The Woods 2 – Dirty Sex Tales

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The woods were on the outskirts of the small English town, no many people went into the woods it was quite dense but sixteen year old Colin loved going there, it was one of the few places that he felt safe, Colin was a well known voyeur and was hated he had been beaten up quite a few times and had spent time in hospital recovering from injuries he had received from being beaten up but he still carried on creeping around the estate where at night in the hope that he was going to get a good view of somebody in the nude but people kept their curtains tightly closed as he walked through the woods Colin saw Amy who was four years younger than he was riding her bike, Amy’s dad had beat him up once, As he rounded a bend Colin saw Amy sat on her bike one foot on the ground the other part way up on the pedal, Colin stopped walking and could hardly believe his eyes, he could see up her short denim skirt, Amy was not wearing any panties and he had a good clear view of her love tube, Colin moved a bit closer, Amy said to him ” have you seen my sister Mandy she is in here some where looking for Steve” Colin knew that Mandy and Steve were dating and that both of them were sixteen years old, Steve told Amy that he had not seen them, Amy said ” if you seem them tell them I am looking for them” then turned her bike and cycled off, Colin walked on happy at what he had just seen, Colin walked on after a few minutes he saw Amy’s bike against a tree as he got closer he stopped when he saw Amy standing just off the track, Colin smiled broadly as he saw that Amy’s dress was laying on the floor and he could see her naked bum, Colin could not believe what he was seeing, Colin moved forward a bit and thought cool when he saw that Amy was rubbing her love tube her shirt wide open her small boobs on show, Colin stood and watched the show, he saw Amy slide fingers into her love tube and start to masturbate, Colin noticed that Amy’s nipples were erect, Colin watched as Amy masturbated and squeezed her nipples and after a few minutes saw Amy’s knees bend and realised that she had cum, Colin carried on watching Amy a she dressed properly and once she was he quickly walked off hoping not to have been seen. As Colin got a bit further he saw Steve standing near a tree his seven inch dick out as a s Steve bi sexual boy Colin thought nice very nice Steve turned his back and Colin saw Mandy walking towards Steve undoing her shirt she did and when she opened her shirt Colin saw that Mandy was not wearing bra her very ample naked boobs with erect nipples on full view, Mandy embraced Steve and the pair started to snog after a couple of minutes the pair parted Colin smiled as he could now clearly see that Steve had a nine inch erection which Mandy started to stroke while Steve massaged her boobs, after a few minutes Steve moved slightly to one side and squirted his cum in four spurts., Colin watched as Steve wiped his dick and put it away then walk off leaving Mandy behind who walked off leaving her shirt open. Colin thought it was his lucky day and as he rounded the bend he saw Mandy stood looking in his direction her naked boobs still on view, Colin slowly approached her, Mandy said to him ” you like watching me wank Steve off with my tits on show” Colin nodded Mandy then told him you like watching we like showing ” Colin just looked at Mandy who then warned Colin that he ever told anyone he would deeply regret it, Mandy then said ” here comes Amy now” Colin looked round and saw Amy coming towards him on her bike, Colin smiled when he saw that Amy was naked he looked at her developing boobs and love tube Amy stopped by him and said ” you can look at us watch us but no touching” Colin turned back to face Mandy and saw that she was now naked, he looked at her love tube sand very erect nipples, Amy walked past Colin wheeling her bike, Colin looked at the naked bums of the two sisters as they walked off thinking very cute I am coming in here more often and looked round as he heard a voice shout out ” Amy wait for me” as he looked he saw Amy’s naked classmate Sara and thought I certainly am coming here more often as he looked Sara’s love tube and small pubes then her bum as she went by and thought wonder who else will be here.

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