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The True Tales of an Inner Panty Boy Breaking Free…(PT.1)

Based on my true story. Names of people and places were changed to protect innocent characters.

Part 1 is only back-story. There is little, to no action in part 1. If you’re looking for action without the story, skip ahead to part 2.

This is the first story I have written.
Thanks for any feedback and I Hope you enjoy.

My name is Joey, and I’m going to tell you about how I found out that I had a woman living inside of me. I guess I should start at the beginning. When I was in high school, I was in a serious relationship of a 3 of years with a girl named Kassie. I didn’t have the best home life and moved in with Kass and her parents shortly after I turned 17. Aided by Kassie, and my very own ego. My sexual desires took an unexpected turn, and I would never be the same again.

Kass played basketball for the girl’s varsity team, and was a clear pick for best on the team. She ruled the court, and was easily one of the best in our school. I was her man though. There was no way she could beat me.

While playing each other in a friendly game, on our small court at home. I was on a roll. Everything I put up, went into the basket. My confidence was swelling, and as I furthered my lead, I wondered if I could win more than this game.

“What do you say we make things interesting?’, I asked.

The look in Kassie’s eyes should have told me to back off, but my pride blinded me. She gave a concerning grin then responded,

“Oh, you think I have been trying? I could still wreck you, but if you’re so sure. What do you have in mind baby?’

“If I win, you have to give me a BJ, to completion, and swallow.” I said without hesitation. This was the plan all along. Take this easy win, and with it my reward of oral ecstasy.

“…and if I win?”, she asked with a clarity. Revealing the answer may already lay in her thoughts.

“Player’s choice. What do you want?”.

“Uh, Okay.”, she starts with what seems to be a slight waver in her voice. “I-I-If I win, you have to w-w-wear a pair of my panties to school tomorrow, and you can’t take them off until I say”.

“What?”, I reacted subconsciously. “You can’t be serious.”, though I knew she was by the way she had stuttered. At this point, I was already aware that I was Bi. It was still unknown to her, but I had fooled around with a friend out of sheer boredom and desperation a few times. We traded oral, but I never thought of me being gay. I’m not feminine. I have a beard and am considered tough by my peers. I’m 6ft 2in. and weigh 155lbs. I am thin and tall. In decent shape, but womanlike and wearing panties!?! I am not a girl.!! Can I accept that if I lose?

I thought to myself, “There’s no way she’s catching up”. I would be enjoying my win soon enough. This should be the easiest BJ I’ve ever gotten. So with confidence,  I responded, “You’re so on!”.

Shot after shot, point after point. Every bit of momentum I had left me, and was commanded by her. In what became, the most miraculous comeback ever seen by that small court. I watched as the game winning shot left her hands, and suspended in the air, for what seemed to be an eternity. The feeling of my gut dropping, and the ball sailing in slow motion, through the hoop had a clear similarity. It was all over. She had won, and I was obligated to the bet. Shock and fear consumed my body.

I had a lump in my throat. As she gloated about having “just the pair”. I could feel the crimson on my cheeks, and felt as if I was continuously falling. I couldn’t believe it. I was at the mercy of my own creation. Would she really make me go through with this? Could I really wear panties in public?

If there was any hope of escape, it was immediately replaced by disappointment, as I walked into her room. She had already started digging in her drawer for what was to be my debt to her. Lost in my thoughts, and entrenched by my embarrassment. I zoned out away from this terrible nightmare. I wasn’t paying attention when she found what she was looking for, and her excitement nearly caused me to run from surprise, as I was taken off guard. She was holding a pair of hot pink boy shorts in front of a demonic smile.

“I think you will look really sexy, and like a real slut in these. Try them on now and see how they fit.”, she commanded. I looked at the floor in shame as I did as I was told. It was better to have some that fit better, right? I didn’t know, but I wanted to make this as comfortable as I could. Comfortable…Was that even possible?

As I pulled them up my thighs and reached my butt, I involuntarily, arched my back to pull them snug. She saw this and stared at me. As if poising herself to pounce with the attitude of a tiger, and the lust of domination from the newly acquired power. We had the most amazing sex that night. Then she held me really closely throughout the night. I curled up close to her for warmth, and a feeling of safety. While still wearing the panties, I craved her protection. A change was creeping up inside of me, and that change was exciting me like never before.

Throughout school on the following day. I could feel the shape of my ass, contained perfectly by the hot pink boy shorts, sticking out slightly when I walked. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. There were times I was worried someone would see them on my hips. So I would pull up my jeans, leading to the boy shorts to be pulled tightly in between my cheeks. sometimes it would be uncomfortable. Other than that, I felt so sexy that my mouth would water while I was daydreaming of a strong man quivering under my lips.

Kass would stop me in the halls to check to see if I was “being a good girl”. She would force me to pull the sides of them up like a thong, so she and her friends could see. I acted mortified, but deep down I was so turned on. I liked my little secret, and I wanted to explore this more. So much more. Little did I know that is girl inside of me wasn’t going back in the box. She was here to stay.

I payed my debt to Kass, just as instructed. After another year, or so after that, we broke up, and we drifted apart. Shortly after, I moved over 200 miles away, but the story about the dirty girl that was created that day would cum back to show me that I was still “incomplete”. I will always be thankful to Kass for introducing me to the cock-slut that was inside of me. She is lying dormant, patiently waiting for a chance to walk on the surface again.

To be continued in….

The True Tales of an Inner Panty Boy Breaking Free…(PT.2)

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