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Its 09:55 pm as I heard door bell ringing. I moved to open the door as my wild mom Lousie and hot sister Nina is sitting on sofa wearing night gown. A guy with packed meals is standing there as I took packet from him and pay him money. I locked the door from inside and put packed meals on dinning table as my mom asked….. “If you both are interested, I have bought some thing special for you, will you see it. ” And I smiled….. “Sure mom show the special item. ” As she walked towards refrigerator and took out a bottle of whisky..

We three are drinking whisky as we are sitting on sofa and looking at me, Lousie asked…. “How it tastes Garry

(Garry) nice and like a whisky. ” As both laughed on me. After 2-3 packs of whisky I felt myself in third world as my eyes are blurring and I moved to my hot sister as she pulled my bermuda down to legs. In reaction, I pulled Nina’s gown and her boobs are nude as she has wore a panty to cover her vaginal zone. My penis has lost sperms while fucking my mom’s ass as my penis is now semi-erected and I can see my hot mom moving closer to me. Now I put my hand on Lousie’s breast to press it hard as she put away my hand and removed her gown. Now my wild mom as well as hot sister is nude with me, I have hold her breasts in my hand to massage it hard as I am massaging Nina’s as well as Lousie’s boobs while holding it in my palms. Now my sister is holding my penis tightly as my hot mom is kissing my face..

We three moved inside bedroom as they made me sleep on bed as my wild mom is near my face and my sister is near my waist. Looking at me, Lousie sits over my face as my mouth is below to her vaginal zone and I hold her waist to put my lips on her labias as it is well distanced and my tongue started licking her glory hole, like a wild mom she opened her vaginal hole as my 2/3 rd tongue is fucking her vagina. I can feel Nina kissing my semi erected penis as my glans is on her lips and face, while fucking my mom’s deep vagina, my. Penis started erecting as it is in Nina mouth for oral sex. We three are on bed as I have put my one hand on her breast to press it hard while Nina took out y wet penis and her tongue is now moving on my penis from base to glans. Later on, Lousie is screaming…… “Oohhh aahhh suck my cunt Garry. ” As I took her both labias in my mouth to suck. Now Nina started sucking my cock fastly as I am fucking her from below with my long cock hitting her deep throat. Now Lousie left my face as I moved to washroom..

I came back on bed to see my sister Nina sleeping on bed like a hot gal as I knelt infront of her genital zone, while holding my cock I pushed glans inside her vagina as I pressed hard to push my whole cock in Nina’s vagina. She is enjoying fuck as I am fucking her cunt with my cock, I leaned on her as she hold me tightly and started bouncing her ass up and down. Lousie is sitting on bed as she is a solo watcher of live sex. After a while, Nina shouted….. “Oohhh uummm aahhh Garry fuck me hard, I will cum soon. ” And her vagina become wet as I took out my penis from her vagina. Now I slept on bed with my legs straight as my wild mom Lousie sits over my penis and I hold her waist as she pushed my cock in her vagina. Now my mom is in cow girl position as my penis is inside her vagina. Now Lousie is bouncing her bum on my dick to enjoy fuck as my sister Nina is sitting over my face and I put my tongue in between her labias as it moved inside to taste her vaginal juice. While licking her vagina now I am fucking my mom from below. She is sitting on my long cock as my penis is hitting hard from below and I licked my sister’s vagina. Now she moved away as I felt pre-cum on my glans, I stopped fucking her. Now she is on bed like a bitch as I pushed my long cock inside her vagina to fuck. Lousie is swinging her ass fast as my penis is pounding her vagina with speed and power. After a long fuck of 15 minutes, I shouted….. “Oohh aahhh Lousie I will pour sperms in your vagina have it. ” And her vagina is full of sperms as Nina sucked my cock to taste the cum.

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