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Young boy with aunty – Dirty Sex Tales

I am Arul currently studying for doctor in Bangalore and this is my first story so forgive my mistakes and it is a real one. Let’s Not call it as a story as it really happened. I was in my vacation when this happened. Me and my family members were on a trip to Tamilnad and we were to visiting temples. During one of my visit to a temple we had to take a share taxi to reach the temple.

My family members got into one taxi and I was in another one taxi. I was occupying a window seat and on the centre was a old man and on the other corner was an uncle. We all were sitting in the middle of the car, it was a bolero. The driver said it would take 3 hours to reach the temple and the same vehicle would return back. When the vehicle was about to start a woman along with her husband and son hopped in the vehicle. Her husband and 15 year old son sat in the front seat. The aunty sat alongside me, as it was a Three seater in middle and we were four members it was jam packed. She was in her fourty’s, but her appearance was that of thirty years old. Her body figure was 36-28-38, she was wheatish in colour, she was from Mumbai. She was hot. She was wearing brown color transparent Saree.

The vehicle started to move and her thighs were touching mine. And as the vehicle was moving there was lot of pot holes and her boob were rubbing against mine. I kept my hands on my lap so that my shoulders were touching hers. I was afraid to take advantage as her husband and son were in the front, after an hour the vehicle came to halt and we everyone got down.

When everyone got back she sat alongside me, and the vehicle started. This time I took advantage and moved my hands to the back of my seat. Now my hand was resting on her sweet ass. She did not mind about that. Now there were more potholes, and the vehicle was shaking rapidly. My hands were moving along her ass. She didn’t show any reaction on her face. Then we went to the temple. I prayed to god that she must sit alongside me for next 3 hours on our return journey. To my luck she sat alongside me, I was really happy. I didn’t expect that, I thought she would exchange and sit somewhere else. As it was getting darker the lights inside the vehicle was turned off. I just felt happy and thanked god for this opportunity. For me it was an opportunity of a lifetime.

As soon as the vehicle started I brought my hands to back of seat and kept it on her ass, whenever speed breakers came my hands slowly moved upward. At one point of time I got my elbow to touch her boobs. She smiled. Taking this as the signal and the lights were turned off. I began to rub my elbow over her boobs. She was smiling with my actions. Then I gained confidence and started to move my fingers over her boobs. Her boobs were so soft. Now I Thought it was time for ass. I slid my hands at her back. As she was wearing saree I now took my hand into her Saree and slid it through her petticoat and touched her ass. I was scared that she might scream. But she turned to my face stared for a while and then she smiled. Everyone in the vehicle was sleeping except us and the driver. I was amazed by the fact that how she permitted a boy who was nearly her son’s age to grope her. I pressed her ass, they were very fleshy. Next I took my hands to her boobs. She knew about my intention. So she leaned on the seat before and acted as she was asleep. I got my hands near her boobs now and again pressed those. She unhooked her blouse. I now touched her bra she immediately unhooked her bra and she  covered her with her Saree. For the first time in my life I am touching a woman boobs. I almost cummed. She then brought her hands and placed it on my lap. She opened my pant zip with silence and touched my penis. I must accept the fact that I was about to cum at that moment itself. I was controlling myself. She was playing with my anaconda. I was pressing her boobs with my hands. Now it was an hour since we started, we had only two hours left. Suddenly there was a quick brake and everyone got up. She quickly covered her top and I kept my bag on my lap. As it was congested her husband called “Swetha why don’t you adjust and sit, you are almost squashing the boy” I replied that “no problem uncle I am completely comfortable”. Her husband  asked me whether if she sits on my lap it would be disturbing. I thought it was a golden opportunity and replied “what about aunt”. She replied that “Why do we give miseries for this young boy” with a grinning smile. I understood her smile. Her husband replied “Swetha sit on his lap so that everyone in the car would be comfortable to sit”. She sat on my lap and the lights were off. Her ass was directly resting on my penis. Now my penis was hard as rock and about to cum. I was restricting myself from cumming. After half an hour everyone was sleeping except us and the driver, he was busy in driving.

Now I was happily holding her two boobs with my hand and playing with them. She whispered “are you a virgin” I replied in a soft tone “yes”. She lifted her Saree and I opened my pant zip without creating much sound. I inserted my cock into her and asshole and fucked her. Wow! I didn’t expect someone who was about my mom’s age to be my first. I cummed inside her. Then our stopping came, she got down and made her Saree correct. Her husband said “thanks a lot boy, and further added that most young generation must be ready to help those who are in need”. Only Me and Swetha knew about that help. Also he gave his address and contact number.

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