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Pia was sat behind the counter in the grocery shop that her dad had just brought, it was the first day of opening and there had been a steady stream of customers, Pia was not happy she would have rather been back home in her own country of Bangladesh and not her living above a shop on a run down English council estate, despite her young age Pia was on her own in the shop and was due to lock up sleep in the flat above the shop and open the shop in the morning in time for the paper boy to collect the papers and deliver them, the shop door opened and sixteen year old Sara walked in, Sara looked at Pia who was four years younger than what she was smiled then said welcome to the estate, Pia smiled back and thanked Sara who looked at her boyfriend Steve who was behind her and said ” get the milk” Steve hurried of returning with the milk, Sara yelled wrong one you dozy sod, Steve said ” sorry and hurried off again” Pia said ” wow he is behaved” Sara then explained that on the estate the girls rule and that the boys do as they are told” Pia said ” cool that is the way it should be girls are superior” Sara then said they do anything they are told and when Steve returned Pia noticed a movement in his joggers Sara saw Pia looking and said ” we do not let them wear underpants” Pia smiled and when Sara said ” do you want to see his cock” Pia quickly said ” yes please” Sara told Steve joggers down” and soon Pia was looking at Steve’s seven inch hairy dick” it was the first white dick Pia had seen and smiled” Sara told Steve to take the milk home, after Steve had gone Sara told Pia that on the estate boys are there play things some times they are made to walk around naked and wank off in front of girls and girls are allowed to wank them, after Sara had gone Pia wondered if it was true or made up but when Sara’s sister who was her age walked in with her brother who was two years old and made him show his dick and he did Pia thought it might be true and after she had locked up and walked round to the back of the shop she saw Tony a classmate naked with a four inch erection and knew it was true. In the morning Mark the sixteen year old paper boy was in the back of the shop, Pia had thought that he was hunky and when Pia walked in Mark said ” good morning miss” Pia looked at him and told him to strip naked and smiled when he did admiring his six inch hairy dick, Pia then said get it hard and after a few minutes was looking at a eight inch erection then stood watching as Mark obeyed her and started jerking and when he squirted his cum in four spurts Pia thought well cool. Later that night Pia went to Sara’s flat to meet other people who lived on the estate when she got there she saw Steve was naked with a nine inch erection in the lounge she saw Mark was also naked and Mandy who was two years younger than her was jerking him off and saw Mark squirt cum in four spurts, Pia sat watching as different girls jerked off different boys and when Sara told her that she could jerk Steve Pia did not hesitate and was soon jerking Steve’s nine inch erection loving the feel of the warm hard dick in her hand and after five minutes when Steve squirted cum in five spurts Pia thought very nice, I the morning a naked Mark stood as Pia jerked him and when he squirted his cum in three spurts Pia thought cool, that night Pia was in the flat above the shop when Sara arrived with a couple of her friends and six naked sixteen year boys all with full erections once inside Sara said ” you may wank each one off” Pia smiled and half a hour later was sat hardly believing that she had just jerked off a group of boys who at sixteen year of age were four years older than her. Pia changed her mind and decided and decided that living in England was far better than living in Bangladesh.

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