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Trailer park fun 11 – Dirty Sex Tales

Chapter – 11

George sat by the lake. David and Princess weren’t here. He would have enjoyed sharing fucks with David and having Princess lick him off. When he got home from school there had been a note that his mother and grandmother had gone shopping and they wouldn’t be back till after eight o’clock. He was horny.

He took off his bathing suit and played with his prick. It got hard but jerking off wasn’t as much fun. He didn’t jerk off in school because he wanted to save it for an afternoon sex party. He slept with either his mother or grandmother and there never jerked off then. One of them would wake him up in the morning by giving him a blow job and that was a neat way to wake up. Someone called his name. He turned and saw Mary came down the path. George turned crimson with embarrassment. Mary stood there and stared at his stiff prick. He blushed yet again and turned his back on her.

“Turn around, Mary. Let me get my bathing suit on. Please!”

Mary turned and he put on his suit. It didn’t help much his prick pushed out against the crotch of his bathing suit making a bulge. There was no built-in jock and the outline of his prick showed clearly. He hoped against hope that Mary wouldn’t notice or that she wouldn’t know what it was. Mary turned around, walked over, and sat down beside him. She kept her eyes glued to the crotch of his bathing suit.

“George, why haven’t you been over recently? I never get to visit with you anymore and I miss your company. I like it when you come to visit with me.”

Since George had discovered sex he’d been too busy to spend time with Mary. He couldn’t tell her what he and David did with Princess. Telling her about the things he was doing with his mother and grandmother would get them all in trouble. George searched for some excuses he could use and he did the best he could.

“Well, we had this camper here with a boy my age and I had to stay here to be his host.”

“But he left over a week ago.”

“It’s almost summer and I’ve been helping fix the place up for when the RVs start to get here.”

“You’re not doing much fixing. I saw you pulling on your thing when I came up the path.”

Mary looked at his crotch through this whole conversation and George was flustered. There was still the big bulge of his hard prick in the crotch of his bathing suit. George was still blushing as he tried to think of something to say. He drew a blank.

“Uh – well – Gee, aw heck, I can’t talk to you about that, Mary.”

“Why not? I’ve seen you do that. The time you went into the woods to pee, I wanted to see your thing so I followed you. I saw you pee, then you spit on your hand and slid it up and down your thing. After a while some white stuff spurted out of your thing. What was that? Where you trying to make that happen again?”

George’s experience was with adult women and they seduced him, not the other way around. Mary was a girl. He wanted to see her cunt and couldn’t blame her for spying but he couldn’t to talk to Mary about it.

“Aw, Mary, you’re embarrassing me. I just can’t talk to you about it.”

Mary wasn’t going to be that easy to put off.

“Why not? I want to talk to you about it. Do you feel good when you rub your thing like that. It makes me feel good when I rub myself down there? All of the girls at school know where you boys go in the woods and we hide out to watch you. I’ve seen other boys do the same thing. Why does your thing look soft sometimes and then sometimes it gets hard and stands straight out? I want to see what you do. Will you show me?”

Mary was sorry she hadn’t waited until till the stuff shot out before she called. Maybe he wanted to see between her legs. Most boys were always trying to. If she offered to let him see would he let her see his thing?

“If you show me what you do to feel good, I’ll show you what I do. I’d like you to see me down there even though I get mad when the other boys try to do it. I spread my legs for you once on the bus, remember?”

George sat there. Mary wasn’t waiting for his answer, she took off her jeans and panties. He could see her crotch and she didn’t have very much hair around her cunt, she had even less than he had around his prick. Her slit showed right through it. His prick started to throb. It was the most beautiful cunt he’d ever seen. Mary sat there, looked at him, and waited for his response. Still no reaction from George.

“You’re not being fair. You’re looking at me but you haven’t taken off your bathing suit.”

As If in a trance, George removed his bathing suit. His prick pointed straight up and had a drop of cum on it’s tip. Before he could move Mary wrapped her hand around it. Wow! Did that feel good. George just sat there. This was one of his old jerk off fantasies.

In spite of the things that had happened he still fantasized about doing things with Mary. He pretended he was doing things with Mary when he did them with his mother. His sex dreams were coming true again.

“I want to make that stuff spurt out, George. I want to see what it’s like.”

Mary pumped on his prick and in less than a minute his cum jetted out. This was the best jerk off George had ever had. Mary continued to pump and his prick got soft.

“Oh, it’s soft now. Will it get hard again?”

Mary massaged his limp prick. She rubbed her cunt with her other hand.

“Gee, doing that makes me itch there. When it feels like that at night I rub it and then it feels good. Will you rub me there? Please!”

George watched Mary rub her cunt and made a decision. Mary wanted to find out about sex. He knew how he could give her an even better felling than he could with his fingers. If all she’d done was finger fuck herself he would make her feel better than she’d ever felt in her life. He laid down between her legs, moved her hand out of the way, and applied his tongue to her almost hairless cunt.

Mary’s hips jumped off the ground. George pushed his tongue into her cunt and licked the inner cunt lips. He’d never tasted sweeter cunt juice. Her clit was too small to suck into his mouth so he licked it with his tongue. It harden and get a little bigger but he still couldn’t suck it into his mouth. His mouth moved back and forth. Lick cunt then massage clit. Mary’s hips jumped all over the ground. She whimpered and moaned.

“Oh, George. What are you doing? I never felt anything like that. It feels so good. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop! Ahhh! Ohhh! Oooo!”

George felt Mary’s cunt contract, she had several violent orgasms. He didn’t stop licking, it was more fun making Mary react this way than it was when he gave his mother or grandmother good feelings. He worked Mary’s cunt over until she couldn’t take any more and pushed his head away from her crotch.

Mary lay there panting. George sat back on his heels and grinned at her. He knew he’d done a good job on Mary. He’d never seen anyone have such turbulent orgasms before. George was very proud of himself and her was glad he could make Mary feel so good.

“Oh, George, the girls said that some boys did that and I didn’t believe them. I never thought anything could feel that good. I love you! But isn’t it nasty to put your mouth there?”

“Gees, no. It’s not nasty at all, it’s a lot of fun. I like lapping your cunt Mary. It makes me feel good when I make you feel good. I love you too. I’ve wanted to do that to you for a long time. I even thought about doing it to you after you let me see your panties that day on the bus. I’m glad you liked it.”

George did like lapping cunt and it usually gave him a hard on even if he’d just shot off. Mary saw his prick was standing at attention and moved closer to examine it thoroughly. George waited to see what Mary would do next. He knew his mother or grandmother would suck his cock or fuck him but Mary wasn’t an adult woman. She was the same age as he was and he was sure she’d never done anything with a boy before.

Mary was sitting there gently pulling on his prick and looking back and forth from what her hand was doing and at George’s face. She had some thinking to do at this point and took her time doing it. George used the word ‘cunt’ and the term ‘cunt lapping’. The girls did talk like that among themselves and Mary had used those words talking to the girls, but she’d never even imagined using them to a boy.

The girls also talked about cock sucking. Mary hadn’t believed a girl would suck a boy’s prick any more than she believed that a boy would lap a girl’s cunt, but George had lapped her cunt and she’d never felt anything like it before. It had been awesome!

How come George had lapped her cunt? He acted like he knew what he was doing. Had he done that before with someone else? She knew it couldn’t have been with someone at school. The time she’d spread her legs so he could see her panties on the school bus he’d been real embarrassed and he’d blushed. She guessed that something had happened to George since then. Well she wasn’t going to find anything out just sitting there and looking as much as she liked looking at his prick.

“George, you’ve done that before haven’t you? You knew what you were doing and how to do it.”

“Uh, – yeh, – I guess I have.”

“What am I supposed to do, George? I haven’t done anything like that. Am I supposed to uh – well – ah – suck your cock?”

It had been a hard to use those words but once she’d used them Mary was glad. She held on to George’s prick and he was gently pushing a finger in and out of her cunt and massaging her clit with his thumb.

It was George’s turn to consider his response. All the adults he’d had sex with had been emphatic about not making anyone do anything they didn’t want to do. He wasn’t sure if he should ask Mary to do something she might not want to do but he sure did want Mary to give him a blow job right now.

“I like to have my cock sucked, but you don’t have to if you don’t want. You may not like it and if I shoot off in your mouth you may not like that. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

She wasn’t sure she wanted to suck cock but she wanted to learn about sex. She sniffed at the remaining cum on her finger and touched it to her tongue. She put her finger in her mouth, sucked the cum off of it, then licked more of the residue from the palm of her hand. It didn’t taste bad at all. She rather liked it. If she was ever going to learn more about sex, now was the time.

“I want to try it George. You made me feel good, now I want to try to make you feel good. Tell me what to do. I don’t know what would feel best to you.”

“If you’re sure you want to. Just lick the head of my prick then suck on it. It all feels real good.”

Mary got between George’s legs and licked a drop of cum from his prick. George quivered and she licked again. This wasn’t nasty. She licked around the head. George’s hips lifted and she sucked his cock into her mouth. She liked the satiny skin against her tongue. Mary rubbed her tongue all over George’s prick.

There was something about having Mary suck his cock that made it much better than usual. Mary was his very special girlfriend and having her suck his cock felt better than any blow job he’d ever had before.

George wanted to fuck her mouth and he wanted to just lie there and feel what Mary was doing. Mary was sucking his cock!

Mary didn’t have to be told what to do once she had George’s prick in her mouth. She raised her head and lowered it and tongue massaged the underside of George’s prick. She felt the tension in George’s body and bobbed her head at an increasing speed.

George thrust his prick into her mouth each time she lowered her head. He couldn’t control himself and fucked his prick into Mary’s mouth. His pubic hair brushed her nose on each stroke and his balls slapped into her chin. It was all very exciting. She could feel her cunt quiver in response to the urgent thrusts of his hips.

George knew he couldn’t last much longer. He moved around, pushed a finger into Mary’s wet cunt, and shoved it in and out as fast as he could. He’d make Mary feel just as good as she was making him feel. George could feel the cum rising in his nuts.

A jet of cum spurted into Mary’s mouth, she almost gagged. She swallowed and decided that she liked it. She was ready for the next jet and rolled it over her tongue before she swallowed. George’s cum filled her mouth and she didn’t want to miss any of it. The jets diminished and Mary sucked the remaining dribbles of cum out of George’s balls.

George’s fingers gave Mary violent orgasms again. George’s hips relaxed back onto the ground and his prick slowly went limp as she sucked it in and out of her mouth. She really didn’t want to release it. His soft prick felt good in her mouth. She kept up a gentle sucking till George pulled his body away. She had made George feel real good and it was her turn to sit back on her heels and grin.

“Did I do it right, George? I didn’t think I’d like it but I wanted to make you feel good. I think I do like it and I like drinking your cum. Now I know what you mean when you said that it felt good to make someone else feel good.”

“Uh – I know ‘Cocksucker’ is a nasty name to call someone but I want to be your cocksucker. I like sucking cock and from now on I want to suck on your prick and drink your cum every time I get a chance.”

Mary surprised herself as well as George at the terms she used. Well she sucked George’s cock and she drank his cum and she liked it. She liked it just as much as she liked having her cunt lapped.

She might just as well get used to the words, she wanted to get as used to the procedures as soon she possibly could. If George didn’t come to visit with her at least every other day she would come visit with him.

George kissed and hugged Mary. He pushed his tongue against her lips. Mary parted her lips in response and got another new sensation when his tongue rubbed against hers. Her body quivered and it felt as if she got an electric shock. Wow! She kissed back and pushed her tongue into his mouth. She liked this too. It was neat when he sucked her tongue. George pulled away.

“You sure did do it right. You’re not being fair though. You still have your shirt on. I’d like to see your tits and feel them too. Would you let me suck your tits? I’d like to do that.” He suddenly became very communicative. “Did you know that it feels good for a boy to have his nipples licked? My nipples get hard and crinkly just like a girl when someone licks them.”

Mary realized she was still half dressed and stripped off the rest of her clothes. They hugged and kissed some more. Each liked the feel of their bare skin rubbing against the other. Mary had to find out about how sensitive a boy’s nipples were. She pulled her tit from George’s mouth and licked his nipples. They did get hard and George did wiggle. That was neat.

George pulled away, french kissed Mary again, kissed his way down to Mary’s just budding tits and sucked on a nipple. Mary was surprised that she could feel the action in her cunt. She knew it felt good when she rubbed her tits but having George suck them was something else again.

George was enjoying his exploration of Mary’s body. He sucked on one tit until the nipple was hard and crinkly then moved to the other. He sucked that into the same state. He licked her belly then pushed his tongue into her navel. Mary jumped and George liked that.

He licked his way toward Mary’s crotch and licked her cunt. He liked the taste better than the mature cunts he was accustomed to. His prick had hardened. He licked again and Mary pushed him away.

“George, I want you to fuck me. I know it’s going to hurt because I still have my maidenhead but I want you to do it anyway.”

“Gee, I don’t want to hurt you Mary. I’ve never fucked a virgin. I don’t know what to do.”

“Oh, pooh! I never sucked a cock before either, but you said I did it good. Just try. I bet you do it right just like I sucked your prick right. I want you to fuck me and I know you’ll do it right.”

“Well, you have to stop me if I’m hurting you.”

George got between Mary’s legs and positioned his prick. He pushed his hips down. His prick went about an inch into Mary’s cunt and he felt a barrier. That was her maidenhead! He pushed again with the same results. He stopped and looked at Mary. He didn’t know what to do. Mary reached down and grabbed his prick.

“Pull it out then push again as fast and hard as you can.”

George retracted so that his prick was again poised over Mary’s cunt. She held the head of his prick in position.


George thrust with all his strength. He felt something tear and now his prick was buried in Mary’s cunt. He pulled back some, looked down, and saw blood on his prick. He was horrified, he’d made Mary bleed and he never wanted to do that to her. He tried to pull out but Mary had her hands on his buttocks and was holding him in place.

“Ouch! That did hurt. Just hold still, George. I like the feel of your prick in my cunt. Gee, it’s beginning to feel better already. Wow! This is neat. Fuck me, George! Fuck me!”

Mary’s hips accented her demands. She pushed her hips against George’s then she pulled back. George never felt a cunt as tight as Mary’s. He matched each of Mary’s hip thrusts. His prick rode in and out of her cunt. George slowed down.

This slick tight sheath was going to bring him off too soon. He didn’t want to shoot off before he was sure Mary was ready. He leaned his head down and sucked on her tit. Sometimes that made him last longer.

Tit sucking slowed George down and got Mary more excited. Mary’s whole body quivered as her orgasms started. Mary’s cunt spasmed around George’s prick and his cum jetted out of his prick to mix with her virgin blood and her cunt juice. Both of their bodies relaxed the action gradually slowed down. George let his prick soak in Mary’s cunt until it was soft then pulled out.

George had been trained to be tidy. Cleaning up the mess he made when he did things with women was fun. He switched body positions to clean his cum out of Mary’s cunt. There was something extra, he was licking up her blood along with her cunt juice and his cum.

Mary didn’t hesitate. She didn’t mind the taste of cunt juice. She didn’t mind licking up George’s cum. She just naturally licked around the prick in front of her face and sucked it into her mouth. If George was going to lick up their joint juices, so was she. Once she tried it she decided she really liked both the taste and the feeling.

Some of their joint juices had leaked out of Mary’s tight cunt. George followed the trail. He licked Mary’s ass crack. George realized that Mary didn’t know what was going to happen and he grinned to himself. He knew his next act would really blow Mary’s mind. He took his time cleaning her ass crack then licked across her asshole and pushed in his tongue.

Mary was busy sucking George’s limp cock to clean it off and she was concentrating on what she was doing. George’s tongue on her ass crack had caused a jerk of her hips. It felt real good, Then George licked her asshole. She’d never heard of anyone doing anything like that. How could George put his mouth there! It was disgusting! It felt so good!

Nothing that felt so good could be disgusting. If George could do that to her she could do it to him. She wanted to make him feel just as good as he was making her feel. Mary licked her way across George’s balls. She continued and was surprised that she didn’t mind licking his ass crack. It didn’t taste any different than the other parts of his body that she’d licked.

She slowed down as her tongue moved toward his asshole. She wanted to lick him there but it was hard to make herself do it. She stopped took a deep breath. It felt like George was pushing his tongue in and out of her ass. Mary forced her tongue the last two inches and licked his pucker. George jumped.

It was worth the effort. It wasn’t disgusting and nasty. It was just as much fun as cocksucking. It made George feel good and she wanted to do that. She liked it when he licked her there and she found that she liked making him feel good by licking him there.

She was weasel wording again. She liked pushing her tongue up his asshole. That was a better way to say it. Mary grinned to herself. Boy, the girls at school wouldn’t believe all this even if she told them. She better just keep this information to herself.

Mary felt George’s prick harden. Wow! Pushing her tongue up his ass made him hard again! Good! That was another good reason for licking his ass. She liked it when his prick was hard. She licked his ass until his prick was pressing against her neck. She licked back to balls and she realized she hadn’t paid much attention to them. Mary licked them then she sucked on them one at a time. George wiggled so she sucked some more. She liked it when she made George wiggle.

Mary wiggled herself. George was lapping her cunt and it felt real good. She licked the underside of his prick and found he gave an extra jerk when she reached the spot right under his pisshole. She filed that away in the back of her mind. She sucked the loose skin she found there into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue. George responded with another very satisfactory wiggle. Mary wanted to find out where else he was sensitive. She ran her tongue around the head of his prick and he responded to that too. He pushed his prick at her face so she figured it was time to really go to work.

George darted his tongue in and out of Mary’s cunt and then he licked at her clit. He massaged it with his tongue till it got a little longer and sucked it as far into his mouth as he could.. Mary seemed to like everything that he did to her. George liked the way her hips jerked every time he changed what he was doing. He went back to pushing his tongue into the pink inner lips of her cunt and got another hip jerk.

Mary started having orgasms by the time she sucked George’s prick into her mouth. This made her movements spastic. Her head jerked back and forth and she sucked as hard as she could. George’s hips jerked too. He fucked his prick into her mouth each time her head moved toward his body. He was going to shoot off soon and he was glad to feel Mary’s cunt spasming around his tongue. He wasn’t going to come before she did. He never liked to do that.

Both kids had reached their limits. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Mary sucked another load of cum from George’s prick. Her hips were jerking her cunt all over his face.

Mary savored the flavor of George’s tribute to her efforts. She eased her sucking as George slowed down his lapping. When George’s prick was totally limp, Mary let it slip from her mouth and pulled her cunt away from his face. They lay there in the same position for a few seconds panting. George gave her cunt a few more licks and she licked the head of his now limp cock. They moved around and hugged and kissed some more. They both liked the feel of their sweaty young bodies rubbing against the other. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Mary woke up and George’s hard prick was pressed against her belly. She liked the feel of it. She wiggled her belly and felt George wiggle back. She looked at him and saw he was still asleep. Mary grinned to herself and rolled George on to his back. He resisted a little and mumbled something but he didn’t open his eyes.

Very carefully, so as to not wake George, Mary positioned her body over George’s erect prick and lowered her cunt down over it. She liked the feel of his hard cock sliding into her cunt. She lifted her hips and lowered them again watching George’s hard prick slide in and out of her slick cunt. Fucking George was fun whether he was awake or not. She was going to do it often.

George was having a wet dream. He hadn’t had one of those for over a month. He hadn’t had enough cum left to waste that way. This was a real good one. Mary was fucking him. He opened his eyes and found this wasn’t a dream! Mary was fucking him! Wow! His hips moved up to meet her descending body. Mary’s tits swung in front of his face. He sucked one into his mouth and felt Mary’s cunt contract. He sucked the nipple until it was hard then sucked on the other for a while.

Mary pulled her tit out of George’s mouth and kissed him. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and they rubbed tongues. Her cunt was contracting with orgasms again and she felt George’s hips come off the ground and his cum spurt into her cunt. This time when George’s cock got limp, she switched around to lick it clean.

George lapped at her cunt. When she followed the trail of cum down his ass-crack he pushed his tongue up her ass. She sure did like sucking and fucking with George. It was real neat. Every other day wouldn’t be enough, she’d have to come over here every day from now on.

Both kids realized how late it was getting. Mary had to be home for dinner. They kissed a few more times and quickly dressed. Mary left and George went back over what had happened. Wow! Now he could do all those things with Mary too. He had shot off five times with her this afternoon.

Gee, he hoped he could raise a hard on when his mother and grandmother returned from shopping. He knew that they would want to go a few rounds and he didn’t want to disappoint them. Well, he could always lap their cunts. He liked to do that anyway.

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