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Watch Me Please by Little Miss Blair

It was my third day home from work and I still hadn’t recovered from the terrible incident that happened to me on Monday. I’m a branch manager for First National Bank in a small town in Ohio..

It happened Monday. Two armed robbers attempted to hold us up and, because of a quick thinking teller, they were trapped in the bank by the police. She had set off the silent alarm that is hooked up directly to the police station. Before the robbers could make their escape the police had surrounded the building.

There were 10 customers and 14 employees in the bank when the robbery took place. As the police surrounded the building the two robbers, not without some sense of reason, knew they were caught. And to make the most of their situation, they decided, to my great dismay, to, as they put it, fuck the prettiest girl in the bank before they gave themselves up.

I was chosen for their frolic. They made me undress in front of everyone in the bank, get down on my hands and knees in the middle of the lobby and then proceeded, taking turns, to fuck me like a dog in heat.

It should have been a straight forward, cut and dried, bank robbery and rape. Not so. And the reason? Yours truly got so hot by the sheer depravity of my situation I came like a river.

Pussy juice flowed out of me profusely and, so say witnesses, I screamed for more. They both fucked me twice prior to giving themselves up to the police. Needless to say they left with a smile on their faces.

And there, for a while, was my dilemma. The police suspected I was in on it with them. They couldn’t understand why a thirty year old career woman could show such sheer enjoyment from being fucked by two dangerous gunman. And in the middle of the bank with 24 witnesses!

The police questioned me for hours. The two gunman, for their own reasons, finally told the police I was not in on it with them. Maybe they thought that was the gentlemanly thing to do since I was such a good lay.

The bank has put me on a leave of absence, with pay, and they have advised me I can never work in that branch again. I know I’ll have to move and it’s really a shame. I like this town and would have loved to lived here for a while.

Thursday, 4 days after the robbery.

I was out of food and decided to drive to a nearby town too shop. I didn’t want to shop locally. I wasn’t up to running into friends or customers of the bank. I had to drive through the middle of my town to get to the freeway. A police car with it’s red light whirling pulled me over in front of a downtown department store.A very attractive policewoman got out of her car and walked up to my door.

“Hello Miss Cumming,” the young policewoman greeted me. “Remember me? I’m the one who helped you get dressed at the bank and drove you to the police station the other day.”

“Why did you stop me?” I asked. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, as a matter of fact you didn’t do anything wrong. But I’ve been thinking about your unusual behavior the day the bank was robbed. You actually enjoyed being fucked in front of that crowd of people, didn’t you. I remember your own cum juice running out of your cunt and down your leg as you dressed that day. That was really something.”

I was stunned. “How dare you talk to me that way,” I shouted. “You have a lot of nerve. I should turn you in for being so insolent.”

“Are you talking back to a police officer?” she asked mockingly. “We don’t take that from anyone. Get out of the car, NOW!”

She opened the door to my car and yanked me out, slamming me face forward against the car. It suddenly dawned on me where I was at. The sidewalk in front of the biggest department store in town! And this stupid policewoman and her illegal antics were now drawing a crowd. Everyone was slowing down as they walked by to watch what was going on.

“Spread your legs. Keep your hands on the car,” she ordered me brusquely.

I felt her stick her leg between mine to force me to spread my legs wider. She was going to search me! Her hands were reaching around me cupping my tits. She was pinching my nipples purposely! I couldn’t believe it. She made it appear like a routine search but there was no doubt she was playing with my tits. I felt the heat spread up my thighs causing my pussy lips to close around the crotch of my now taut panties.

She then proceeded to slide her hands under my skirt, searching, I knew, for my cunt. She found it and, not surprisingly, already wet. Her fingers slipped in as her thumb brushed against my clit.

By now I was squirming, no, I was thrusting, humping against the fingers that were giving me so much pleasure. The pedestrians were now gathering around to watch as this woman humiliated me into my first orgasm. It was all I could do not to scream out. But she didn’t stop. Now her four fingers were up to her knuckles in my cunt. She bent a little lower.

“Are you hiding something between your legs ma’am? You might as well give it up because I’ll find it.”

I felt my pussy suck her whole hand up inside me as my swollen pussy lips locked around her wrist. Her arm pumped upward as I pushed downward, impaling myself on her arm. Several strokes and I felt a storm well up inside me looking for release. My body stiffened momentarily, just before the giant orgasm violently racked me from head to toe. One orgasm followed by another, and another, and another. I could smell the pussy juices which, by now, had soaked my panties, my stockings and Officer Daly’s arm.

As she withdrew her hand from my cunt my legs buckled and I dropped hard to my knees on the pavement. I didn’t even notice the pain. I was still trembling from a cluster of small orgasms that continued to flutter through my pussy.

I felt her grab my arm to pull me to a standing position. “You’re free to go Miss Cummings. Next time a police officer stops you don’t give them any lip. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” I answered submissively as I watched the pedestrians begin to wander off.

“Where were you heading to when I stopped you?” she asked professionally.

“I was going to Glendale to shop for groceries,” I said.

“Well drive careful in that town. I have a friend who’s a policewoman there and I might have to call her to be on the lookout for you.”

As I pulled out on to the freeway it finally hit me. And officer Daly had figured it out before me. It was the audience. It was the humiliation in front of other people that had caused this sudden, sexual excitement in me. And the realization that I would probably do it again caused a familiar flush of heat to surge through me.

As I approached Glendale City limits I saw the thirty mile per hour speed sign. My hand reached for my pussy as I passed it doing sixty miles an hour. I was already cumming when I saw the flashing red light in my rear view mirror….

– The End –

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