The Time Shifter Chapter 61

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Dave and I talked for a while after the mini-lecture about women and it was pretty pleasant. We had been there a couple of hours and I joked that he was probably tired of me now and he could take me home if he wanted. When we got to my door, he said he wanted to see me again.  “If you can stand it, ” I giggled. He laughed and then kissed me.  “See you at school,  sweety, ” I notified him as a send off.

Sunday, Mary came over by herself after she had changed out of her church clothes and hopped a bus. I put on Al Green’s greatest hits and we got naked. She was all over me like a bad suit, kissing me hard and passionately, enjoying suckling on my nipples and then slapping her tongue against my clit for about half an hour, causing me to absorb the lightning of repeated orgasms. She slid her pussy against mine and we rubbed each other to a huge mutual climax, me hearing that familiar two part harmony of sighs and moans I also had heard with Denise and Missy.

We laid there in bed for a while and she told me about certain members of her congregation.  “God, what a freak show they are, ” she evaluated. She then disclosed that she had to attend a bible retreat the following weekend.  “Now THAT is a freak show, ” she laughed ruefully. I asked her if there was any way she could ditch it and spend the weekend chilling at my place instead. She answered that her parents watch her get on the bus and that they have a list of the kids who are supposed to be there, so if they aren’t they basically call out the troops to find them.

I made lunch for her and we ate it in our bikinis before we went back to bed and cuddled for a while until she had to get back on the bus and go home, the poor girl

Monday, Dave came up to me before the start of my athletics period and chatted me up. I let him give me another quick kiss before he had to scamper off to begin his workout. Denise took me and Missy to my house after school and Dave showed up half an hour later. I took Dave aside.  “So hey baby, how do you feel about gays? ”  “I have a cousin who’s gay, ” he disclosed.  “As long as they don’t try to do anything to me I don’t really care what they do. ” I swept his legs out from under him and placed my right foot on his trachea.  “Listen sweety, in a little while, another girl who is a lesbian is going to come and if anyone finds out she’s gay you will not live to see college. They will need cadaver dogs to find your carcass after I get through with you. Do you understand? ”  “Okay Dawn. Just get your foot off my throat. ” Once he was allowed to get vertical by  me, he looked at the other two girls.  “So Denise and Missy are gay? ”  “Yeah. Denise’s parents know and Missy’s don’t really care even though she hasn’t told them yet. But with Mary, you will really fuck her life up since her parents are full on religious wackos. ”  “Mary? You mean Mary from the girls basketball team? ”  “Yeah. ”  “Oh my God, that’s hilarious! She’s like a total big Christian! ”  “Actually, she isn’t, but her parents are. And Dave, I’m not kidding. She gets found out and I will indeed kill you in the literal sense. Therefore, you might want to keep your mouth shut about who’s gay and who isn’t. ”

 “Okay Dawn. What about you? ”  “I’m bisexual, honey, but I’m mostly into men. ”  “Cool! Threesome time! ”  “It doesn’t quite work that way, ” I instructed, rolling my eyes. I turned toward Denise and Missy.  “Hey you guys, Dave and I are going upstairs. Keep an eye out for Mary. ”  “Okay baby, ” Denise agreed.  “Have fun! ” she giggled. I took Dave’s hand and led him up to my bedroom. I shut the door behind us and placed my arms around his neck. We made out for a few minutes, which heated my ardor to a nice boil. I let my knees become one with the floor and pulled his pants open. The boy was nicely hung! I smiled up at him as I slowly stroked his wild weasel. My tongue flitted across and around his growing shaft, inducing profound stiffness. He was a bit over eight inches and thick. That mouth watering sight inspired me to engulf it with my mouth and  suck on it hard on every outstroke to lend him a pulling sensation before I let him spike my throat. The cycle of deep throating of his spear and then pulling my lips on it quickly boosted his penis’ sensitivity and made his balls become turbulent with boiling sperm. My slurping on his fuckstick was the only sound in the room that wasn’t a moan from his lips and I coaxed a growing flow of precum out of his cockhead. His breathing turned into an asthmatic melange of pants, sighs and gasps as the temperature of his inner heat ascended until the pressure exerted by his balls forced him to spurt ropey globs of cum into my piehole. I slung it down into my belly with contractions of my tongue and esophagus to his delight.

 “That was an epic bj Dawn. Thanks, babe, ” he complimented.  “My pleasure, sweety, ” I giggled.  “You were a good boy about Mary, so I thought you deserved a little somethin’ somethin’. Well, we better go downstairs and see what everybody’s up to, ” I suggested. We did that and we all just talked and joked around until they had to go home for dinner. Denise dropped Mary off about a block away from her house so that Mary’s parents wouldn’t see who their daughter was with.

I got my period  the next day and convinced my coach to let me out of our workout. I then went home. I just wasn’t in much of a social mood and more or less hid from the world. I skipped school the day after that, too and felt quite a bit better by Thursday. Dave wanted to take me out Friday, but I said no. I said I would feel better Monday if he wanted to hang out with me then. He did and now that my monthly visitor had departed I was up for action.

He took me home and we went up to my bedroom. I shed my clothes and, surprised, he initially hesitated before he did so as well with what was concealing his body. We laid in bed and his eyes greedily scanned my body, especially my DD cups.  “Fuck, your body is bangin’! ” he bubbled. I giggled and grasped his cock.  “This isn’t shabby, either, ” I praised. He grinned like the cat who just snared the canary while I stroked it. He leaned his head down to suck my nipples as we snuggled up against each other. The mood became more and more sensual whilst we were stimulating each other this way, the little jolts from each suction of my milk ducts further drenching my twat and each passage of my hand over his lengthy fat pole hinting at just how good it might feel inside me, which only served to make the area between my legs warmer and wetter.

I slid down the bed and my mouth devoured his dick. He let out a long agonized moan as my soft lips caressed his thunderstick, my tongue providing more vivid sensation from underneath it. Over and over, I impaled my throat on his heavy weapon and his breathing quickly became out of control as the sensations accumulated within him. He emitted choked grunts and then, with one long guttural moan, he decorated my cakehole with his manfrosting, which I swallowed with aplomb.

I scooted my body up and my legs were astride his head. He reached up and pulled my thighs downward so that my lips were now seated on his lips. I lightly ground my bald pussy on his tongue. He pushed me up very slightly to access my clit and lash that nubbin wth the tip of his tongue and then distended it with suction to call the blood down to the end of it, which made it feel hot and throb. Hotter and hotter it seemed to become with each passing moment until my pubic muscles suddenly convulsed and pumped the stored up heat all through my body as I held tightly on to the headboard.

I migrated back down to suck his cock  back to life and, in a few minutes, he had something for me to feel. I held it at my opening and dropped my weight to make it slither up into me. Mmm, such a lovely stuffed feeling! My hips and thighs went hydraulic, lifting and lowering my pink pocket on his piston and stirring him inside of me so that it would hit all the right spots.  “Ohhhhhhh God, your cock, oohhhh shitttt, ” I incoherently mumbled while I romped on his dipstick. Coating his penetrator in my moisture, it juked in and out , in and out, oh fuck yes! I was a captive of the way the friction tantalized my nerve endings and the sensation of his warm, thick trenching tool slipping in and out of the middle of my body was just so delicious that it sent me into paroxysms of insanity, making me drag my nails against Dave’s chest.

My hips shook, my big, round breasts swung, my mouth alternately opened and closed with each jarring impulse that reverberated through me until they  became so intense that I practically screamed when the orgasms coursed through me. I went on a quest for more and my vaginal walls continued to choke his cock in order to wring every bit of pleasure it could out of his flesh drill. Another big front of pleasure drifted through me and the same thing happened to Dave, who spewed his hot sauce into my cock pocket.

I fell off of him panting. He cradled my head in the crook of his arm while I waited for the fatigue to drain from my body. My system was drunk on the high of the endorphins the orgasms unleashed.  “Oh my God, Dawn, that was as spectacular as you are. ”  “Thanks sweety, ” I dreamily acknowledged. My pussy throbbed pleasantly from the stress it was subjected to.

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