Training 2 – Dirty Sex Tales

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Mr Khan was a fifty year old Bengali man who had left his wife and was living on his own in a tower block of flats, in his younger days Mr Khan had been a long distance runner and had won many races. His next door neighbours daughters were known runners Sharon who was sixteen was often seen out on the estate with her sister Amy who was four years younger, both girls were seen jogging on quite a few occasions, Mr Khan liked the way Sharon’s boobs bounced around inside her tee shirt when she was running, Sharon’s dad found out about Mr Khans running days and asked him if he could train Sharon and Amy, Mr Khan agreed to train the two girls and the day after her dad had spoken to him Mr Khan was letting Sharon into his flat for her to start training, In his spare room which he had turned into a mini gym Sharon started running on the tread mill after ten minutes Mr Khan stopped Sharon and told her she was wasting time as her clothes were tight and restricting her breathing and blood flow, Sharon went to her flat and after ten minutes returned wearing jogger bottoms and a running vest, Mr Khans eyes lit up when he saw the side of Sharon’s boobs by the arm pit of the vest, Sharon sat on the rowing machine and started rowing knowing this would strength her legs, Mr Khan stood watching noticing more and more of Sharon’s boobs coming into view and when one complete boob came out Mr Khan thought very nice, Sharon looked down but carried on rowing then after a minute her other boob was showing, Sharon stopped and adjusted her vest saying sorry my tits were out as she did, Mr Khan said ” no problem” Sharon then said ” down at the gym we train naked” Mr Khan smiled and said ” if you want to train naked here you can” Karen stood up said ” I find it easier” and took her vest off followed by her joggers, Mr Khan looked at Sharon’s large boobs and smooth love tube thinking very nice and when she sat astride the bike Mr Khan looked at her now open love tube and thought I can fill that up and when he asked if Amy trained naked he thought very good when Sharon told him yes and ten minutes later when Amy appeared she looked at her naked sister and said ” dad wants you” after Sharon had dressed and left Amy started to undress and after a couple of minutes was naked, Mr Khan looked at her developing boobs and smooth love tube, Amy sat on the bike, Mr Khan looked at her open love tube as she pedalled he then saw Amy’s little nipples become erect, after a short time Amy stopped pedalling and said ” look at that bulge in your trackies you have a hard cock” after a few minutes Sharon returned and after taking her gear off sat naked in the rowing machine and started rowing and after a few minutes like Amy Sharon had erect nipples the two girls then swapped places, as Amy walked past Mr Khan she brushed against him, Mr Khan said ” sorry” Amy said ” that is ok at the gym they touch us up proper and they fuck us” Mr Khan looked at Sharon who said ” that’s right we don’t mind we let them it is cool” Mr Khan looked in surprise and when Sharon said ” if you want to touch us up and fuck us you can we will not stop you” Mr Khan looked at Amy who was stood in front of him and rubbed her bum and when she not move he reached round and rub her small boobs with one hand and her love tube with the other thinking I am glad I took those viagra, Mr Khan let Amy go and took his clothes off he then picked Amy up and lay her on the table when he slid his eight inch erection into her love tube Amy moaned, as Mr Khan thrust in and out of her love tube Amy groaned and moaned in pleasure and after a few minutes Mr Khan felt her cum but carried on thrusting in and out of her tight love tube and after five minutes Amy climaxed a second time, Mr Khan with drew his dick and stood back, Amy lay where she was and after a couple of minutes got up got dressed and left the flat. Mr Khan looked at Sharon went to her and started massaging her boobs then after a couple of minutes started to suck her nipples as he rubbed her love tube, Sharon was groaning, Mr Khan took Sharon by the arm and took her to the table and when he pushed his dick into her love tube pushing it in as far as he could Sharon let out a very deep sigh, Mr Khan started thrusting in and out of Sharon’s love tube as deep and hard as he could and massaging her boobs as he did and after a few minutes he felt Sharon cum and as she did Sharon cried out ” oh yes oh yes” and ten minutes later when she climaxed a second time she cried out again and not long after she climaxed a third time Mr Khan was squirting his cum up Sharon’s body, after twenty minutes Mr Khan was clearing up the room looking forward to the next session and thinking about visiting the training rooms at the gym as it sounded interesting to him. The next day as she entered the block of flats Sharon saw twelve year old Kitty and her twin brother Gary having a row with a Bengali boy and Amy protecting the boy Sharon stepped in and after telling Gary to piss off after taking the boy inside the block Sharon went to her flat where she learnt that Gary and the Bengali boy were in her class at school and that Gary was a bully when Sharon went into Mr Khans he told her that he had an assistant and an observer, Sharon stripped naked in the hall and when she walked into the spare room she got a shock Amy was leaning naked over a table with the Bengali boy thrusting in and out of her mouth and a naked Gary stood beside her Sharon was surprised to see Gary had a six inch erection, Gary said fucking hell those tits are beauties, Mr Khan cupped Sharon’s boobs from behind saying we will have a warm up session first, Gary walked over and started to rub Sharon’s love tube after a few minutes Sharon was laying on the table with Mr Khan licking and sucking her erect nipples and after a few minutes felt Gary slide his dick into her love tube and start thrusting away, later that night Sharon was in her own room talking with Amy Sharon said ” that Gary fucked me he has a big cock for a small boy” Amy replied ” yeah he uses a penis developer he fucks me at school.. The next day Sharon saw Kitty walking out of the rubbish bin room and when she walked into the bin room She saw Gary being sucked by sucked by Amy who was bent forward with the Bengali boy thrusting into her bum, A hour later Sharon was laying naked in Mr Khan’s flat sucking his dick while Gary was sucking her nipples, Sharon thought what am I in training for then saw the Bengali boy stripping naked and smiled. thinking I hope that this training is going to pay off and I will win some nice gold medals.

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