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BSS-620 The Unfaithful Girlfriend.
Chapter 1
Though it was scarcely thirty minutes into twilight, darkness was  
beginning to settle thickly over the city of New York, and night’s  
sudden approach was nowhere more apparent than by the fountain in  
Central Park. But the sudden encroachment of darkness was halted this  
particular evening, and the well-manicured lawns of the Park, still  
bearing the traces of summer green well into September, were brightly  
lighted with a half dozen carbon arcs, their bluish smoke-streams  
faintly trailing out behind them as they cast a daylight-bright glow  
onto the trio of fashion models being led through their practiced  
motions by one of the city’s leading ad agency creative directors,  
Marty Felder. And mingled in with the crowd of curious passers-by and  
agency hangers on were two young people who viewed the fascinating  
scenario of television color commercials being created with particular  
interest, Jessica Richards and her boyfriend, Phillip Wright, had not  
chanced on this happening-in-the-Park; their presence had been  
carefully calculated, right down to the cost of the subway that brought  
them here from Jessica’s aunt’s brownstone house down near the Village.  
Actually, the scheming was more of Jessica’s doing than of Phillip’s,  
for she alone had a real and clearly defined reason for being present  
when Marty Felder put his models through their paces. Jessica, too, was  
a model; at least, she’d studied successfully with one of the east’s  
top modeling schools and had been through the necessary requisites of  
fifteen dollar modeling assignments and posing for the mandatory badge  
of the modeling profession, the portfolio of stills every girl lugged  
from agency to agency until she found just that right break that tossed  
her into the hundred dollar an hour league and splashed her features  
across the country’s biggest magazines. But Jessica Richards had not  
yet discovered that break, though she’d tried as diligently and  
determinedly as any girl in New York, and Marty Felder offered her the  
one shortcut available. But it was a painful shortcut she dreaded to  
take, one that would destroy everything between her and Phillips if he  
were to find out.
It was a week ago today, almost exactly to the minute, when she’d  
finally managed an interview with the heavy, beady eyed Felder in his  
plush paneled offices on the thirteenth floor of a Madison Avenue  
skyscraper. Phillip, true to their long-standing rules of job-hunting,  
had waited outside on the Avenue; he’d finished his own round of agency  
visits before noon, unsuccessful for the third week running in his hunt  
for an art opening where he could use his New York School of Fine Arts  
training better than at the bargain-basement department store  
advertising department he’d just quit. Most of the agency people had  
already cleared their desks and gone back to Connecticut and Long  
Island when Felder remembered his four-thirty appointment still sitting  
in his reception office, and with a flourish of obviously contrived  
courtesy, ushered her in for a quick cursory glance at her well-
traveled portfolio, now slightly the worse for wear from being dragged  
from one agency to another, from modeling house to advertising agency  
to television package producers to network casting offices.
Marty Felder proved to be a man incapable of beating around the bush;  
but neither did he fail to choose his words oh-so-carefully, with the  
polished subtlety of a man long accustomed to propositioning eager  
young girls who searched him out in their quest for modeling success.  
He was just obvious enough to make his point, even with the paddle-
headed adolescent he mistakenly thought she was; subtle enough to avoid  
being hauled into court by some sly, recorder-carrying golddigger, in  
case his long-perfect appraisal of his young job-seeker proved grossly  
 “It’s easy to go a long way in this business, Miss Richards, ” he had  
smoothly purred that late afternoon,  “It just depends on your looks,  
which you’ve obviously got, and your, uh … “–he paused here  
dramatically for a long, slow exploratory assessment of every rich full  
swell and hollow of her five-and-three-quarters feet, obviously  
impressed with the fullness and maturity nineteen years had brought to  
his blonde guest– “… cooperation, ” he continued finally, after  
satisfying himself, apparently, that the ripely blossoming teenager  
sitting before him was worth a few minutes of his busy day. She sat  
uncomfortably in silence for a few moments, while Felder retraced with  
his eyes his hungry path over her bulging knit sweater and matching  
belted hot pants, coursing down over her young body, following the  
rippling wave of her luxuriant, rich blonde hair as it spilled over the  
ripe swells of her breasts like sparkling water over polished stone.  
She had managed a feeble, stammering reply to his unveiled proposition,  
a proposition of her own that she’d have to think about his terms.  
Jessica had surprised even herself with her unabashed frankness that  
day, for she had never had to face such an enigmatic obstacle before.  
Until then, it was always a no, yes or nothing for her career as far as  
he was concerned …
*  *  *
Marty Felder glanced up from his crouching position, where he was  
squinting into a Minolta spot-type lightmeter the photographer was  
holding toward the carefully-poised form of Gloria Annenburg, an  
Austrian import who was one of Felder’s discoveries and who, Madison  
Avenue legend has it, occupies a bedroom suite of her own in his mid-
town penthouse, available at any hour to satisfy the terms of her  
meteoric success in a most unique manner. He spotted Jessica, smiled  
openly, then visibly cooled as he checked out the dimensions of her  
escort. For though only twenty one, Phillip Wright was excellently  
built, broad through the shoulders and chest, but with a slim tapered  
waist that evidenced his morning three-mile runs and high-protein diet.  
Phillip determined long ago that, while he was definitely an artist, it  
wasn’t necessary to effect that gaunt, teetering-at-starvation’s-door  
appearance so many of his contemporaries seemed to carry like an  
identification card of their trade.
Jessica excused herself by telling Phillip, quite truthfully, that she  
had to deliver a message to Mr. Felder.
She moved forward through the curiously-staring crowd, elbowing past a  
couple of elderly ladies in true New Yorker fashion, a tactic she’d  
managed to learn, though California was her real home. At the crowd’s  
edge was a taut, heavy rope, carefully placed just far enough back to  
keep prying hands from the thousands of dollars worth of expensive  
equipment. As Jessica started to lift the restraining rope, one of the  
agency’s hired private police hurried to intercept her; he was a  
frightfully old, rather rheumatic gentleman, unusually absurd in the  
blue uniform of the law. He looked as though he could possibly, and  
only possibly, be a marshal in a retirement home.
 “Sorry, Miss. This is as far as you can go. These people have city  
permission, ” he said as if he expected her to question their legality.  
 “You’ll have to stay behind the line with all the others. ”
Jessica smiled brightly, unruffled,  “I’m a friend of Mr. Felder. ” The  
geriatric officer looked puzzled,  “You know, the man over there … the  
one who hired you.
The uniformed guard looked in the direction of the cameras and  
operating lights, remembering finally that there was, indeed, a Mr.  
Felder running the show. Marty caught his eye and signaled an okay.
 “Thank you ever so much, ” said Jessica cheerily as me old man held the  
rope high enough for her to walk through without bending.
The heavily perspiring Felder nodded and smiled thinly at her approach,  
sending one of his mini-clad secretaries off to get some coffee as  
Jessica carne closer.  “Well, fancy meeting you out here in Central  
Park, ” he smiled slightly arrogantly.
Jessica decided to waste no time; his tone was beginning already to  
bear some traces of hostility. She had a task to do … and there was  
no logic in waiting a second longer than necessary.
 “I … I … uh, wanted to tell you I’ve made up my mind on your …  
your offer, ” she said, a bit embarrassed that someone might be  
listening. She thought she heard a muffled chuckle behind her, but  
decided not to turn around. Her head was lowered just a bit, her eyes  
darting around at the impressive array of network-owned television  
equipment, her gaze averted from Felder’s.
 “Right, baby! ” he nearly shouted. He started to put his hands on her  
shoulders, but remembered the healthy-looking friend still out there in  
the crowd.  “How about tomorrow night? You can meet me at the office  
around seven thirty. I’ll tell the night security man your name and you  
can come right up. ”
Jessica regained her courage and looked him in the eye again,  “Okay.  
I’ll be there. ”
 “Marvelous, sweetie, ” he leered,  “Dinner first, then … Well, we’ll  
have to see what happens. ”
*  *  *
Phillip had that questioning look about him when she managed to squeeze  
her way back to him, but he chose not to ask any questions. They  
watched a little longer, then, like most of the others, began to leave  
when real darkness set in. New Yorkers would rather be in the relative  
safety of their own apartments when nighttime arrives, and Jessica and  
Phillip were no exceptions. Only tonight, Jessica had invited Phillip  
to spend the night at her aunt’s. He’d have to use the living room  
sofa, of course, but this way they’d be up early and off for their  
picnic out at the beach.
 “Let’s forget a cab tonight, ” suggested Jessica, her arm around his  
hips as they walked slowly toward the subway stairs. There were still  
plenty of people about, and even here on the edge of Central Park, they  
felt safe and comfortable.
 “I’d hoped you wouldn’t mind, ” confessed Phillip.  “Actually, I was  
worried I wouldn’t have enough to get us out to Coney Island. I’m  
sorry, Jessica, I just don’t know where the money went. I guess … ”
 “Quiet, darling, ” she said, squeezing him tightly,  “I don’t care about  
the money. You’ll have tons of it one day. I just know you will. With  
your talent, it’s only a matter of time before you’re the hottest art  
talent in the business. You’ll see, Phillip. ”  
Phillip didn’t reply; he had heard Jessica’s optimistic praise before,  
and though he hoped her enthusiasm was warranted, he was fast getting  
tired. Tired of being turned down, tired of hunting for that big break  
that might not even be there. He held Jessica’s slender young body  
close to his, reassuringly. Nighttime settled quickly in the canyons of  
the city, and her radiant warmth felt good in the evening chill. His  
right hand was in his trousers pocket, and with his fingers, Phillip  
could feel the paper-thin fold of one-dollar bills. And that was all he  
had left from his final paycheck at the store, all until the elusive  
opening came his way.
And he couldn’t help wondering if it would ever come at all.
Chapter 2
Jessica’s aunt, Mildred Whithers, was asleep when they arrived, a small  
blessing she was indeed grateful for, as Aunt Mildred had a tendency to  
ramble on for hours, particularly when she had me rare privilege of  
meeting new people. Jessica helped her boyfriend make up his bed on the  
sofa and tip-toed upstairs to her bedroom, kissing him affectionately  
before her departure.
She unfastened the clip at the back of her head and brushed the day’s  
knots and tangles from her thick blonde hair, sitting before the  
antique vanity mirror on a padded stool. Her thoughts went back to the  
last time she and Phillip had been together, other than their daytime  
meetings for job-hunting. They had borrowed a car from a friend of his  
from school and driven up into the New York upstate hillsides. Her  
heart nearly missed a beat even now, thinking about me beauty and  
romance of it all. They had found a gorgeously secluded place for  
sharing their picnic lunch, and before either of them realized it,  
their warm kisses had become flaming hot caresses. She remembered  
Phillip’s hand on her breasts; the way she’d offered no resistance as  
he unfastened her bra, thinking that nothing would be wrong with it,  
the tender tingle of his fingers on her young nipples, the way he made  
her gasp for breath and squeal as he played with her breasts there on  
me grassy hillside beneath a sheltering elm tree. And she recalled also  
how she’d been so dreamily unconcerned with the reality of it all,  
blinded by the rapturous music of romance, that she hadn’t stopped his  
hand as it slid up her leg with one smooth, unhesitating movement and  
went straight under the thin sheerness of her panties to the pink moist  
lips of her vagina. Even now her mouth went dry at the memory of that  
moment, at the frightening closeness she had experienced that  
afternoon, a closeness to losing her virginity she had failed so  
blindly to see coming. She had been nearly crazy with love for Phillip  
that day when his fingertips played tenderly with me ragged pink  
flanges of her pussy, tweaked playfully the tender nerve-filled bud of  
her clitoris. His fingers had probed deeply into the hot thin vaginal  
passage up between her slightly parted legs as he had tried to tug her  
panties down. It seemed now that perhaps it was the chill of the air on  
her unaccustomedly naked thighs that triggered her response, returned  
her to normalcy. Phillip had first pleaded, then argued, and finally,  
demanded that she cooperate, but she had resolutely stood her ground,  
and in me end, she emerged the winner. He had pouted for awhile,  
looking for all the world like a five year old who’d been deprived of a  
toy. Then, he’d finally begun to speak to her again, offering to do  
anything she liked to make it safe. Use rubbers, pull it out in time,  
anything … and the rest of their day was far from the spring-like  
romance it had been before. They had driven back to the city in near  
silence, speaking only as necessary, and then only in monosyllabic  
mutterances, her with an uncomfortable wetness between her legs that  
soaked her panties and threatened to stain through her dress. And  
Phillip with that bulging hardness under his trousers mat she could see  
so clearly in the light from the automobile dash gauges.
And now this! How could she reconcile all that with what had just this  
evening happened? She couldn’t pretend she didn’t know what Marty  
Felder wanted of her, that she didn’t know the full lurid extent of his  
proposition. How could she leave her own real love alone on the sofa  
when tomorrow she would be called on to … Oh God, she just couldn’t  
bear to think about it! It was just more than she could handle tonight  
… tomorrow would have to take care of itself.
Jessica undressed and slipped between the cool crisp sheets and soon  
sank into a tossing, fitful sleep.
Jessica’s restlessness had kicked the covers off her naked young body  
as she dreamed a tormented dream of lovemaking, of Phillip’s nakedness  
against hers. And of Marty Felder.
Her door opened gently and squeaked a shrill alarm that seemed a dozen  
times louder in the quiet of the night. Jessica opened her eyes as  
Phillip stepped into the room, wearing nothing but his white  
 “Phillip! Have you lost your mind?! ” she tried to whisper and shout at  
the same time.
He came over toward her in the pale moonlight from the open second  
story window; she could see the bulging mound concealed inside his  
shorts and knew instantly what was on his mind.
 “Phillip, ” she repeated,  “you must be crazy. Aunt Mildred will hear you  
and throw us both out! You have to leave … now! ”
But he came at her and pulled her up into his arms, yanking her  
nakedness up against his strong body and kissing her furiously, his  
tongue snaking between her lips hungrily. She felt frightened and  
strangely excited at the same time, and a kind of emptiness ached in  
her belly. He pushed forward and she yielded to the powerful pressure,  
falling back onto the bed beneath his crushing weight. His hand began  
to rake her body, smoothing over the ripe swell of her bare breasts;  
his lips found her pink crinkly nipple and he bit into it painfully.  
She covered her mouth hurriedly to stifle the cry that nearly escaped.
 “No, Phillip, no! ” she whispered angrily, aware now of the dangerous  
position she was in.
But his hand roamed caressingly over her body, gently over ribs and  
belly, stroking the fragrant, sparse fleece of her pubis so that she  
itched between her legs and squirmed to escape his teasing touch. But  
his hand soon found her treasures again and pushed aside the soft pink  
lips of her pussy as his tongue had pushed aside hers. She gasped,  
nearly choking from the surprised entry, squirming still, but now  
against his fingers rather than away.
 “Oh, Phillip, please, ” she murmured, breathlessly now,  “We can’t … we  
can’t. ”
In an instant, he was out of his shorts and Jessica could feel the  
huge, hot throbbing of his penis against her hip in the darkness. His  
ravishing fingers probed deeper and deeper in her tender virginal  
passage. Her neck arched off the mattress, her teeth gritted, as she  
managed a weak, rasping,  “N-No, Phillip … p-please … ”
Phillip took her hand and placed it on his prick; she recoiled at the  
initial touch. God, it was enormous … she’d never realized they were  
so huge! His own fingers over hers began a slow massaging motion and  
when he pulled away, her fingertips continued the gentle caressing  
movement on their own. As much from curiosity as from passion, Jessica  
allowed her fingers to drop down to the hairy swollen firmness of his  
balls, and she stroked them gently, holding their heavy weight in her  
open palm. Phillip was grinding his teeth noisily and grunting between  
breaths. She felt the first oozing drop of semen on her thigh as his  
immense cock rested there; for a moment, she wondered if that might be  
his ejaculation, but his prick was still as hard and rigid as a young  
 “Jessica, darling, please … we’ve got to, honey, or I’ll go crazy! ”
 “Phillip, we’ve been through this before. I told you … no, no! ”
And even as she mouthed her words, refused him, Jessica knew it wasn’t  
right. Dear God, how can I refuse him? How can I refuse myself?!
She knew she couldn’t stop him if he really wanted to; only yelling to  
Aunt Mildred for help could stop him, and she’d never do that. After  
all, this wasn’t any villainous intruder. This was Phillip!
 “Jesus, I’ve got to have you, ” he moaned and rolled onto her. She  
squirmed to get from beneath him, but was not strong enough to lift his  
 “No, please, no! ”
She clenched her thighs tight together snub felt the immensity of his  
throbbing, lust-inflated cock between them, long and hard in the vise-
like grip of her bare legs. In one last effort to ward off his  
frightening advance, Jessica squeezed her legs even tighter together.  
at can ’t be like this! I’ve got to have time to think!
There was a gasp … Phillip moaned, holding his breath interminably,  
and suddenly Jessica felt his prick expand and shudder as if alive. He  
gasped a quick breath, then gasped again and again as Jessica felt the  
hot sticky flood of his climax splatter over her thighs and drip down  
between them.
His weight was like a dead man on her as he lay there very still his  
breath erratic and panting. She stroked his head tenderly, afraid now  
that his cries might have awakened Aunt Mildred. But there was no sound  
from down the hall if, indeed, she was awake.
He lay there a very long time, then climbed wearily to his feet,  
searching for his undershorts in the darkness. She grabbed his arm and  
Sculled him to her face, kissing him warmly. There were no words …  
and there seethed no need for any.
Jessica closed her eyes as she heard the bedroom dour softly shut. And  
in a few minutes, she was asleep again, as though he’d never been there  
nakedly beside her …
Chapter 3
Jessica identified herself to the uniformed night guard at Marty  
Felder’s Madison Avenue agency address; the old man said nothing, but  
gave her a knowing wink as he motioned toward the elevators. Obviously,  
after-hours visitors were not out of the ordinary for Felder, something  
she could have guessed quite easily without the old man’s help.
The agency door was open when she stepped from the elevator car at the  
thirteenth floor; down the long open central room she could see a  
couple of young men, most likely copywriters, at work at a large desk  
in the back. Behind them was a cork storyboard, with paste-up drawings  
of the television commercial frames yet to be filmed. They were using a  
small Sony tape recorder, and the peppy jingle sounded odd and out-of-
place, somehow out of context. Marty’s door was open, too-that was  
something she’d noticed about advertising agencies, people seldom  
worked behind closed doors. She didn’t know whether to attribute that  
to a convivial sense of sharing, or if the well-known agency  “pirating ”  
was more likely the reason for giving no one cause to be suspicious.
Felder was up and out of his chair before Jessica reached the doorway.  
 “Hello, luv’, ” he greeted her,  “I was just finishing up. Let’s go out  
through the parking garage and I’ll get out of these work clothes. ”  
Jessica thought his outfit was more than adequate for anything going at  
this hour in New York, but she didn’t question him.
 “Sure. Anything you say. ” The two young men in the back of the main  
work room, their slightly-long hair over their expensive collars,  
glanced up, frozen in mid-stride, for a moment. The raucous, tiny  
jingle blared on; then after smiling knowingly they went back to their  
Felder led the way down the darkened corridor, past the brightly-
decorated offices of the creative staff of Hartfield and Marsh. Jessica  
tried to steal a quick glance into the empty offices as they hurried  
past; many of the walls were covered with color eight by ten’s of  
models for the agencies various accounts-models like herself. Or like  
she wanted to be.
 “My car’s in the basement, ” said Felder,  “Why don’t you go on down.  
It’s a Cadillac … Eldorado. It’s safe down there, lots of lights, and  
a night attendant. Just tell him you’re looking for my car. I’ve got to  
stop by the sixteenth floor and use the telex line. But only for a  
minute, okay? Be right there. ” And with that, he left the elevator and  
she was alone again. When the car reached its destination and the doors  
opened again, she discovered she was in a cavernous, neon-lit basement  
garage, all purple and humming from the thin tubes that lined the  
ceiling. Another guard, almost identical to the one she’d first  
encountered on coming in from Madison Avenue, stirred from his folding  
aluminum chair when the metal doors whirred open.
 “Yes, Ma’am, can I help you, ” he offered politely, smiling rather  
 “Mr. Felder told me to wait for him here … in his car. ”
 “Yes, Ma’am, ” said the guard,  “it’s over there. The dark green one. ”
Jessica thanked him and followed his directions to a Forest Green  
Eldorado and climbed in. She nestled down in the luxurious interior,  
surrounded by yards of natural leather; even the smell of the car was  
rich. It felt oddly homey and familiar, as if a car like this was where  
she had belonged all along. She had turned the collar of her coat up  
and was sitting with her eyes closed when Felder arrived.
 “Like it. baby? ” he asked, standing in the splash of multi-colored  
lights that lit-up instantly when he opened the door.
 “Yes, it’s beautiful. But it must have cost a lot of money, ” she said  
rather innocently.
 “Yeah, but it’s worth it. When you’ve got a job like mine, first  
impressions mean a lot. You’d be surprised how many people judge a man  
by the car he drives. ”  
 “Yes … I suppose so. ”
After crossing town, knifing through the early evening traffic like an  
expensive cruiser cuts through water, they entered another underground  
garage, waiting for the gates to electrically open after Marty had  
pressed the button installed under the left side of the Cadillac’s  
 “Radio-controlled, ” he said by way of explanation.
Jessica only nodded, looked up with her neck craned for a better look  
at this frightfully expensive looking apartment building near the south  
end of Central Park. She wasn’t certain exactly where, for she had  
become lost in the quick series of corners they’d taken from Madison  
The elevator door was open for them, and in a few quick moments, they  
were on the twenty-third floor. When they were in the entry hallway,  
Jessica glanced around, wondering which of the four doorways was  
Felder’s. She eyed the nameplates of each, but none gave her a clue …  
Robbins, Saperstein, Alexander, and Van Root.
 “No, not here. We’ve got one more elevator to take, ” said Felder. It  
was only then that Jessica noticed the steel-blue doors of the second  
elevator; but this one had no call buttons to push, only a keyed plate  
midway up the wall beside the doors. Marty inserted a key from his key-
ring and turned it halfway. The doors opened with an electronic noise  
like something out of a spy-thriller movie; bright light spilled out  
into the corridor.
 “Hop aboard. It’s the Felder Express, ” he laughed.
Jessica stepped inside and watched curiously as he pressed the sole  
button, marked  “P. ” Only then did she realize Marty Felder owned the  
His condominium apartment was immense, even for this plush section of  
New York, and from any of his four terraces, there was a spectacular  
view of the world’s number one city by night. Looking out over the  
sparkling lights, you could almost forget about the crime and abuse,  
the filth and pollution that had scarred New York like the ravages of  
leprosy. Jessica stood by the railing, breathing in the cool night air  
mat seemed somehow less dirty now that night had hidden the belching  
Con Edison smokestacks and the millions of reeking exhaust pipes in a  
mantle of darkness.
 “Gee, Mr. Felder, it must be exciting living here like this. I mean,  
you’ve got a view of the whole city. There must be something going on  
all the time down there. And you can see all of it any time you like! ”  
Jessica was busily taking it all in, following the sweep of the streets  
and avenues she was able to identify, including the dazzling streak of  
incandescent splendor that marked the course of Broadway cutting  
diagonally across the crowded Manhattan Island.
When she didn’t get an answer, she turned to see where her host–and  
hopefully, her employer–had taken himself. She spotted him at the  
opposite end of the long richly-carpeted living room, busily fiddling  
with a thermos-sealed canister and a tiny colored pipe that appeared to  
be made of stone or clay.  “In here, honey! ” he shouted, and Jessica  
went back inside from the glorious night to join him. She could feel  
her pulse racing much quicker than usual and she knew it was from the  
boost of adrenaline she’d just received from the excitement of being in  
this movie-set world, an exclusive tiny portion of the city that was  
usually reserved for the very rich or the very famous. And she was  
here, she was a part of it! This was the storybook fantasy world she  
had dreamed of for so many years … and now there was a chance for it  
to all become real!
 “Have a little of this, it’ll take the day’s tensions away in a hurry, ”  
offered Felder, extending his hand with the tiny reddish-colored pipe  
between his thumb and first finger.
Jessica took the proffered calmative cautiously, eyeing the smoldering  
Middle-Eastern-looking device with growing suspicion. One sharp inhale  
of the curling bluish smoke confirmed her fears … it was hashish!  
 “First time? ”
 “Uh, no … I just didn’t recognize it at first, ” lied Jessica.  
Actually, she had been around it often enough; she’d watched her  
friends get stoned out of their minds plenty of times. But she’d never  
gathered the courage to try it herself. Oh hell, it can’t be all that  
bad … didn’t the government admit that millions of Americans have  
tried marijuana or hashish at least once.?
 “Well, anyway, here, give it a try. ”
 “Oh, I don’t know … maybe a glass of wine or something might be  
better, ” she said.
But Felder was insistent,  “Go ahead. It won’t hurt you. And it won’t  
pickle your liver like wine will. Come on, live a little. ”
Those words were familiar … when she’d come here from Ohio, that had  
been her exact plan–to live a little. She took the pipe from him and  
took a light cautious puff, more like a sip than a swallow.
 “No, no, ” corrected Felder,  “You’ve got to hold it all down. Take a  
really deep drag and keep it in your lungs as long as you can. ”
Jessica followed his instructions and nearly choked on the sweet-
smelling smoke as it filled her lungs until she thought they’d burst or  
catch fire. But she managed to hold it down a few seconds.
 “That’s better, ” said Felder.  “Take a look at me doing it once and  
you’ll be smoking it like a pro. ” He held the clay pipe’s tip between  
his slightly-parted lips, not touching it, and inhaled a thick acrid  
cloud of the smoke. Jessica imitated his technique, and this time she  
felt the powerful fumes trigger a hidden alarm somewhere in the  
recesses of her brain. When he passed it back to her once again, she  
pushed it away,  “I think that’s enough for me, Mr. Felder. It sort of  
makes me dizzy, you know? ” She realized she was grinning when she  
spoke, and she felt suddenly very foolish and silly, like she wanted to  
 “You’ve hardly started, baby, ” he insisted, and handed the warm pipe  
back to her.
 “Well, maybe, just once more. And I’d like to hear more about what kind  
of job you have for me … you did say there was something available,  
didn’t you? ”
 “Sure, baby, sure. Only let’s not talk business right now. I’ve been  
doing that all day. Here, have another drag on the ol’ pipe. ”
Somewhat reassured now, Jessica took another drag from the glowing  
pipe-bowl, watching it intently as it flared into a red hot ball of  
sticky hashish coals from her sharp intake of breath.
 “Now, see what I mean, ” said Felder, his hand on her shoulder lightly,  
 “it’s damn good hash, right? ”
Jessica opened her mouth to speak, but there was nothing there. Her  
head suddenly began to spin like a carrousel, and when she looked out  
the huge expanse of plate glass that lined the living room, she saw  
only a whirling kaleidoscope of jewel-like pinpoints of color and light  
racing by. Suddenly she was very frightened … she’d never been  
totally out of control of her own body. But now she was; her muscles  
and limbs refused to be commanded by her brain.
Jessica closed her eyes for a moment. It wasn’t really a voluntary act,  
more the forced surrender of her heavy eyelids to me powerful drug. And  
when she opened them again, reluctantly, she gasped for breath, nearly  
crying out at the unexpected surprise that greeted her.
Marty Felder was naked!
Chapter 4
It took nearly a full minute for the horrible realization to sink in,  
to etch its rabid truth in the cells of her drugged brain. Again she  
tried to speak, to scream, anything, but it was useless. She looked at  
him dumbly, her eyes now glazed with the grayish translucence familiar  
to chronic hashish smokers. He was fatter than she would have imagined  
… his flesh sagged and was smeared with the wetness of his  
perspiration. Under the drooping sag of his belly, his penis jutted out  
like a small cannon, surrounded by a jet black fuzz of hair. She  
giggled hysterically, unable to help herself, then shivered violently.  
The dawning awareness of what he had in store for her revolted her. The  
very thought of his middle-aged paunch sprawled over her naked body was  
too much. Just the very thought was enough to turn her stomach … she  
couldn’t believe that she would ever have agreed to even come here. And  
certainly not … this!
Felder came toward her, his eyes bugged with delight as he mentally  
undressed his prize young catch, pausing to savor me choicer parts of  
her ripening anatomy.  “Take your dress off, ” he ordered roughly, a  
changed, more menacing person now under me effects of the powerful  
African hallucinogenic.
Jessica shook her head firmly,  “N-No, no … I can’t. I-I can’t do it. ”
 “Take it off, you Goddamn bitch, or I’ll take it off for you! ” he  
Jessica looked around vainly for a way out, but remembered the locked  
elevator and the intricate winding route back to the outside; she’d  
never escape him by running, that was certain.
 “Well, what’re you waiting for, cunt? Take that damn dress off …  
right now! ”
Jessica knew she had to do something to buy some time, even if it meant  
stripping her clothes off in front of this horrid man. She slipped the  
short dress over her head with trembling fingers, standing before him  
now in bra and panties and panty hose, still wearing her leader boots  
that stopped just below the knee. He gazed wildly at her long legs, so  
pertly trim and smooth, her firm breasts which made little white mounds  
over the cups of her bra, her snow-white bare midriff, the gentle swell  
of her roundly curved young hips. His penetrating look frightened her  
even more, and she gasped, tearfully,  “I can’t … Please don’t make me  
do it. I can’t! ”
He came toward her. His eyes showed no chance of escape for her-they  
were lustful, cruel and unyielding. Suddenly his strong arms enveloped  
her and his lips engulfed hers voraciously, sucking them into his wet,  
drooling mouth. She began to struggle, but she was so dizzy from the  
hashish she could scarcely stand. She knew any minute she would buckle  
and collapse in a heap on the floor. She fought to retain  
consciousness, her one chance to prevent this awful nightmare from  
happening to her. His tongue seemed to fill her mouth, brushing wetly  
around inside, and blocking the much-needed air necessary for the young  
blonde to remain conscious. His flesh smelled sweaty, strongly so in  
his lustful straining fury, and seemed to surround her, trapping her  
like a tiny flower in one huge meaty palm.
 “No, no, I won’t, ” she insisted, regaining a measure of her courage,  
 “let me go this minute, you hear! ”
She struggled furiously but he moved her with him across the luxurious  
room as if they were one body, seeming to flow like liquid, heedless of  
her feeble resistance. She felt a great, frenzied fear knotted in her  
belly and her body and limbs began to tremble uncontrollably. The  
dizziness was growing worse, the whole room spinning crazily around her  
in a topsy-turvy kaleidoscope of colors and light.
She found the ceiling was straight ahead. It couldn’t be true! She was  
flat on her back, pinned like some small helpless captive prey before  
this beast. There was a crushing weight on her that emptied her lungs  
… a strong hand snatched the sheer fabric of her bra away. The air  
was suddenly chill and menacing on her naked young breasts. Felder’s  
probing fingers found the taut band of her panties and pulled, yanking  
them, along with her pantyhose down to her knees.  
 “Kick off those boots … right now! ”
She obeyed, and in another instant, she was naked, her body uncovered  
now and vulnerable to this sadistic animal’s hungry touch. His body  
seemed to flow over her in a crushing tide, like molten lava. His hands  
were everywhere, on her face, sliding down over the quivering pink buds  
of her nipples, down between the sides of her whitely trembling young  
thighs. She blacked out for a moment, then regained her senses …  
there was a sudden deep, thrusting entry as if a thick pole had been  
rammed into her body. She gasped and jerked away, terrified, but the  
ravaging member followed her splitting into the softness of her pubic  
hair and the wet mouth came back onto her, nibbling at her lips and her  
tongue …
 “Aaaaaggggghhhhh! ” The red-hot poker was suddenly in her, pistoning  
between her thighs and on up into her open cunt so that the smooth  
moist walls inside seemed to be burning in raging flames and her whole  
lower body felt about to split apart. Tears gushed down her cheeks and  
she began to sob hysterically. The room began again to spin and tumble  
and, mercifully, she lost consciousness.
*  *  *
It seemed hours later when Jessica came to. She wasn’t sure how long it  
had been, but the night was still outside at least. She was aware that  
her breasts were being stroked and that there was a great hot weight of  
flesh along her back. She discovered that she was lying on her side on  
a leather sofa, completely naked. The surroundings seemed unfamiliar,  
she had forgotten her own entry a short while ago. Her head ached and,  
more noticeably, her vagina throbbed with a painfulness that seemed to  
radiate throughout her whole torso. It felt as if a solid wedge of  
something was inside her, but there was nothing. Gradually her memory  
returned; without moving she lowered her eyes to the alien hand that  
openly caressed her breasts. It had actually happened … she wasn’t a  
virgin any longer. She’d lost it, and quite completely, judging from  
the aching between her legs. It didn’t seem to matter now. All that  
fear she had had was just in her mind. Except that it would have been  
much better with Phillip; she regretted now having rebuffed him. She  
spoke, not particularly to anyone, as if Marty Felder didn’t exist.
 “How about something to drink? ”
The hot hand slipped down over her belly and the fingers traced a line  
over the curve of her girlish hip to rest on the smooth naked flesh of  
her buttocks. There was a grunting heaving movement accompanied by  
pressure on her firm buttocks-cheek. Felder lifted himself from behind  
 “Sure, baby. You deserve a drink after the performance you gave. ”
He came into view between her feet. She watched with revulsion as his  
thick flaccid cock dangled from the clump of hair beneath his paunchy  
belly. It was wet and sticky, and a thin trail of semen broke away as  
he moved from her. It seemed impossible now, but it was true enough …  
this man had just fucked her … yes, that was the word … fucked her,  
used her like some common whore. God, it was too much to believe.
 “How about a beer? I’ve got some cold ones here in the cooler. ”
 “Anything. Just make it quick. ”
He handed her a glass mug of chilled beer and she quickly gulped it  
down. He climbed over her and she lay perfectly still, offering no  
resistance. He lay down behind her again, his body tight against her  
backside. She tried to ignore him, as if somehow by not having to face  
his hot presence, he would vanish. She’d never felt lower in her life;  
it was as if she had sunk into some bottomless pool of depravation and  
shame. She finished the last of the beer; it offered some little solace  
as the alcohol seemed to clear the cobwebs left from the hashish from  
her brain. She felt his body snuggle closer; he had a big, hard  
erection. She could feel it poking into the cleavage of her naked  
buttocks from behind, its bulbous head prodded between the firm, softly  
yielding cheeks of her youthful ass.
 “I’ve never had a virgin before. Didn’t know how much I was missing, ”  
he said slyly, a sinister grinning smirk on his sweaty face.
 “And what makes you think you’ve had one now. ”
 “Wow, baby, you’ve got to be kidding! Right up till you went under, you  
were like a wild woman. ” He spat out the words with gleeful enjoyment,  
obviously relishing the memory of his vicious sadistic assault.
She didn’t say anything. She simply lay there, her mind almost blank,  
broken only once in awhile by the flickering memories of her nights  
with Phillip, the times they had come so close. She had refused her  
lover so many times … and now this!  
 “I think I’d better go, Mr. Felder. ”
She felt his answer, his pulsing rod of flesh pressing harder against  
her buttocks as he slipped his fingers around her waist and tightened  
her against him, pressing his loins hard against the fleshy globes of  
her well ripened young ass cheeks.  “You don’t have to leave yet, honey.  
There’s lots of night left. ”
His body pressed very close to her and his lips took a gentle nibble  
from the warm nape of her neck to the curve of her shoulder. She lay  
still, uncooperative, but with no strength or will left to resist. She  
felt his hand ooze between her thighs where her buttocks joined them;  
it no longer shocked her or revolted her to have him exploring her  
nakedness this way; there was simply no feeling at all.
His fingers caressed the lips of her fragrant young pussy and finally  
entered and stroked the moist tender walls of the gently throbbing  
passage, now ravaged of its innocence. Her insides contracted  
involuntarily; she supposed you couldn’t help getting some enjoyment  
out of it even if the man was as repugnant to her as this one. His  
rigid penis oozed between her thighs after his fingers and poked and  
prodded for the opening in her ravished pelvis.
 “Not again, no … I’m sore there. Please, let me go home now! ”
 “Now, now, baby you wouldn’t want me to have to get rough, now would  
you? ” He smiled as he spoke, but his evil smirk belied his feeble  
attempt at pretending a trace of warmth in his cold being.
Her mind froze and she gritted her teeth in a spasm of anger and fear.  
She knew she’d be no match for his strength and weight, and she doubted  
anyone would hear her way up here on top of this building. And in New  
York, no one would come to her aid even if they did hear.
Now the thick knob of his cock had found the moist little slit of  
vaginal flesh again. She groaned painfully as it pressed the soft,  
hair-fringed lips apart and moved between the bruised tender walls of  
her cunt. He ignored her discomfort and pushed harder into her, sinking  
the whole thick, turgid length of his prick once more in her tight,  
already once ravaged young pussy.
 “Oooooh God, please, you’re hurting me! ”
But Felder seemed to lose himself in a frenzy of wanton passion as the  
tight moist walls of her vaginal sheath closed like a soft wet hand  
around the heavily pulsating shaft of his aching cock. Suddenly his  
breath came up from his belly in raking gasps and he skewered her  
furiously with his hardening prick, burrowing completely into her so  
that she cried out in agony. But he held her securely, with one hand  
curving around each hip so that his strong fingers bit into the firm,  
elastic flesh of her abdomen. He moved into her like a series of  
crashing waves, each larger and harder. She gasped and squirmed, caught  
like a stuck pig on the end of a lance. His thighs were hairy and  
bristly along the sensitive under sides of her naked behind. He  
pummeled into her with great force, seeming to fill the whole of her  
knotted belly, all the way up to her heavily quaking breasts. Sometimes  
he hurt her even more with a sudden sharp point of excruciating pain as  
he jerked his heavy loins more powerfully upwards and battered her  
tender inner cunt walls with the swollen, throbbing head of his immense  
cock. At other moments it seemed as if he was exploding like gunpowder  
deep inside her, spreading wide and vulnerable parts of her anatomy  
that had always been hidden before.
Behind her on the leather sofa he was grunting like a raving madman,  
tossing and twisting and moaning as he battered his heavy, lust-
hardened cock up deeper into her tiny cringing pussy, grinding his  
hair-covered pelvis hard against the firm adolescent-like cheeks of her  
softly giving ass cheeks.
 “Goddamn! ” she heard him gasp, and his fingers dug deeper into her  
belly, making her squeal with fresh pain. She felt an extra pressure  
against her hips and his fingers began to pull and guide her until she  
was moving onto her knees, his swollen prick still firmly imbedded in  
the moist tightness of her cunt. He tugged and yanked until she  
reluctantly moved with his guiding effort, although this degrading  
position made her feel horribly debased and subjugated, like some lowly  
servant girl stripped and bent over for her master’s amusement. She  
suddenly knew what a prostitute must feel, just another piece of flesh  
at some man’s twisted whim, nothing more than a lewd receptacle for his  
passion driven sperm.
Now he slithered up closer behind her and between her wide-spread  
thighs, pushing them apart even more with his knees as he squirmed his  
prick right up, deeper, up to the very hilt in her wetly constrictive  
young cunt. Now that she was spread out so helpless and defenseless  
this way, he seemed to invade her even deeper with his cock, splitting  
her tortured body in half, forcing agonizing gasp after gasp from her  
futilely pleading lips.
 “Oooohhhh, please … please, you’re hurting me! ” she cried.
Her back began to ache from the constant pressure of his hands around  
her waist, bending her down humiliatingly so mat her naked young  
buttocks soared upward toward his face. She felt totally naked and  
abused, a filthy, wanton slut good only for this horrid animal’s  
pleasures. Her loins tingled and contracted, a thousand red-hot points  
brushing against one another, sending out millions of shivering chills  
through her body from the quivering nucleus of her cock-filled young  
His flesh buffeted her ass with steady bruising force; every pounding  
thrust was punctuated with a gasping whine from the man’s throat. Beads  
of sweat slung from his naked torso and splattered on me young blonde’s  
bare flesh, soaking her with his perspiration as he fucked viciously  
into her again and again, each and every vicious grind burrowing his  
cock deep in her ravaged young belly. She suddenly thought, God, what  
if he gets me pregnant! But now she was unable to voice any protest,  
her feeble powers of resistance drowned by the rising tide of wicked  
passion that his deep, skewering thrusts were building in her now  
almost traitorously accepting loins. His rhythmic thrusting continued,  
bringing a low muffled cry from her parched throat with every painful  
inward thrust. He seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, probing  
deeper and deeper up into her body toward her very throat. Her breasts  
heaved and swayed beneath her as she suddenly discovered her naked body  
involuntarily writhing and twisting on the end of his heavily impaling  
prick, swaying in time with his deep, punishing thrusts, grinding me  
thin, hair-lined lips of her now wetly clasping young vagina back  
against his pelvis as she felt the lust-distended head of his cock far  
up in her wide-stretched insides.
She was incredibly sore but afire with a great building pressure, a  
liquid screaming pressure deep in her loins that ached to be set free.  
She couldn’t think of anything but the agonizingly sweet buildup inside  
her; as much as she hated the thought of what this man was doing to  
her, of the way he was using her like some kind of lewd, unthinking  
sexual toy, it was happening. Somehow she’d never thought it would  
really happen this way to her. The buildup grew into a great, ever  
expanding bubble which was swelling to enormous size inside her. She  
screamed loudly, and screamed again, loud and shrill, and the stretched  
bubble burst and it seemed like hot blood rushing from her loins in a  
wild liquid torrent, hot and fluid and gushing, and she screamed again  
with the tears of fright and ecstasy and shuddering relief running in  
streams down her cheeks.
 ” Ooooohhhhh … yes, yes … oooohhhhh, ” she whined.
She began to calm a little, though she was still trembling all over and  
her stomach was quaking as if she’d just been beaten within an inch of  
her life … and still he was stuffing his thick penis up into her wet  
sperm-inundated cunt with unrelenting fury, wheezing between his teeth  
and practically hurling her onto the floor with every powerful forward  
thrust. Now the pain was returning, the pain this monster had  
successfully masked with a flood of wantonness as he skillfully  
manipulated her, wringing a torrent of orgasmic ecstasy from her young,  
inexperienced body. It only hurt now, and even worse than before. Her  
vagina felt as if it had been sliced with a knife in a dozen places.  
She gritted her teeth, wondering how long she could stand it, and then  
she heard him muttering, cursing under his quickening breath.
 “Jesus, baby, your cunt’s so tight! So Goddamn hot and tight! ” And his  
muttering grew into a steady babble of moaning, groaning agony, rose to  
a gasping howl and exploded into an agonized cry. She felt nothing in  
her tautly stretched vagina except that his thrust slowed to a great  
solid, grinding heave … and then it happened. She jerked reflexively  
as she felt the naked, heaving man empty his hotly, seething load deep  
up inside her helplessly contracting belly, filling her whole insides  
with his dangerous life-giving sperm. Quick flashes of what might be  
happening raced through her numbed brain; of how she might be pregnant  
what it would be like to carry this monster’s child. And then he fell  
forward on her with a tortured groan and his body was such a hulking  
mountain of weight that she collapsed under him, pinned flat against  
the sofa cushion, her firmly rounded young breasts smashed into the  
leather. He lay there on her a long times heaving and gasping.
 “W-What if I g-get pregnant? ” she asked finally in a near whisper.
 “That’s the least of your worries, honey, ” he laughed, his breathing  
back to normal now.  “I’ve had a vasectomy … years ago. So don’t go  
getting any ideas. I’ve got a letter from the Doc to prove I’m as  
sterile as a surgeon’s glove. ”
A few minutes passed, then she complained of the crushing bulk on top  
of her tiny young form, and he rolled off and walked to the door of the  
terrace. She wiped the sticky trail of his lewdly shining semen from  
her thighs with the sleeve of his crumpled shirt when he wasn’t  
She began to pick up her scattered clothes, searching here and there  
under the furniture. He sat back down on the edge of the sofa, looking  
even paunchier and flabbier than before now somehow, his limp penis  
dangling in a flaccid knob from beneath the fleshy roll of his belly.
 “I’d like to go home now, ” Jessica said quietly. She didn’t even want  
to talk of the job he had for her now; all she wanted was the quiet  
sanctuary of her own room. Away from people, away from this man.
 “You’ll go when I say so, ” he said nastily.  “And not a minute before. ”
Jessica stood there gaping at him, making no attempt now to hide her  
youthful nakedness, her hands casually on her hips. Her firm ripe  
breasts stood out defiantly, the tiny pink nipples still hard and  
crinkly from his vicious ravishment. Surely he couldn’t mean it! What  
was there left for him to do to her? There was nothing left!
Ignoring his threat, she stepped into her panties, gingerly lifting her  
legs as bolts of pain rippled through her thighs.
 “Put those panties back where you found them! ” he barked.  “I’m not  
ready to go yet. ”
 “I’ll take a cab. You needn’t bother, Mr. Felder, ” she said bitterly.
 “Take off those Goddamn panties! ”
She couldn’t believe it! She had been stripped like a servant girl in  
the market place, screwed half to death like a whore by this fat, vile  
man, paraded naked before his lustful eyes, fucked and filled almost to  
bursting with his horrible sperm until her whole body ached. And he  
still wanted more of her!
Chapter 5
Phillip glanced around furtively as he stepped from the cab at Valerie  
Dodge’s riverside address, then laughed at his needless cautiousness.  
Hell, there was no sense acting like some super-spy outrunning the KGB;  
after all, there wasn’t a chance in the world of Jessica being within  
miles of this place. He had not seen her now for several days,  
something of a rarity in itself, but the odds were rather slim she’d be  
strolling about in this neighborhood at ten o’clock in the evening. Or  
in any neighborhood in New York, if she had any brains at all.
He showed the smartly-uniformed doorman his invitation, with his name  
neatly inked across it in flowing blue-black script, and was directed,  
with a courteous little bow, to the second battery of elevators, the  
ones marked  “17-30, ” and told he was okayed for admittance to the  
twenty-fourth floor condominium the William Brantley Dodge’s called  
home. He chuckled to himself as he checked his tie and collar in the  
elevator mirror-Christ, a two-bit artist like himself invited to a  
party at W. B. Dodge’s apartment! Hobnobbing with the joint rulers of  
the country’s biggest and most successful model and network packaging  
outfit, both of them millionaires a few times over. And the incredible  
way it all came about-hell, that was a story in itself!
*  *  *
It was only last week, though now it seemed months ago as Phillip  
recalled me events that led up to this invitation. Jessica had been in  
another of her moods, he remembered; and like always, she chose not to  
explain, just to keep it all bottled up in her lovely little self. It  
was the day after she was supposed to meet some agency creative  
director for an after-hours interview. She hadn’t said much about it,  
just that it was less than successful, and, knowing Jessica’s temper,  
Phillip had simply left it at that, though he was far from happy about  
these unusual job interviews she seemed to be constantly drawn into.  
Not that he would ever have suspected Jessica of any wrong- doing-
Christ, she just wasn’t the type for that. But those ad agency  
smoothies could be pretty persuasive, just the same.
Anyway, they’d argued about it for a few minutes, tossed the usual  
harsh words back and forth, then, like always, kissed and forgot the  
whole thing and headed through the evening chill for the subway ride to  
the W. B. Dodge Company, the source of most of network television’s  
commercials and the  “think-tank ” for more award-winning television  
specials than anyone could count.
There wasn’t any particular reason for doing it, but this days just  
this once, they varied their usual job-hunting procedure and Phillip  
accompanied his girlfriend inside for the interview, waiting as  
unobtrusively as possible in a lobby filled with eager young models and  
would-be actresses, all toting their shop-worn portfolio cases loaded  
with stills and press-releases and anything else they could pile  
together in hopes of impressing Bill or Valerie Dodge, the king and  
queen, without dispute, of the W. B. Dodge empire, a sprawling kingdom  
that covered five floors here in their mid-town location, and another  
couple of thousand square feet of studio space down near the Village.
Phillip had made no effort to make his presence known; on the contrary,  
he’d attempted most diligently to stay out of sight, even to the point  
of taking a seat opposite Jessica when they entered, knowing only too  
well how agency receptionists felt about friends accompanying the girls  
when the agency announced its infrequent hiring sessions, or ’cattle  
calls ” as they were known in the trade. But anonymity was just not to  
be his this afternoon.
Valerie Dodge nodded ever-so-slightly when she passed through the  
reception area the first time. Phillip had not the faintest notion who  
she was, though he suspected she was indeed the empress herself when  
the room suddenly quieted and a couple of dozen skirts were quickly  
adjusted, some going up and others going down. And when the former  
television actress turned model-agency executive had made her exit, one  
of the young hopefuls nearest Phillip made the identification certain.
 “That was her! Valerie Dodge! Isn’t she gorgeous, just like in all her  
films! ” the young girl had shrieked, and Phillip had agreed, indeed,  
Valerie Dodge was a beautiful woman, blessed with genetic good looks  
and enough money to sustain them with daily trips to the plushest of  
Manhattan’s glittering salons. She was tall, he guessed about five-nine  
that afternoon, and her Paris-styled auburn hair accented the jet-set  
beauties of her elegantly beautiful face. And that body of hers was in  
a category by itself! Her breasts were huge and full, but deliciously  
proud and firm, without a trace of sag to detract from her glamorous  
profile. He wondered even then, from that fleeting glimpse, how this  
magnificent celebrity would look without those Saks originals … in  
fact, without anything at all, just her fabled body stretched nude  
across a king-sized bed. Phillip remembered now that he’d quickly  
crossed that silly daydream from his thoughts. If only he had known  
what the future held for him!
He had been reading a terribly outdated copy of Women’s Wear Daily,  
just to have something to occupy his mind, when he suddenly realized  
that the displaced voice he’d heard was talking to him.  “You must be  
Phillip Wright? ” it said.
He looked up, startled, from his paper. It was Valerie Dodge, standing  
right by his shoulder. He’d failed to notice her reenter the reception  
room.  “Right … but how did you know that? ” he asked, manfully aware  
that the swarm of delicious young lovelies had hushed their nervous  
buzzing and was intently focused on him as he courteously rose quickly  
to his feet.
 “It’s not magic, really, love, ” she purred, Jessica was just mentioning  
you to my husband when I went in for a file. ” She paused and glanced  
him over, a quick cursory appraisal, but one obvious enough to gain the  
young man’s attention.  “Would you like to come in to my office a  
moment? ”
Phillip hesitated … not from disinterest, but disbelief. Valerie  
Dodge requesting him to enter her office!  “Of course! I mean … yes,  
certainly. ” He tried to conceal his surprise and excitement, leaving  
the roomful of whispering girls to guess his true identity, to  
determine among themselves if he was, yes indeed, Phillip Wright,  
world-famous movie producer, or Phillip Wright, noted actor, or …  
 “Have a seat, Phillip, ” offered Valerie Dodge when they’d both entered  
her private office suite and she had closed the heavy door behind them.  
Phillip waited graciously until his hostess had seated herself behind  
the single inch-thick glass pane that served her as a desk. He sank  
comfortably into a thickly padded leather armchair that seemed to  
envelop him in a womb of softness and aromatic cowhide.
 “I suppose you’re wondering why I wanted to see you? ”
He nodded,  “That’s for sure. I usually have to try a dozen times just  
to see one of the paid flunkies. It comes as a bit of a shock to be  
personally invited into a place like this. ” He made a sweep of his  
hand, indicating the expansive layout of the older woman’s office and  
separate sitting-room all furnished with the h and-picked choicest of  
the Manhattan decorators’ offering, the walls adorned with stills and  
promotional posters from some of her earlier television and motion  
picture successes.
 “Don’t let it threaten you, ” she laughed, a real smile on her lips now  
for the first time since she’d first spoken. It was truly becoming on  
her, adding an even greater depth to the already-fathomless beauty and  
glamour this woman possessed.  “It’s my real home. This is where I  
really live, ” she confessed.  “The apartment is just for changing  
clothes and entertaining. I feel much more at ease here than anywhere  
else. ”
 “Uh, yes … it is really nice. And I see you have gardens outside,  
too, ” Phillip said somewhat nervously, grasping awkwardly for something  
meaningful to say, but not really succeeding.
 “Yes, it’s another little private hideaway of mine. I guess I am  
somewhat of a nut about privacy, but those years in front of the camera  
had to have some effect on me, I suppose. ” She stopped talking, staring  
straight at her handsome young visitor as if waiting for him to speak,  
but the growing lump in his throat blocked whatever words he might have  
managed.  “Oh, how thoughtless of me, ” she suddenly gushed,  “let me fix  
you a drink. You must be absolutely dying of thirst after sitting out  
there in that office so long. ” She Jumped up from her swivel chair and  
hurriedly crossed the room. Phillip was suddenly reminded of a  
television show from his early youth, and the graceful entrances  
another famous star made at the opening of each show, her gowns always  
trailing regally as she swept into the room and onto the screens of  
those pioneering days of television.
 “What will it be? Scotch okay? ”
 “Sure, that’s fine, ” he answered. And for the moment, he couldn’t for  
the life of him remember if he drank scotch or not.
Valerie vanished through the open doorway into the adjoining suite;  
from across the second room Philip heard the tinkling of glasses and  
the bubbling of fine liquor being poured.
 “You take water, Phillip? ” came the shouted voice. He replied  
negatively, reasoning, quite prophetically, it turned out, that he  
could use a stiff drink about right now. For a few moments, there was  
no sound at all, then the soft closing of a door, perhaps a cupboard or  
closet, a rustle of something he couldn’t put his finger on, then the  
sound of softly padding steps as Valerie Dodge, adored and coveted by  
countless thousands of dissatisfied married men, returned to her young  
visitor. Only the statuesque redhead did not actually return; Phillip  
sensed, rather than saw, her standing in the doorway … he looked up.
 “Mrs. Dodge! ” he gasped, bolting to his feet and jarring the cocktail  
table before him so hard that it tumbled onto the carpet, dumping an  
empty ashtray and a few magazines onto the floor.
 “Like my outfit, love? ” she purred, holding her arms away from her  
body, a drink in each hand. She was wearing a light, baby-blue gown  
that could have been made of Saran-wrap, and it was more man obvious  
she had removed her bra and panties while out of the room fixing the  
drinks. Her shoes were still on, along with her white garter belt and  
dark stockings. His eyes instantly locked on the deep, inviting cleft  
between her enormous, bulging breasts. Her nipples, crinkly and  
brownish, poked against the sheer line of gauze-like fabric that  
offered no more concealment than a sheet of clear glass, little peaks  
of tingling flesh already aroused and hardened as he looked upon them.
Phillip glanced nervously around, checking the door instinctively.
’Oh, you needn’t worry about anyone coming in. My penchant for privacy  
is a legend around here. Nobody would dare enter this office without  
calling first … and besides, ” she added with a twinkling grin,  “it  
locks automatically when you shut it. ”
 “Jesus, you’re beautiful! ” Phillip said, without a trace of nervousness  
or awkwardness now. Somehow it all seemed right … her being there  
nearly naked, his being alone with her. It was as if at that very  
instant in time, something snapped within him, some little switch  
somewhere deep in his brain suddenly closed. And he was suddenly  
feeling the beginning of a glowing power and self-confidence he’d never  
even hoped for before. Even at that moment, he knew what was expected  
of him, knew that making love to this fantastically desirable woman was  
going to change him and that perhaps nothing less than a real woman  
like this would ever satisfy him again.
Valerie lowered her eyes for a moment to the bulge in his trousers; his  
cock was out of position in his shorts, and that made the obvious  
swelling even more apparent. His erection stood out like a tree limb,  
so tight against the fabric of his pants that he was afraid it might  
just rip through and come bursting out like an animal’s penis might  
when confronted with a female so obviously in heat and eager for  
excitement. She grinned at the sight of it.  “You seem to like me,  
lover, ” she said softly, a glistening sparkle in her eyes.  “It’s pretty  
obvious. ”
 “That’s pretty observant of you, ” he laughed, even surer of himself  
now.  “Not everyone would have noticed. ”
 “How could I help it, darling. Now it’s getting even more obvious … ”  
She paused dramatically and stared for a full beat at the still growing  
bulge in his crotch.  “… You’re quite a big man. ”
 “C’mon … the weather’s nicer in here, stud, ” she said seductively.
Phillip followed her without an instant’s hesitation, feeling more and  
more confident of his masculinity with every step toward this  
voluptuous woman’s lair. She was well ahead of him, and when he entered  
the inner room, she was already sitting on the edge of her bed. And  
what a bed! It was round, at least seven feet across, and covered with  
a blaze-red silk cover with the name Valerie spelled out in huge script  
letters that ran from one side to the other. He glanced down at the  
thin hair-lined lips of her vagina clearly visible now between her  
slightly parted legs. He didn’t blush at the sight of her womanly  
treasures like he might have in the past; her pleased smile was  
invitation enough, but she opened her legs a bit more, a teasing grin  
on her lips as he caught a glimpse of the faintest dewdrop of her own  
excitement just beginning to glisten on the soft pink furrows of her  
narrow cuntal slit. She handed him his drink and it seemed to go down  
in one swallow, warming his body along its path, adding to the growing  
intense heat he was already feeling for this beautiful woman far down  
in his loins.
He stood over her silently, reverently, like a pilgrim come to do  
homage to a saint, as she loosed the clasp that held the robe together  
just above the swelling mounds of her luscious breasts. She pulled the  
two halves of the flimsy garment apart, exposing the large full mounds,  
the ripe dark nipples staring at him wetly. She had moistened them with  
saliva from her tongue before he entered, adding magically to the  
already maddening allure of this gorgeous female.
 “I can’t believe how beautiful you are, ” he muttered innocently,  “I  
knew movie stars were nice looking, but I never expected anything like  
… like this! ” He stared mutely at her nakedness, still holding the  
empty glass in his hand. He could see the tell-tale glint of growing  
passion in her eyes and it was all he could do to hold back the urge to  
drop to his knees at her feet and bury his face and lips in the warm  
moist delicacy of that incredibly tantalizing furrow between her smooth  
supple thighs that seemed to beckon him, call to him with a siren’s  
song all its own. But he managed to contain himself, somehow aware now  
that this was no  “quickie, ” one just didn’t jump on the famous Valerie  
Dodge and pump it to her like a common whore. She wanted a lover, not  
an over-eager punk kid who’d leave her hot and horny and unsatisfied.  
He could tell already that the agonizing wait would bring its own  
 “You’ve got a lot to offer yourself, ” she smiled up at him,  “enough to  
get me interested, and I’m not that excitable. ”
’I’ve never had any complaints, ” he said with a boyish grin.
Valerie parted her thighs a little more, flexing the sinewy lengths of  
her ripely formed legs like a lioness might before a kill.  “I’ll bet  
you don’t, young man, ” she purred. And with that, she leaned back  
seductively onto her elbows, arching herself backward invitingly with a  
tempting smile that made her offering undeniable.
Phillip leaned over and kissed her, lightly at first, on the lips,  
pretending that this sort of chance encounter with a glamorous screen  
star and celebrity was just run-of-the-mill with him.
She held him off for a moment, teasingly, then reached up, curled her  
arms around and pulled him down onto her naked warmth. One of his legs  
was between her opened thighs; he shivered at the feel of her  
incredible supple softness as her body seemed glued against his. She  
moved her thigh up against his crotch as he ground his lips harshly  
into her, bringing his cock into painfully erect hardness. He could  
feel the wetness of his seminal fluid seeping from the gland on me  
rapidly hardening tip. It smeared against his leg inside his pants  
until he was certain Valerie could feel the sticky wetness through the  
fabric. She continued her practiced massaging with a skillful  
thoroughness that brought his aching lustfulness to a crescendo pitch;  
he was certain the head of his throbbing prick would explode at any  
second. It was jerking now as though he would cum at the least extra  
pressure; it was definite now, he could feel the pressure building deep  
in his balls below. He thrust his tongue deep in her mouth as she  
sucked gently tenderly, on it, nibbling with tiny sharp nips of her  
teeth that sent chills racing the length of his spine. He pulled his  
head away to escape the warm teasing sensation and placed his cheeks  
against her hair, pausing to think guiltily of how horrified and  
shocked Jessica would be if she knew what was happening right here in  
the same office.
And then he thought,  “Valerie, what about my girl? What if she can’t  
find me and starts asking questions? ”
Valerie Dodge’s hand was on the handsome young man’s inner thigh,  
brushing lightly, appraisingly, over the hardened bulge along the  
inside of his leg, admiring the long, thick ridge that poked eagerly  
against the material.  “You can stop worrying. The girl on the desk will  
just tell her you are with Mrs. Dodge for an interview. You are an  
artist, aren’t you? ”
 “Yes, but … ”
 “But nothing. Anyway, when we’re … uh, finished, shall we say, with  
pleasure, we’ll find time to talk business. Dodge always needs new  
artists. Especially those so … ” her hand stroked the throbbing rigid  
length of his cock still growing harder inside his pants,  “… well  
equipped. ”
They seemed frozen there for a long moment, Phillip half-leaning, half-
crouching over the voluptuously naked wife of William B. Dodge, while  
the poor bastard was only an office or two away!
 “Get your clothes off, honey, ” she whispered hoarsely, visibly excited  
now as she quivered beneath him,  “I’ll teach you some tricks that  
little teeny-bopper girlfriend of yours never dreamed of. ” Her thighs  
were grinding against his loins heatedly.
 “You do want to fuck me, don’t you Phillip? ” Her voice was strained and  
husky now.
 “Jesus Christ, yes! ” he nearly shouted.
 “Then let’s hear you say it, baby, ” she cooed.
 “Yes … I want to fuck you! ”
 “Is that all? Just fuck me … just an ordinary ol’ fuck? ”
 “No, better man any you’ve ever had! Harder and deeper than you’ve ever  
had it! ” Phillip was worked up to me bursting point, whipped into a  
panting, lusting rage by the naked woman’s lewd urgings.
 “God, baby, get naked and get in me! Hurry, I’m dying! ” she moaned,  
pushing him away in her haste.
He jumped from the bed and began desperately stripping himself to join  
the already nakedly writhing woman so anxiously waiting for him on the  
silk covers, her smooth, milk-white curves laid bare before him like a  
feast. He felt a twinge of self-consciousness as he dropped his pants  
and undershorts together and stood over her still lying on the round  
bed with his cock jutting out in full naked erection from his hard  
muscular pelvis, a long, thick length of throbbing flesh and blood  
dangling before the unclothed married woman below. She lifted her body  
slightly and pulled off the last of the sheer robe that lay uselessly  
at her sides, leaving just her white garter belt and dark stockings, an  
incredible frame for the tantalizing temptation of her warm, moist  
furrow, her pussy-lips palpitating now with unbridled lust and wanton  
excitement. She lay back on the enormous bed and looked up at him  
standing stark nude over her; her eyes glued to the throbbing, blood-
filled head of his young, eager cock standing out in the air. She  
watched the pulsing, lust-distended head a moment, then managed a  
hoarse, anguished plea,  “Oh, get that marvelous hunk of meat in me,  
lover! I’m dying, baby, dying! Goddamn, get it deep inside me and screw  
me good, please! Jesus, get it in my cunt and fuck me before I burn  
up! ”
He lay down on the bed beside her, dragging her over to him with the  
youthful strength of his muscular arms. He moved one hand down to the  
smoothness of her buttocks and cupped them. They were beautifully  
shaped and sinewy as he had expected them to be. Her body was warm and  
soft against him and she raised her face to his, locking her lips  
tightly to his as her hand searched down between them for the hardness  
of his penis. He gasped aloud this time at the coolness of her fingers  
around his throbbing rigidity. He pressed his head forward and kissed  
her back, hot and moist kisses that smothered her with his intense  
youthful passion. Her odor was maddening, a rich, exotic perfume that  
he’d never smelled before; the scent was appropriate for His  
fantastically passionate woman, a kind of tantalizing muskiness that  
reeked of erotic abandonment and perversions. Her lips were soft and  
gave before the harsh pressure of his with a warm yielding rubberiness  
that sent electric chills racing throughout his naked sinewy body. She  
crushed the full length of her body against his and ground her pelvis  
tightly into him before suddenly twisting her body in a frenzied burst  
of lustful passion, and pulling his body onto her full nakedness,  
opening her legs wide to take him between them; his cock probed up  
between her silken thighs, pressed eagerly against the puffed fleshy  
lips of her moist, warm pussy.
 “Oh, please, fuck me, darting … I can’t stand it! Please! ”
*  *  *
William Dodge, having glanced twice at his platinum Rolex watch,  
excused himself from his lovely young office visitor, and stepped from  
the room through a door marked Private. Jessica Richards, cut off  
somewhat abruptly, though politely, in mid-sentence, just as she was  
describing the most recent modeling assignment she had worked on, sat  
rather puzzled, though not really very concerned. She knew that big  
corporate heads like William Dodge were constantly being interrupted  
and called away to meetings and such, and that abrupt disappearances  
like this were probably routine for a man like him. He’d been looking  
at his watch ever since his wife, Valerie, came in for a hurried,  
whispered chat a while before; whatever she had to tell him seemed to  
interest him greatly. She could actually see a rush of color and  
excitement come to his face as his attractive wife whispered her news  
in her husband’s ear. Mrs. Dodge apologized profusely for the rude  
interruption and excused herself.
Jessica folded her hands and waited patiently, being careful not to  
become overly anxious, lest a tiny mist of perspiration add that glossy  
cheapness to her spotless complexion. No, she wanted everything right  
this time, no matter how long it took. Of course, she did worry about  
poor Phillip, waiting alone in that reception room, with nothing to  
read but fashion magazines. Oh well, it was his idea to come along …
Bill Dodge stepped into the darkened ex-storage room adjoining his  
office and the homier half of Valerie’s little hideaway. He flicked on  
the master wall switch at his left, after first being certain that the  
door was closed and locked behind him. An impressive array of lights  
came up immediately, rather like the control panel of a 707. But there  
was a lot more excitement to be gained right here than in the captain’s  
seat of a big jetliner.
He checked that all the line voltages were in order, then switched on  
camera  “A. ” Suddenly an enormous tape reel on the room’s counter  
surface began to turn, taking up the slack and then, unreeling inch  
after inch of wide videotape from the opposite fully-loaded reel.  
Satisfied that everything was working properly, Bill Dodge flicked on  
two images came into focus on the tiny screen. First, a confused  
kaleidoscope of run-on colors and fuzzy lines; then, the distinct forms  
of a man and woman writhing together like a couple of spawning salmon  
in the next room. The camera was positioned perfectly, no accident it  
was though. But rather, the result of careful planning and lighting  
design by one of the Dodge Agency’s top electronics men, and a trusted  
one to boot. Every light in Valerie’s room, every piece of furniture,  
was carefully laid-out to facilitate these tapings. All he ever needed  
was the eager nod from his over-sexed wife, indicating she’d found  
another hopeful for her boudoir workouts.
Goddamn it, that Valerie really knows what she’s doing in bed!
Bill noticed a slight gnawing knot of jealousy as he watched his wife’s  
passion contorted face and realized only too well that this was no act  
she was putting on. She just loved to be fucked, and made no attempt to  
cover it up. He leaned over and adjusted the color blend on the monitor  
set and settled back to watch this little episode; he wanted badly to  
open the office door and invite the young man’s girlfriend in to watch  
her faithful lover in action with a real woman. But he thought better  
of it … there was always time for that later. Right now was the time  
for his favorite avocation, watching his wife get it hard and fast from  
another man. Damn, how that bitch could lock her legs around a man’s  
ass and fuck!
*  *  *
Valerie Dodge, even more excited by knowing her husband was watching  
this virile young man fuck her like a whore, crushed Phillip tight to  
her and ran her hands searchingly over his body, exploring eagerly the  
secret hollows of him. His cock was resting along the inside of her  
thigh, hard against the narrow hair-lined slit of her cunt. She arched  
up for a moment, levering them both off the bed with the strength of  
her back and, reaching under her buttocks with both hands, spread her  
soft, fleece lined vaginal lips slowly apart, giving his throbbing  
penis greater contact with the wet sensitive flesh as it lay the full  
length of the moist gently pulsing furrow. She relaxed, dropping her  
body back to the bed, his rigid member trapped between her hungrily  
clasping thighs.
He forced his hands between her shoulders and the mattress and ran them  
down the soft curves of her back and hips. He could feel the raised  
edges of her spine moving almost imperceptibly as she undulated her  
body up against him in a slow, teasing rhythm. The sinews of her  
muscles rippled lightly just under the tanned skin, giving away me  
powerful reserve of animal strength in her naked body. The tenseness of  
the cords in her thighs pressed against me outside of his hips. He  
wondered how they would grip around him later when he had sunk his  
aching hardness deep up inside her warm, yielding pussy.
 “Oh, Philip, darling, you feel so good, ” she moaned, smashing her lips  
against him again and writhing the flatness of her belly close up to  
him. Her nails trailed across his back, leaving small reddish welts in  
their path. He pushed his hands farther down beneath her, cupping the  
fullness of her ass in the palms of his hands and pulled her wetly,  
open loins up tighter against him. He moved up and down slowly,  
insinuating the hardness of his full length up and down the widespread  
slit, sensing it grow wider and wetter with every lewd, grinding probe  
of his massive cock. Her ass began a more desperate motion, rotating up  
against his loins until her legs, without warning, flared out wide on  
either side of his young virile body, her calves locking against the  
back of his thighs. Dulling him tighter into her.
 “Yes, yes … oh, fuck me now, now! ” she hoarsely cried into his ear,  
her eyes clenched tightly shut, her pelvis grinding in a frantic wanton  
rhythm now.
He started to move but she beat him to it. Her hands came down between  
them and circled around his hot throbbing cock, parting the softness of  
her pubic hair with the tip and guiding it between the lips of her  
eagerly palpitating cunt. Phillip groaned above her as he felt her move  
it up and down between her legs, parting the silken curling fleece of  
her vaginal hair with the pulsating blood-engorged head of his prick.  
They grazed teasingly against the super-sensitive flesh, forcing it  
into even greater hardness until it ached excruciatingly from the  
agonizing pressure.
Phillip couldn’t hold back another second and flicked his hips forward  
with a sudden cruel thrust mat drove his cock with a flesh-splitting  
crash into the hotly gaping mouth of her pussy. She gasped aloud at me  
impact of his virile, ravishing entry.
 “Ooooohhhhh, ” she moaned beneath him as she could feel the warm elastic  
sheath of her own pussy close wetly over the young man’s long, hard  
penis. It entered with a slight popping sound, almost as though she was  
a virgin being taken for the first time, except that with her it was  
easier and infinitely more enjoyable, because she could control the  
deliciously educated muscles of her vagina that way every time. And  
Phillip was no fool; already he was thinking of those other times,  
those times in the future when he’d get together again with this  
marvelous woman.
His long thick penis raced up into her warmly sucking cunt to the full  
depths of her eagerly quivering belly, warm and tight at first, aching  
the fun length of his rigid member and then easier as the wetness of  
the passage surrounded him, lubricating the way. Then suddenly, he hit  
bottom …
 “Aaaaggghhhh, ” the painfully writhing woman cried, as his balls slapped  
hard against the rounded cheeks of her ass. William Dodge’s voluptuous  
wife screamed a low, animal-like scream beneath him, twisting  
momentarily to escape the sudden unexpected pain. But he thrust harder,  
screwing his pelvis tighter into her loins so there was no escape for  
her. She was skewered good and he lay for a moment to allow the pain of  
his sudden ravishing entry to subside, proud to be able to hurt her  
this way. Christ, he’d show her what a real fucking was like, hurt her  
like nobody ever had … and she’d be powerless to hurt him in return.  
It was the same old story retold, woman helpless and subjugated in sex,  
helpless to hurt back, only able to be hurt. And to suffer through it  
all, possessed by the power of man.
*  *  *
Shit, he’s better than I’d have guessed, Bill Dodge observed from the  
sanctuary of his hidden control room, watching the increasingly frantic  
action on his color television monitor. Yes, Valerie will get a kick  
out of this tape, that’s for sure. And so will some of her friends,  
unless I’ve misjudged that sex-crazy bunch. Christ, I’ll have to really  
throw the ol’ meat to her tonight to keep up with this young fucker!
He kept thinking about that sweet little thing sitting so innocently  
and demurely in his office, just a few feet away … thinking about how  
she’d look out there on that big bed. But not with this young stud …  
with William Dodge, of course! But that was in the future, if at all.  
Time now to switch the tape unit to automatic and return to my lovely  
young guest. Mustn’t keep her waiting too long.
*  *  *
Phillip ground his pelvis into the squirming flaccid flesh of the older  
woman beneath him as she strained back under him, arching her loins up  
at him, lifting them both a few inches off the silken coverlets from  
the furious strength of her upward thrusts. She moaned ceaselessly  
beneath his pounding body, opening and closing her legs around his hips  
as she worked up and down in a chanting rhythm of intercourse as old as  
the universe itself. Her mouth gaped open wide, her head flailing from  
side to side on the mattress again and again in wild ecstasy.
 “It feels good, good, baby, so fucking good! Stick your finger in my  
asshole! Hurt me, lover, hurt me! Make me scream! ”
He reached under her between her buttocks as he drove his cock  
rhythmically into the wetness of her cunt. He stretched the smoothly  
curved crevice of her ass wide, searching with the tip of his stiffened  
middle finger for the tight little hole of her anus.
And then he found it … a small trickle of her own juices was running  
down the widespread crevice from where he could feel his hardened rod  
of lust-distended flesh slithering hotly into her. It moistened the  
tight puckered little hole, lubricating it slightly and he probed  
experimentally for a moment with the tip of his finger. He pushed hard,  
feeling the knotted little band of muscle give a little, and then  
suddenly the tight elastic nether ring gave way completely and his  
finger slid in up to the first knuckle. She jumped forward, almost  
crawling on her back to escape the sudden unexpected pain that seared  
through her rectum.
 “Aaaaggghhhhh, yes, it hurts! It hurts! ”
Phillip answered her cries with a deeper stab of his upraised finger,  
sinking it to the second joint.
 “Yes, yes … Ooooohhhhh, yes, hurt me! Hurt me! ” she screamed,  
writhing ecstatically, impaled between me two ravishing fleshy spears  
of his cock and middle finger.
Seemingly oblivious to the anguished pain, he felt her suddenly begin  
screwing her buttocks back on his finger until it was sunk to me palm  
of his hand. He jiggled it inside, rotating it around in the fleshy  
depths of her tender rectum. He could feel through the thin wall of  
flesh separating her two passages me underside of his cock sliding in  
and out of her, and he began skewering her between them, maintaining  
the same rhythm for both as she groaned on under him. His nail caught  
the flesh momentarily in her asshole, scraping her painfully, and she  
jerked, but then caught up me rhythm again, opening her legs wide out  
over me bed to give him even greater freedom of entry to her ravished  
Phillip could feel his cock growing and expanding inside her until it  
felt as though it were going to burst from the exquisite pleasure and  
sperm building in his testicles as they slapped heavily against her  
buttocks below. It wouldn’t be long, he hoped, he knew he couldn’t hold  
it back forever. She had to cum soon.
He could tell she was near completion as she gripped him tight between  
her thighs, opening and closing them around his driving hips in time to  
his long, hard thrusts into her. She gurgled beneath him, the sound  
coming from somewhere deep within her throat as though she had no  
control over it. He knew she was near and he continued his merciless  
thrusting with all me strength in his well-toned youthful body.
 “Ooooohhhhh, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, baby! Hard! HARD!! ” She  
punctuated her wanton plea with the pounding of her heels high up on  
his naked back. She had jackknifed her legs up tight, pressing her  
knees back hard into her breasts and offering him me full opening of  
her upraised crotch. Her eyes rolled uncontrollably in her head, her  
face contorted and straining for the final explosion so near.
 “I’m cumming … ” Her mouth gaped wide in ecstatic abandon, almost  
disbelief.  “Oh God, I’m cumming! ”
She mumbled on incoherently until the sounds coming from her throat  
were a mass of jumbled, unintelligible syllables. She pulled back her  
Highs tighter until the whole of her wide-stretched vaginal slit was  
presented up to him to abuse and ravage as he willed. Her ankles locked  
high up over his shoulders, her crotch squirming beneath him in a wild  
uninhibited dance of abandoned ecstasy. Her mouth hung open wide,  
unseeing eyes glazed as they aimed blankly toward the ceiling.
And then …  “Aaaaaggghhhhh! ” A banshee scream burst from her lips and  
filled the room with her ecstatic fulfillment, their two sweat-soaked,  
panting bodies slapping brutally together. Dodge’s naked wife’s  
nostrils flared wildly and she screwed herself up onto his thrusting  
cock and locked herself to him with all the strength of her thighs  
while her loins jerked spasmodically against his belly.
She held her breath for an interminable long time, then expelled it as  
though she’d been kicked in the stomach, collapsing limply down into  
the soft, yielding mattress. She lay still, except for the  
uncontrollable quivering of her pussy as her vaginal walls shivered out  
the last of her bone-wrenching orgasm, still locked wetly around  
Phillip’s tortured prick, swollen now to an incredible hardness. He  
pushed deep into her and lay still. Inside her, it felt as big around  
as a man’s forearm, shoved deliciously up into her very insides.
Only the last traces of anguished self-control kept him from continuing  
to screw into her. Christ, he’d never in his short life seen anything  
like this. Or felt anything like this, either! He throbbed the muscles  
of his cock deep in her belly, hoping to urge her back for more.
 “Oh, honey, that was really nice, ” she purred,  “I haven’t been screwed  
like that in a helluva long time. ”
 “Don’t put it in the past tense, ” Phillip said proudly,  “we’re not  
finished yet. ”
 “Jesus, you’ve really been holding back, haven’t you? ”
 “Yeah, but I can’t hold it much longer, ” he gasped.  “My balls are about  
to blow up. ”
 “Pull it out and roll over, sweetie, ” she smiled,  “Mommy’s gonna’ give  
you a special treat for being such a good boy. ”
He pulled back, sliding his hardness out of the soft warmth of her  
pussy. It killed him to pull it out, he was so near to shooting out his  
painfully waiting cum in her belly that he didn’t want to stop but he  
had to let her have her way. It would be best this time until he knew  
more about her, about what she wanted in her lovemaking. He had to  
admit that, while he’d had a fair share of women, his sexual  
experiences were pretty much the straight missionary-position stuff.  
Maybe he’d learn some things that would help with Jessica … that is,  
if she ever stopped hanging on to that precious virginity of hers.
He reluctantly rolled from the softness of her body over onto his back,  
thin sticky trails of her orgasm following his cock across her lower  
thigh. He lay tense, with his cock pointed straight at the ceiling.  
Glancing, he looked to see it she was making any moves in that  
She turned on her side toward him and, reaching out with her hand,  
began stroking him, sliding the loose flesh up and down in a slow,  
magical rhythm that caused his ache to increase almost beyond  
endurance. Then she rose to her knees and hovered over him on all  
fours, her face a scant few inches from the throbbing moist head of his  
penis. She held it tightly between both hands, stroking it between the  
flat of her palms in a teasing up and down motion that caused his loins  
to undulate in time to her maddening pace.
Her head dropped slowly toward the hardness of him and suddenly her  
tongue flicked forward, me tip boring teasingly into the wetness of the  
tiny gland on the end. He sucked his breath in from the sudden  
unexpected contact. Chills rippled along his back, bonging a groan from  
his parched lips. She brought her mouth down all the way and enclosed  
the whole of the sensitive, lust-engorged knob in a moist, warm  
pressure. Her lips tightened like an elastic band around it just below  
the head, trapping it completely inside the warm wet cavern of her  
mouth as her tongue tormentingly flicked at the super-sensitive tip.
 “God! ” he groaned, lifting his head from the bed and staring down at  
her contorted face. The sight of his hard shaft of flesh sunk halfway  
between her pink, widely ovaled lips increased the sensation a thousand  
fold. It was still wet from the juices of her orgasm and glistened like  
the stump of a wet tree along the part she had not yet sucked up  
between her soft moist lips. She massaged the soft resilient skin of  
his sperm-laden testicles gently with one hand and stroked the base of  
his cock between the thumb and forefinger of the other as she began to  
suck rhythmically up and down. He could feel the softness of her tongue  
twirling maddeningly around it at the apex of the withdrawal, the tip  
flicking magically across the tiny opening of the gland on the end. He  
flexed his buttocks, his head still raised, watching the top of her  
head bobbing up and down below. The sight of her labors made it all the  
more exciting for him.
Valerie Dodge could feel his throbbing reaction and began to suck his  
long hard prick more voraciously, the tips of her teeth digging gently  
into the hard resisting flesh, leaving small white trails where they  
had scraped the blood from beneath the surface of the loose skin. She  
shifted her position over his thigh without disengaging her mouth from  
his prick and kneeled on all fours between his open legs. She reached  
under his buttocks and cupped them in her palms, pulling his loins up  
tighter to her face. Her tongue swiped around and around the heavily  
throbbing head furiously until Phillip felt it nearing the bursting  
point as she took almost all of the rigid shaft deep into her throat.  
He was certain she would choke, but somehow she managed to relax the  
muscles in her tender throat passage, and his thickly-swollen prick  
eased down the soft channel easily as she continued the maddening  
sucking on and on.
Great swirls of heat were building deep in his balls as he watched her  
face working above his sweating loins. He could see tiny rivulets of  
sweat rolling in thin droplets from the side of her body as she bucked  
over him like a demon gone mad. The muscles of his stomach tightened  
until he thought they would snap from the pressure as he arched his  
back up completely off the bed, pushing his cock even deeper between  
the moistly ovaled ridges of her softly working lips.
He groaned over and over again, his lips working frantically and wild  
unintelligible garbled mumblings spitting from his painfully clenched  
teeth. Suddenly, he gasped. The moment was here and a low, gutteral  
sound started from somewhere deep in his chest as he felt the hot  
sticky sperm begin its mad headlong dash from the shelter of his balls  
and begin spewing in hot thin streams into her ravenously sucking  
mouth. Her cheeks expanded and hollowed fish-like as she greedily  
swallowed the warm flooding gushes to keep from choking. She went on  
sucking wildly as he emptied his white-hot sperm into the wetness of  
her mouth. His hands tangled cruelly in her hair, holding her head to  
the throbbing of his loins as he pushed his squirting prick all the way  
down to her tonsils. She coughed sporadically as she swallowed and  
gulped desperately to regain her breath. He moaned his last and grunted  
heavily in final and complete fulfillment. Slowly, his cock deflated in  
her mouth but she continued sucking, nibbling softly and carefully,  
drawing every last drop of the warm sticky sperm from his bruised and  
battered cock. And it was over …
*  *  *
Silently, the steel doors of the elevator opened and Phillip Wright  
stepped out into the marble-clad corridor. His heels clicked loudly on  
the stone floor as he walked toward the Dodge apartment, one of only  
two on the entire huge floor.
Yes, it was a strange series of circumstances allright … Valerie,  
poised as usual, had dressed and hurried out into the reception room  
that day ahead of him, apologizing to Jessica profusely for keeping  
 “your handsome man, ” explaining that she had some work in mind for him.  
Jessica, naturally, was overjoyed, so much so, in fact, that she never  
noticed the somewhat sheepish Cheshire-cat grin on his face when he  
returned a few minutes later. And apparently Valerie Dodge was serious  
about the work, for a day later she called with an offer of a short-
term assignment, sort of a trial run, you might say. And with an  
invitation to this party.
He’d thought of telling Jessica, but then, since he hadn’t actually  
seen her in a few days, it hardly seemed worth the bother. She’d  
understand, probably, knowing it was only for business, even though it  
wasn’t the sort of thing she’d ever dream of. Phillip half-laughed to  
himself as he thought of what Jessica’s reaction would be to the mere  
mention of what had happened the other day in Valerie’s office. Jesus,  
she’d go out of her mind!
 “Phillip, darling! Come in, come in! ” Valerie swished from the suddenly  
open door and hustled him into the immense living room … and into the  
most important night of his life.
Chapter 6
Jessica Wright waited nervously for the doorman to open her door as she  
sat, somewhat afraid, in the enormous Mercedes-Benz limousine that had  
brought her to this fashionable riverside high-rise. The uniformed  
employee was fast on his feet for an old man, or at least he was when  
he recognized the car. She politely thanked the driver, a middle-aged  
black who only nodded in reply, and lifted the hem of her silvery gown,  
her arm firmly but gently held by the doorman, as she made her way to  
the building entrance.
William Dodge had sent the car for her, just as he had promised on the  
telephone when he called day before yesterday. She had nearly refused  
his invitation at first, feeling it only fair to talk this over with  
Phillip first. But her aunt’s phone had been out of order for almost a  
week now, and still no sign of a repairman from that marvelously  
efficient New York telephone company. She couldn’t call him for an  
okay. And after all, didn’t Mr. Dodge take special care to emphasize  
that Mrs. Dodge would be at the party too? What could be wrong with  
accepting his kind invitation? Surely, the contacts she could make at a  
party like this would be a great help in her modeling career, maybe  
even in Phillip’s art practice.
Jessica was reluctant for another reason, too … it was only a few  
short days since that horrible night at Marty Felder’s. That nightmare  
was still indelibly etched in her mind, and there still remained the  
awful task of telling Phillip the truth about what went on in the  
Felder penthouse. She knew she had to tell him eventually–it wouldn’t  
be fair to even think about marriage until she’d leveled with him.  
Maybe he wouldn’t want her after he learned the truth … some men  
couldn’t live with the knowledge that their wives had done something as  
unspeakable as what she had been dragged into at Marty Felder’s. But  
that was the gamble she’d have to take. If Phillip was indeed half the  
man she knew he was, he’d understand He’d forgive her and go on loving  
her just as though nothing had ever happened.
And for her part, Jessica knew now never to let herself be suckered  
into anything again, no matter what the odds. There could never be  
another Marty Felder in her life, for Jessica Richards the kid grew up  
that night. And no man would ever pull the wool over her eyes again.  
Not that she had to worry with Phillip–he wasn’t the sort. Wild  
perhaps, like all artists are, in some way or another, but sweet and  
warm and gentle. Not like so many men she’d met since embarking on this  
career. Not like the Marty Felder’s of this world.
Of course, there hadn’t been any job offer forthcoming from that  
horrible Felder. All she could thank that filthy pervert for was the  
chance at an interview with William Dodge. That much he owed her, he  
reluctantly admitted, after a quarter-hour of non-stop tears when the  
heartless monster finally admitted that he really didn’t have anything  
open for her at the moment. And it was that interview that led her to  
this party.
Jessica’s heart quickened as she entered the plushly decorated lobby;  
she paused in front of one of the ceiling-high mirrors to check her  
hair. One of her classmates from modeling school had styled it for her,  
and the effect, she’d have to admit, was stunning. It was high in back,  
and trailed down over the sides of her head in a half-dozen little  
ringlets, each of them lightly frosted to add contrast to her honey-
blonde luxuriant hair. The dress was a real extravagance, but one she  
hoped would be worth the investment. Her Aunt had lent her the money,  
but only after she heard where the party was being held. When the Dodge  
name and address was mentioned, she couldn’t dig up the money fast  
enough. No niece of hers was going to William Dodge’s home without a  
new dress, she had insisted, and Jessica, admittedly, had offered only  
the least of token resistance.
 “Miss Richards? ”
She turned, surprised at the sound of her name, It was Bill Dodge,  
elegant in an Italian jumpsuit creation that made him look like  
Mastroianni in an imported movie.  “Oh, hello. I didn’t expect to find  
you in the lobby, ” she said.
He laughed, and when he did the soft skin around his eyes furrowed into  
a hundred tiny wrinkles, like the eyes of a cowboy after years of  
squinting into the southwestern sun. He looked his age, fifty-three  
according to the magazines, but he was an elegantly-preserved fifty-
three, to be sure. She liked that about him–he didn’t try to look and  
act twenty-five, like so many men in the television and advertising  
 “Actually, I was just coming down to ask Anderson here if there had  
been any sign of you. ” He paused to look her over, appraising me young  
blonde’s delightfully trim figure, barely concealed beneath the skin-
tight second skin of her silver gown.  “You’re quite lovely, you know  
that? ”
Jessica felt the color fill her face and she turned away; she was a  
model now, after all, and she should certainly be acclimated to  
comments on her looks by now. But still, coming from a man as well-
known and important as William Dodge, it was quite a compliment indeed.  
 “Thank you, Mr. Dodge, ” she replied demurely, averting her eyes from  
his openly appraising stare.
 “Well, now that you’re here, let’s go back upstairs and join the  
others. There’s quite a crowd up there, and I’m afraid the party’s gone  
on without us. ”
 “Oh, I’m terribly sorry we were late. But it wasn’t your driver’s  
fault, ” she explained as they entered the elevator.  “You see, we were  
caught in this immense traffic jam on Riverside Drive. There was a big  
wreck right in that sharpest curve and we couldn’t do anything but wait  
it out. ”
 “Now, now, don’t be concerned, ” he said with a paternal air,  “No harm  
done. I do hope you enjoy the party. Oh, by the way, you did know that  
Wright gentleman was here, didn’t you? ”
 “Wright? You mean Phillip Wright? ” she asked, trying to mask her utter  
and total amazement and surprise.
 “Yes, that young man you were with in my office the other day. The one  
my wife Valerie invited in for an interview. Commercial artist, I  
believe. ”
Jessica struggled hard and fast to compose herself before she spoke …  
Phillip, what can I say to him! He all never understand!
 “Uh, actually, I didn’t know he was coming, ” she managed to mutter  
after a long few seconds,  “but I haven’t seen him lately anyway. Does  
he know I’m to be here? ”
 “No, I don’t think so. Valerie just happened to mention it to me. I  
haven’t even been introduced myself yet. Would you prefer not to see  
him? ”
 “Oh, no, nothing like that! It’s just … I’d like to talk to him  
alone, you understand? ”
 “Of course, of course, ” the older man smiled,  “Don’t let it worry that  
pretty little head of yours. Besides, it’s so dark, I doubt he’d  
recognize you. ”
Jessica shrugged off that last remark; there was enough rolling around  
in her mind already to keep her confused for a lifetime. She took a  
deep breath and counted slowly backwards from ten, an old trick they’d  
taught her in modeling classes to help you compose yourself. And then  
they reached the Dodge’s floor; she could hear the sounds of the party  
when the doors silently opened. Oh well, she thought, here goes!
Chapter 7
Bill Dodge placed his hand very properly in the small of the beautiful  
young blonde’s back, just lightly enough to guide her through the  
double doorway and into the tiled entrance foyer. He took her light  
wrap and hung it in the formal-sized coat closet, along with what  
looked like a million expensive furs and cashmeres. She turned to look  
down the corridor toward the living room doorway, and Dodge was able to  
get a few seconds of uninterrupted, unabashed staring in before it was  
necessary to put back on his Mr. Nice Guy-smile. Christ, what a body!  
The ass on this lovely young chick he just couldn’t believe! Two nice  
ripe handfuls, just aching to be squeezed like a couple of juicy  
melons, nearly bursting from her skin-tight dress. He could even see  
the lovely dimpled little crevice where the fabric dipped as it  
lovingly stretched across the glorious swell of her buttocks. Damn, his  
wife, Valerie, had certainly made the right move this time. Sometimes  
her choices were a bit strange, like that actor from California and his  
heroin-shooting wife, but not this time! This little honey was all  
Of course, William Dodge hadn’t always been quite so free-swinging and  
hip in his extra-marital sex life; he had Valerie to thank for the  
sudden new world she had introduced him to a few years back. There were  
two broken marriages behind each of them when they met in 1961 at the  
New York Art Director’s Show, an annual exhibition of some of the best  
in advertising commercial art. Bill was there that year with several of  
his creative staff, riding high on the crest of agency popularity,  
having been just selected as the firm to package three network specials  
for NBC for the upcoming fall season, and Valerie Madison, after giving  
up her acting career, was then at the peak of her fame as the world’s  
top model-agency chief, or procurer, as she liked to call herself for  
shock-value. Both of them at their zenith seemingly, career-wise, yet  
both were searching for something to fill the undeniable void in their  
respective lives. And after a few months of occasional dating and being  
buzzed about in all the society page columns, they decided to get  
It had been, at first, as much of a merger as a marriage, the two  
corporate heads bringing their resources and assets together in a  
pooling that formed the W. B. Dodge Company as it existed today,  
Valerie magnanimously offering her new husband the right to sole use of  
the bannerhead. Not that there hadn’t been another side to their  
marriage–Valerie certainly saw to that. Until she came along, Bill  
Dodge had never known what really total sexual excitement was all  
about. Sure, he’d had his share of would-be starlets and agency  
hangers-on, and they were all satisfying in their own sort of way, but  
nothing like this. Valerie was a veritable chasm of sexual delights,  
seemingly never tiring of incessant romps beneath the covers,  
continually frequent couplings that he knew he could only hope to  
provide her for just so long.
Extramarital sex wasn’t even a topic they discussed; possibly if they  
had tried to agree on a plan of action, their life together would have  
been doomed to failure. But Valerie came through again, introducing him  
to a circle of friends she had apparently kept well obscured during the  
early months of their marriage, explaining much later that she wasn’t  
lying, just waiting until he was ready for such far-out hobbies as  
wife-swapping and all-night orgies with a dozen or more couples.
But Dodge had taken to this new life like a duck to water, only in the  
very beginning feeling those omnipresent pangs of gnawing jealousy as  
he saw his lovely wife naked, being screwed until she screamed in  
ecstasy, sometimes by as many as five or six men in the course of one  
evening’s get-together. Not now, though, now he enjoyed her little  
dalliances as much as his own, and fortunately, his new-found  
voyeuristic proclivities were well complemented by Valerie’s obsessive  
Yes, their sex lives were most compatible. And they never forgot their  
allegiance to each other. Valerie, by turning the best of her current  
ripening young models over to her husband, satisfying his frequent  
cravings for just the right girlish, slim-hipped teeny-bopper to answer  
the burning desires his lechery fanned in his balls; and Dodge himself,  
never tiring in his quest for tireless young studs to toss to his  
insatiable auburn-haired wife like raw meat to a lioness. In fact, it  
had been he who first pointed out this newest passion to Valerie,  
directing her to  “take a look at that artist kid waiting for his girl  
in our reception room. ” Valerie, of course, had taken it from there.  
And quite well, too, judging from the video tapes he’d previewed only  
last night.
His eyes caught a glimpse of Jessica’s trim lovely legs, framed in the  
slit of her dress that went nearly up to the top of her thigh. She  
caught him staring at her when she turned, and quickly looked away,  
trying hard not to blush this time.
 “Well, let’s get a couple of drinks first and then join the fun, ” he  
said cheerily.
Jessica peered around the doorway into the immense living room; it was  
actually two rooms, L-shaped, and probably close to sixty feet at its  
longest point. The room was quite dark, most of the illumination coming  
from a good-sized projection screen at the end of the longest leg. A  
film was running; Jessica recognized it immediately as one of Valerie  
Madison’s earlier television shows, a situation comedy that was quite  
successful in the fifties and now well into its thousandth rerun on  
afternoon TV. The long room, really more like a hall, was crowded with  
people, some sitting, some standing, quite a few even sprawled on the  
shag-carpeted floor. It was impossible to recognize anyone in the dim  
light, and for this she was grateful. It meant she didn’t have to come  
to grips with the problem of what to tell Phillip right away; maybe  
with some time to think, it would be easier.
Dodge handed her a tall drink, served in a thick frosted glass, which  
he obtained from the light-skinned Negro busily mixing cocktails behind  
a richly-padded leather bar hidden away in one corner.
 “What is it? ” she asked, rather surprised that her host had not first  
asked her her preference.
There was a sudden burst of laughter as the slapstick action on the  
screen grew increasingly frantic, and the crowded smoky room came alive  
with screams of amusement.  “It’s a special drink that Valerie  
discovered. She serves it at all her parties … ” He was nearly  
shouting in her ear to be heard over the noise.  “… Won’t tell me the  
secret ingredients. Nobody knows but her. She mixes it up ahead of time  
and Randolph, the barman, just gets another pitcher from the kitchen  
maid when he runs low. I do know the base is absinthe Pernod, the real  
stuff from Spain. ”
 “Pernod! Isn’t that supposed to be poison, or something? ” asked Jessica  
cautiously. She suddenly remembered a few half-whispered tales about  
the milky drink, rumors about its potent powers. Some even claimed it  
to be an aphrodisiac, though this had been disputed.
 “It’s like a lot of things, poisonous if you drink too much of it.  
Hell, you can die from drinking Scotch, if you decide to empty a barrel  
instead of a bottle. Don’t worry about it, ” he assured her,  “we’ve all  
been drinking it for years, and nothing’s gone wrong yet. ” And at that,  
he made a melodramatic grab for his throat, clutching his windpipe as  
if dying, his eyeballs suddenly puffed out like a frog’s.
Jessica laughed aloud at his obvious kidding, then suddenly felt quite  
better, more relaxed about being here, about having to eventually face  
Phillip. William Dodge seemed quite human to her now, no longer the  
distant, marble-cut corporate captain she’d known him to be from afar.
She felt a slight light headedness from the strong drink, though the  
potent blend was, indeed, very tasty, more like a tangy milkshake than  
the harsh gagging concoction she had expected. There was a glow there,  
but otherwise it didn’t seem to dull her thinking like alcohol usually  
did. She liked it and sipped heavily again as William Dodge passed her  
another drink. A strange giddiness seemed to pervade throughout her  
whole body as she turned from the bar and looked around the darkened  
room. She had to squint her eyes to even see the opposite end because  
of the dimness, but still, she could make out the silhouettes of little  
clusters of people scattered about the enormous apartment. She strained  
to see if she could spot Phillip, half-hoping Dodge had been wrong and  
her boyfriend wasn’t here. She wondered if he’d tried to reach her,  
explain that he was invited to this get-together. But she knew he had,  
it wouldn’t be like sweet Phillip to do otherwise.
And then she saw him, outlined quite clearly as he passed in front of  
the doorway to the apartment’s other rooms. Her whole body tensed, and  
she could see out of the corner of her eye that Dodge had noticed her  
sudden reaction. He came directly toward them, and she thought for a  
moment he had spotted her. But no, he stopped at a thickly upholstered  
loveseat sofa just a few feet away from where she stood near the bar.
 “What’s wrong, dear, ” Dodge whispered in her ear.
 “Shhhhh, ” she managed, afraid that Phillip would hear her voice. She  
stood immobile for what seemed hours, not resisting as William Dodge  
slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her tight against him. She  
felt the softness of her breasts crushed against his chest, though she  
didn’t move as she watched, unbelieving, as Phillip’s arms went  
familiarly around the body of the attractive woman she now recognized  
as Valerie Dodge.
 “It’s Phillip … and your wife! ” she whispered loudly, safer now from  
discovery that her boyfriend’s back was turned. She watched with tears  
filling her eyes as Phillip’s hands were seemingly at once everywhere  
on the voluptuous celebrity’s receptive body. She saw now for the first  
time the horrible truth … the man she held up as an example to strive  
for, the wonderful friend and lover she idolized … no better than any  
cheating husband or boyfriend anywhere.
 “Don’t cry, luv, you’ll smear your make-up. ”
 “I don’t care anymore, ” she replied bitterly, dabbing her eyes gingerly  
with his handkerchief.  “I’d like another drink, please. It looks like  
I’11 need one. ”
 “Now you’re talking, ” smiled Bill Dodge,  “that’s just what I hoped  
you’d say. ”
Dodge’s arm curled around her waist as she pulled heavily on her new  
drink; she leaned limply against him, all will to fight kicked out of  
her like a lungful of air with the revelation of Phillip’s obvious  
infidelity. It hurt her, hurt her badly. And ironically, it hurt even  
worse because of her own horrible failure, that nightmarish encounter  
with Marty Felder. All the hours, All the nights of worrying, crying  
… and all along, her precious boyfriend, the man she was going to  
marry, was no better. Even worse, he had a choice; no one forced him  
into anything. A man couldn’t be forced to do the things she was seeing  
him do with her own eyes. God, how it ached to see him like this, like  
a fallen angel kicked from his place on high, now just another mortal,  
wallowing in the dust and dirt of earthly sin.
Only the knowledge that her wonderful Phillip would someday understand,  
that she could come to him, humbly and without conditions, to ask for  
his forgiveness … only that knowledge had kept her alive these few  
days, had given her the strength to go on despite the ravishment she  
had endured at the hands of Marty Felder. Just thinking of Phillip, her  
knight in shining armor, had given her the will to live, the desire to  
keep on striving for what she had set as her goal in life. She had  
drawn from him a feeling of security, of strength, much like another  
might have drawn from her rosary or her Bible. And now, now that was  
all gone … she felt more alone, more deserted and helpless, than  
she’d ever felt in her whole life. More than when she left home to come  
to New York, even more than last week when she left Felder’s penthouse,  
bruised and ravaged, raped of her virginity.
Damn him, she thought, damn, damn, damn! He’s not the only one who can  
have a good time! If he can do it, so can I! She could hurt him just as  
much as he could hurt her and if she had to do it, she would, without a  
second’s hesitation. She sipped again on the strong greenish drink; the  
liquid seemed to wash away her tears, leaving in their place a kind of  
seething anger that grew by the moment.
She tried not to look, to keep her eyes away from the spectacle her  
boyfriend and this man’s wife were making of themselves, but she  
couldn’t, and when she looked again, to her horrified amazement, he had  
his hand inside the woman’s dress as she lay back, her eyes closed,  
savoring his lascivious massaging, a rapturous expression on her face.
 “The kid seems to know what he’s doing, ” whispered Bill in her ear  
 “Oh, how could he. I mean, how could they! ” she said, clenching her  
teeth, her voice rising in anger.
 “Quiet, they’ll hear you, ” he said in her hair,  “and we don’t want a  
scene. Remember, she’s my wife. ”
Jessica knew he was right, as much as she would have liked to scream a  
few things into Phillip Wright’s face and storm out. She gulped down  
the rest of her cocktail and asked for another, not taking her eyes for  
a moment off the lovemaking couple only a dozen feet away. Valerie’s  
dress was unbuttoned now, and Phillip had lowered his face to her  
breasts. Even in the dim light, Jessica could see that his lips were  
fastened to the redhaired woman’s nipple, she squirmed from side to  
side in the narrow confines of the loveseat.
She hardly dared to breathe. The strong drink had turned her body into  
a loose bundle of nerve ends that her mind could no longer control. She  
could not believe what she was seeing with her own two eyes … nor  
could she believe the feelings that were suddenly stirring in her own  
flesh in tiny licking flames of desire. Was it the absinthe? Or was it  
the wanton forbidden wickedness of watching the man she loved making  
love to another woman? She didn’t know, but whatever it was, it was  
steadily growing within her.
Bill Dodge’s hands were around her waist, tenderly massaging her around  
the middle, and she didn’t protest as his hands moved upward, slowly at  
first, until his palms cupped around the firm, lusciously formed mounds  
of her well-ripened young titties. She could feel the heat of his  
breath as he nibbled at the side of her neck. Paralyzed, she watched  
mutely as Phillip’s hands searched under Dodge’s wife’s dress, found  
their mark as she arched suddenly, a silent scream on her lips, her  
eyes rolling in her head.
Suddenly Phillip glanced their way; she snapped her head away in time,  
but her lips were quickly met by Bill’s insistent mouth. She let him  
kiss her; in fact, she kissed him back, hard … he almost hoped  
Phillip had spotted her, hoped he could see her in the arms of Bill  
Dodge, watch helplessly as she allowed another man to hold her, to  
caress her, to fondle her like his own … like he was doing with  
Valerie Dodge!
Bill’s hands snaked over the supple curves of her young perfectly  
formed model’s body, explored the curves and soft female recesses of  
her trim figure. And she didn’t try to stop him. Twice she almost  
pulled away, almost ran from the room, from this whole building … but  
she glanced at Phillip and Bill’s wife. And that was enough to make her  
stay, to make her fight. Damn Phillip Wright! I’ll show him! I’ll show  
 “Looks like they’re moving to someplace quieter … with a little more  
privacy, ” whispered Bill. Jessica jerked her head around; in her  
growing passion, she had almost forgotten for a moment about her  
boyfriend and this man’s wife.
Then she saw them moving through the crowd of buzzing people, past a  
couple or two already embraced on the carpet or on the sofas. He was  
right! They were going toward the bedrooms!
She turned away from the lurid scene, back to her drink and to Bill.  
She finished it hurriedly, then another, fighting once again to hold  
back the stinging tears that filled her eyes.
Later, after he had pressed more drinks than she could count in her  
hands and she had gratefully downed them, he pulled her to her feet  
from the couch.  “Come on, ” he whispered quietly.  “Let’s just see what  
that young boyfriend of yours is doing to my wife. We might even try to  
even things up with them. ”
She followed him blindly, not caring where he was taking her or how  
long it took to get there.
 “They’ve had long enough. We’ll probably catch ’em right in the middle  
of it, ” Bill Dodge said. Jessica had lost count of the passion-inciting  
absinthe cocktails and she followed him wearily, like a lost child,  
toward the bedroom where Valerie and Phillip had disappeared a half-
hour or so ago.
They reached the end of the corridor.  “In here, ” he said, holding a  
finger to his lips.  “And be quiet. They’re in the same room. ”
He opened the door just enough for them to squeeze through without  
letting in too much light, though there was scarcely more light in the  
hallway than in the darkened bedroom. The room was large, even for Bill  
Dodge’s apartment. It would have made an enormous dining room in any  
lesser man’s apartment, here it was only the master bedroom.
She expected him to take her hand and lead her through the darkness,  
but instead, his arms pulled her to him and his lips came wetly into  
her mouth. She sucked on it gently, letting her body melt into his in  
the darkness. She could feel herself begin to tremble from the wicked  
excitement of another man’s kiss long and hard and she could suddenly  
feel a slight jerk where his loins pressed into the softness of her  
stomach. He was getting hard and she sensed a sudden tensing in her own  
breasts as the tips were smashed hard against his chest.
Christ, I want to fuck you, ” he breathed into her ear.
Just the words strangely excited her as never before; but not a fearful  
excitement, it was one she welcomed. She reached down between their  
bodies and boldly stroked his penis, feeling more wicked than she ever  
had before. The tingling in her breasts dropped to her thighs and  
danced there magically for a moment as he sucked in his breath from her  
 “Take off your dress, ” he whispered hoarsely, unable to stand it any  
longer. He guided her backwards to a chair that she could barely make  
out in the dimness of a tiny night-light from the bathroom. Her eyes  
had adjusted to the darkness now and she could distinguish the forms of  
the furniture easier now.
Jessica’s hands trembled as she reached behind her and slid the zipper  
silently down from her neck to the cleft of her buttocks. She lifted  
the dress over her head and dropped it softly back across the chair.  
She gasped unintentionally as the cool air rushed over her nipples; she  
hadn’t worn a bra with the modish outfit, and she shivered now as the  
coolness teased the sensitive buds of her pink, already slightly  
pulsating nipples. She had her panties only remaining, not even  
stockings, as the dress was so long they weren’t needed. Her almost-
nakedness sent chills through her flesh, exciting her as she had never  
been excited before. The thought that she would soon be writhing in  
passion with another man with Phillip in the same room only added to  
the forbidden joy. She would never have believed it possible for her to  
do this, never in a million years. But here she was, nearly stripped,  
in a near-stranger’s bedroom … and about to be fucked. Phillip  
Wright, you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself, she told herself,  
tempted to cry out in the darkness and let him try to figure it out.  
She could hear Bill Dodge struggling to get rid of his clothing and she  
smiled at his obvious impatience to get at her. Yes, she felt suddenly  
a different person, changed, changed drastically. And she was sure  
she’d like the new Jessica Richards far better than the old!
He reached for her in the darkness, his hands coming into contact with  
the nakedness of her shoulder first, the coolness of his hands causing  
her to jump.
 “Oh, you frightened me. Where are they? Are you certain they are in  
this room? ” she whispered.
 “Oh, yes, they’re on the other bed. There are two kingsized ones in  
here. Now get out of your panties, ” he said, his fingers brushing  
lightly over her to  “see ” what she had left.
She stripped the whiteness of her soft silken panties down over the  
fullness of her hips and thighs and stepped from them, dropping them  
with her dress on the adjacent chair. Now she was naked, totally, stark  
naked! And somehow she wasn’t afraid! She felt no guilt about this, not  
this time … he asked for it, and she aimed to give Phillip Wright  
just what he deserved.
Bill’s hands reached out in the darkness and began running over her  
naked flesh. She stood still, her arms at her sides, trembling from the  
wicked sensations running through her. He dropped his head to her  
breast, cupping it in his hand, and sucked the tiny throbbing nipple  
deep into his warm wet mouth. Jessica groaned and swayed in the  
darkness, almost falling.
 “Don’t … not here, ” she said courageously.  “I want to do it where  
Phillip and your wife can hear us. ”
Without speaking, he took her hand quickly and led her to the bed  
closest them. It was even darker here, with not even the grayish  
nightlight glow to illuminate this side of the room. He stopped in the  
pitch darkness to get his bearings and Jessica held her breath … then  
… she could hear them! Yes, small sounds, lewd wet sounds she’d never  
heard before seemed to emanate from the other side of the coal-black  
room. She had no difficulty imagining what was going on, the wetness of  
the lewdly rising sucking sounds was a dead giveaway. Oh god, was Bill  
going to expect the same things from her! She wished she were drunker,  
blinded to what little sense of decency she had left within her. She  
knew she couldn’t refuse him now; she had to show Phillip!
They reached the empty bed and he guided her down gently onto the  
silken coverlet spread over it. She had never felt anything quite like  
the sensation the first touch of it across her back gave her. It was  
warm from the first contact when she had expected it to be cold. She  
wriggled her back against it cat-like as she felt the sag of his weight  
on the bed as he lay down next to her. He made no attempts to keep his  
movements quiet and she was certain Phillip and Valerie could hear them  
but it only added to the excitement that she was going to get herself  
screwed silly while he lay listening to all the sounds she made. She  
waited quietly for a moment as Bill pressed his nakedness to hers for  
some sounds that would indicate that they had disturbed the other two  
nakedly writhing people, but there were none. The soft wet sucking  
noises continued unabated as though they were unaware of anyone else’s  
 “Ooohhhh, God, ” she suddenly groaned, forgetting entirely that Phillip  
was just across the room. Bill Dodge’s warm wet lips had begun a gentle  
nibbling along her shoulder, sending goose-bumps racing over her flesh.  
She quivered uncontrollably from the sudden unexpected sensation and  
dropped her hand between them, involuntarily grasping his hard erected  
cock in her hands. She heard him groan in return as she pushed against  
it with her fingers, sliding the foreskin back over the round rubbery  
 “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk straight, baby, ” he gasped  
hoarsely between panting breaths.  “God, you’ve got one incredible  
body. ”
Jessica smiled to herself through the sensations of desire building  
deep in her belly. She was indeed a woman after all, and for a man like  
Bill Dodge to be excited about you, well, that really meant something!
’Yes, Bill, darling, I want you to … I want you to fuck me. Fuck me  
good, please, ” she moaned with false passion, hearing with quiet  
satisfaction the sudden stillness of the other couple. And then, a  
feminine voice.
 “Keep sucking me, Phillip, lover! Lick it good, baby! Don’t stop for  
anything! ” came the loud whisper through the room in desperation and  
then she heard the sounds of movement as though someone were struggling  
to pull someone back to them, then … the wet, lewd sucking noises  
again, only quieter this time.
Jessica didn’t dare breathe. Phillip was doing it to her! Her  
boyfriend, the man in her life … sucking that tramp! His tongue  
probably swirling shamelessly around in her vagina!
It was the last controlled thought she had. Bill’s hot moist mouth  
fastened tightly to an excitedly erected nipple and began a gentle  
sucking pressure against it. His hands coursed lightly at the same time  
over the soft firmness of her belly and thighs. His mouth played for a  
long delicious moment around me throbbing tits, moving from one to the  
other, his tongue trailing wetly down through the narrow fleshy valley  
between them as he alternated his attention to each.
And then, his mouth slid down over her now hotly quivering belly, his  
penis sliding from her hand as his body moved away. He ground his  
tongue for a moment into her navel, bringing small mewls and gasps of  
pleasure from her open mouth. He moved lower, maddening patterns of  
indecent sensation trailing after his gently nibbling teeth. She felt  
her thighs being pressed gently open and she made no resistance as he  
haunched down between them. She sucked in her breath with a gasp as she  
felt his fingers spreading the soft hair covered lips of her vagina and  
the coolness of the air touched her there. His tongue flicked forward,  
the tip teasing moistly against the tiny bud of her clitoris, causing  
it to throb into a shocked, eagerly quivering hardness. He lowered his  
fingers and spread the opening of her cunt wide apart and then  
suddenly, dropping his tongue from her clitoris, thrust it deep into  
the pink, moist flesh of her open pussy mouth.
Jessica jerked spasmodically from the sudden wet searing contact and,  
reaching down, tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled his face hard  
into her loins. His tongue circled around maddeningly inside her, the  
tip flicking teasingly against the wet sensitive walls of her pussy  
like the warning tongue of a vicious snake about to strike.
 “Mmmmmm. ” A deep-throated sigh of pleasure escaped from deep in her  
throat.  “It’s good, darling. Do it more, Bill, lick it more! ” she cried  
loudly enough for Phillip to hear.
She chanted the words now without thought, her breasts heaving against  
her chest. Her legs splayed out wide and she jackknifed her knees up  
hard against her swaying breasts to open her cunt wide, as wide as she  
could, to offer him the whole fleshy pink expanse. He spread the smooth  
upturned crevice of her buttocks wide apart with the palms of his  
hands, stretching them cruelly as he heard her begging for more, and  
dropping his tongue to the small tightly puckered anus, thrust the tip  
hard against it until he felt it finally give slightly and the tip  
enter just a little. She fairly shrieked her joy now as he teased it  
wetly against the sensitive tightness of her rectal lips.  
 “Oh, Bill! Bill! God, it’s so good! ”
He moistened the tip of his middle finger in her cunt and pressed it  
against the tight little hole, his mouth returning to her clitoris, and  
as he nibbled against it he thrust forward with his finger, sinking it  
to the knuckle in her asshole. A groan burst from her lips, and then he  
sank the upraised digit a knuckle further.
 “Aaaawwww, God …! God …! It hurts! It hurts!! ”
He held it still and thrust his tongue deep up her vagina again until  
she became accustomed to the strange stretching presence in her  
She lay still, holding her breath with her mouth wide open, her lips  
drawn back tight over her teeth and her breasts quivering sensuously on  
her chest. Then, after an eternity, she began to breathe again. He  
began to lick and suck in earnest now, twisting his finger around and  
around in her rectum, stretching it wider with each brutal circle until  
the pain in her rear passage merged with the powerful pleasure-pain  
coursing through her pussy and she began thrusting her white rounded  
buttocks back up on his finger, skewering it into herself in rhythm  
with the lashing of his tongue. He slid his free hand up under her  
upraised buttocks and pressed them tight up against his face, locking  
him to her in a lascivious wet connection of tongue and pussy. The soft  
curly hair grazed tantalizingly against his cheeks.
A strange masochistic wildness had somehow taken control of her body as  
she lay impaled between his tongue and finger and she ground her ass in  
wild abandoned ecstasy hard up against the maddening probings of her  
hot steaming loins. Nothing mattered now but the agony of the lovely  
swirling sensations rippling over every inch of her naked flesh. There  
was nothing else in the world and she writhed and twisted beneath his  
impalement, gasping and screaming all the lewd words that came into her  
tortured and anguished mind.
 “Yes, yes, Bill! Suck me, lick my pussy! Ram your finger harder in my  
ass! Oh harder, yes, harder! Aaawww!! ”
Dodge worked like an avenging devil below, hearing her cries as she  
approached a quick climax. Jesus, he certainly hadn’t misjudged this  
one. Scratch the surface, and … voila! A screaming she-goddess of  
passion. She was a hot enough little bitch, all right, he thought  
through the blind ecstasy of bringing a tender young beauty like this  
to orgasm, playing her like he’d play a musical instrument. He flicked  
his tongue faster and ground his finger with greater severity into the  
ever-expanding hole of her anus.
Her body worked beneath him, her thighs spasmodically opening and  
closing on the sides of his head. He could feel their warm resilience  
press tightly against his ears as she would jerk involuntarily from an  
extra deep flick of his tongue in her cunt.
Bill Dodge felt her belly begin to rise and fall more quickly, her head  
flailing out of control from side to side on the mattress, her long  
blonde hair, undone now from its careful styling, lashing about the bed  
like a whip. He thrust his tongue deeper …
Her thighs pressed tighter into the sides of his head, tightening and  
softening in a lewd rhythm to the thrusting of his punishing tongue. He  
knew she was on the brink of orgasm. Not quite there, but hanging on  
the very edge. Her breasts heaved and danced on her chest wildly, her  
fingers twisted crazily in his hair. Her head stopped its flailing and  
tensed as she arched her back, the cords in her neck standing out like  
steel tendons. Her face contorted and a low guttural scream rumbled  
deep in her throat, choked off at the last moment by a long soulful  
gasp that reminded him of a piteously dying young doe.
Aaaaahhhhhh …
Jessica felt as though she were losing her insides as the fluid of her  
orgasm started deep in her belly and gushed out with a roar around his  
still thrashing tongue and out onto his face. She could feel it running  
wetly down the crevice of her buttocks, around the finger still worming  
hotly around in her anus, and down to the covers below. She gave one  
last great gasp and collapsed down into the mattress, dropping her legs  
like heavy weights of lead to each side of his body. She could not  
move, the world and everything around her was a big glowing ember, the  
charred fragments of the nerve-shattering explosion that had been her  
orgasm. She lay absolutely immobile, her arms and legs splayed out  
uselessly like a rag-doll on either side. Bill Dodge lay still also,  
with his head pillowed in the wet softness of the sparsely curling  
blonde pubic hair between her legs. They panted out their exhaustion  
together for a long moment and Bill crawled up over her and pressed his  
open mouth over hers. She could feel and taste the wetness and  
intensity of her orgasm on his cheeks and lips and thrust her tongue  
deep in his mouth in a wordless gesture of thanks for the incredible  
gift he had just given her.
 “You rest for a minute, honey, ” he whispered in her ear.  “Then it’s  
your turn to suck me! ”
She nodded her head gently in agreement with his mouth locked tightly  
to hers. She knew this was the moment she should have dreaded, but now  
it seemed like such a small thing to do for this man who had brought  
such a wild, deliciously wicked response from her. She had done it  
solely for revenge against Phillip, but instead, Bill Dodge had shown  
her what one person could really give to another. She wanted to repay  
him, to do anything he wanted of her … and not for revenge this time,  
but to pay him back for what he had so wonderfully done.
Through the darkness, she could hear the soft mewling pleadings of  
Dodge’s wife Valerie. She laughed softly to herself. Phillip had a long  
way to go and a lot to learn if he were ever going to compete with this  
man. God, even Marty Felder had succeeded in bringing some kind of  
response from her, crude and brutal though he was.
Bill lay with his leg thrown over her, his chin nestled against her  
shoulder as their breathing subsided. The wet sucking noises of  
Phillip’s lovemaking to Bill’s wife filtered through the room in a low  
continuous rhythm. They were punctuated by the soft moaning noises of  
her passion. Periodically, as he thrust his tongue forward extra  
vigorously, a slight whimper of surprised delight would erupt from her  
lips. Jessica could feel Bill’s already hardened prick lying across her  
thigh, throbbing almost in unison to the sound of his wife’s salacious  
 “Ready, darling, ” he whispered, and moved temporarily away from her.
 “Yes, roll onto your back, ” Jessica murmured surprising even herself at  
her own boldness, but she could think of no greater punishment for  
Phillip than to be present while another man shot his sperm deep up  
into the girl he was going to marry’s throat and he was powerless to do  
anything about it. The thought of doing that to a man no longer  
repelled her as her loins were still moist and warm from the pleasures  
he had just conferred upon her and anything that made a person feel  
that good could not possibly be as degrading as it once seemed to her.
She began slowly, following his example in lieu of experience, running  
her tongue down the hollows of his neck to his chest. She found the  
small male nipples and nipped gently at them, sure they would offer no  
response. But to her pleasant surprise, they did, and she could feel  
him twist slightly from the strange sensation. She didn’t know much yet  
about the naked male body and worked slowly to learn. With one hand she  
reached down and grasped his hardened penis between her fingers as she  
worked lower and lower with her tongue licking wildly at his flesh. She  
remembered the wild sensations that had run through her own body when  
he had licked at her navel and conferred the same on him, running her  
tongue around hotly inside it until she felt his stomach begin to heave  
beneath her. He was hairy and she could feel the soft wiriness of it  
against her lips and face as she moved. She dropped one hand down lower  
and grasped his hardened penis tightly between her fingers, drawing  
back the foreskin in a slow teasing motion that brought louder groans  
from his lips.
The position was growing more uncomfortable as she worked lower, so she  
crawled over him, pushed his legs apart, and kneeled on all fours  
between his thighs, her own feet hanging over the end of the bed.
Her face was over his loins now and she continued the gentle skinning  
back and forth of his ever hardening cock. Her lips were a bare inch  
away from the tip and she opened her mouth and breathed softly against  
it, allowing her hot breath to flow over the cool tip with a maddening  
 “Ooohh, God, suck it! Now, baby! ” she heard him groan above her. His  
words excited her as she knew her boyfriend next to them would hear and  
she found herself sadistically wishing she could see his face when he  
finally realized it was she, Jessica, doing this obscene thing,  
willingly, to another man. She’d show him! She was no little girl, she  
could be as much of a woman as that cheap hussy Valerie!
Her tongue flicked out, the tip coming into warm wet contact with the  
head of his cock. She circled it about the smooth, rubbery flesh as he  
groaned and twisted above from the cruel teasing she was subjecting him  
to. The tip of her slowly searching tongue found the tiny opening of  
the gland at the end and darted wetly into it. It was already moist  
from the tiny droplets of seminal fluid seeping from his rising  
excitement. The sharp pungent taste and odor caused her mouth to  
salivate and her nostrils to flare slightly. Her hands dropped to the  
base of the huge erected prick and she cupped his soft, smooth  
testicles gently with one of them, grazing her nails tantalizingly over  
the hairy flaccid flesh. The other hand she placed at the thick base of  
his cock where it soared from the curly black pubic hair covering his  
lower stomach. She pinched it between her thumb and forefinger and  
pulled down hard, skinning back the foreskin until the large red  
throbbing head stood alone and naked against the softness of her lips.  
She began planting moist warm kisses around it, beginning at the tip  
and tracing a path down the full length of it to the base and then  
wetly back up to the tip again. She played longer than she knew she  
should, not being able, just yet, to bring herself to take it wholly in  
her mouth.
But Bill could stand no more. With a gurgle deep in his throat, he  
reached down with his hands, tangled them in her hair and thrust his  
loins up with the strength of an enraged bull. Jessica resisted for a  
moment, doubts running wildly through her mind, but it was too late.  
The thick spongy head rammed inside, crushing through her soft moist  
lips, between the whiteness of her teeth and into the spongy softness  
of her tongue. She could feel the hardness of it as it rubbed against  
the full length of her mouth, almost imbedding itself deep in her  
She closed her eyes to keep from choking at the sight of it. Saliva  
seemed to fill her mouth, all of it, except that filled by Bill’s great  
fleshy cock, now protruding banana-like from her ovaled shaped lips.
 “Oooh, honey, your mouth feels so nice, ” she heard him murmur as he  
began a slow rhythmic undulation of his hips up into her face.
 “Tighten you lips, baby, and suck harder, ” he hissed from above,  
through clenched teeth, his voice thick and coarse from his passion.
Jessica did as she was told, feeling at the same time the excitement  
growing again in her own body from the mean, debasing thought of her  
mouth being used this way by a man as wealthy and famous as Bill Dodge,  
just as Marty Felder had used her cunt, like a receptacle for his spent  
lust. She sucked demon-like, swishing her tongue with vengeance around  
and around the throbbing head sliding it teasingly and hotly in and out  
of her widely ovaled lips. She sucked voraciously, her head bobbing  
like a cork over his lewdly pumping loins. The masochistic joy of being  
used, used like a dirty whore while Phillips damn him, was only a few  
feet away, permeated her body in tingling surges of wanton ecstasy,  
submissive mewling sounds coming from her lips locked tightly around  
his thrusting cock. She was going to let him pump his lewd white sperm  
into it until it exploded out and ran from the edges of her lips in  
sticky white trails of blissful sensation that could be matched by  
nothing else in the world.
And if Phillip didn’t know how, he would know soon enough … he’d know  
Chapter 8
A little over a half hour before, Phillip had obediently followed Bill  
Dodge’s wife into the same darkened room. He had wanted immediately to  
turn on the light so that he could again see her nakedness, to marvel  
at that wondrous body of hers, but she talked him out of it. He wasn’t  
aware that her bringing him here was no accident, and that Valerie and  
Bill Dodge had planned all along to get him into this room with Jessica  
here at the same time. He had stripped his clothing from his body  
quickly in the darkness as she had waited on the bed urging him to  
hurry. His head whirled slightly from too much drink and he had not  
protested when the moment he stretched beside her she opened her legs  
wide and guided his head down between them.
He had never made love to a woman this way before, though he had often  
thought of it wistfully. He parted the softness of Valerie Dodge’s soft  
curl-fringed vaginal lips with his thumbs and found his nostrils  
suddenly flaring from the sweet, soft odor of feminine arousal that  
arose from her body.
 “Kiss it, darling, kiss my pussy, ” she had purred from above him, her  
fingers stroking softly through his longish hair.
He had flicked out his tongue experimentally and felt her jerk and  
quiver slightly as it came into contact with the smooth moist flesh  
exposed between the narrow pink ridges of her vaginal lips. He licked  
gently at the hardening little clitoris snuggled just above the wide-
stretched entrance to her cunt where it gave him a sudden sense of  
power as it brought further jerks from her body and greater moans  
sifting through her lips.
He pressed his thumbs farther apart, pulling the ragged moist edges of  
the open slit even further apart. His tongue traced a path up and down  
the full length searching out the wet hidden crevices between her legs.  
He gradually warmed to the task as he became more and more familiar  
with the tiny erogenous zones of her loins and felt her breathing  
increasing in intensity. His sense of power grew with the familiarity  
and he found himself teasing for a moment at a particularly sensitive  
area, listening to her impatient mewlings above him, then flicked his  
tongue forward at the last minute when he sensed she could wait no  
The groans and twisting increased until he pressed his head forward and  
thrust his tongue out lizard-like sinking it deep into the wet, moistly  
pulsating opening of her pussy. There was a weird soulful cry from her  
lips and then a slow, grinding of her loins up against his face began.  
Her hands tangles tight in his hair, kept his face imprisoned between  
her hungrily rotating thighs as though held by steel bands.
His cock hardened on the bed covers below and his own loins began a  
slow thrusting against the spread, rubbing the full tortured length of  
his rising penis against the softness of the mattress. The tingling  
sensation rising in his own belly from the pressure against his cock  
and the sweet soft odor of Valerie’s warm fleshy cunt grinding on his  
face blotted out the thought of anything but this moment. Only for an  
instant did he think of Jessica, sweet innocent Jessica … how she  
would react if she could see him now!
 “Ooooh, fuck your tongue in and out a little faster, darling, ” she  
purred again, bringing his mind back to the task at present. He  
quickened his thrusts, feeling her buttocks increasing their speed  
 “Cup your hands under my ass and pull my cunt a little closer to your  
face, lover, ” she sighed heavily.
Phillip slid his hands down from between her thighs and cupped them  
under the smooth rounded globes of her ass, pulling the wetness of her  
loins up tighter against his face. He could feel tiny dewdrops of  
moisture forming against his cheeks on the edges of the soft pubic hair  
surrounding his lips. He nipped gently with his teeth into soft fleshy  
folds surrounding the widening hole and reveled in the tiny squeal it  
brought from her throat. He was enjoying this power he possessed over  
her and worked to show his complete domination on her every breath. His  
tongue slavered on and on in the moistness of her loins, increasing  
little by little in speed and depth until he had brought her to the  
point of absolute subjugation to the whims of his teasingly flicking  
Then, as he licked and sucked between her widely yawning thighs like a  
hungry, mewling animal, he heard a sudden noise behind him in the  
darkness of the room. His first impulse was to raise his head and see  
what it was, but the strength of her hands holding his face tight to  
her loins prevented him.
He heard the noise again, closer this time as though someone were  
struggling quietly on the bed across from them. The smoothness of naked  
skin rustled against the bed cover punctuated by low, excited whispers.  
He closed his eyes and continued thrusting his tongue into Dodge’s  
wife’s cunt and then opened them again and tried to see Trough the  
darkness to the next bed. It was too dark, though the rear door to the  
bedroom, opening onto a lighted bath, was ajar. He was thinking why  
bother, it was probably some other couple trying to find a quiet  
secluded place of their own. He hurried his sucking of her cunt, hoping  
to satisfy her quickly as a thought of the others possibly sharing  
their hideaway began to nag him. And besides, he sort of wanted to get  
back to the party, for there was a girl out there that he had glimpsed  
only for an instant at the bar that he was dying to see closer. She  
looked strongly like Jessica, though a bit more sophisticated, and the  
curiosity of seeing her in better light was intriguing him.
His thoughts were interrupted by series of soulful gasps coming from  
closeby. It sounded like a woman in pain. He stopped for a moment,  
holding his breath. He wondered if he should continue but the question  
was answered by a tightening of Valerie’s fingers in his hair. His  
tongue snaked forward again into her soft, warm, liquid depths as he  
heard a distinct female murmur followed by the sound of heavy male  
breathing. God, it was another couple and they were going to fuck right  
next to them. They must have either drunk a lot, or been so fired up  
with each other that they couldn’t hear not to have noticed him and  
Valerie in the same room.
 “Ooooo, God, ” he heard in a heavy throated female whisper, barely  
audible even in the almost total silence of the darkened chambers.
 “I’m gonna’ fuck you until you can’t walk straight, baby … ” Bill’s  
voice followed in an equally soft murmur.
 “Yes, Bill, darling, I want you to … I want you to fuck me. Fuck me  
good, please! ”
Phillip’s tongue came to a sudden halt in Valerie’s cunt as he heard  
the familiar pleading voice. He couldn’t believe his ears at first …  
but he heard it again … it was Jessica! That girl downstairs hadn’t  
just looked like Jessica, it was Jessica! He was dumb-struck by the  
sound of her voice, the startling revelation that she was there, naked!  
And with another man! It had to be Bill Dodge … Bill Dodge with his  
girl, and him with Valerie Dodge! Christ, it was too much to even  
He was shocked back into reality by Valerie’s pleading shriek above  
him,  “… Keep sucking, Phillip darling … don’t stop! ”
Her legs jerked out and over his shoulders and her thighs wrapped  
around his head, pulling his face back into her crotch wet and hard.  
His face flushed as he realized she had screamed out his name and now  
Jessica would know. He sucked to keep her from screaming again and  
listened for some sign that she knew he was there and had pushed the  
man away. But there was none … just the continued rustling of naked  
bodies against the mattress and the wet moist sounds of lips slavering  
out of control across soft bare flesh. Oh God, he hoped she wasn’t  
sucking him, but he didn’t dare raise his head from Valerie’s wildly  
grinding buttocks to find out. She would shriek again and if Jessica  
hadn’t heard it last time, she would the next. But anyway, she must  
know that someone was here now. Jesus, how could she do whatever it was  
she was doing, knowing someone else was in the same room and listening?  
And what was she doing here, with a married man old enough to be her  
father? It was different for a girl, girls just don’t do things like  
that. At least not girls like Jessica … or maybe like Jessica used to  
be, he thought sadly, painfully.
He wished he could see them. Was she lying on top of him, straddling  
him with her legs open? Was she completely naked or had she just lifted  
her dress up over her hips, taken in by the liquor and Bill Dodge’s  
smooth, honey-dripping line of bull? His tortured mind formed a  
thousand lewd obscene pictures of his darling Jessica lying in the  
darkness across the room, her dress pulled up over her hips and lying  
back on the mattress with her legs spread obscenely open while this  
woman he was sucking’s husband plundered her soft, defenseless cunt  
with his hands and mouth, that sweet innocent little pubic cleft he had  
treasured so much. Or was she haunched over him, her head bobbing up  
and down with his thick hard cock shoved into her clean soft mouth. He  
groaned and pushed his face as tight as he could into the warm  
moistness of Dodge’s wife’s pussy, trying to drive from his mind the  
anguished thoughts.
He had known Bill was here, at least Valerie had said mat he was  
coming, but she hadn’t said anything about this! His own sweet Jessica  
being lured into this swingers’ set!
God, he was getting turned on beyond belief! Excited from the wet  
sucking noises coming from Bill’s hotly licking tongue as he plundered  
me very depths of Jessica’s hot steaming pussy. And suddenly, without  
knowing, he forgot it was his own girlfriend there, he forgot it was  
another man bringing cries of pain and pleasure from her lust contorted  
lips. It was just another woman, a hot passion-crazed naked woman  
writhing and twisting in the throes of an act as old as the ages. He  
felt his cock throbbing and aching against the covers below, his  
testicles felt swollen and angry at their neglect and he could feel  
small droplets of cum begin oozing from the tip of his penis wetting  
the mattress beneath where it had rubbed. It jerked when suddenly he  
heard her cries and pleadings for further and further indignities to be  
heaped upon her. He moaned in piteous masochistic torture as Bill Dodge  
followed her screams and rammed his small finger deep into her  
virginally unplundered little asshole.
And she was begging for more! He was sucking her harder and harder!
He heard her murmuring obscene words, words he didn’t know she even  
knew, broken and slurred, mixed with the animal mutterings of passion  
from deep in her lungs. She groaned incessantly and he could hear the  
rustling of her naked skin against the bed as it twisted and turned  
beneath Dodge’s relentlessly licking tongue. He could picture her with  
her face wildly contorted in abandoned ecstasy, her body bent double  
with the toes of her feet touching the bed up over her shoulders, her  
loins presented up in defenseless virginal surrender to his voraciously  
sucking mouth.
And then, then she loosed an unearthly squeal that was low and sharp  
and sounded as though he were killing her except that Phillip knew only  
too well that wasn’t the case. She was at the point of orgasm, brought  
there by another man, and the wet sucking noises coming from Jessica’s  
widespread and nakedly open young pussy filled the room as Bill Dodge  
licked and sucked between her thighs faster and faster with his  
tireless lizard-like tongue. God, it was something only he should be  
doing, yet somehow it didn’t anger him, it excited him!
He heard her voice gasping,  “Aaaaahhhhh … ” trailing off to a small  
almost helpless cry of piteous whimpering as she moaned out her  
completion through desire tortured lips.
Phillip’s body was tense, and he sucked harder against Bill’s wife’s  
open loins trying to no avail to kill the furious aching desire  
building in his cock below as he heard his own nakedly spread  
girlfriend being debauched as she had never been before.
He heard her breathe deeply, a sigh escaping from far down inside her  
still heaving chest. She gave small occasional cries of further  
sensation as her teasing lover nipped for a moment longer at the still  
throbbing bud of her tiny erect clitoris.
There was silence for a moment, broken only by the heavy spent  
breathing coming from the other side.
He listened intently to see if Whey would stop or go on to something  
else as equally perverted and dirty as the act they had just finished.  
His own sucking was forgotten now; his only desire the need to contain  
this restless urge in his loins to leap the distance that separated  
them and rape his girlfriend where she lay. God, he wanted more than  
anything to fuck her now. He wanted to bring the same responses from  
her lips that the older man had, he wanted, needed to show her he could  
do it just as well, maybe better.
There was a rustle of the bedspread and the soft sound of a naked body  
twisting around on it. Soft whispers that he could not make out drifted  
across in the silence. They were moving about for some reason, and  
there was the audible sound of heavy, coarse male breathing becoming  
more and more excited by the second. He was whispering things that  
Phillip could not make out clearly but from their tone alone sounded  
lewd and forbidden. Then suddenly, there was a gasp from Valerie  
Dodge’s husband’s lips as though he were in sudden pain, his voice  
broke through the stillness like a knife, loud and clear so that  
Phillip could not mistake Heir cruel sadistic significance:
 “Ooooh, your mouth is so nice, baby. ”
Phillip groaned into Valerie’s wetly gyrating cunt and clenched his  
eyes tightly shut, wishing to blot out the horrible picture forming in  
his mind of the sweet young Jessica’s virginal lips ovaled wide and  
slipping obscenely down over the man’s thick, excitedly glistening  
cock. This was the ultimate humiliation, lying here with his face  
pressed tightly between another woman’s thighs as his own beautiful  
young innocent girlfriend sucked another, at least Dirty years older  
than she, man right on the next bed.
 “Tighten your lips and suck harder, ” he heard Bill hiss through  
passion-clenched teeth. He jerked his head up, forcing it from  
Valerie’s desperately clinging hands and tried to peer through the  
darkness. He could see nothing but his imagination went wild, the low  
dim form of Jessica, probably nude, haunched on all fours over Bill  
Dodge’s heavily grinding loins with his cock buried deep in her mouth,  
emerged in his jealousy-crazed mind. She was not fighting it and low  
soft muffled mewls of pleasure drifted across the room from her cock-
stuffed Croat.
 “Don’t leave me, don’t, please, darling! ” Valerie shouted, fighting  
desperately with her hands to draw his head back down between her wide-
spread, unsatisfied thighs.
But Phillip twisted away, ignoring her pleas, the wet sucking noises  
Jessica was making with her ovaled lips and the grunts of pleasure  
coming from Bill Dodge’s mouth as she labored lewdly over him were too  
much. Forgotten was his anger, his jealousy, his confusion … he was a  
wild uncontrolled animal now that wanted nothing more than to ram his  
aching tortured cock into that gorgeous long-haired blonde, no matter  
what the cost to both their promising careers. He wanted to punish her  
as she had been punishing him by her obscene submission to the man on  
me next bed.
He rose from the end of me mattress where his legs were hanging over  
the edge and half-stumbled toward the obscene wet sucking noises in me  
darkness. He banged his shin painfully against me corner of the bed but  
ignored it in his frenzy. He Crust his hands out in front of him,  
feeling the air toward the sounds and where he knew me end of the bed  
should be.
There was an abrupt inhale of breath and me sucking noises stopped as  
his hands came into electrifying contact with the softly swaying flesh.  
It stilled for a moment, and then, with what he was sure was a soft  
muffled laugh of triumph, began again. He probed experimentally with  
his fingers, digging them harshly into the smoothly naked skin. He  
found her back bone, the tiny ridges standing out from the humped-over  
position she was kneeling in. He followed it slowly down toward her  
buttocks until he came into warm contact with the crevice of her ass.  
It was hanging right over the end of me bed and swaying high in the  
air, her knees wide apart on the edge of the mattress. He moved around  
directly behind her, running his hands over the smooth white cheeks of  
her softly rippling buttocks. He could feel them quivering under his  
touch from the movement of her head below as she bobbed and twisted her  
face, her lips still locked obscenely around Bill’s ever-growing prick.
Phillip gritted his teeth, tiny droplets of sweat beginning to roll  
from his forehead and with his thumbs, he drew the soft flexing crevice  
of her ass wide apart. He ran the middle finger of one hand down the  
entire length of it, feeling it still wet and open from Bill’s saliva  
and her own orgasmic fluids that had gushed so wildly from it moments  
before. He thrust his finger into her cunt, feeling her jerk slightly  
forward from the sudden invasion. A deeper mewl came from her throat  
but she didn’t let up with her sucking of the older man’s cock for an  
Damn, she’s burning up, Phillip thought, amazed at her newly-found  
passion, his already aching penis throbbing again in anticipation of  
ramming it between those beautifully shaped mounds of her ass. Again,  
the lewd thought of fucking her this way, from behind while another man  
fucked into her mouth, overcame all his shame and humiliation from her  
wanton submission to Valerie’s husband. Pushed aside for now were his  
fears his puzzled anguished thoughts about her virginity … had she  
been lying to him all along? Was it all some cruel joke, and she was  
letting other men fuck her the whole time?
He slipped his hand from her cunt and with an outward pressure of his  
thumbs spread me full rounded moons wide apart as he leaned forward.  
His prick made a sharp, electrical-like contact with the soft sparse  
pubic hair covering the slim folds of tender young flesh which enfolded  
her vagina. He gasped aloud as he felt her hand reach back! Reach back  
under her body, her fingers fondly grasping his desire-thickened shaft.  
She moved it up and down for a moment, parting me softness of her  
sparse blonde pubic hair and men guided it gently forward. He let his  
hips move to the slight tug until, with a sudden groan that began deep  
in his chest, the warm moist flesh of her vagina popped teasingly over  
the head of his cock like a tight fitting glove. He could feel the  
softness of the curly soft lining of pubic hair brushing teasingly  
around where it entered her.
Phillip could hold back no longer … he threw back his head and rammed  
forward, not knowing what to expect from Jessica not knowing or caring  
any longer whether he would meet a virginal wall of flesh, or the  
hungrily sucking cavern of a dirty little street whore. His great cock  
flooded into his kneeling sweetheart like a tide, tearing and bursting  
everything in its path, deeper and deeper until his loins smacked hard  
against her upturned ass. He could feel the white soft cheeks flattened  
outward from the wide-split anal crevice towards her hips from the  
pressure he was exerting on her backside. He convulsively reached  
forward, clasping his hands tightly around her narrow waist where it  
flared into her trim girlish hips and held her tight so that she could  
not escape his ravishing thrusts. His fears were fulfilled soon enough  
as his long thick cock slithered easily into the tight confines of her  
well-lubricated pussy sheath, but there was no time for thinking of  
that now … her virginity was not in question, only her ability to  
satisfy two men fucking her at the same time, to fulfill her role in  
the universe by answering their needs, emptying their loins of the  
painfully building sperm and giving them the pleasure that followed.
A low muffled moan came from her lips, distorted in sound by the huge  
thick cock throbbing deep in her throat and she tried to squirm forward  
to escape me deep and sudden impalement of her widely spread young  
pussy. But there was no escape, she held like in the jaws of a vise,  
skewered helplessly between Bill Dodge’s cock buried deep in her throat  
and that of her boyfriend grinding deep into her upraised vagina from  
the rear.
Valerie’s husband lying beneath her, held her head trapped tightly  
between his hands, his legs splayed out wide on either side of her  
knees. He thrust his cock mercilessly into her mouth. At the other end,  
Phillip surged into her with long deeply punishing strokes into the wet  
throbbing slit between her buttocks which hollowed and shook beneath  
his hands as though she were being beaten with chains.
The older man’s hand suddenly clenched above his head from the  
involuntary spasms building in his body, and in his frenzied ecstasy,  
his elbow bumped the bedside light switch, bathing the whole scene in  
light, freezing the moment forever in a lurid tableau of wanton  
But no one cared … they were all too far gone to notice such a minor  
Phillip swung his head from side to side as he rammed his cock deeper  
and deeper from behind into Jessica’s stretched and heavily filled  
young cunt, and suddenly he could catch a side view of this lewd scene  
in the mirror that ran alongside the bed. He groaned in anger and  
frustration as the obscene picture of his own supposedly virginal young  
girlfriend, the girl he was going to marry, being fucked like a whore  
between two of them in this subservient kneeling position she was in  
came clearly to his eyes. He could see Bill Dodge’s huge thick rod  
disappearing and re-appearing between her hungrily sucking lips, her  
long disheveled blonde hair flowing down over her head to lie in a soft  
pool on his rounded, hair-covered belly. Her firm, white tits danced  
and shook below her heaving chest as Cough they had strings attached to  
the nipples and were being tugged and pulled from above.
On the other side of the immense bedroom, he could see Dodge’s helpless  
wife, Valerie, watching them with her eyes opened wide and smoky from  
the effect the salacious sight was having one her. Her legs were drawn  
up in a crab-like position with three fingers of one hand thrust far  
down into her wetly-spread cunt. Her other hand massaged her own  
breasts in wild circular motions as she worked vicariously in time to  
the cruel buffeting of Jessica’s naked young body impaled between her  
young lover and her husband.
He wanted to cry, scream, anything … anything to pull his future  
young bride’s suddenly insatiable craving body from between them but he  
couldn’t. His prick ached and throbbed inside her now voraciously  
clasping pussy and he couldn’t bear to pull it from the soft tight  
moistness. Instead, he watched, hypnotized, in the mirror as the tempo  
increased by the second.
He began unconsciously following the rhythm Valerie’s husband was  
setting with his merciless fucking in and out of her mouth. Wilder and  
wilder the two of them became, punishing Jessica mercilessly between  
them. Their thick hoarse groans intermingled now with Jessica’s muffled  
and muted cries from around the fleshy rod stuffing the cavern of her  
mouth. She lolled limply between them, allowing herself to be used as  
they would, following their beat in the swirling of her tongue around  
Bill’s almost exploding cock. And then suddenly …
A half-human scream erupted from Bill Dodge’s throat and he locked his  
hands around the back of Jessica’s rhythmically bobbing head, drawing  
it deep down on his hotly pulsing rigidity until all Phillip could see  
left of his cock was a small bit at the base protruding wet and  
glistening from her wildly sucking lips. He watched in horrified awe as  
her throat tightened and untightened, swallowing in great desperate  
gulps the hotly erupting cum the older man was spewing up into her  
mouth. Her cheeks bloated and hollowed as the warm, working cavern of  
her throat filled and emptied, filled and emptied, as she desperately  
swallowed to rid it of the flooding white sperm pulsating into it.  
Christ, he thought to himself, the man’s balls must be filled with cum!
At the same time, he could feel a gush of warmth around his own cock  
inside her still-pulsating vagina and her own hotly exploding orgasmic  
juices began to flow out from around the edges of his deeply imbedded  
cock and down into the softness of his noisily smacking testicles.
She was cumming too now, and like a dying banshee, groaned out her  
release as she continued her now uncontrolled sucking and nibbling on  
Valerie Dodge’s husband’s slowly deflating prick. Phillip clenched his  
eyes tightly shut and felt his own testicles begin to wildly erupt up  
inside her hotly clenching young cunt walls. His hot sperm spurted like  
a firehose through the end of his still hard driving cock and squirted  
wildly far up into Jessica’s palpitating vagina. In spite of the  
excitement an obscene thought of his lewdly gushing sperm mixing with  
that of a stranger deep up inside his future bride’s greedily absorbing  
belly sent chills of revulsion creeping through him. For a moment, he  
hated her again and fucked his cock as deep as it would go up into her  
as it spewed out its lewd load, he ground his pelvis around and dug the  
head deeper and deeper, battering the smooth wet walls of her pussy  
without mercy. She whimpered, her own orgasm nearing its end and tried  
to jerk forward to dislodge him from her now satiated young cunt but he  
held her smoothly trembling buttock cheeks back against his loins now  
for a further moment, looking down on the back of her head as she  
suddenly turned to the side. Dodge’s thick, deflating prick slipped  
from her mouth and he could see thin, sticky white strings of his sperm  
still connecting her face to it even though it was now several inches  
away from her lips. Her breathing was heavy and wet as though her mouth  
and nose were completely covered with moisture. She groaned and flopped  
her head sideways to his belly, her body limp like a rag-dolls, held in  
place against Phillip’s loins only by the pressure of his hands at the  
juncture of her widespread thighs. He strained forward and emptied the  
last of his cum deep up inside her unresisting belly and then released  
his hands as he felt his own prick begin deflating inside the wetly  
flooded grip of her cunt. She slithered forward and lay still across  
the older man’s loins and chest, her own legs still wide apart. He  
caught a last view of her wide stretched vagina between her open legs  
before he fell to the side of the bed where Valerie had moved and was  
working herself with her own fingers into a frenzy. He had barely hit  
the mattress when she engulfed him in her arms and began pleading,  “Me,  
now me, darling! ”
He could see Jessica, her face still lying against Bill Dodge’s calmed  
belly, smiling over at him across the room, thin white droplets of his  
sperm still visible around her lips. Her victory was complete; she had  
hurt him deeply, exacted her revenge … and proved herself as a woman.
There were other things that night, crazy, erotic, wild things with all  
of them on the same bed together, things he’d never dreamed of, with  
Valerie and Bill Dodge directing them like concerned tutors. After a  
while, there were more drinks, and the night faded into a blur of lust-
hardened cocks and passion-moistened pussies, breasts and gasping  
orgasms. And why not, he asked himself, why shouldn’t he and his future  
young wife, Jessica, let themselves go totally?
It was obvious to the two of them that their lives would never be the  
same again anyway.
Chapter 9
Mrs. Jessica Wright dumped her tired body into the decorator-designed  
barrel-based leather chair at the closest corner of the plush loft-type  
apartment, kicked her shoes off onto the Persian carpet that stretched  
across the huge room and panted to regain her breath. It was nearly ten  
o’clock, and she had been on her feet, mostly in front of banks of  
bright lights and flashing strobes since nine this morning. But she  
wasn’t really tired; physically a little worn out, but that would pass.  
What counted was inside and there she felt nothing but contentment and  
happiness at her new life. Across the room, a half dozen of her more  
recent magazine covers, blown up into enormous proportions by some of  
the guys down at Dodge Company, dominated the room. The stereo system  
was blaring at peak capacity, and she knew what that meant … her  
husband Phillip, was working. He was the only commercial artist she  
knew who insisted on ear-splitting decibels before he could settle down  
to work.
She tried to recall what it was he’d said this morning he was working  
on now. The Ford campaign? No, it seems it was food of some sort …  
maybe I should go ask him, just to let him know I’m home.
But there was no need, for Phillip had spotted her from his crow’s nest  
work area, perched on the top half of the two-story main room in a sort  
of shelf-like corner, accessible by a pull-down set of ordinary attic  
stairs.  “Hi, honey … how was the shooting? ”
She turned quickly, startled at hearing another voice.  “Oh, you’re not  
working! ” she shouted over the din.  “I was just thinking of coming up  
to say hello, but l didn’t want to bother you! ”  
 “Sorry, I can’t hear you! ”
 “Turn down the stereo then, silly! ” She waited for Phillip to disappear  
through me doorway into his private little world, then descend the  
stairs to the main room below. His shirt was streaked with acrylics and  
tempura from me day’s work, though sometimes she wondered if he just  
doused himself with colors to look busy. Not likely, though, not for  
the man who’d just won the Art Director’s Soho showing.
 “Hi, that better, ” he said softly right in her ear this time.
 “Mmmmmm … much better, ” she purred as his hands coursed over her  
knotted shoulders.  “You can do that all you like. ”
Phillip’s fingers sneaked playfully down the ridge of her spine,  
rubbing the tiny bony protuberances as he crept toward the soft cleft  
of her buttocks.
 “Not there, baby … the knots are in my shoulders, ” she said with mock  
 “Just wanted to get you in the mood, that’s all. ”
Her ears perked up like a dog’s on the trail of game.  “Mood? Mood for  
what … Did Valerie call? ”
Phillip just went on rubbing her back and shoulders, a sheepish grin on  
his face.
 “Well, did she? Tell me, c’mon, tell me! ” she shrieked excitedly.
 “Yes, she called … and there’s a party at the Leonard Melcher’s  
tomorrow night. We’re to be there at eight. ”
Jessica fell back into the depths of the thickly padded chair, her eyes  
clenched shut and a big smile on her lips.  “Wow, I can hardly wait! Is  
Luke going to be there? ” She fondly remembered her few minutes of  
conversation with the Dodge Company’s newest producer, a tall, dark-
haired man with a build on him like Tarzan.
 “Yeah, and his wife, too … you remember, the talk-show commentator,  
Nancy Dramar? ”
She did remember … and for a fleeting second, felt a twinge of  
jealousy as she thought of me voluptuous child-star turned television  
hostess with that luxurian redhair of hers … and mat body! Jesus,  
what an enormous pair of breasts that woman had!
Phillip’s hands were around her waist now, then smoothly along the  
sides of her trim thighs and back up under the bottom of her minidress.  
She purred like a kitten being stroked as his fingers kneaded the  
tender soft flesh of her inner thighs, then snaked under me elastic of  
her panties, tenderly caressing the warm moist folds of her pussy.
 “Mmmmmm … I guess I can work you in for one little quickie, ” she  
teased.  “But darling … don’t wear me out. I want to be in fine shape  
for tomorrow. Luke has a new series coming up for the fall … and who  
knows, maybe he might just be interested in little old me for a part in  
it! ”
The End

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