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The Three Day Pass Chapter 22 by JoyStick

End of chapter 21

On the way back to the city Rich said, “Now I have her to contend with? You are supposed to be my lover. It looks as if I am going to have to fight half the men and women in the tri-state area to keep you. If I did not know better I’d say you were Bi and be jealous as hell.”

Reaching into his pocket the soldier removed the card Dina had given him, “Here read this!”

Chapter 22

When Joseph awoke the next morning he found the bed beside him empty. Rich must have been up for some time because he could smell the odor of fresh coffee and hear the shower running. Fighting off the temptation to sneak into the shower and surprise him, the soldier just lay back and waited. A few minutes later he heard the bathroom door open and saw Rich’s nude body emerge as he was vigorously drying his hair with a big fluffy towel. As he rubbed his hair, his big cut cock and large balls were swaying to and fro, almost sending Joseph into a hypnotic trance. Shaking himself back to reality, he cursed himself for not acting on his earlier impulse. Damn it, he looks so good, I should have grabbed him in the shower for a quickie while I had the chance he mused.

Realizing that Joseph was awake, Rich said, “Good morning, lover,” then asked, ” Did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did, so well, that I did not even hear you get up.” Joseph said. “How come you’re up so early? It is only eight-thirty. Come back to bed and let’s make love again. We have plenty of time. We don’t have to be at the Port Authority till eleven-thirty.”

“We? You didn’t tell me that I was invited too. If I had known I was invited, I might have changed my plans for today.” Rich said in a rather annoyed tone as he continued to get dressed.

“Plans – what plans? I thought the only thing we had planed was that little get together with Frank Gordon and that’s for nine tonight. You told me you were getting a understudy to take your place tonight and that you were taking off.”

“You know I have school on Saturdays. I did not think I should play hooky since you usually either come with me or you stay at home. Did you forget that?”

“Shit I guess I must have. I’m sorry. If I had remembered I would have made the appointment for another time, but that damn note did sound rather urgent. Anyway it either slipped my mind or I just assumed that since you had arranged to take off this evening that you would also take the whole day off. If you want I can call her and make the appointment for another time?”

“No don’t do that. You are right that note did sound rather urgent. Look I’m sorry about the mix-up, but you go and take care of your business and I will see you back here at about six or so. Then you can tell me all about your hot date with that Egyptian cock teaser.” Rich said as he finished dressing and gave Joseph a parting kiss. “There is some dry cereal in the cabinet for breakfast or if you want there are eggs in the refrigerator. Sorry, but I did not have time to buy those sausages or that Canadian bacon you love, but there is fresh coffee in the pot. Help yourself. When I get back tonight we can have a light bite together if you want. We don’t have to meet Frank until nine. Although maybe instead of a light bite we could.”

“Say no more, my man. I’ll be all showered and ready for you babe. I will also order in a Pizza for us, if you like.” Joseph said as he kissed him goodbye. “Go ‘Break a Leg’ or is that the wrong thing to say?”

“Good luck to you also and be careful. That Dina looks like she could be the big sister of that cobra she tries to emulate in her dances.”

“Have no fear! I have my anti-venom shots.” The soldier said as he got out of bed and went into the bathroom. “I have you and that’s all I need or want. Now get going or you will be late.”

The hands on the big clock at the terminal showed 11:30. The sun was shining as Joseph approached the statue of the T.V. bus driver. He spotted Dina pacing back and forth waiting for him. She looked beautiful with her long hair covered with a black headscarf that allowed only her two dark eyes to show. The only uncovered part of her body was a small patch of the smooth olive colored skin from her fingers to the elbows. The package was rather sexy and Joseph found himself intrigued all the more by her. You know, he thought, it’s really true that the more a woman covers up- the sexier it makes her appear. American women expose themselves too much in leaves almost nothing to be ‘discovered’.

“Sbaah El Kair, good Morning.” Joseph greeted her in Arabic and English. “Have you been waiting long?”

“Well yes – just a little.” She answered. “But it is my fault, I came early as I did not want to take the chance of perhaps missing you. I did not sleep well last night. I was up most of the night with thoughts of you and that party of yours! Before we even say another word let’s get that bit of business out of the way. I have decided to perform at that party. I called my agent and even though he does not approve, I told him I just had to do it. He wanted to call your friend and negotiate a deal. I told him that this was one of those charity appearances and there would be no deal and no commission to be made. He was furious, even threatened to drop me as a client, but I finally got him to agree by promising to meet with him and another club owner later. So about an hour ago I called your friend and we made all the arrangements.”

“I’m sure Fazzi was thrilled. He told me how disappointed he was at the prospect of not having you perform.”

“Yes, the old guy was very thrilled. I could even see him drooling over the phone. He even offered to double my usual fee. As well as provide a place for me to stay so that I did not have to travel back and forth to the city that day. He said I could use your old apartment on his property, but since I have to work that evening, I can go home from the Cafe as usual. As for my fee he could use it to pay for the musicians or donate it to the club as my contribution to the cause. He told me he was going to call you right away and tell you, but I begged him not to as I wanted to tell you myself.”

“That was very nice of you, but surely that did not keep you awake all night.”

“No, there was something else that disturbed my sleep and it has been keeping me awake for several nights now.” She answered.

“We can talk about that at lunch. For now I’m very happy that you decided to perform. I know how busy you are and I’m sure your performance will delight the Arab/American community, as well as those of us who are not Arabs.” He said as he placed his hand under her elbow and started to gently lead her away from the statue. “A friend of mine recommended this nice bar and grill down the street. While it is a little early for drinking I hear the food is excellent. Will that be OK for lunch? Do you object to going to an establishment where alcohol is served?”

“No, no objections. I am not that old fashioned. It will be fine as long as they have booths where we can be unobserved and talk in private together.”

“By the way, speaking of privacy, where is your body guard today?” Joseph asked. “I don’t see him around.”

“I did not think I needed him today. One of the advantages in living in Manhattan is that people usually do not recognize me and I can live a more normal life here.” She explained and then shyly asked him. “Do you think I need him around with you?”

“You never can tell,” he said as they found the place, entered and were seated in a private booth. As they sat down beside one and other, Dina after looking around the place, let her black headscarf fall to her shoulders and ran her fingers through her hair to fluff it out. Joseph, using it as an excuse reached over and using his fingers adjusted her head covering over her shoulders. The waiter smiled, handed them menus and asked if they wanted anything to drink before they ordered. Coffee, just coffee for now, they both requested and started to look at the menu. When he returned with their coffee, they ordered and while waiting for the food to arrive Joseph asked her, “So tell me what kept you awake last night?”

“Who in the name of the prophet are you?” She asked as she turned to him and took both his hands in hers.

“I’m Sgt. Joseph Benson, US Army.” Joseph said, kind of bewildered and taken aback. “I thought you knew that. Didn’t I tell you?”

“That is what you told me, but that’s not what I mean and you know it. This past Tuesday evening before I went to work, two rather rude and big Syrian intelligence officers or so they claimed to be paid me a visit. They almost broke into my apartment and after roughing me up a bit they began questioning me about you. They wanted to know all kinds of things about you and our relationship. They asked me if you were working for the CIA, the FBI or even Army Intelligence?”

Joseph started to laugh. “Army Intelligence? Now there is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. There is no such thing!”

“This is no joke, you idiot. These people are dangerous. They could just as soon kill you as look at you. One of them grabbed me from behind pinning my arms to my sides and the other used his hands to feel me up while he questioned me. It was as if they already knew the answers but were just using the questions as an excuse to abuse me. The one behind me was rubbing his you know what on my backside. They were really enjoying their work.”

“I’ll just bet they did! I’m really sorry this happened. I hope they did not hurt you. But, Dina, I have no idea why they should question you or even for that matter, how they would know that you know me. Last night, when I was at the Club, Mr. Amos the Cafe Casablanca owner mentioned that you had been asking about me since my last visit a while back. Perhaps they overheard you and thought that you knew me. The truth of the matter is that, yes, they must and should be interested in me because of my involvement with Fazzi Muhammad and his family. You see Fazzi at one time was a big wheel in the Syrian government apparatus. During my Army studies of Arabic and Muslim culture, I happened to attend services at Fazzi’s mosque where I met and became friendly with him and his family. So friendly and so close, in fact, that I also became engaged to his daughter. Add to this the fact that I have started working with Fazzi and the Arab/American community on this Investment Club and you can see why they would be interested in me. If you want to know my guess it is that they are trying to gather information about me. And that includes those I associate with. I hardly know you that well and really cannot understand why they would bother you.” He explained, as their lunch arrived. They continued talking while eating, Joseph telling her all about his public life. “So I guess it’s just a case of them wanting to make sure that I’m not going to steal the money or that I’m not running some kind of a scam.”

“There must be more to it than that.” She insisted. “They wanted to hire me.”

“Hire you? What on earth for?”

“They said they would pay me well to spy on you and find out every thing I could about you. They said they want me to find out if you are a homosexual. They asked me to make love to you and take you to bed. They wanted to see if you were attracted to women.” She laughed.

“Oh so that’s the reason for the whip and your hand under the table last night.” Joseph returned her laugher. “Look, if you want maybe I can get Fazzi to use his influence with the government to get them to lay off you. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care what you report to them. In any case, I guess you can report that I’m at least normal in the horny male department.”

“Judging by last night, I would say you’re more than normal.”

“Perhaps you might like to do a more clinical examination. You know, just to earn some of that money they promised to pay you. I don’t know about you, but I would love to do a more intimate exam of you. I could get us a hotel room. I assure you that you would not be disappointed. From what I saw and felt as I held you in my arms last night, I know I would not be disappointed in you.” He half jested. “However please keep this in mind, my little spy, while you are a beautiful woman, and you are tempting, and I would love to ravish you, I must confess that I’m hopelessly in love with Kasemah, Fazzi’s daughter. Nothing, my little Mata Hari, will change that.”

“What or who is this ‘Mata Hari’?” she asked bewildered.

“Oh! She was some female spy a long time ago in WW1.” Joseph laughed. “Come to think of it she started off as a belly dancer also. Anyway, just so you understand, I am engaged to Kasemah Muhammad, or Kassie as I call her and we are very much looking forward to being married next year. I would not do anything to prevent or jeopardize that. However, as you already know from last night, I am still a man and a horny one at that. And since Fazzi has sent Kassie and her mother to live with relatives in Dearborn, to keep her pure and out of my arms and I have not had another woman..”

“To keep her pure? Oh! Yes, the old bed sheet bit. I have heard of that custom. It is rather old fashioned and no longer practiced, at least not in Egypt. Well maybe you might find it done, as you Americans say in the back woods, but really we no longer practice it.” She said. “I did not think that anyone even bothered any more as too many couples were using the blood of animals to fake it.”

“Well Fazzi is doing it to us as a test of some sort I suppose. It has been so long since I have been with a woman that I think you will have to instruct me.” He said as his fingers reached for her hand under the table.

“You are getting naughty now.” She said as she felt his hand enclose hers and guide it palm up to his lips and then place it on his lap atop his growing cock. “Yes, it would appear that you are quite naughty as well as normal. I can feel that and I don’t think you will need much instruction. Perhaps, instead of the expense of a hotel room, you would like to come up to my apartment? We can talk more freely there and I can serve you your dessert.”

“Now who is shall we say, being naughty?” He said as he put one arm around her, pulled her body closer to himself, while his other hand pressed down on her hand that was now rubbing his cloth covered cock. “Be careful we would not want to cause an eruption just yet. Is your place far from here? I have my car we can drive or is it within walking distance?”

“It is uptown and you can drive. This time of day parking is not so difficult to find.”

Joseph paid the bill and led the way to his car.

“A BMW! Now I’m convinced that there is something you are keeping secret from me.” She smiled as Joseph held the door for her and she slid into the car.

“The car was a combination engagement and graduation gift from Fazzi. He said he could not allow his daughter to be seen driving around in a cheep broken down American car. I have lots of little secrets; the car is not one of them.. The rest of them you will soon see for yourself.” He said as he slid into the drivers seat beside her.

“Ohhhh” she said leaning into him and placing her hand again on his crotch as she kissed his lips. “I can hardly wait to uncover them one by one. Perhaps I will be able to make you soon forget about the daughter.”

“If anyone could-it would be you.” The soldier said pulling her to himself and kissing her deeply. Her lips parted as his tongue entered her mouth and she sucked on it. His fingers encasing one of her cloth covered breasts, while her fingers deftly and sexually lowered his fly zipper as she reached in, searched for, found and extracted his naked cock holding it in the palm of her hand. Gently closing her fingers around his shaft she moaned and said, “Your ‘ZIP’ is hot, I love hot ‘Zip” for dessert. Let’s get going or I’ll start right here.” She cooed. “Just head up town to East 88th street and Third Avenue. I have a brownstone there.”

Joseph tried to place his cock back into his pants, but she placed her black shawl over his lap and said. “No, you just drive the car-I’ll hold your joystick and keep it warm, primed and ready.”

“For the life of me, I’m forgetting that name. What the hell is Fazzi’s daughter’s name again?” Joseph said as he drove the car away from the curb. “Be careful Dina I would not like to get your shawl all messed up to say nothing about the car seat.”

The drive uptown was agonizingly slow. As they proceeded along their way truck drivers would glance over at them and seeing what was going on they would give Joseph the ‘thumbs up’ sign. Joseph smiled back with a look on his face that said something like ‘what can I tell you?’ And the truck drivers smiled honked their horns in a salute.

“See, over there, that’s my place. You can park anywhere this time of day.”

“Ok, but get your fingers off my penis and let me park.” He gasped.

He found a place to park and then zipped up his fly, and they got out of the car (he wondered if the Arabic word for Penis ‘Zip’ had anything to do with the word zipper, the crazy things that can go through the mind at a time like this). The two of them made their way into the brownstone.

“Wow! Do you own this place?”

“Yes there are three apartments I rent out the basement and first floor apartments. The second and third floors, I turned into one apartment and made it into my home.”

“You must do well as a dancer to afford all this.”

“I do very well, but renting the two apartments sure does help. I also have other investments that will help me live well when I can no longer dance. Anyway it was a rundown dump when I brought it but I had it gutted and fixed up. Everyone told me that it was a waste of time and money to rebuild it but I liked it and it is close to the center of things and the neighborhood has changed for the better since then.” She said as she opened the elevator door and they went up to the second floor landing where they got out. She unlocked the apartment door and they stepped into a small foyer. As soon as the front door was closed and locked she was in his arms again. Her fingers almost ripping his shirt off and letting it fall to the floor. She pulled his undershirt off and then started to undo his belt, letting his pants and under shorts fall to the floor leaving him almost nude and led him upstairs into her bedroom. Somewhere along the way his loafers and socks were discarded. He was glad that he had locked up his pistol at Rich’s place this morning. He had debated about taking it with him, but decided against it. He was glad he had, as it might have been difficult to explain why he was packing a gun. He looked around the bedroom-it was decorated like a Turkish Harem, very sexy and very Levantine. In the center of the room on a slightly raised platform stood a huge four-poster bed with colorful overstuffed pillows and stuffed animals (a leopard, a lion and two very angry looking tigers). Red drapes with fancy white lace netting surrounded the bed.

“My protectors.” She said, pointing to the stuffed creatures.

“You should have warned me to bring my hunting gun.” He joshed

“I think the one you are waving at me will be big enough to tame any of the ‘pussies’ in the room now.”

Standing by the bed he slowly started to undress her. Slowly and seductively his white fingertips exposed each inch of her olive skin, followed by his hot wet lips kissing and his teeth nibbling on the sweet tasting flesh. His mouth covered her firm nipples and the tip of his tongue lapped around and over them causing them to become even harder and more erect. He tried unsuccessfully to suck the entire tit into his extended jaw, but they were too big to fit so he just glorified in their taste. Next he moved reluctantly down to her belly. She had the most wonderfully developed abs that he had ever seen. Many men would die for such a washboard belly. As his tongue entered her belly button she used her navel to fuck his tongue. She placed her fingers on his head directing his kissing and sucking mouth down, down, down, to her neatly trimmed pussy. On his knees before her he worshiped her pussy. She moaned as he spread her legs and buried his mouth on her crotch, while his palms squeezed her ass and a finger rubbed along her ass and pressed into her rosebud. His tongue tip circled her pussy lips and passed over and into her wet cunt. She gently pushed him away and sat down on the bed and pulled him to her. Her lips kissing and licking his torso as she held his cock in the palm of her hand and bent over to kiss the foreskin of his manhood.

“It is so big and hard. I must have it.” She said skinning the foreskin back over his cock head. She could not contain herself any longer as with her teeth she nibbled on the loose skin and gently taking hold of some of the loose flesh with her teeth she worked the skin back and forth exposing Joseph’s hot purple colored cock head. She kissed and licked the cock head and ran the tip of her tongue over the sensitive dick head, and the piss slot, then, her lips circled the angry cock head and began their journey down his shaft. Poor Joseph almost let go right then. She was the first and only women Joseph had ever known who could really suck cock. Not only did she suck cock, but also she enjoyed and reveled in it. She was almost as good as Rich. They lay nude on top of the bed head to foot-foot to head, making love to each other’s bodies. They started licking and sucking each other’s toes, nibbling and kissing every inch of each other’s bodies. Joseph had never seen such a body on a woman. Rich was right about her being a Cobra. She was able to slither and wiggle like a snake. The belly dancer body was put to good use as her body incased and made love to his. They just flowed into each other, her womanhood sucking his manhood into her as she swallowed all seven or more hard inches of his manhood into her gyrating hot wet cunt. Ever muscle of her pussy making protracted love to his condom covered cock. He could not even remember when she had covered his cock in the strong yet sensitive ribbed sheath. He lost count of the number of times he felt her pussy squeeze his cock almost bringing him to that orgasmic Eden, only to be pushed away at the gates of the garden and there to start the journey all over again. Their orgasms building, increasing, swelling, growing and mounting until finally she gave one last squeeeeeeeze and their bodies and minds exploded as they entered paradise together.

“That my dear was wonderful! Fantastic!” she whispered exhausted after several minutes. Then her body convulsed in laugher. “And they thought you were gay, where the hell did they ever get that idea from.”

“Most likely because Fazzi has been known to like young men.”

“So did you enjoy your dessert?”

“Oh yes, I sure did. Allah’s ‘Forty Virgin Paradise’ is nothing compared to a romp on your bed. However, I always take at least one second helping of the food I like.” He said reaching for her again.

“You don’t want dessert – you want a full banquet meal. I wish we had the time, but I do not have it now. I have to go to that meeting with my agent and try to smooth his hurt feelings and empty pocketbook. If you want you can stay here and wait for me. I will make it worth your while. I would cook dinner for you but I have to dance tonight. You could come with me and after the show we could continue where we left off if you want?”

“Holy cow! I did not realize the time. Sorry but I have to leave myself. I promise some other time, would you mind if I used your shower to freshen up.”

“No, go right ahead, but hurry.” She said as she got out of bed went to the linen closet and tossed him a washcloth and towel. She also gathered up his clothes and handed them to him.

“Normally I would ask you to join me in the shower, but I do have to get moving. One of the men that I was with last night is performing tonight and I wanted to see his play.” He lied.

“Oh! What is his name and what is the play?” She asked.

Joseph told her and she hit her forehead with her hand.

“Rich Worth, ‘eshalla’, I should have guessed.” She said. “Mr. and Mrs. Richard Worthington and their son Rich, is how you introduced them. I never put Worthington and Worth together. He must be trying to make it on his own and does not use the Richard Worthington name. Yes Rich Worth. I have heard of him. They say he is going to be the next big star on Broadway. Maybe the next time he is at the Cafe I’ll chose him as my dancing partner.”

“But then you might not have as good a Saturday morning as we just had. He spends all his spare time in acting school.” Joseph laughed and kissed her lightly as he took the towel and his clothes and quickly showered and dressed. When he finished he came out and she let him out of the apartment. She assured him that she was just joking about dancing with Rich as she kissed him and told him to call her tomorrow. He took the elevator to the first floor and found his car and drove downtown to Rich’s apartment house.

He pulled the car into his new parking place next to Rich’s Car and got out. Taking the bug scanner and running it over the car, he was shocked to learn that someone had bugged the car. That bitch! I bet that all that was just to set me up!

From a pay phone in the lobby he called Barns and made an appointment for someone to check out the car. “Where are you now? I can have someone over there in an hour or less. Don’t do anything to the car, don’t move it or call from it and don’t even speak near it until we find out what you have there.” Barns said. “It may just be a directional bug and that you can live with, but then it could also be something else.”

“Like what?”

“Well there are all sorts of devices. It could be a listening device, that picks up your voice and broadcasts it to an off site receiver where it is recorded. It could also be a remote triggering device that will ignite explosives hidden somewhere in the car.” Barns said. “But I don’t think it is either of these. Anyway give me the location of the car and I’ll send a guy to take care of it within the hour.”

Joseph gave him the address and told him he will meet the guy downstairs in front of the apartment.

“I’ll be coming also.” Bill said. “There are a few things we have to talk about in person.”

An hour later the three men gathered in front of Rick’s apartment house and Joseph directed them to his car. The technician went over the BMW from the front to the rear, top to bottom, and quickly found the bug and then reported back to Bill and Joseph.

“There is only one simple directional bug, under the fender. If you hadn’t discovered it I could have fallen off in a few days. It is just attached with a small magnet. If you want I can take it off right now.” The technician said.

“No.” Joseph said, “someone wants to know where I am and I can see no reason for disappointing them. I have no problems with that at this time. They must have just slapped it on while I was parked out in the open. They did not have time to set it up right. Just show me where it is and how to remove it if I decide I want to get rid of it.”

The three of them went into the garage and Joseph was given instructions. After the technician left Barns and Joseph went to a coffee shop where they had coffee and Joseph told him about the morning’s events and then asked him, “Do you think it really might have been her that had the bug installed?”

“There is no way to tell for sure. The bug could have been placed anytime or anyplace since your last scan. It might have been placed after you left you car and went to meet her at the terminal, while you were having lunch together or while you were playing the big white pussy hunter. Remember a while back when I told you that you were just like 007 only your license permitted you to use that cock as a weapon?” Well you did not have to take me so seriously! SO TELL ME! Was she really as hot as she looks?”

“Oh boy! Is she hot, so hot she sizzzzzzles and I want some more and soon.” Joseph gloated.

“I know it must be tempting and I would screw the hell out of her myself, if I was single, but try to control yourself. You are supposed to be a professional now.”

Yes but what kind of professional — thought Joseph.

To Be Continued…

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