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Too Hot – Dirty Sex Tales

The whole world was suffering from the extremely hot weather, the weather was the hottest that it had ever been known, there was a drought on with the little water available being rationed, crops were failing and food was also being rationed, hospitals were being over worked with sun related illnesses, the fire service was also stretched past their limits, people were wearing as little clothing as they could to try and stay cool some people stayed naked in their homes, the heat caused people to loose their tempers quickly and fights were breaking out in different places, the heat caused roads to melt so there was no traffic, all transport had been suspended, night time was cooler but still hot, all public buildings including schools were closed, sixteen year old Steve had been naked in his room when he went to the lounge as he walked in he saw his nine year old step sister Amy sat talking with her friend Pao a nine year old Bengali girl both girls looked straight at Steve’s seven inch hairy dick and smiled, later Steve was talking to his best mate Martin and told him about being caught naked, Martin told him he had also been caught naked and knew of others who had, at a meeting of the town council it was agreed that if people wanted to they could be naked at any time even in public during the hot weather and gradually people were walking around naked, Pia who was Pao’s twin sister was at the rubbish chute in the tower block of flats where she lived when Steve walked in he was naked and Pia smiled when she saw his dick as she left she saw Martin who was naked waiting for Steve, Pia looked at his six inch shaved dick before going back to her flat, after a couple of days nearly everybody in the block of flats were walking around naked, one evening Pia was on the roof where it was cooler when Steve walked past her as he did he bumped into her and Pia felt his dick brush against her arm after saying sorry Steve went to the secluded area of the roof from where she was Pia could still see Steve she saw him standing smoking a cigarette and saw his dick grow and become erect standing up at nine inches and despite only being nine years old knew what she was looking at and when Steve started to jerk Pia knew what he was doing and watched and after five minutes when Steve squirted his cum in four spurts she knew what it was, Sara was sat in her flat trying to get her boyfriend Mark aroused, but Mark who at seventeen was a year older that what Sara was to hot and not interested and after twenty minutes left the flat and went home leaving Sara frustrated and horny, Palash who was Pia’s brother and two years younger than Sara and lived in the flat next door to Sara went onto the balcony Sara saw Palash who was naked with a six inch erection, Palash saw Sara laying o the floor as he looked at the naked girl he noticed that her nipples were erect and when she parted her legs and smiled at him Palash smiled back and went into the flat and knelt between Sara’s legs and after a couple of minutes was sliding his dick into Sara’s love tube then started to thrust in and out but after only a couple of minutes the inexperienced boy was squirting his cum over Sara’s stomach and not long after went back to his own flat leaving Sara disappointed and still horny, after cleaning up Sara went to the roof where she saw Martin who immediately got a full eight inch erection and when Sara lay down on a blanket and parted her legs Martin smiled and went over to her, Pia was still on the roof and watched in awe as Martin slid his dick into Sara’s love tube and start to thrust in and out and after a couple of minutes could hear Sara groaning and saw her cross her ankles of round the lower part of Martins back and after ten minutes smiled as Martin squirted his cum in very long squirts, Pia left the roof and started to go back towards her flat when she saw Steve enter the rubbish chute room his dick was erect, Pia went into the rubbish chute room and saw Steve standing leaning against the wall, Pia smiled at him, Steve smiled back, Pia went over to Steve and held his dick in her hand and was surprised at the stiffness and how warm it was and started to stroke it and after five minutes smiled broadly as Steve squirted cum in five spurts. A couple of hours later the sun was just starting to get hot the weather forecaster on the radio was saying that there would be no change in the weather for at least another six months there were many groans heard round the block of flats but there were also some big smiles appear on many peoples faces.

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