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Time for Deidre – Dirty Sex Tales

I am surprised and disgusted at myself, but need to unload what I have done. I am a typical suburban wife enjoying the good life with the love of my life, my husband of 29 years, Mike. We have two kids, with our 27 year old daughter, Babs, being the oldest. Babs is a very active young woman of the world who knows how to get what she wants. When she drives her fancy convertible sports car around town in the summer she attracts a lot of attention from the guys. One who has given her exceptional attention is her current boyfriend Trev, who is a former professional football player. Trev is a sculpted hunk with muscles and bulges that are candy for any woman’s eyes. Trev is black and in his mid 30s, and has been dating Babs for a little over a year. During her time with Trev, Babs has seemed happier than I have ever seen her and she has hinted that she thinks wedding plans may be in their future.

Every May, my husband Mike goes out of town for work for nearly a week around the Memorial Day Weekend. This year was no different. I usually tidy up around the house and garden and enjoy the peace with a good book while he is gone. This year Mike had left on a Thursday, as he usually does, and I took advantage of my peace and freedom. That first evening Babs stopped by and told me that she wanted to get me out of the house and to get out and enjoy myself. She said that she and Trev were going to a local dance club on Friday night and she was sure that I would enjoy the atmosphere and getting up off the couch. She went on to tell me that Trev has a cousin in his late 30s who loves the dance scene and is a “great guy”.  I assured Babs that I was happy as a clam staying home, enjoying a good book. My assurance fell on deaf ears with Babs as she continued to push me insisting that it would be good for me to “get-out-of-the-house” and that I would enjoy the music and the whole atmosphere at the dance club. After repeatedly declining the idea, Babs reminded me of how the previous year, with Mike gone, I was bored out of my mind just sitting around the house. I remembered that and how I had vowed that I would not just sit home bored and lonely again. With that thought in mind, I decided maybe an evening of a little dancing and music might breakup my weekend monotony. Babs was delighted and told me that they would pick me up Friday evening.

The next day Babs called me at work to tell me that they would pick me up at 6pm and that we were going to the Cheesecake Factory first for dinner before the dance club. When they arrived Trev was driving with Babs sitting next to him and Trev’s cousin, Ron, sitting in the back seat. They introduced us and I got in the back seat to make small talk as we headed to the restaurant. When we arrived and got out of the car I realized that Ron was also very athletic with a great build. Both he and Trev were dressed very sharp for an enjoyable night out. I had worn a short culotte and a silky semi-transparent white top to help me stay cool during an evening of dancing. As we entered the restaurant I couldn’t help noticing that quite a number of patrons had turned to look at us, two white women with two black men. I felt self-conscious and a little uneasy but was determined to enjoy the evening out. Both Trev and Ron couldn’t have been more gentlemanly as they held the chairs for both Babs and I as we sat down and then asked us what wine we would most enjoy with dinner. After a great meal and a bottle of wine we were ready to head for the dance club. I was beginning to feel more at ease and was starting to look forward to the evening.

In the back seat with Ron again I noticed that we had both sat a little closer to the middle than earlier before dinner. Again, Ron was a perfect gentleman complimenting me on some of our conversation during dinner. When we arrived at the dance club I found it to be a lot of retro disco with a good deal of oldies from my youth. The four of us found a table and ordered a round of drinks.  After finishing our drinks we all made our way to the dance floor as loud and lively music filled the air. Ron and I started slowly but became more lively as we became more comfortable with each other. Other than weddings, it had been a long time since I had done much dancing. But it soon became obvious that Ron was no novice as his body moved perfectly to the music. To put me at ease and help me get over my fear he took my hands as we began to dance jointly. I just followed Ron’s moves which helped me become more confident and in rhythm with the music and the crowd. After a break and another drink we hit the dance floor again for what seemed to be louder and more lively music. Soon Ron was spinning me as we bumped and touched through our dance. Ron was slowly getting more suggestive with his dance moves, but always maintained a smile and a look into my eyes. I would return his eye contact as I was becoming more comfortable and appreciative of his attention. Getting quite warm from all the moves and dance we retreated back to our table for another break. The guys both headed to the bar for another round of drinks. Upon their return as Ron was putting my drink on the table in front of me he slightly bent and ever-so-lightly kissed the back of my neck. The gesture sent shivers through my body as I was becoming attracted to him. I became aware that my womanhood was quivering and becoming moist. After another session of dance I let Babs and the guys know that I was becoming exhausted and wanted to go.

Returning to the car, Ron held the back door open for me as I got in. This time instead of staying next to my door I slid over to the middle as Ron climbed in next to me. After realizing what I had done I still didn’t move toward the opposite side. Sitting close to Ron felt good and I was enjoying his attention. He leaned over and whispered in my ear how much he enjoyed dancing with me, and without thinking, I turned my head and kissed him on the lips. The light kiss soon erupted into a full-blown embrace as we each hugged and kissed passionately. It felt so good to have a younger and athletic handsome man embrace me so tightly and warmly. It had been years since Mike and I embraced so tightly with so much emotion. All of a sudden I had become putty in Ron’s arms. I didn’t intend to but I began rubbing Ron as I loved the feel of his arms around me and his lips against mine.

Instead of taking me home, I found that Trev had taken us to his place only a few miles from the dance club. When we went in he put on some soft music and mixed us another round of drinks. It had been a wonderful evening and the drinks had helped me enjoy the company and the experience. Sitting back on the couch with my drink, Ron sat down tightly against me and put his arm around me. I was so at ease that as Ron leaned over for a passionate kiss I found that I couldn’t or didn’t want to resist. I noticed that Babs was sitting on Trev’s lap as they both finished their drinks as they began to wrap their bodies around each other. In an atmosphere of heat and passion I began to feel Ron sliding his hand up my thigh. I didn’t resist and felt him slide all the way up between my legs as I noticed how wet I had become.

Suddenly Babs and Trev got up and went in his bedroom, closing the door behind them. Ron continued to kiss me passionately while squeezing me and feeling me up. It all felt so good that, without realizing, I had begun to stroke Ron’s manhood through his pants. I was aware that he was quickly becoming big and hard. Without missing a beat, he stood up and grabbed my hand pulling me up as he walked me into the spare bedroom and closed the door. In the dim light of the night we were stroking and grabbing each other as we kissed and began to  undress each other. I was a married woman in the throes of deep passion with a beautiful black hunk.

Ron had me down to my panties in no time as I pulled down his pants to expose his meaty black penis. It was long and thick and without thinking I had fallen to my knees to suck him with my mouth. I had a hard time getting it in my mouth but was sure to work his shaft with both hands as well as my mouth. After getting him as hard as could be Ron pulled me up and put me on the bed. He immediately removed my panties as I lifted my hips to help him do so. All thoughts of being a married woman escaped me by this point and all I could think about is how good it would be to have a real man inside me. Although Ron was fully hard and erect he took his time with me and performed the most sensuous oral stimulus I had ever experienced. Within a very short time I was in intense orgasm and looking forward to having him completely. I asked him if he was going to wear a condom, to which he responded that “he didn’t have any”. He gave me the choice to stop but I wanted him so bad. He assured me that he was completely clean and disease-free and in my passion I was ready to let him proceed.

As he moved up between my legs I just wanted his black manhood inside me. As he pressed into my vagina my juices made his penetration only slightly painful. Within a couple of thrusts I began to feel the pleasure of intercourse with a beautiful black man. I was feeling every vein of his shaft and I quickly realized that Ron knew how to please a woman. I was gasping for breath as intense orgasm griped my body. My lover continued to pump in and out of me as the orgasm seemed to last and last. I wrapped my legs around Ron and pleaded for him not to stop. I began whispering to Ron to please fuck me all night. Ron had me change positions multiple times and continued pleasuring me for nearly a half hour before I felt him stiffen and shoot an enormous load of sperm inside me. Immediately, I realized that I was still fertile since I had yet to enter menopause. Oh, but I had never had multiple orgasms like that before and all I could dwell on is how Ron had satisfied me in such a pleasurable way.

I wanted more and as I lay in my lovers arms I almost instinctively grabbed my lover’s cock and began to stroke him to erection once again. This married white suburban wife was destined to enjoy the remainder of the night making love to her black man-hunk. The next day I went to Victoria’s Secret for some sexy, new lingerie. For the next week I made love with Ron every night during Mike’s absence. I knew that it was wrong to cheat on my husband, but I felt so alive and fulfilled as a woman. I felt sexier and more desired than at any time in my life.

Despite my guilt the drive to be with my lover has been overwhelming. I have started masturbating just thinking about Ron and the way he makes love to me. I had never masturbated before. Since May I have managed to slip away for a rendezvous with Ron almost every week. I can feel my heart-rate increase and my nerves tingle each time that I know that we will be together. I feel that I have become addicted to Ron’s black manhood and his soulful loving.

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