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Yobs – Dirty Sex Tales

Toot was a 12 year old Bengali girl living in East London, she had been nicknamed Toot by her uncle because she would say toot instead of excuse me please. Toot was sat at her bedroom window one night watching the people going home from the rave that had been held in a field near to her house. She saw four of the local yob boys, Steve Martin Mark and Kevin, she knew they were all 16 years of age and right trouble makers, Toot saw them stop opposite their back yard to which there was no garden gate, Toot saw the boys talking then they walked towards the yard Kevin walked into the yard while the others stood by where the gate should be, toot wondered what Kevin was up to, Kevin stopped not to far from the house undid his joggers lowered the front and pulled his dick out, toot smiled she could clearly see the white boys 6 inch hairy dick and liked what she was seeing toot looked and suddenly she saw the white dick stick out straight then go right up in the air, toot said to herself ” yeah a white boy’s dick on the hard” Kevin started to stroke his dick, toot watched in awe as Kevin stroked his 8 inch erection, when Kevin squirted is cum in 4 spurts toot thought yeah nice. Kevin put his dick away left the yard then Martin entered and pulled his dick out toot thought wow two white dicks in one night and when Martin got an erection and started stroking his 7 inch solid dick toot just stared and when he squirted his cum toot wondered if Tony and Steve would do it as well and when Martin left the yard and Mark entered undid his jeans pulled his dick out toot saw that it was already erect and watched as he started to stroke his 8 inch erection and squirt in 4 long spurts, when he left the yard Steve entered undid his joggers and got his 7 inch hairy dick out toot sat staring at it and watched with joy as it slowly grew stuck out straight before growing fully stiff to 9 inches and stick up like a flagpole, toot thought this was the biggest of all four of them, Steve started stroking it and after five minutes he squirted his cum in five long spurts not long after he left the yard then he and his three mates walked off laughing. Toot went to bed thinking of the great site she had just seen, Next day toot met up with her best mate at the derelict factory and was in the middle of telling her what she had seen the night before. when Steve appeared he walked to the two girls looked at toot and asked her if she had enjoyed seeing his and his mates wanking and shooting spunk, he then added we knew you were there watching that is why we did it, Toot just smiled, Steve then said ” you wanna watch again follow me and walked to a small room, the two girls looked at each smiled then got up went to the room and saw a naked Steve his 7 inch dick hanging down, as the girls looked they saw Steve’s dick grow and stick up then  watched as he started to stroke it, Steve looked at the two 12 year old smiling Bengali girls and said, how often do you see a naked white boy with a hard cock wanking it, the girls just smiled and carried on watching, after a few more minutes Steve said ” I’m going to spunk” both girls smiled broadly as Steve squirted his cum in 5 long spurts. Not long after Steve had dressed and left, the girls started walking home when they saw Mark enter the building, both girls went back and were soon watching a naked Mark stroking his erect dick.

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