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Sharon was a sixteen year old out of control teen who hardly ever went to school, people were scared of her, she had a very violent streak in her, she was racist and homophobic, the local police were wary of her and Sharon’s own family did not like her and had very little to do with her Tina who was two years younger than what Sharon was got bullied by a few of her classmates often encouraged by Sharon, Tina had jet black hair and long nails and was known as a witch, Tina kept herself to herself and did not mix with people. It was a school day but Tina was bunking off after being bullied by Sharon, Tina was in the old derelict shoe factory on the edge of the town where she lived enjoying the peace and quiet of the building, Suddenly the peace and quiet was shattered by Sharon’s loud voice as she appeared and started shouting abuse at Tina who thought enough is enough, Tina stood from where she had been sitting looked at Sharon and waved her hands and arms in her direction and loudly mumbled, Sharon carried on shouting but suddenly stopped and looked at Tina who noticed a glazed look in Sharon’s eyes and thought good it is working, Sharon walked down the stairs from the upper floor she had been on and when she was a few feet in front of Tina started to undress and after a couple minutes was naked, Tina looked at Sharon’s very ample boobs and shaved love tube and after walking round her looked at her bum then walked back in front of Sharon and started to massage her boobs with one hand while rubbing the bully girl’s love tube with the other, im who was a Bengali boy who had been nicknamed im by his mum because his sister called him im and was in Tina’s class at school appeared, im was one of Tina’s few friends and when he saw the naked Sharon and Tina rubbing her he said ” nice” and went down to wear the two girls were, Tina looked at im and smiled then stood back, Sharon went to im and started to rub his crutch before undoing his trousers and pulling them down releasing his six inch erection, Sharon then knelt on the ground and started to suck the very surprised im’s dick and after a few minutes when im squirted his cum into Sharon’s mouth she swallowed it all, im good not believe what had happened or that his dick did not go soft, Sharon then lay on the floor parted her legs and said ” fuck me” im looked at Tina who smiled and nodded her head, im went down and after a couple of minutes was thrusting in and out of Sharon’s love tube, after a couple of minutes Sharon was groaning and im felt her cum but carried on thrusting away making her cum four more times before he stopped. im looked at Tina who said time for revenge and walked away with im following her at the entrance to the derelict factory Amy and Helen who were two of Tina’s classmates were giving verbal abuse to the two elderly homeless men but when Tina waved her arms the two girls went quiet then looked at the two men who were fifty five year old twin brothers and said ” want to fuck us” and started to undress and once naked lay on the floor parting their legs as they did im watched as the brothers got down and started to thrust in and out of the love tubes of the mouthy girls, Sixteen year Steve was walking his nine year old sister home from school his sisters classmate Carol was with them and when Steve suddenly opened his trousers and pulled out his eight inch erection Carol smiled and after a minute was jerking Steve’s dick and when Steve squirted cum in four spurts Carol thought cool, a few hours later im was laying naked on his mate with a naked Tina beside him and when Tina said there will be more revenge im gave a big smile.

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