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Without Mark – Dirty Sex Tales

Sixteen year old Mark had been a out of control thug who was very much feared by the people he lived near, he was getting away with lots of things, then one morning as he lay in bed the police raided his home breaking the main door down to get in, before he could react the police burst into his bedroom dragging him out of bed putting his wrists in handcuffs behind his back, Mark always slept naked and was now standing in the hall outside his bedroom not only was he naked but he also had a nine inch erection, his sister Amy who was six years younger than what he was had had two friends sleep over the three girls were all grining as they looked at the naked Mark admiring his massive erection in the house opposite where Mark lived fourteen year old Gary who was gay and had been beaten up by the homophobic thug had looked out his window when he heard the commotion and had seen through the gap where the door had been and had thought nice when he had seen the naked Mark and his erection. Mark appeared in court and was sentenced to five years youth custody. He was now sitting in the visitors room of the youth custody centre with his sixteen year old girlfriend Sharon with one hand inside her blouse playing with her boobs glad that she was not wearing a bra like he had asked her not to, When visiting time was over Sharon left the centre and cursed when she found that the bus had gone with the next not being for another two hours, Sharon started to walk the two miles home cutting through the woods as she did sixteen year old Asif who had visited his mate in the centre caught up Sharon and said to her, when your boyfriend was playing with your tit we could see them, Sharon responded saying so what I do not care, Asif smiled and said ” in that case get them out let me see them properly ” and was surprised when Sharon unbuttoned her blouse opened it wide showing her naked boobs, Asif saw that her nipples were erect and cupped Sharon’s boobs and was surprised when Sharon said ” if you want to fuck me let us go in the bushes ” and when Sharon moved deeper into the trees Asif followed her and was soon looking at a naked Sharon as she lay on the ground with her legs apart, Sharon said ” come on don’t just look get your fucking cock up me ” after a few minutes Asif was thrusting in and out of Sharon’s love tube hearing her groan as he did and after ten minutes felt her cum not long after Asif was squirting his cum in three spurts over the ground, after ten minutes Sharon got dressed then walked home with Asif, at the estate when they parted Sharon said to Asif I have seen the way you look at Steve’s sister tonight I am looking after her so if you really want to see her she will have a bath at seven o clock if you call to see me you might see her, that night Asif was sat talking to Sharon when she told him to be quiet and took him to the bathroom door pointing at the key hole in the door when they got there, Asif looked through the keyhole and saw Amy laying in the bath he admired her naked body thinking wish I was in there as well. After returning to the lounge Sharon said to Asif be at my house tomorrow night and bring your little brother with you, the following night Asif’s brother who was four years younger than he and Sharon were could hardly believe his luck as he watched Asif thrust in and out of a naked Sharon’s love tube while he rubbed her boobs. After they had gone Sharon thought it is going to a interesting few years with out Mark, I wonder if Gary liked that DVD, Gary and his mates loved the film of Mark jerking off and were thinking thank you Sharon.

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