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This Is Why I Love Soccer by Ginny

I’m a 20 year old female college soccer player. I wouldn’t say I’m an elite player, I was just good enough to get a scholarship to play for a small Division II university. Anyway, the reason I began my story by talking about soccer is that my involvement in the sport has had a big impact on my sex life. For one, soccer players do a lot of running so I have a trim, hard body that looks great in a bikini as well as long, firm, shapely, cellulite free legs. I’m also a pretty blond. My friends say I look a lot like Jenny McCarthy. As a varsity athlete with calender girl looks, I enjoy a certain popularity on campus. I get invited to a lot of parties and other functions and as a result I meet a lot of cute guys. My sex life is not dull.

I first started to realize how much soccer could help spice up my sex life while I was at a coed soccer camp. The first year I attended was the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school. We had a couple of hours of free time each afternoon and most of the kids took advantage of the fact that the camp had great aquatic sports facilites. We could kayak, canoe, swim, etc.

Naturally, there were a lot of girls parading around in bikinis, including me. There were plenty of cute guys to drool over us, and of course, the girls drooled over the guys too.

The adults who ran the camp wouldn’t want it to get around, but there was plenty of sexual misbehaving going on. They could have placed curfews, tried to monitor us, posted spys in the dorms, etc. But horny teenagers are going to find ways to break the rules. I know I did.

As I said, my first year at camp was when I was 16 between my sophomore and junior year. I had sex for the first time when I was 15, just after the start of my sophomre year. By the end of the school year I had enjoyed sex with 7 different partners. That year at soccer camp, I had sex with three additional guys, Andy, Scott and Micky. I fucked them separately, not all at once.

The experience I’m writing about happend the following summer, and it involved me and 7 guys. I was 18, between my junior and senior years. It was the first day of camp. I was parading around the beach in my bikini and enjoying the admiring looks I was getting from the guys. I heard somebody calling my name and I turned to see Andy. He was one of my sex partners from the previous year. It was the first chance I had to see him that summer, and he ran up and wrapped his arms around me in a big bear hug, lifting me and spinning me around.

We got caught up, talking about how or teams did, then snuck off for a quick round of great sex. We were so eager to get into it that we didn’t bother with much foreplay. I didn’t even take my bikini off. I just spread my towel out on a log, laid back and let Andy push my briefs aside to enter into me. I liked screwing Andy because he has a big penis; it’s almost 8 inches long. I had 3 great orgasms before he pumped a huge load into me. We slipped our bathing suits back on and tried to be casual as we headed back for the swimming area. I ran out into the lake immediately so nobody would notice the cum stains that were seeping through my bikini briefs.

Andy and I had a second round of sex that evening. We skipped the campfire sing along and snuck off to a building we were fairly certain would be empty. This time we pleased each other orally and screwed in a variety of positions. As we were cuddling and cooling down I mentioned how much I admired his large penis. He asked if it was the biggest I had ever had and I told him I had once taken a 10 inch dick into me.

I’m not a tall girl, I’m 5-3, and I do have a relatively small vaginal opening so he gave me a sort of “yeah, right” look. I told him it was true, and I would do it again if given the chance. Unfortunately, they’re rare. He said “nyuh uh”. Again I assured him that it was true…that I had taken 10 inches into my tight little pussy and I would do it again.

He told me that there was a guy named Will at camp who had an 11 inch penis. I answered with my own inarticulate “nyuh uh”. He told me that he knew it was true because the guy was one of his team mates and a friend, and that he had seen his huge dangling dick in the showers and he knew that it was at least 8 inches long when flaccid. He knew several girls who had dated him including Andy’s own little sister who could attest to Will’s huge dick. Andy and his sister obviously had a much more open relationship than I had with my brother. I could never have discussed my sexual encounters with my brother. On top of that, I don’t know too many guys who would approve of a friend having sex with his little sister. Andy said she, his sister, couldn’t manage full penetration the first few times she and Will went out. It wasn’t until the 4th time that she was able to accomodate Will’s entire length.

I jokingly said that his sister must be a real wuss. Andy said I talked big for a girl with a miniature pussy. Then he mockingly imitated me when we first had sex the summer before “Promise to be gentle”, “Try to go slow” “Ow, ahh, ow”. We laughed and I admitted that I had been a bit of a wuss a year earlier. I also said I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. Andy said he could introduce me to Will, but he wanted to witness him penetrating me.

I had wondered for some time what it might be like to have sex in front of an audience so I agreed to it. Andy told Will about my interest in a sexual hook up, and Will quickly agreed. He knew who I was and had been admiring me.

That night the three of us snuck off to have our threesome. We got undressed and seeing me naked made the blood rush to Will’s dick. It was so big that it didn’t point upward, it was sort of level. I don’t know how to describe how big it was. There was no way I could get my hand all the way around it. Think of those foot long salami sausages that you get from Pepperidge farms. I let Andy fuck me first to help warm me up. I knew his cum would help lubricate me for Will.

I decided the best way to take Will into me would be in missionary position. I could look down and watch, and if I needed to I could reach down and use my hand to control how deep he went into me. The head was huge. I looked as big as a tennis ball. That’s probably stretching the truth a bit but it was huge. He gently used his hand to stretch my lips apart and eased the head into me. It felt a little uncomfortable as he got the head past the tightest part of my pussy. He worked it in just a little bit at a time with short soft thrusts. He took several minutes to get it all the way in. It hurt when he hit bottom, but he knew enough to stay still for a while to let me get used to him being so deep in me. He used long slow strokes, pulling back until just the head was in me before gently drilling his way back in. He didn’t try to bottom out with each thrust but he seemed to be going at least 10 inches deep. I couldn’t fuck him back, I just laid there and he did all the work. I had a really intense orgasm. I looked down and watched his shaft moving in and out. My little pink labia were clinging his dick each time he pulled out. I could tell he was getting close to cumming and he pushed himself in as far as it could go. I pushed my hips up to meet him and was rewarded with a huge rush of cum shooting against my cervix.

He stayed in me and continued to flex his penis until he was completely done having those spasms of pleasure guys do after their main orgasm. Andy then had me in doggie style position. I asked Will if he wanted to do the same but he said he liked doing it missionary with the eye contact. That was fine with me.

When we finished, we walked back to the dorms, I kissed both guys good night and we agreed that we would do it again.

I bragged to a couple other girls about my accomplishment. I didn’t think they would talk but by the next day it seemed that everyone knew. Numerous girls had tried hitting on Will. We just sort of brushed it off. That night, Andy, Will and I went back to our “secret” hide-away for another threesome. Like the night before, Andy went first. We were enjoying really good session of love making when 5 guys barged into the room. They had tailed us. If they wanted to watch Will’s big 11 inch dick in action, I figured they could. They watched in amazement as Will entered and fucked me. He made sure they could all see his dick gliding all the way into me. When he finished I decided to let the new guys do more than just be spectators. I let each of them fuck me. I swear they were all less than experienced. Not one of them lasted more than a minute or two.

So that’s how soccer first started to influence my sex life. I have taken advantage of my looks and status to hook plenty of guys here at college. I have even done a couple of gang bangs, once with 9 guys and once with 11 guys. And I owe it all to soccer.

– The End –

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