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Its Christmas evening and Lousie has planned some thing special. Nina is going to enjoy night with her friends but we have not disclosed our plan to them. She left home and than Lousie as well as Garry is in hurry to move to hotel parks at connaught place. We have booked a room for night with Uzma. My hot mom is wearing a red lehnga and choli, looking like a hot bride as I locked the door of flat with my mom to walk away. We both are waiting outside of appartment’s gate for Uzma as she is coming in her car..

Its 07:20 pm and a red lancer car stopped near us while Lousie is sitting on back seat with Uzma, I am sitting on front seat. Now car is moving on road in a slow motion as we are near ITO chowk and at 07:50, our car parked in car parking of hotel parks. Uzma directed the driver to leave for home and to come back in the morning. We three walked to reception while a service guy is with us having a bag. Lastly we reached the third floor on lift and service guy opened the room and moved away. Uzma is looking nice in her long skirt and tops, after a while a gal came there with bottles of water and Uzma…. “Need some wine, will be available here. ” And she responded positively. Lousie is sitting on sofa drinking water while Uzma opened the bag and took out a packet of cigarette. She is sitting on bed while smoking it and some one knocked the door, I opened the door to see a young gal with bottle of wine, she came in and put the bottle on table and smiled….. “Madam you can use intercom to order for dinner or some thing else

(Uzma) some thing else means baby

(Service gal) means play boy or call gal madam. ” And she walked away while I locked the door..

I am sitting in between Lousie and Uzma, while Uzma is putting wine and soda in glasses. We three started drinking wine while smoking cigarette, Lousie is unbuttoning my shirt as Uzma is busy in removing my jeans. After a while I am in my brief only as Lousie and Uzma is kissing my face as well as lips. I put my hand on mom’s breast to massage hard while Uzma pulled down my brief also to make me nude. My cock is in erection as its saluting to two hot lady. Now I stand in front of Uzma and took her in my arms to kiss her while my hand is on her waist. Our lips are locked and I pulled her skirt down to legs as I can see Lousie standing near me and I am sucking Uzma’s tongue while massaging her bum. She took out her tongue and I removed her tops to see her hot body. Now Lousie pushed her and took me in her arms as I am kissing my hot mom and took her tongue in my mouth to suck..

I removed my mom’s lehnga as she removed her choli to be in her undergarments only. Now I am nude while both lady are in her undergarments only. We are in drunken state as they both hold my wrists to move on bed. On a king size bed, Uzma pushed me and I fell on bed, she hold my penis tightly while Lousie sits on my face with her legs wide apart. Now I removed her panty as I can feel Uzma kissing my penis and rubbing glans on her lips. Now looking above, I put my lips on her (Lousie) labias to kiss while Uzma is running the glans on her lips to make me hot. A big round dome shaped ass is over my face and I am kissing her cunt, than she opened her cunt and I pushed my 2/3 rd tongue in Lousie’s vagina. My tongue is fucking the glory hole while Uzma is sucking my cock and her finger’s are in my dense pubic hair. My hand is on Lousie’s bum while my tongue is licking her cunt as I can feel Uzma’s tongue rolling on my penis. Like a sex slave I am on bed with two hot lady, now I took her vagina in my mouth while Uzma is giving me a nice blowjob. After a while, my hot mom is near my waist while Uzma Aunty is on my face. She has stretched her legs wide open and I put my lips on her vagina but she put her fingers on cunt to open her vaginal mouth as I am licking her gloryhole and Lousie is rubbing the glans on her face and lips. My penis is in full erection as Lousie took it in her mouth to suck and I am fucking my aunt Uzma’s cunt with my tongue. After a while Lousie put her tongue on my penis and I took uzma’s cunt in my mouth to suck. Now my penis is so hot that it started releasing his pre-cum and Lousie is licking it with her tongue. Uzma started screaming in joy while I am sucking her cunt….. “Oohh uummm Garry I will cum soon…. ” And I got the vaginal juice to taste it, she left my face and my hot mom is busy in sucking my cock. Now I felt the heat and shouted….. “Oohh uumm Lousie drink my cum its over. ” And Lousie drink my cum while Uzma also licked it. We three moved to washroom.

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