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What A Life – Dirty Sex Tales

The weather was below freezing and the streets in the big city were very slippery due to ice, the road gritters were unable to cope with gritting all the streets which caused many people to slip on the pavements with some having to go to hospital, Pao was on her way to the hospital to see her brother who at ten years of age was two years younger than what she was. Pao arrived at the hospital and after being directed by a nurse found her mum sitting with her brother, Pao sat with her mum and brother and learnt that her brother had broken his ankle and would be staying in hospital, Pao saw Cindy who was a classmate and started chatting with her and learnt her mum was staying in hospital as she had also broke her ankle, Pao and Tina’s mum agreed that Pao could sleep over with Cindy to save her going all the way home and a hour later Pao was sitting in the lounge of where Cindy lived,, Pao knew that both Cindy and her sixteen year old sister Tina had a reputation as been violent thugs but she had always got on well with Cindy and wondered what Cindy would do if she knew that she was a lesbian Pao kept it quiet, Pao was sat on the sofa when Cindy who had been upstairs walked in saying I am having a bath and took her shoes off followed by her jumper, Pao’s eyes went wide when she saw that Cindy was not wearing anything under her jumper and she could see her developing boobs which were about the same size as her own, Pao watched as Cindy undid her jeans and with her panties took them off, Pao could hardly believe that she was seeing Cindy naked and looked straight at her love tube thinking a naked white girl, Cindy said come on get undressed there is room for both of us in the bath, when Pao hesitated Cindy went over to her and said come on undress and started undoing Pao’s jeans then pulled them down and off and when they were off Cindy sat astride Pao’s legs saying raise your arms, Pao did and Cindy pulled her jumper and tee shirt up over her head and off as her tops came off Pao saw that Cindy’s nipples were erect like her own was, Cindy then said ” oh look she is a lesbian and got erect nipples” as she did she squeezed Pao’s nipples, Pao reached up squeezed Cindy’s nipples saying ” you got erect nipples as well” Cindy stood up, Pao looked at her love tube, Cindy said ” yeah I knew you were lesbian your looking at my cunt” Pao said ” yeah your looking at mine” Cindy bent forward pushed a finger inside Pao’s love tube finding it moist and said ” yeah she is fucking wet” after removing her fingers Cindy said come on and walked out the room, Pao followed her went up stairs and found the bath empty and when she said to Cindy ” I thought you said a bath” Cindy said ” just an excuse to get you naked” grabbed Pao’s arm and dragged her into her room and pushed her onto her bed the started to lick her nipples and rub her love  tube and after a couple of minutes slid down Pao’s body and started to lick her love tube before pushing her tongue deep inside, Pao was soon groaning with pleasure and after five minutes gushed after a couple of minutes Cindy stood up said ” I thought you were a lesbian now I know for sure, Cindy started to rub her love tube saying ” your a lesbi” then inserted her fingers into her love tube and started to masturbate, Pao lay watching and after a couple of minutes smiled when she saw Cindy gush, after a minute Cindy lay on the bed, Pao looked down at her bum and slapped it and said ” your good with your tongue bitch” when Pao woke Cindy was not in the room, Pao got up and went down to the lounge still naked when she walked in she saw Tina stood naked, Pao looked at Tina’s hairless love tube and firm boobs and smiled, Tina said ” what you looking at you lesbian I heard you with my sister last night” Tina sat in a chair and started to rub her love tube, Pao smiled went over and rubbed Tina’s boobs, Tina said ” oi what you doing” Pao sat astride Tina’s knees and started to suck her nipples, Tina said ” you bitch” and slid a hand between Pao’s legs and started to rub her love tube then stood up lifting Pao with her and laying her on the floor then started to lick her love tube gently squeezing her nipples at the same time after ten minutes Pao gushed Tina carried on licking Pao’s love tube and squeezing her nipples and after another ten minutes Pao gushed again not long after Tina stood up and left the room. Later that night Pao was at the hospital visiting her brother and learnt her brother would be in hospital awhile longer, On the bus on the way home Pao sat at the back of the bus where she saw Mike who at fourteen was two years older than her, Mike started to give racial abuse after a few minutes his twin sister Laura  got on the bus and immediately hit Mike telling him to fuck off, Mike got off the bus Laura sat down with her back to the window and put one foot up on the seat as she did her skirt slipped down her leg Pao saw that Laura was not wearing panties and she could see her bare love tube, Pao knew that Laura had a boyfriend and looked away, Laura threw a magazine at Pao saying there are some white cocks for you, Pao saw the magazine had pictures of naked boys and also saw the one that Laura was looking at had the same type of pictures, Pao saw Laura start to rub her love tube and pretended to be looking at the magazine that she had but kept peeping at Laura who now had two fingers inside her love tube masturbating and after five minutes Pao saw Laura gush after a few more stops Laura got off the bus taking her magazines with her, when Pao got to Cindy’s house Pao saw both Cindy and Tina naked and after ten minutes she was laying on the floor naked with Cindy licking her love tube with Tina saying ” hurry up you bitch I want a go on that” Later Pao thought I been licked out by Tina a white sixteen year old white girl while she was naked, watched a girl two years younger than her masturbate and been licked out by my classmate who is four years younger than her sister  and now I am laying naked in her bed with her beside me what a life.

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