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The Time Shifter Chapter 70

Two weeks after school ended, the artist who designed our logo showed up with some preliminary sketches for our debut album’s cover. We chose which one we were going to use and we also hashed out plans for the booklet that was to go into the cd. We then had a photo shoot that same week. By then, we had over 30 what we felt were great songs nailed. Now it was just going to be a matter of determining what we were going to put on the album and who we would have produce it.

Because I had been focusing so much on managing the band’s affairs, I had pretty much neglected my sex life. Even when I went to the beach to relax, I ignored the bevy of skimpily attired women because my mind was drifting off to what to do about our music and the marketing of it. About the only thing I had been intimate with over that period was my righthand.

In early August, we had to register for our classes. While Valerie and I were there, we went to the activities director and got our band booked to play at lunch the first day of school. Since I had done it before in previous incarnations, I went around to several American Legion halls and booked us into them beginning the Friday after school began. Then, with the help of our sound and lights guy, I had to rent a modular stage and find a band to open for us. I also had our artist design flyers for us and we took his design down to Kinko’s to have them printed up.

After that, we had to design our own stage and a professional drum riser, which would take some time before we took delivery on it. Our drummer cobbled together an improvised riser and then I had to subcontract security. So for a couple weeks there, we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. I also decided it was time to formally open our office. Fortunately, we were able to shanghai Valerie’s dad in to help us organize that hiring process. He was stoked that he was going to  be able to see his daughter play live and would take the day off to watch her do her first show. I already had a five man road crew that I had been paying a retainer to since we finished the initial renovations on the warehouse. We spent the next month conducting interviews and getting the human resources infrastructure in place.

And if that wasn’t enough, there was a lot of talk in the media about who was going to finish the worst record in baseball so that they could draft me in June, 2013. Their 2012 record would determine the selection order. I felt compelled to issue a statement through a guy at a well known baseball magazine I was really friendly with that I would not sign with any team that deliberately tanked it so that they could get a shot at me. I further called for a lifetime ban on everyone involved if what amounted to throwing games surfaced, though I also added that I anticipated that everyone would play their asses off so they wouldn’t shortchange their fans.

In the last paragraph of that statement, I also notified  the Marlins that I would not play for them due to the former’s chaotic ownership situation (though I didn’t anticipate they would sink enough to have a shot at selecting me) and the latter being owned by what I consider to be one of the greatest baseball villains of recent times, Jeffrey Loria.

 With all the activity, time continued to scream by and, seemingly before we knew it, our road crew was loading in on the morning of the first day of school. The local fire department wouldn’t let us employ pyro, so it was just going to be giving the student body an unvarnished  taste of the old melodic fast and loud. Valerie and I were excused from fourth period so we could soundcheck.15 minutes before we were to hit the first chord of our concert, we were ready. As soon as the bell rang at the end of the period, we launched into the intro of our first song,  “The Curse of Kings, ” based on a quote from Beethoven’s  “Eroica, ” and then went full on muppet metal with a  thrashy classical infused rhythm. Chris’ double bass work rumbled over the concrete of our school’s amphitheater while Phil’s vocals echoed off the surrounding classroom buildings.. I blitzed the listeners with a speedy harmonic minor solo before we concluded with third harmony leads and fast tom tom bashing.

We went right into our second tune,  “Holy Night Terrors, ” which was ignited by Valerie’s speedy lead intro, that was only slightly slower than its predecessor. The spectators were buying in and, when Valerie and I did an exchange of solos, a nice cheer for us went up. Any preliminary nervousness on our part was pretty much history as we felt locked in and, 25 minutes later, concluded with another warp speed track,  “The Eyes of Egypt. ”

I went to the gym to shower and change out of my leather pants and boots in favor of a pair of jeans and tennis shoes while our roadies began loading out. I missed about half of my fifth period class as a result, as did Valerie. I got some high fives from my classmates after I walked in and was pretty proud about how our first public performance went.

After that little exhibition and the publicity I was receiving in the media, all the whores and scam artists began to surface to seek a piece of me, including those who attended my school or lived in my hometown. Girls were literally throwing themselves at me, some literally walking up to me and showing me their tits or pulling up their skirts while I walked to class. Did I take advantage? Fuck yes I did! I wasn’t going to take any of those whores home, though. Instead, I led them to local motels and fucked them. They were using their wombs as slot machines, trying to let me get them pregnant. Too bad for them I was shooting blanks so that they were taking my jizz despite the fact that the sperm was either dead or there wasn’t any at all.

That didn’t mean that they weren’t hot, though. I woud be at the local park longtossing with one of my high school teammates and a hot blonde would show up with huge Monsanto tits and a curvy, but not fat, figure, typical local female news anchor/rock and roll groupie face to ask for my autograph and then, when she was out of earshot to my workout partner, would proposition me even though I was still a wayd from being 18. I started carrying a video camera with me to fil these encounters, so I ran off to my car, grabbed my video camera and, while I was rolling, got her to promise to do both my buddy and I. Then we all headed off to a local motel.  “This bitch is unprotected, dude, so be happy with getting head from her and we’ll just use her until she can’t take it anymore. ” Of course, my buddy was up for it.

When we got to the motel, she would rent the room (and yes, I was keeping track of all this in my little lyric book) and we would file into it and have her do naked lap dances for the two of us while I had the video camera rolling. We both felt her up while she did this, including penetrating her digitally, until I asked my buddy if he was ready. When he signaled he was, we took off our pants and I would tell her to first take care of the other guy with her mouth (and she had better do a good job!), including swallowing his cum, before I would impale her. Seeing only dollar signs, the whore complied eagerly and my friend was soon shooting his sperm packet down her throat. I got a glass of water and made her drink it to wash any remaining semen from her gob si that she wouldn’t be able to try to nail my buddy by sticking the semen into her pussy with her fingers.

I lined my cock up with her hole and shoved all nine inches of it into her.  “Fuck, you’re huge! ” she gasped as I used her for my own pleasure, hammering my weapon into her while the video camera captured it all and my friend watched. I fully enjoyed reaming her, the sweet compression of her pussy joyously massaging my prong until I gushed my river of infertile mancream into her. I made her insert her fingers inside of herself and gather the cum I had spewed into her on them and lick them clean. I demanded that she toss my buddy’s salad and she did it! I got hard again and spiked her one more time while she continued rimming and licking my buddy’s asshole. She must have felt like a total loser when the pregnancy test came up negative or she had her next period.

My female classmates, well, I must have done half the senior class before I graduated. The ones who were already 18 I took to a motel (I made them rent the room) and split their uprights. You would be amazed how many of them kept coming back for it even though everybody on campus knew I was a user. But that only enhanced my bad boy appeal. The ones who were still underage (in California, the age of consent is 18) I would do if they were hot. The ones who were sixes and sevens (which was about 90% of them) I would merely have them blow me in the parking lot while I sat in my car. It’s amazing what women will do when they smell money. So there was always a pussy or a mouth around my dick my senior year. It was beautiful.

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