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Witches Brew – Dirty Sex Tales

The old lady was walking through the streets of the small town that she had made home for the last three months. Nobody in the town knew who she was or where she was from, many of the residents did not care and thought that she was harmless, she did not speak much just kept herself to herself, there were residents who said that she was a witch and gave her a lot of verbal abuse calling her obscene names, the old lady ignored the name calling and carried on walking, people knew that the old lady lived in the former wood cutters hut in the woods on the edge of the town and sometimes the local youngsters would go to the hut and throw stones at it calling out abuse as they did, ten year old July was one of the youngsters from the town who was kind to the old lady and often took her food, one night while she was at the hut talking to the old lady July’s sixteen year old step brother and his mate Martin who was also sixteen burst into the hut, July had been living with Steve and his family for six months after being adopted by Steve’s mum, the two boys grabbed July telling her she was not to be at the hut and dragged her out, Martin who had seen the large crate of beer grabbed it saying ” we will have these ” and while Steve sat in the woods with July Martin took the beer bach to town making three more trips to get the rest of the beer, on his last trip Martin sat with Steve drinking some of the beer, suddenly Martin said ” I got a fucking hard on ” Steve said ” my cock has been hard for ages ” and stood up and undid his joggers letting his nine inch erection spring out, July smiled as she looked at it and Martin released his eight inch erection July thought cool, when the two yobs started to jerk their dicks July thought nice and sat watching as the boys jerked their dicks, after five minutes Martin squirted his cum in four long spurts shortly after Steve squirted cum in five spurts, July sat smiling thinking very nice show, half a hour later the trio were back in town where Steve and Martin started handing out beer to all their mates in the derelict factory, Tina a sixteen year old girl who caused a lot of trouble in town grabbed a bottle of beer and left the old factory heading for where she lived drinking the beer as she went, Asif who was the son of the Indian take away shop owner saw Tina as she walked through the park, Asif knew that Tina was trouble he knew that she was two years older than him and was about to run to avoid trouble when Tina put the bottle of beer down and took her jumper off, Asif’s eyes went wide when he saw that Tina had no bra on and her ample boobs were on show, then to Asif’s surprise Tina stripped out of the rest of her clothes and stood naked, Asif looked at her hair less love tube and her boobs noticing her erect nipples, as he looked at Tina Asif saw her sister Mandy and Mandy’s friend Gill who were both in his glass at school approaching Tina, Mandy went to Tina and said to her ” what the fuck you doing where are your clothes ” Gill picked up the beer bottle and drank some of the beer before passing the bottle to Mandy, after a couple of minutes Asif watched in awe as the two girls started to undress and after a few minutes Asif was smiling as he looked at three naked white girls noticing that all three had very erect nipples, Tina was now stood rubbing her love tube then lay on the ground and started to masturbate, shortly after Gill was also laying on the ground masturbating, Asif thought go on Mandy join them, instead Mandy looked at Asif and said ” want to fuck me ” and started to walk towards him when she got to him Mandy pulled Asif’s trousers open and got hold of his seven inch erection and started to stroke it, Asif started to rub Mandy’s boobs but stopped when Mandy lowered him to the ground then lay down on the ground beside Asif saying ” come on fuck me as she did ” Asif did not need telling a second time and was soon pushing his dick into Mandy’s love tube and started to thrust in and out hearing Mandy groan as he did, after thrusting in and out of her love tube for a few minutes Asif felt Mandy climax but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube only stopping when Gill pushed him and said ” come on it is my turn fuck me now ” Asif pulled his dick from Mandy’s love tube and was soon thrusting in and out of Gills love tube causing her to groan loudly a he did. July was sat inside the derelict factory on a ledge looking in awe at the gang of naked teens thinking this is better than being at the children’s homes, July could see Martin thrusting in and out of his girlfriends sisters love tube who July knew was two years younger than Martin, July saw Steve walking naked accross the floor his dick standing up fully erect and when one of her naked classmates got hold of Steve’s dick he stopped walking and stood while the girl jerked him, July watched and smiled when Steve squirted his cum for the second time that night. In the Indian take away shop the men who were talking all fell silent and looked in disbelieve as the three sixteen year old naked girls walked in, but soon the three girls were groaning as the men started to thrust in and out of their love tubes, Mark a local boy who was hated because he was a peeping tom could not believe his eyes as Sharon who at sixteen was two years older than what he was walked towards him completely naked and once she got to him said ” fuck me ” after a few minutes Sharon was groaning as Mark thrust in and out of her love tube, Mia the ten year old Indian girl was watching out of her bedroom window as the seventeen year old boy from the house next door to where she lived stood naked jerking off and when he squirted his cum Mia thought at last I have seen spunk, Mia’s sister Pia who was two years older than Mia was picked up the beer bottle and after deciding to find out what beer tasted like drank some then after a few minutes stripped naked, Mark was walking away from Sharon hardly believing that he had just fucked her when he saw the naked Pia and thought I am dreaming but after a few minutes was pushing his still solid dick up Pia’s tight virgin love tube hearing her groan as he did, Asif was now thrusting in and out of Tina’s love tube, his schoolmates who he had phoned earlier had Mandy and Gill on their hands and knees side by side thrusting in and out of their bums while others were getting their dicks sucked by the girls. July was now watching Steve as he squirted his cum for the fifth time that night while Martin was squirting his cum for the seventh time, July looked at what was now an orgy thinking this is cool, in the woods the old lady thought I hope they like my brew as she took the broom from the cupboard and stood astride it wondering where to go to next.

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