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Uncle Tom – Dirty Sex Tales

She had just turned 19. She had just left home although still living in her parents other flat still counted.

The bathroom tap had been playing up for a while. She sat at the kitchen table for her Uncle Tom to come and fix it. It was 8.15 am a day of work She sat in her satin dressing gown. Her long dark hair hanging free down her back. She stood to answer the door.

” Claire ” he said hugging his Niece with one arm his toolbar in the other hand.

” Uncle Tom ” she said letting him in. She lead him to the bathroom showing him the tap.

Tom was 58 short and slightly chubby. His belly hug over his short shorts. He wore a singlet. Although he was handsome and she loved his cologne.

Twenty minutes the new tap fitted he sat with her at the table drinking a cup of tea. They talked and he admired his Niece’s body. Her C Cup breasts her tanned legs. His cock hardening. She noticed her eyes looking at the bulge in his shorts. She felt horny she felt her nipples harden. ‘ Fuck my Uncle ‘ she thought. She flirted, She did the math her Uncle 39 yrs her senior. She showed more of her thighs. Tom eyes looking but not looking. She smiled at him and stood opening her gown sliding it of her back to the floor. She stood in her camisole and satin boxer briefs.

” Claire ” Tom said seeing her nipples pushing through the fabric she stepped over to him.

” You like ” she said. Tom speechless his Niece coming on to him. His Sisters daughter.

” Yes Claire but…. ”

” I’m your niece, your my Uncle, your 39yrs older than me. ” she said.

Tom knew he shouldn’t. He reached out grabbing her hips pulling her between his open legs. He looked up at her as he slid his hands up over her breasts smiling. She lifted her camisole up over her head. Tom fondled them admiring them putting his lips to her nipples his hands on her arse. She held his head as he sucked her nipples. He slid her briefs down her hips to the floor. She stepped our of them as she sat on his knee opening her legs. He slid his hand over her pussy rubbing it as he sucked her nipple.

” Are you a virgin. ” Tom asked.

” No ” She said

She stood leading Tom to her bedroom. He watched her arse as he walked behind her. She sat on the bed Tom standing in front of her. She cupped his bulge looking up at him. She pulled his shorts and underwear down his cock springing out fully hard. It wasn’t long about 4 inches but fat and circumcised. She stroked it then slid it in her mouth she licked and sucked it circling his knob. Tom removed his singlet as his Niece sucked his cock. She then lay down opening her legs. Tom knelt between her as she rubbed her clit. Tom found her clit with his tongue licking it tasting his Niece’s sweet shaved pussy. He licked up and down her pussy listening to her groan.

He grabbed his cock finding her pussy. Sliding it deep inside her. She held his hips as he thrust her.

” God I’m fucking my Uncle ” she said smiling.

” Our secret ” he said thrusting her pussy. He savoured her naked body watching his cock in her pussy riding in and out of her sweet pussy. After a while he cum filling her with semen. They kissed he looked at the clock. ” Need to get to my next appointment ” he said.

” Fuck and run.” She said smiling.

” We shouldn’t have done this. ” he said standing her naked body laid out in front of him finding his underwear and shorts.

” No ” she said. ” It was nice.”

” It was ” he said watching his semen dripping from her pussy. She stood retreating a towel from the washing basket wiping her pussy putting it back. She walked him to the door. Smiling as he left. She closed the door and showered.

” Why the fuck did I do that ” She said as the water ran over her body.

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