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Young Ben comes over for breakfast

We got up this Sunday morning and Fred said to me Ben is coming over to help me to fix some things here at the ranch. I looked at him and said ok that’s good so we got dressed. I went to the kitchen to clean it up and Fred went outside to start working. As I was cleaning the kitchen up I saw Ben is driving up. Young Ben has fucked me several times and I love the way he pounds my pussy, young hard cock deep inside my pussy, slamming his cock hard and me of course moaning and screaming as he does well.

I went back to clean the kitchen up so Fred comes in and so does Ben, he looks up and down at me and I say good morning and he says the same. I had a t shirt on and some loose shorts on so they sat down and start talking about what they are going to do so I keep cleaning the kitchen up. Fred leaves and goes to the shop and Ben sits there drinking his coffee. I turn to him and I say how you been Ben and he tells me great and he asks me and you, I say I am fine. So as I am cleaning he gets up and comes behind me and whispers in my ear I sure miss fucking you Lynn and I turn and I say you do and I laugh. Then he wraps his arms around me and presses my body against his. I look at him and say you are very horny aren’t you? and he says yes very much. Then he puts his hands under my t shirt and rubs my stomach gently. I gasp for air as he knows that I love him doing that so I tell him what if Fred comes in? he tells me Fred doesn’t mind if I fuck you and he knows you love me pounding your pussy hard don’t you Lynn? I say yes and you know I do so please stop but he reaches higher and squeezes my tits, both of them at once. I moan a little as he gently pinches my nipples and starts kissing the back of my neck. I get goose bumps as he kisses and licks my neck, my pussy starts getting very wet and he presses his body closer to me whispering let me fuck you Lynn I need to fuck you. I look at him and look down and his cock is as hard as a rock. I smile at him and tell him here in the kitchen and he tells me yes as he is squeezing my tits. I moan as he pinches my nipples harder as he knows I love him doing that. Then he takes my t shirt off and there I stand naked in front of the kitchen window with Ben feeling me up and me enjoying it. He keeps kissing my neck and sticking his tongue deep into my ear breathing heavy and telling me how he wants to bury his hard cock deep into my pussy. I press against him as he feels my breast and I try to control myself but I wanted his cock deep in my pussy. He tells me spread your legs Lynn so I do and he gently feels my clit and I moan louder oh fuck Ben that feels so fucken good. As he finger fucks my pussy I moan and spread my legs more and he shoves 2 fingers deep into my pussy and I scream and tell him oh fuck yes finger my cunt hard and he does in and out his fingers go deep inside of my cunt grabbing my hot spot and getting my cunt very wet and ready for his cock. Then he grabs my ass and starts squeezing my ass and he starts playing with my asshole his fingers went from my wet pussy slowly he starts pressing his finger and I tell him you know I don’t like that but he doesn’t stop.

I start feeling the pain as his finger gets in and he tells me just relax Lynn so I try in and out his finger goes little by little he shoves his finger deep in my ass its very painful and I tell him that’s enough Ben and he doesn’t stop. I try to relax so the pain isn’t so bad so he continues fingering my asshole and I stand there excepting the pain, then all of a sudden the pain goes away and start liking him finger fucking my asshole. I push against his finger and he notices that I love him doing that to my ass and he whispers you love me fingering your ass Lynn and I tell him you know I do you asshole. So he fingers my ass harder I moan as he does and I know he is getting my ass ready for his hard cock so he takes me over to the couch and bends me over and takes my shorts off and he takes his shorts off and I look at his cock and oh fuck it is so fucken hard like a steel rod. He tells me feel it Lynn and I do than he goes down to my ass and starts licking my ass. I moan as he does his tongue licking and licking getting it ready for his young hard cock so he raises up and slowly presses his cock against my ass. I think oh fuck and I say to him no one fucks my asshole except my Fred and he smiles and tells me I will be the second guy to fuck your ass and slowly he shoves his hard cock inch by inch into my ass back and forth he goes little by little his cock goes. I feel a strange feeling that I have never had before a warm feeling and I star loving his cock in my ass. I moan a little and he knows that I am starting to love his cock deep in my ass he starts fucking me harder I take all his cock deep in my ass and I push back against him wanting more of his cock. I tell him fuck me harder Ben fuck my ass it yours fuck this nasty bitch and he starts pounding my ass hard. I moan and moan as he goes deep in to my ass as he is fucking me I feel his balls banging my pussy lips and I knew he was all in my ass. So then I feel like I am going to climax and I tell Ben don’t stop please fuck me harder pound my ass and he does. Then I exploded and out comes my juices oh fuck my pussy was dripping all of my juices out, I could not believe that it was happening it felt so good and then I feel his cock expand and I knew he was ready to cum deep in my ass. So as I was climaxing he started squirting load after load of hot cum, his cock throbbing as he was cumming deep in my ass, it felt strange but it felt good. After he got done cumming he pulled his cock out of my ass, I look at his cock and it was covered with his cum. so I got a wash cloth and cleaned his cock, it was still hard and I look at him and I smiled and said looks like you want more pussy or ass Ben. He smiled and said yes I do so I told him you need to take care of this pussy you know as it needs to be fed by cock and cum.

He left and went to help Fred, I felt my ass and pussy and I thought he is going to have to take care of both of these before he leaves.

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