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Walking differently – Dirty Sex Tales

It was now clear (read my previous post) that my manager wanted my pussy. He wanted to see it, touch it, kiss it, rub it, finger it and of course fuck it. I was more than ready. In my previous post I already told you guys how he tricked me into showing him my body and wanted to get my pussy shaved. I was too excited about the sex and I knew that he will eventually do it. So I wanted to do what he told me. But I had questions of my own – was he a virgin? How many women had he been with and what all had he done?

My manager. Only MY manager.

As I went home, I went to the bathroom and I started trimming. I wanted him to go crazy when he saw me fully naked. It was the first time I was going to let anyone see all my private parts. Halfway to trimming, I realised that I can make some pubic hair designs too. I already knew about some and thought the landing strip was the best thing to do. It was the first time I was doing something like that.

After about 1 hour of careful trimming, I took a bath and slept. The next morning I was throbbing with excitement. It was the first time I was going to bare everything. As I went to office, earlier than everyone, he was waiting for me. He called me into office. I went. He came closer and kissed me. He was wild in kissing. I thought he was all ready to fuck me. His dick was already hard as it touched my body. He was pressing my ass while kissing me, quiet violently.

He tried to undo my jeans button and I stopped him. I said “stop”

him: why? What happened?

me: I don’t want to do it.

him: ok. But why? All of a sudden?

me: you know about me. You have seen me naked. You have touched me, kissed me and pressed my boobs and ass. But I have done nothing with you. I haven’t seen you naked. I know nothing about your dick. I also deserve to see you nude.

He smirked and said “Do you want to take an off today and come to my room?”

I said “yes, but there will be no sex. I will decide when we do that.”

he said “okay”.

No one had come to office by then. We both took an off and went to his home.

In his home, he behaved as if there was not much between us. We just started the conversation about his past. He told me that he was a virgin. He told that he had girlfriends in college but he broke up without doing much. He said he had kissed both of his girlfriends and had pressed the boobs of the second one. He said after two heartbreaks, he wanted to stay casual and had a couple of flings after that. He had seen the body of the first girl but after the night when he saw her nude, she abruptly stopped talking to him. The second girl went to the extent where she gave him a BJ but that was it. So he had experience but was virgin. After telling me everything he asked me about me. I told him everything – that I was a virgin, and wanted sex and had basically zero experience outside of whatever he had done with me. The entire conversation went on for about an hour or so. I was showing no interest in sex.

He sensed that I was not going to tell him to do anything, so he said “I think we should leave?”. I said “ok”. He said he wanted to take a shower and then we would leave. I said ok. He went to take a shower. I was all ready to leave and sitting on his bed when he came out of bathroom in just a towel and asked “do you really want to leave?”. I said “yes, why?”. He dropped his towel, exposing his cock which was half-erect. He did not have pubic hair and his dick looked fine. I was aroused and he must have seen how I was feeling because he came close and asked “do you like it? You wanted to see me nude, right?”. I was still sitting. He slowly came close enough that his dick was only a few inch away from my mouth.

I slowly kept my bag aside and took his dick in hand. It became harder. I raised it upwards and slowly kissed its tip. It became even harder. Then I grabbed it more strongly and put it between my lips and kissed it a bit more. I started playing with the skin and pulling it behind. After some time I was playing with his balls and dick both. The dick was full erect. It was fairly big, around 7 inches. I started feeling like I want to undress. He probably sensed it or maybe he just wanted to start.

He took off my top. I was wearing a red bra. Then he knelt down and pulled below my jeans. I was wearing a red panty too. He said “Is it ok if we both take a hot shower?” I said “I have not brought extra clothes and I don’t want to wear dirty ones after shower”. He took out a set of bra and panty. I asked him “are you sure these are same size as mine?” He said he saw the measurement of panty when he was kissing my pussy over the panty the first time I had undressed for him. I asked “and what about the bra?” He said “that’s an estimate”.

I asked him “had you already planned for it?” He said “not really, but are you not enjoying it?” I gently held his cock in a hand and whispered in his ear “I trimmed for you. If you want to get me naked, you’d have to put some effort”. He kissed me and unhooked my bra and then knelt and pulled my panty down. He saw my landing strip, smiled and looked at me and kissed the pussy gently.

We went into shower and cleaned each other. I rubbed his cock and he was rubbing my back, boobs, ass and rubbing gently over my landing strip. I was enjoying so much that I started moaning gently. Then I said that I am feeling like peeing. He rubbed my pussy very gently and asked me to pee there itself, under shower while warm water was falling over me. It was one of the hottest things I had thought of – doing things in shower and here I was doing them.

When we came out, we dried ourselves and I was already hot, ready for sex. I told him:

me: you remember that i said that to have sex or not will be my decision?

him: yes

me: so you won’t force me for sex.

him: yes I wont force.

me: But I want it. And I can force you. hehehe

I pushed him. He fell on the bed, smiling, fully nude with his dick half-erect. He fell in a way that his dick was near the edge. I knelt down pretty fast and took it in mouth and sucked like crazy. He kept on moaning and calling my name. He was just saying “wow” again and again and “I didn’t know you were this horny” sometimes and my name. He got erect but did not cum. I went on for quite some time.

Then I felt like something is not right and stopped. I went to bathroom and washed my mouth. I came back said “I think I should go”. He said “sure” and just came close, kissed me and started rubbing the pussy. I went on moaning and told him “please don’t do this”. He asked “are you sure you don’t want my dick inside you?”

That sentence made me horny again. I closed my eyes, pulled his face close, kissed him wildly and said “fuck me”.

The blood

He made me lie down in the missionary position. I was already very wet. He took out a condom, put it on his dick and pressed hard on my pussy with it. It did not penetrate me. Then he did it again, this time with a lot of thrust. It went about half in and he increased the pressure and it went all in. It caused a lot of pain. For a second I couldn’t even shout or cry but after that I told him in a loud voice to take it out. He pushed in and out for about 4-5 times very fast and then took out. I relaxed for about 30 seconds and was feeling a lot of pain and pleasure. I wanted it badly though. I thought for a few seconds and said “I will manage the pain, just do it”.

He did it for about 4-5 minutes, very fast and then ejaculated. My legs were trembling and his condom had my blood stains. I wanted to remember this one. So I took a picture of  his dick with condom (and my blood stains). After he pulled it out, I removed the condom and sucked on it for some time and took a selfie of myself with his dick in mouth. But now, his dick was smelling all condoms so I did not do much. He also took some pictures of me without face.

We both cleaned ourselves, kissed again (of course, he pressed my ass and boobs) and I went to my home.

You can’t hide it

As I left his place, I realised that the pain was pretty severe and I had trouble walking. I somehow managed to board a cab which took me to my doorsteps. My elder sister opened the door with a smile but she had already sensed that something was different. She saw me and asked if everything was fine. I saw her suspecting me and said I was just tired. She still felt it was wrong.

She did not say much but after 5-10 minutes, she came and asked “why are you walking differently? Are you okay?” I said “yeah, yeah, I am okay. Just tired.”

She said a ‘hmmm’ and went. I did not know that she had understood that I was no longer a virgin. And I definitely did not know that she could blackmail me!

If you have enjoyed it so far, let me know in the comments.

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