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Wife’s First Bestiality by Shutterbug51

My wife once told me her most thought of most unusual sex was being fucked by a dog. I was quite surprised, but also quite excited by the idea. I, some months later, managed to get a great dane to bring home to try this on her.

When she came home from work I instructed her to shower and go into the bedroom to wait for me, as I had a surprise for her. I instructed her to scoot her ass to the foot of the bed, where I tied her feet, spread eagle to the bottom of the legs of the bed. I then tied her arms to the posts at the head board and blindfolded her. She wanted to know what was going to happen, and if there was another guy there. I told her she didn’t need to know WHAT was going to happen, but there was no one else there.

I then went out back and brought in Roscoe, before going into the bedroom I played with his cock, pumping it to get him in the mood. I led him to her cunt, which was already wet, and he immediately started licking from her ass hole all the way up her slit. She wanted to know who it was cause she knew it wasn’t my tongue. She struggled against the ropes which just tightened. By now Roscoe’s tongue was going deep into her cunt and she was moaning now asking to see what was going on. she was heaving her cunt up to meet Roscoe’s tongue and begging to be fucked. I told her in good time. As she started screaming she was going to cum I pulled Roscoe away, as she is a squirter, and I didn’t want Roscoe to become surprise by the gushing. Just as I did, she started squirting, shooting 3′ across the room. I started sucking every drop I could.

I then told her I was going to untie her, but she was to leave the blindfold on. I decided to keep her hands tied behind her back, and led her to the living room, telling her to get on her knees. I then untied her hands from behind her back and tied them to the feet of the couch so she couldn’t get up when I told her what was about to happen.

I told her she was about to suck a very large cock, and she said that I told her no one else was there. I told her she was right, but there was a very large greatdane that she was about to suck, and get fucked by. She was now very anxious and trying to get up but the ropes held her in place.

I brought Roscoe in front of her face, got him to lay down, and pulled the sheath of his swelling cock back. I grabbed my Wife’s head and pushed it down, though she was protesting. I reminded her of when she told me she wanted to try this, it didn’t stop her struggling. I pushed her head down and told her to open her mouth. She refused until I pinched her nips a few times. When she opened her mouth I pushed her down on this 10″ dog cock, telling her to suck it. At first she was hesitant, but soon she was bobbing her head up and down as if she couldn’t get enough.

Roscoe’s cock was thick as hell and the knot at the base was the size of a baseball. I told her suck that cock until he came and not to let a drop come out of her mouth. She stopped long enough to tell me not worry she wouldn’t miss a drop, and would I untie her so she could enjoy his cock completely. I untied her and took off the blindfold, when she saw the size of his cock she was shocked, but went right back down on him.

Now I have to admit my cock was rock hard and I started fucking her from behind while she sucked off the dog. About 10 mins. later I came like never before, pulling out shooting all over her back & in her hair. about 5 mins. later, Roscoe started shooting his hot dog cum down her throat, which she didn’t miss a drop. I led roscoe around to her backside and he licked the cum from her backside and started in on her cunt again. I pulled him away to let him rest so he could fuck her later. He laid in the corner and lick himself for a short while.

Afterward my Wife said she couldn’t wait to get that big cock into her cunt and get royally fucked, which started my cock growing again. My Wife started to suck my cock and here come Roscoe, trying to but in, his tongue licking my cock as my wife was pulling back. She then looked at me and said fair is fair, I want to watch him lick your cock. I sat back on the couch and the dog continued to lick my cock and balls, even down to my ass hole which really felt good. I stood up and started pumping my cock into his mouth as it felt so good as I did he’d lick my balls and ass with that long tongue. It didn’t take long and I grabbed his head, to hold it there while I shot another huge load down his throat. He finished by licking me clean.

I saw that his cock was now sticking partially out of the sheath and told my wife to get on her hands and knees, I led the dog over her, he was that big, and pulled the sheath back and guided his long thick cock into her tight cunt. All I heard was God he so fucking big. He starting humping her immediately, she was being pounded like a jackhammer was in her. She let out a scream when his knot pounded into her and tears were running down her cheeks, but she was yelling for him to fuck her. I was again hard and jacking off watching the pounding my wife was getting from this huge dog. She was too engrossed in the fucking she was getting to pay any attention to me, so I just continued to jack off in front of her face. After a fierce 15mins. of fucking the dog starting cumming my wife throwing her head back screaming, YES FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR HOT DOG CUM & I shot my load all over her face. after 15-20 mins. the knot went down and he pulled out, my Wife suck & licked him clean, while I let Roscoe lick me clean.

We had a weekend to remember fucking and sucking with that huge greatdane and my wife wanted to later on another weekend drive to the country on little used roads to look for a horse to try. I’ll write about that at a later time, right now I’m rock hard and Roscoe’s looking like he’d like to play…………

– The End –

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