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There were many boys who had tried to date sixteen year old Tracy or have a one night stand with her but they had all failed, Tracy was dating Steve who was in her class at school and Tracy did not believe in cheating she was faithful to Steve and had vowed not to cheat on him and told him when another boy tried to chat her up she told Steve and when the six year old boy she baby sat told Tracy that he was going to marry her Steve and her joked about it. Tracy had a part time job in a clothes shop where Steve’s best mate Martin also worked Martin had often gone to Tracey’s help when men or boys had tried to get frisky with Tracey. One day just after school had finished Tracy was walking to the shop with Martin when Martin said he needed a piss and went into the bushes, Tracy stopped to wait and as she waited she saw a gap in the bushes and got a clear view of Martin’s dick and was surprised to see an eight inch fat soft dick and could not believe her eyes, when Martin put his dick away Tracy turned her back and when Martin came out of the bushes he and Tracey continued walking to the shop where they found it closed with a sign on the door saying closed due to a family death, Marin and Tracy walked to her house where there was a note from her mum saying she was working late, As Tracy made a drink Martin stood with his hands inside his joggers Tracy saw a few pubes over the top and said to him ” stop playing with your cock” Martin laughed and said ” well you do it for me” Tracy looked at him and replied ” yeah I am sure I will” then to her surprise Martin lowered the top of his joggers letting his dick flop out and said ” come on then” Tracy looked at Martin’s dick and said ” fucking hell put it away” Martin noticed the way Tracy was looking at his dick smiled and said ” if I do you wont be able to play with it” Tracy said ” for fuck sake your cock is massive bigger that what Steve has got but I am with Steve” Martin told Tracy that Steve was not there and would never know, then moved closer to her, Martin had noticed Tracy’s pokies and said judging by those pokies you are ready for it, Tracy saw Martin’s dick start to thicken and watched in awe as it went to a ten inch erection and when Martin gently squeezed Tracy’s large pokies she just looked at him, then after a minute broke away and went to her room, Martin followed her walked up to her and started to lift her skirt Tracy said we should not, Martin gently lowered Tracy to the bed saying why not, then pushed Tracy’s skirt right up and pulled her panties down and off and started to rub her love tube which he noticed was wet, Martin said ” you want it” then positioned his dick on Tracy’s love tube and slowly pushed it in, as Tracy felt it slide up her love tube she moaned out loud, Martin started to gently thrust in and out hearing Tracy groan as he did and after a minute felt her cum but did not stop thrusting in and out and after another five minutes felt Tracy climax a second time then a third, Tracy was moaning and wriggling in deep pleasure and after twenty more minutes had cum three more times before Martin squirted his cum over her body. Two hours later when her mum came in from work Martin had left and Tracy was curled up in a ball on her bed fast asleep, Tracy’s mum covered her with a blanket. Two days later Tracy was in the shop doing a stock check on her own with the boss being away, Martin arrived letting himself in through the rear door he looked at Tracy and said ” did you tell Steve that you seduced me despite my protests” Tracy laughed Martin lowered his joggers showing his semi erect dick, Tracy said to him ” your a dirty sod” Martin walked out to the rest room and after a couple minutes the door opened and Tracy walked in, Martin smiled when he saw that she was naked her more than ample boobs had fully erect nipples, Tracy said to him ” no sex” and after ten minutes was groaning as Martin thrust in and out of her love tube an hour later as the pair sat naked on the floor Martin said I thought you were true, Tracy replied oh I am.

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