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Zapped – Dirty Sex Tales

16 year old Cindy was the school bully who was well feared by her fellow students and most of the teachers, Cindy would go up to a teacher with a cigarette and tell them to give her a light, she did not ask just demand and despite it being a no smoking at the school teachers would give her a light in fear of being hit if they never, if the teacher did not have a light they would go and get one from some where. It was a hot sunny afternoon when a space craft was seen hovering over the school which caused the school to go into a security shut down, all outer doors were closed and locked as were all the windows, shutters on the lower ground floor windows were shut and locked, the school public address system started telling students not to panic and that everything was under control but to stay indoors and follow instructions from tutors, Cindy said out loud ” what a bunch of wankers a bit of scrap metal appears and they all act scared like a bunch of pregnant fairies” Cindy went to the window and opened the second floor window and was hit by a bolt of light from the space craft which sent her flying backwards across the room where she lay on her back stunned, one of her fellow class mates asked if she was dead when the answer no was given another student said ” shit” Cindy got the her feet saying that the floating tin can would be destroyed and unlocked the door opened it and went out into the corridor then took the stairs to the top floor pushing past other students who were sheltering on the stairs, on the top floor the class of 12 year old boys were sheltering when Cindy appeared and went to the exit door that lead onto the roof, finding the door locked Cindy used a fire extinguisher and hit the lock a few times with hit breaking the lock then opened the door and went onto the roof as she went out a beam of light from the craft  covered Cindy, the boys near the door gasped in surprise as Cindy’s skirt rose up then dropped again, the top two buttons on Tina’s blouse popped open revealing the side of her boobs and blue bra to the watching boys, then one by one all the buttons popped open, then as if a visible hand was doing it Cindy’s blouse slid off her body, then to the amazement of the boys her skirt also fell away from her body this was soon followed by her bra and panties leaving her naked, one boy said ” look at those tits” another said ” and her cunt” Cindy turned walked back to the door with a dazed look in her eyes, Steve the 17 year old assistant caretaker who had been left in charge of the boys told them to let Cindy in, Cindy re entered the building, Steve told the boys to stay where they were and followed Cindy who went into a store room, Steve went in behind Cindy calling her as he did but not go response from her, Steve went up to her brushed her bum got no response so her cupped her boobs still getting no response, Steve undid his fly pulled out his 8 inch erection lay Cindy on the floor and was soon sliding his dick into her love tube then started thrusting away hard after a few minutes Steve pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over Cindy’s face as he did saying ” bitch” afterwards he put his dick away and left the store room, he told the boys in the corridor not to go on the roof and keep an eye on Cindy and left. In the classrooms students were looking at the space craft when rays of light shone all over the school after 10 minutes the lights stopped shining, the young boys and girls watched in awe as the clothes of all the 16 and 17 year old students fell from their bodies leaving them standing naked in a trance like stated. 3 Air force jets flew over head and when yellow flashes from the space craft hit the planes the pilots parachuted to safety as their planes crashed to the ground in flames, all over the country more space ships appeared sending bolts of lights to the ground knocking out all the power supply then bright lights started shining down soon all the population were naked standing or sitting in trance like states, the only ones left clothed and looking normal were the young people who were all smiling, In one of the space crafts a large creature whined away  the humans who had disappeared a few years ago understood that the creature was saying ” let phase 2 begin. and as they were lowered gently to earth the humans smiled at all their naked fellow humans knowing they had a week to complete a task and were soon at work seducing the naked people who had once been their neighbours and friends.

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