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Warm Nights in Alaska by Lisa

I’ve been reading your stories along with my friends from the dorm. We’re all digging into our pasts to come up with our most wild sexual experiences. I’m surprised at the number of girls who admit to experimenting with group sex. Here’s is my story. It was the summer before last, in 2004. I went to Alaska to work in a fish processing plant over the summer. Obviously, working with dead fish isn’t for everyone. But my brother had done it and he came home with over $6,000. That was more money than I could hope to earn working at a local mall or restaurant. Alaska conjures up images of cold and ice. But in the summer, there are plenty of hot days that get up into the 80s and even the 90s. There isn’t a lot to do in the town I was working. A lot of people drink, and drink, and drink. That really isn’t for me. I like a couple of beers now and then, but heavy drinking isn’t something I enjoy. There was a group of people from the cannery that had formed a softball team to play teams made up of other cannery workers. It wasn’t a formal league or anything, just a lot of people having fun.

I had played softball in high school so I jumped at the invitation to join. Having fun in the Alaska sun sounded better than sitting in my dorm room or in some smokey bar. Now the thing to remember about Alaska is that it stays sunny well into the late hours, even in the southern part of the state. There is a brief time when it’s still warm and light until midnight. Most of us wore t-shirts and shorts. Then if the mood hit, we would run down to a nearby lake and go for a late night swim. It was good clean fun, sort of. I was fresh out of high school, and probably lacking in judgment. I had sex for the first time when I was 15 going on 16. Two years later, I was still relatively inexperienced. I had only had intercourse 7 times, and had only had 3 different partners. There were plenty of chances. I’m attractive and plenty of guys at school would have liked to add me to their list of conquests. But I hated the idea that guys were keeping score and I wasn’t willing to be just another point on somebody’s scorecard. As a result, I had a lot less sex than some other girls and much less than I would have liked. When I got to Alaska, I considered the fact that I was far from home and away from the gossip mill. If I had sex with a couple of guys or more over the summer, what harm could it do. The first night of softball was a blast. My team won, we ran down to the lake for a victory swim, then pigged out on pizza.

I wasn’t the only girl in our group, but I was one of the prettiest. I was wearing cut-offs and my long sleek legs got plenty of looks. When we got to the lake, I stripped down to a bikini and got even more admiring looks. Briefly, I’m pretty, not beautiful, but I have nice eyes and a nice smile. My nose is a little bigger than I would like, but it’s not so big that I’m self conscious. I’m not very tall, just 5-2. But I’m well proportioned. My legs are long for a girl my height – I have a 31 inch inseam so my legs are half of my total height – my thighs are firm and athletic and my calves are nicely shaped. . They help make up for my small tits which are only B cupped. Overall, I’m 33-24-31 so I’m slim and toned. Like I said, my bikini clad form had plenty of male admirers. Two nights later, we played again, and went for a midnight swim. I spent a good portion of the night talking with a cute guy named Trent. He was only a couple inches taller than me but had a muscular build. One thing led to another and Trent and I spent the night together. It was the most casual sexual experience I had ever had. I had only known him for a week or so and hadn’t really even had a date with him. Truth be known, it was great. No pressure, no strings attached. I just got laid and had a couple of orgasms. Trent and I agreed that we had no expectations, but having sex again would be great.

A couple nights later, we had another game. Trent and I had another night of fun sex and I admitted to him that I had never had sex just for recreation. The first time was with my first boyfriend, one of those summer time relationships. The second though fourth times were with my best friend. It was his Christmas present, something we repeated on our birthdays. The rest were with a boyfriend. He told me that he had only had two partners prior to that summer. He had gone to an all boy’s school so he didn’t get a lot of opportunities. He then said that one of the other guys at the cannery had never had sex. He was one of Trent’s good friends from high school, kind of nerdy, kind of shy. I knew who he was, his name was Richard, and I thought he was nice. Trent said Richard was getting so impatient he was thinking of going to a “professional”. I told Trent I would take care of him. Trent just grinned and said I would make Richard’s day.

Richard and I spent the next evening in my dorm room. He was nervous and eager, and he only needed about two minutes to cum in me. We relaxed for a few minutes and then he was able to recharge and use his erection more effectively. I showed him the four basic positions that I knew and we both had a couple of orgasms.

Over the next few weeks, I had sex with 3 additional guys. I liked having the no strings attached sex.

As the summer went on, some of the people in the softball group started to either drop out or stopped coming as regularly. Finally, one evening, I was the only girl there. We didn’t have enough people to field full teams. There were 8 on our side and 7 on the opposing team. We had fun anyway and then we ran down to the lake for the customary swim. I stepped down to a bikini, not thinking that I was the only female there. It was no secret that I was having sex with a number of guys.

Two guys decided to grab me by the wrists and ankles and swing me back and forth before tossing me into the water. My top came off but I didn’t notice. I stood up and when I looked down I saw my top drifting in the water and saw that my milky white breasts were out there for 14 guys to see. I have small pink nipples that tilt up slightly, and they were swollen and perky.

I grabbed my top but didn’t make any attempt to cover up. “Let’s see the rest” became the chant. So I took my bottoms off and showed off my triangle of soft curly brown pubic hair.

Soon I was lying on a towel and the guys were jockeying for position to see who got to fuck me first. I wasn’t nervous or anything. I just wanted to fuck all of them.

I told them to each to pick a number between 1 and 100 to settle the order.

Then one by one, they fucked me. The whole idea of having sex while other guys watched was so erotic. The first guy was the first black man I ever had sex with. There was also a Filipino guy, an American Indian, a Korean American, and a couple of Hispanic guys. One of the guys was quite big, about 9 inches. It hurt at first, but I adapted to it and he fucked me so good. I think I must have come at least 10 times in 90 minutes of non-stop sex. As soon as one guy pulled out of me, another took his place. My pussy was full of semen. I waded out into the lake to try to clean up after they were done.

The next day, I was a little tender down there. That was the first of 3 gang bangs I enjoyed that summer. The second time was with 9 guys, but the third was with an amazing 20 guys.

I’m not done enjoying gang bangs. I’ve had several since I started college and will probably have a few more before I’m done with school. I’m not sure what the record for most guys is, but I think that going for an even 2 dozen is a worthy goal. My record is still 20. Oh well, I have 2 years before I graduate.

– The End –

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