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Wife gets seduced – Dirty Sex Tales

My wife is a petite short Brunette. She is 36 we have 3 kids. She has a very sweet personality and easily influenced and goes along with people. She is very agreeable which is her weakness. This story has true parts in it like most of my stories which makes it easy to write.

Barb works at factory during this time. She is a packer which her job entails packing parts into boxes and stacking on pallets. It started one day she was an hour late getting home from work. I asked where she had been. She said they had to work over to get an order finished.

Barb is not a good liar. I could tell there was more to the story but did not say anything. So the next day she was late. Again she said she had to work over. When she got home both days she would go directly to bathroom and take a shower. Which was unusual for her.
I was starting to get suspicious. So while she was in shower I look in hamper and pull her panties out. They were soiled with cum. It was more than obvious a huge amount was in them and the entire crotch was wet. When she got out of shower she was brushing her long hair.

I said did you get it all washed out? Get what washed out? She asked. The guy’s cum you been fucking. I said it as a matter of fact not in an angry tone. She stuttered. What? I showed her the filled panties. She started crying telling me she was sorry.

I know my wife. I know how easily she is seduced. It is an attractive asset to me. Most men would call her a slut. She is not a slut. She is just very easy going. Not that she is looking for an affair. It’s just she wants or feels the need for people’s approval. So if someone hits on her she just smiles and is nice to them. They take it like she is interested. Which she is but she isn’t. She just doesn’t realize what she is doing. She doesn’t realize how sexy she is. So her smile at a guy any guy, perks their interest. Which fuels more flirting and so on. When it gets to point of a guy putting moves on her she lets them. She doesn’t resist she can’t handle conflict or uncomfortable situations. She will avoid me or talking about work when she does this. This is not the first time. It’s the 3rd guy at different work places. She spills her guts to me when I confront her and begging me to forgive her. Which the other two times she would quit her job to avoid the guy and go somewhere else.

So I tell her this time it’s okay. Yea the first time I was hurt. The second time I learned my wife and was okay. Now this has turned me into a cuck and I had already decided if it happened again I would have fun with it.

Really what does it hurt? She loves me. I know that. I understand my wife’s weakness. So why not experiment with it. I want her to continue this affair. I am not threatened by it. Barb I say it’s okay. I understand. She looks at me and says “you do?” I said yes. And I don’t want you to quit your job this time. I continue, but she interrupted and said I can’t face him again. I take a deep breath. Yes you can. You don’t have to stop seeing him at work. Just be careful not to let anyone know. She said He doesn’t want anyone to know he is married!

I said good then he just can’t resist you.

She blushed. She said stop that. I am a mom of 3, guys don’t look at me that way. I said he does. I just don’t want you fucking him in parking lot. How did you know that? I said you told me that the other two times. I will leave early during week he can come over before you go to work. Really? She asks. I said yes. That way you can still work together and you won’t feel uncomfortable around him. Why would you allow that? She asked. Because I love you and I know you don’t really want to stop seeing him. She didn’t deny it.

I can’t do that in our bed. I said don’t, the kids will still be in bed. Take him in basement in spare bedroom.

I set up my nanny cam she had forgotten about when kids were babies and put app back on my phone. The next week he was over He was in his 50s surprised by his age he was closer to her dad’s age. A little chubby with gray beard.

My wife kissed and let him fuck her. She hugged him missionary as he devoured her body. I was rock hard watching him molesting my wife. My wife really didn’t act like she was enjoying it. More acting like it was her duty to fuck him… He grunted when he came in her I was sitting down street watching horny as hell. When he was done he got up hurried out of house. Barb layed in bed naked I watched and soon she was masturbating. It was first time I see her do this ever. She would never admit to me she masturbates. She bucks her hips and moans out. Then she gets up and gets in shower. I hurry back to house calling in I will be late to work. I go in as she is getting out of shower. She looks at me and in a guilty cute look says I am sorry and starts tearing up. I take her in my arms and kiss her. She is trembling. I pick her up pin her to wall and push into her aggressively start fucking her. She holds me trembling in my arms her face buried in my chest as I start coming. She said why did you want me so bad. I said it turns me on the thought of another guy using you. After that I just had her wait on me after he left and we fucked in same bed minutes after he was gone. He would only take about 5 minutes. He would come quickly. I would wait till he was gone and Barb would be horny as hell and she grew to like the game we played.

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