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Vanessa and William Pt 2

One week later.

Early Friday morning he woke with a boner. It was 4 am. His mother asleep in the next room. His Dad away on business again. He and his mother agreed it was a once off. He couldn’t help but want her again.

The night before he saw her in her sheer satin slip nighty. It was black with lace trim over half her bosom cleavage visible through the lace. Her nipples and lower breast covered by the satin material her nipple outline visible the thin straps attached over her shoulders. He knew she slept with no underwear on.

He got up naked out of bed creeping to his mothers room. He saw her sleeping on her side the blanket of her. Her slip just covering her arse. He walked over and sat lifting the slip up her arse visible, he stoked his cock then lay behind her spooning. What would her reaction be. He thought as she stirred.

He rubbed her thigh up her slip to her hip, he kissed her neck ‘Ummmmm’ she groaned as he felt his cock on her arse cheeks. She rolled to her back. Williams hand slipping on to her pussy. He rubbed her clit and kissed her lips. She started to wake. Williams hand rubbing her pussy. She realised it was him. She tried to push him away.

” No ” she said as he lifted his hand caressing her breasts.
” Yes Mum ” he said ” You want to.” he added climbing into her positioning between here legs he took advantage of her sleepiness.
” No William ” she said pushing his chest as he grabbed his cock rubbing her clit and slid it down her pussy finding her vagina opening sliding his cock in her. He thrust her as she tried to stuggle. He pinned her arms to the bed and kissed her lips as he thrust her.

She felt his cock in her again. It felt nice the bottom half of her below her waist wanted it, and was enjoying it. But her head didn’t. She had mixed emotions. A week before totally consentual sex with her son. Here he was forcing her to. But she was enjoying been dominated. She twisted her head to the side as he thrust her. She relaxed pretending not to like it, be she was. He slid a hand to her breast caressing it pulling one out sucking her nipple as he fucked her.

He thrust her harder feeling himself build up. He groaned as he burst. He filled her pussy with his juices. She lay there thinking of her pussy been filled with his semen again.

” Finished ? ” she asked

” Yeh ” he said rolling of her.

” Bastard ” she said rolling over to him putting her hand on his chest.

” That was naughty ” she said.

” But you enjoyed it ” he said.

” Yes ” she said ” I did.”

They fell asleep then woke up at 7 in each others arms. His semen staining the sheets. They got up and showered together.

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