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Wife Barbara Relieves Some Friends by Poppa 1

Man, my wife is really getting into being free with sex. Last night, after putting the kids to bed, she and I were in the basement watching the winter olympics. My cell phone rang and it was a couple of my buddies that had been here for the superbowl party calling to see what I was up to. Well, my buddies know that on a week night I’m at home period. My wife has gotten a little crazy since I told her that I’d like to see her fucked by another man. Since then she has frequently and easily let both friends and strangers have her several times. But I think that will cool off as time goes by because it is so new right now. I mean, I use to rarely be allowed to butt fuck her but she has learned to really enjoy being butt fucked and when I fuck her, I fuck her butt. Soon that will lose its newness and I’ll be back in her pussy. I don’t know if I ever described her pussy but it is small lipped, very tight, and pretty. She had our babies by “c” section and never through her pussy. Her ass has always been my favorite because it is huge. Not fat, huge. Her waist is real small and it accentuates her big butt. It makes everyone look because it has real action when she walks.

Anyway my buddies were on the phone and after our initial chit chat one of them asked “You know since your superbowl party we haven’t been able to talk about much else. That was an outrageous time and wondered if you and all of us are still OK.” It occured to me that I had not contacted them since the party which would not have been out of the ordinary but my wife let all 9 of them butt fuck her at half time. “Sure, we’re fine. Did you enjoy yourselves?” There was laughter and then he went on “It was outstanding but we were wondering… umm..we’re out tonight and…” “You want to see if Barbara would want you guys to come over?” “Yeah I mean..” “Let me see.”

I looked at Barbara and she was frowning but I asked her if my friends could drop by to see us. “By “Us” you mean me. Like I’m supposed to service them whenever they want?” “I guess it could turn into that but you can say no and that will be the end of it.” “Well, if they come over they can’t stay till midnight or something and they have to be quiet.” I got back on the phone and told them to come on by.

They got here within 15 minutes and it was awkward. I lead them downstairs where Barbara was. She was wearing a stretchy pair of sweat pants and T-shirt without bra and panties. “There she is” my buddy said “We had a great superbowl Barbara” There was a silence. “Good I’m glad I could make it enjoyable.”

“Ha, man, it was awesome” he said.

“So are you two out looking for babes tonight?”

“Yeah, not much luck”

I decided to chime in “Getting a case of the blue balls?”

“Damn right.”

I whispered in Barbara’s ear that she could relieve them if she was in the mood. She nodded her head ok.

“Barbara can help you guys out. Take your clothes off honey.” She quickly and easily stepped out of her pants and took her shirt off and was standing there naked. I moved to the love seat and she sat down again on the sofa. My buddies were in shock but took off their clothes sporting great erections.

Barbara said “You guys don’t know how my pussy feels come on in the fit is tight.”

With that, one buddy began to eat her pussy and the other offered her his cock and she began to suck hard on him. They were definitely horny as the guy eating her raised up and pushed his cock into her pussy in one motion. All the way to the hilt and her back arched up. The other buddy sat on the end with her head against his leg and she was getting fucked. She began to speak in a low voice “Your cock is so hard. Your fucking my pussy. Can you feel me gripping you with my pussy? I want you to pump your cum into my belly. I want you to cum in my pussy. Oh yes, fuck that pussy. Fuck it.” She was speaking directly in his ear as he ground into her. He was grunting and shoving and Barbara was thrusting her hips up to meet him all the while she talked nonstop in his ear. “That’s right I feel your cock thrusting into me. Your cock feels wonderful in my pussy. Does it feel good?” My buddy grunted “uh-huh its so tight and hot.” “You like fucking your buddy’s wife? Fuck me, fuck that pussy, give me your cum deep in my pussy.” He began to grunt in rythm now. “Oh yes you’re going to cum, let it go, give me your cum, cum in my pussy.” He began to shake and gave a final thrust and held it deep in her letting all of his cum out. “That was good. I felt that cum.” She looked at me and said “I have a huge load of another man’s cum in me and I’m going to get another. Do you like watching your wife being fucked and accepting the cum from other guys?” All I could do is nod and say “Yes baby.” The guy pulled out of Barbara’s pussy and the next guy climbed on and shoved his cock into her. She began talking into his ear lowly and like a slut. The guy that had just fucked her said “Man her pussy is tight. That was awesome.” The guy fucking her now was already picking up speed careening toward a climax. “That’s it my pussy is waiting to feel your cum in me. Your cock is so deep in me I want you to cum as deep in me as you can. Oh honey your buddy is fucking me. He’s fucking me like I’m his slut. He’s going to cum. That’s it give it to me.” He shoved hard and released his load and held there until his cock began to soften. As he pulled out the first guy was ready and Barbara looked at him and said “That’s enough. You guys came over here to get fucked and now you need to go.” They dressed and I lead them to the door. “Do you guys feel better?” “Oh hell yes. Talk to you around the campus.”

I went down stairs and there was Barbara waiting for me. I dropped my pants and climbed on. “You like watching my pussy being fucked? Seeing my ass smashed, my legs spread, taking their cum. Can you feel their cum in me? You need to get a video next time.” With that I shot my load in her pussy.

– The End –

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