘an-Nakba’, the catastrophe. It was said just out of his hearing or so they thought. This was the first time that there was a direct connection made between the community and terrorists. But it was conformation that the community at least thought that Fazzi was going to funnel aid to ‘Hamas’. Or at least, that this was something other than what it appeared to be.

After services Joseph returned with Fazzi to the house where he packed his bag and got into his uniform and got ready to leave.

At the door Fazzi embraced Joseph and told him how happy he was that Joseph had come to Mosque with him.

I liked it and had a good time. The services were meaningful and informative and the discussion afterward was useful. I’m glad you asked me to come. I hope we can do it again soon.

Delighted Fazzi beamed as he kissed Joseph and told him, We can go anytime you want. From now on-you and I will go every Friday if you are here. You better get moving if you are going to meet Richard’s son. Give them all my regards and perhaps you can arrange some kind of social get-together, to launch the official beginning of the Arab American Investment Club. I think its time that we got together for social reasons now. Do you agree?

Well Richard Junior works evenings but the rest of the family might be amenable by now.

To Be Continued…

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