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Used wife ( Restained )

” Well well. ” Adam said walking around his wife. He picked up the camera and stood over her head, she looked up at her husbands dangling penis as he filmed down at her.

Stu stood at her feet looking at her, his beautiful busty sexy sister, as she lay in her lingerie and her silver strappy high heels on her feet. Legs tied up and open supported by straps tied from her knees to her neck, her hands cuffed up tied to the support around the back of her neck.

She glanced over at her brother, she actually admired his cock, she watched as he sniffed her underwear.

” Smell nice baby, hope your pussy tastes as good as you smell. ” He said.

” Yes. ” She said.

” Good girl. ” Stu replied. ” He knelt between her legs pushing them open more. He looked up and smiled at her. He leant in kissing over the top of her underwear up and down over her pussy.

” Ummmmm. ” She moaned as he kissed her inner thighs. He poked his tongue out and licked lightly over her underwear. Adam stood filming.

Adam smiled as he watched his wife’s brother licking her pussy. Stu pulled her underwear to the side revealing her wet pussy. He used his thumb and fore finger to spread her labias, he leant in kissing her clit, he kissed down over her labias and over her vagina hole. He licked her and circled his tongue around her pussy.

She moaned feeling his tongue around his groin, seconds later she jumped as Stu pushed two fingers inside her vagina, she felt them push all the way up her hole.

” Oh fuck. ” She said.

” No talking bitch. ” Adam said.

” Ummm. ” She moaned quietly as Stu slowly fingered her pussy, pushing them in and slowly pulling them back then back in, feeling his sisters wet moist pussy on his fingers. Watching his fingers slid between her labias.

” Hows that slut? ” Stu said.

” Ummmmm. ” She moaned again.

Stu sped up thrusting harder and faster. She arched her back, not been able to control anything she squirmed. Stu’s fingers speeding up in her pussy. Thrusting harder and faster.

” Orgasm bitch, on my fingers. ” Stu said.

” Aggghhhhhh. ” She moaned trying to tilt her head back, been restricted by the neck harness her long blonde hair drapping to the floor. Her brother finger fucking her fast. He slid his other hand to her bust squeezing her breast over her bra as his fingers finger fucked her.

He then leant in licking her wet pussy sucking up her oozing juices he slid his fingers up putting them in her mouth.

” Suck them bitch. ” He said.

She sucked her juices off his fingers as Stu caressed her bosom. He then reached down smiling at Adam. Adam knew Stu’s next move. Adam positioned the camera as Stu grabbed his cock and leant back guiding his knob to her clit, rubbing up and down her pussy. He slid it down to her vagina and pushed his cock deep inside his sisters wet pussy.

” Aggghhhhh yes bitch. ” Stu said watching his cock disappear into his sisters pussy. He held it in her. He looked up at her smiling.

He reached for scissors, he cut her g string over her hips and pulled it out, he reached up after sniffing it and forced it in her mouth. He cut her bra in half between her breasts, he pushed the cups off her breasts revealing her bosom.

” Lipstick? ” He said to Adam. Adam passed the red lipstick to Stu. Stu took off the lid and twisted it out. He pressed it against her lips applying it to her lips.

He them wrote across her chest the word ‘WHORE’ above her breasts.

He wrote across her stomach ‘SLUT’

He leant back holding the high heels as he slowly thrusted her pussy watching his cock thrust in and out of his sisters hole.

” Fuck the slutty whore. ” Adam said to his brother in law, as he watched him fuck his sister.

Adam standing over his wife filming her brothers cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

Adam grabbed his cock and started wanking it looking down at his totally restrained wife, he cut bra hanging down her sides, he cut g string in her mouth, the bold words in bright red lipstick ‘WHORE’ across her chest and ‘SLUT’ across her stomach. Adam moaned as he wanked hard pointing his cock at her face.

” Cum in the sluts mouth. She likes that. ” Stu said smiling down at his sister as he kept fucking her. Stu pulled out the g string and rested it on her chest.

Adam handed Stu the camera, Stu filmed as Adam

” Take this. ” Adam said to his wife as he cum. He shot cum over her face, her mouth, her hair, her chest. He leant down sliding his knob in her mouth. She sucked him clean, her husbands semen dripping and running down her chin and face. The sticky white creamy cum over her eyes and hair.

” Yeah. ” Stu said smiling at Adam.

” Bitch covered in cum. ” Adam said wiping his cock over her face sliding his knob over her mouth, cheeks, eyes, ears and wiping it clean with her hair.

” Cock sucking bitch. ” Stu said handing the camera back to Adam.

” Time for some fun. ” Adam said to his wife as Stu started fucking his sister faster and harder. Adam zooming in on his wife’s pussy watching Adams cock fuck his wife.

” Nice pussy sis, good to fuck bitch. ” Adam said thrusting her looking at his cum covered sister covered in his cum and her husbands cum.

” Cum in the sluts pussy. ” Adam said to Stu.

Adam put the g string back in his wife’s mouth.

Stu fucked faster slapping against her groin. He opened her raised bent legs wider watching his cock thrust his sisters engorged swollen pussy, her breasts bouncing as he fucked her.

” Wanted to fuck you since you were 16. ” Stu said. ”

He slapped her arse, his cock thrusting deep in her.

” Cum. ” Adam said. ” Cum in the whore. ”

Each deep thrust Stu moaned eventually one last thrust he cum, deep into his sisters womb his cum went he kept his cock in pushing more cum into her. He slapped her arse.

” Yes. ” He said. ” I just fucked my sister. ” He said. ” Look at you, you whore covered in cum. Your brothers cum inside you, your brothers cock inside you. What would our parents say bitch. ” Stu said.

Adam moved. Stu pulled his cock out of his sisters pussy. He walked around to her head. Adam knelt between his wife’s legs filming up her body at Stu taking out the g string from her mouth. He put his cock in her mouth.

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” Fuckin suck it clean. ” He said as she lifted her head taking his cock in her mouth. Stu leant it seeing Adam filming her pussy.

He reached in opening her labias. Both guys watched as Stu’s cum oozed from her pussy.

” Look at that cum. Your brothers cum oozing from your pussy. ” Stu said. ” You like that you slut? ” Your brothers cum in your pussy. ”

” Ummmmm. ” She moaned with Stu stuffing his cock in her mouth.

” You dirty little bitch. ” Stu said.

She sucked her brothers softening cock, tasting his cum and her pussy juices.

” Lets leave her for a while. ” Adam said. ” Let the slut think about her actions.

Stu and Adam went to the kitchen. They sat on seats leaning on the counter seeping a beer each looking across at her as she lay there. She lay their for the next hour, restrained. Cum oozing from her pussy. Cum covering her face and chest.

They came back and stood looking down at her. Her naked cum covered body.

Stu undid her hands and then her legs. He took the neck restraint off.

” Stand up bitch. ” Stu said. She stood naked.

” Ready for your next surprise? ” Adam said.

” Yes. ” She replied as Adam handcuffed her hands together. They put a hand under each of her shoulders and lead her to the bathroom.

” Clean yourself up. ” Stu said. ” Your a disgrace. Look at you. ” He said

She sat on toilet and urinated. Adam and Stu watched as she went to the toilet. As she urinated Stu and Adam took off her heels. She got into the shower.

” Want you nice and clean for your next guest. ” Adam said to his wife.

Ten minutes later she stepped out of the shower.

” Inspection time. ” Stu said leading her wet body to the bedroom. He pushed her on the bed and opened her legs. Adam opened her labias and Stu looked inside her vagina, he slid his fingers on and pulled them out.

” Clean? ” Adam asked.

” Yep. ” Stu said pleased. He pulled her up and they dried her body. She knew not to talk.

She stood naked and Adam put on cuffs on her wrists. He put some on her ankles and both guys ran their hands over her body, her legs, her pussy, her arse her stomach, her breasts.

Stu pulled out a pair of crotchless panties and put them over her feet and pulled them up his sisters legs to her arse. He adjusted the two ribbon ties over her pussy.

Adam put on a lacy red bra with splits over the nipples. He adjusted the ties and slapped her arse. They sat her down and put her strappy heels on her feet.

” Right bitch stand up. ” Stu said.

She stood and Adam put a collar around her neck. He tied a lead to it and put a lock on her wrist cuffs tieing her hands behind her back.

” Good girl. ” Stu said kissing her lips.

” Time for more fun honey. ” Adam said. ” Stu’s loosened your pussy. ” Got a couple of guys who are going to love you baby. ” Adam added.

” Who? ” She said.

” Its ok baby, you wont even know. You will be blindfolded. ” Stu replied.

Stu smiled as Adam went down stairs. He let the two guys in. He talked for a while with them about rules and what they can and cant do.

They sat on the couch drinks in hand. Adam went up stairs and told Stu they are ready for her.

Stu blindfolded her and slapped her arse.

” Time for more fun baby. ” He said kissing her. ” We have two blokes who are looking forward to using you baby. ” He added.

” Yes. ” Adam said ” We chose them especially for you darling. ”

They each put a hand under her arm and let her to the hallway. Adam admiring his wife dressed in skimpy suggestive lingerie about to be used by two guys..He lead her downstairs and they entered the lounge.

The two men’s eyes admiring her body. Her long blonde hair, her breasts through the red lace fabric.

” Here she is. ” Adam said ” All ready. ” He added.

” On your knees. ” Stu said. They helped her to her knees, Adam chaining her ankle cuffs, clipping them to her hands.

She rested on her knees, her wrists cuffed chained tightly to the ankle cuffs. Her blindfold tight around her eyes.

” Open up honey. ” Adam said ” Its blow job time. ”

She listened as footsteps approached her, she remembered her safe word, a agreement she could say it and it would stop. ” Flowers ” was the word. She felt nervous but she felt horny and kinky at the same time.

” Shes all yours gentlemen, we will just sit back and watch. She’s ready for you. Isn’t that right Carly? ” Stu replied.

She tried to decide if to say flowers. ” Yes. ” She said instead. ” She wanted it. ” She felt so exposed in her lingerie soon everything would be on display for two strangers as her husband and brother watched.

She was confident with her body, she thought of the sex she had just had with her brother. She loved his cock. She loved the sex.

Now wondered who these two men were standing in front of her as she heard a zip been lowered.

” Open up. ” Stu said a hand touching her long hair.

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