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Workers – Dirty Sex Tales

17 year old Steve was the assistant caretaker of the tower block of the flats where he worked, it was late and he was duty caretaker and had been called to deal with a leak in one of the flats, Steve knew 16 year old Cindy lived there with her mum who was an alcoholic. Steve arrived at the flat with his tool bag rang the door bell and waited, after a minute Cindy opened the door and let him in then showed him where the leak was, Steve knew Cindy was a trouble maker who was often involved in fights, Steve lay on the floor with his head and shoulders under the sink he soon located where the leak was after turning the water off Steve selected the tools he would need as he was doing so he heard Cindy yell ” where is the water” and walked in wearing a dressing gown, Steve told Cindy that he had turned the water off so he could fix the leak or when he took the pipe off there would be a lot of water leaking onto the floor and told Cindy that the water would be turned back on in less than a hour, Steve knelt down to cut a new piece of pipe, as he was kneeling Cindy dropped a cigarette on the floor near to where Steve was kneeling she bent forward to pick it up as she did the top of her gown parted a bit, Steve saw the top of Cindy’s boobs and thought nice sight,  Cindy stood up with her cigarette lit it and sat on the chair opposite to wear Steve was working, Steve was now laying on the floor again his head and shoulders under the sink, Steve moved as he did his foot hit his bag, Cindy said ” I will move it” bent forward got hold of the handles. Steve looked at her and got a big pleasant surprise, as Cindy was bending forward her gown opened a bit more and Steve had a good view of her boobs, as Cindy dragged the bag Steve could see the whole of Cindy’s boobs and liked what he was seeing, Cindy dragged the bag out of the way of Steve’s feet, looked at Steve who was smiling and asked him what he was smiling for, Steve said I can see down your gown and can see your tits, Cindy looked down could see what Steve was saying was right and stood up straight grabbing the top of her gown pulling it,  together as she did the bottom parted giving Steve a good view of her love tube, Steve said ” Oh yes I can see your cunt as well” Cindy moved back as she did she fell backwards over the chair landing on her back on the floor her gown wide open, Steve looked said ” wow your body looks well good” Steve got out from under the sink and stood up as he did Cindy could see the outline of his dick which was obviously erect, Cindy lay where she was looking at the length of Steve’s dick, Steve saw Cindy’s nipples go erect and said to her ” looks like you need fucking” and started undoing his overalls, when his 10 inch erection sprung out Cindy gasped said ” Fucking hell” Steve knelt ran his hands up Cindy’s legs over her stomach and onto her boobs and gently rubbed them then squeezed her nipples making her groan Steve stood pulled Cindy to her feet and slid her gown off her shoulders letting it drop to the floor leaving her naked, he then gently pushed her backwards into the lounge and lowered her on to the floor Cindy parted her legs Steve knelt between them bent forward and eased his throbbing erection into Cindy’s wet love tube causing Cindy to groan out as he did, Steve started to push in and out making Cindy groan and breathe heavy, Steve started pushing in as deep and hard as he could, Cindy was groaning loudly Steve felt her cum a few times before he squirted his cum into her. Half a hour later Steve was leaving the flat with Cindy putting her gown on and saying thanks.

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