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A Lesbian Thank You by Marie G

I sighed as I saw Sandra walk down the drive with a big bunch of flowers. I loved and hated it when Sandra visited me. On one hand I loved being in her company, finding her warm, attractive, and dare I say it, sexy. But on the other hand, Sandra’s presence stirred up so many things in me that made me feel very uncomfortable, and a little dirty. Feelings of lust and desire that I had great difficulty in repressing.

Unconsciously, I looked in the mirror in the hall to sort my appearance before opening the door. Not that it needed sorted. I was a beautiful woman with shoulder length dark hair and a good figure. As Sandra rang the bell, I smoothed down my cream coloured skirt and straightened my white blouse. I always found myself anxiously checking my appearance before Sandra visited, without fully understanding why.

I opened the door to Sandra’a beautiful smiling face. Sandra was a blond in her early twenties and was, as usual, dressed provocatively. She wore a red mini-skirt, black patterned stockings, knee length high-heeled kinky boots and a white T-shirt, through which I could see her erect nipples. As I glanced at Sandra’s curvy figure, I was already beginning to feel nervous.

I invited her in and Sandra gave me the flowers. “These are just to say thank you for what you have done for us.” Said Sandra. Sandra’s mother had been ill recently and I had helped them both out, giving them lifts in my car and doing errands. “Oh, thank you. They’re beautiful.” I Replied, sincerely. “I was always glad to help”

I invited Sandra into the lounge. I sat on the large couch while Sandra sat on the chair facing me. As usual Sandra sat with her well shaped legs slightly apart. In this position Sandra panties were clearly visible and I had difficulty stopping myself from staring at them. I hated to admit it, but this really turned me on. I could already feel myself go moist and my nipples go hard. It looked like I would have to resort to the vibrator to relieve myself again when Sandra left.

“But I would also like to thank you personally for your assistance.” Said Sandra huskily. This caused some unwelcome fantasies to rush through my imagination. I tried to dismiss them and just smiled. Sandra stood up and walked slowly over to me, swaying her hips. She stood in front of me, as I sat on the couch. “I know the perfect way to show my appreciation for all you have done.” Said Sandra and lifted up the front of her red skirt directly in front of my face. I stared wide eyed, raising my gaze from her sexy stockings, to her bare thighs, to her tight skimpy panties covering those protruding pussy lips. Sighing in delight. Sandra lightly caressed her pussy through the soft material with her fingers as I looked on whimpering uncontrollably. I bit my lip and frowned with lust as I tried to fight the desire that was rising within me. I didn’t know what to say or do.

But Sandra did. She gently took my hands and rubbed my fingers against her pussy through the soft material of her panties. Sandra purred with delight. “I know you want this, Marie.” She said. Then, she lifted my hands up to her pert breasts and placed them over her erect nipples. “And I know you also want these.”

I was feeling very weak now, but I had to be strong. I had to be firm. “I think you should go now, Sandra.” I stuttered, but found that my hands were voluntarily massaging Sandra’s breasts and nipples through her T-shirt as I said it.

“Don’t be silly.” Said Sandra, as she hitched up her skirt and sat on my crotch, straddling me. “I have not finished saying thank you yet.” I gasped as Sandra ripped open my white blouse and pulled down the cups of my lacy bra to eagerly suck my erect nipples.

I moaned uncontrollably as Sandra sucked and bit my nipples. Then Sandra moved back off my thighs to kneel in front of me and began kissing her way down my body. At the same time her hands moved up my skirt to my bare sensitive thighs. Then, reaching my hips, Sandra pushed my skirt up to my waist to reveal my sexy panties.

I gasped as Sandra massaged my moist pussy through the material. “Oh, I love your sexy panties, Marie. Did you wear them for me?” Sandra said, teasingly. “I think you were wanting this, you little hussy.”

I only knew how true that actually was, but I had to resist my desires. “Oh, Sandra, this is wrong. We should stop this.” I moaned with pleasure, clearly not wanting it to stop. But instead of stopping, Sandra pulled the material of my panties to one side and began licking and sucking my clit.

I gasped, lying back on the couch and opened my legs wider. “Oh Sandra.” I moaned, as I watched Sandra’s beautiful face lick and suck on my sopping wet pussy. “We must stop. My husband could come home at any time.”

But Sandra continued sucking my clit. Instead of stopping, she inserted three fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me gently. I moaned in ecstasy, my legs now as wide apart as they could go. I hadn’t realised I was so flexible. “Oh Sandra, that is so good.” I cried out and pushed Sandra’s face hard into my pussy. “Please don’t stop. Oh, please never stop.”

Almost suffocating, Sandra gasped for air as she sucked and finger-fucked my drenched pussy. My moans became louder and louder as the waves of pleasure intensified. I just couldn’t get enough of Sandra’s flicking tongue and thrusting fingers.

Then arching my back, I cried out uncontrollably again and again as I orgasmed on Sandra’s pretty face, while my hands continued to push Sandra’s head down against my gaping whole.

Spent and satisfied, but feeling a bit guilty, I lay back on the couch exhausted. “I hope you liked your present.” Said Sandra, as she looked up, her pretty face dripping and glistening with my come. “I nodded, smiling in satisfaction. “But, t’s not finished yet.” Added Sandra, suggestively.

I looked at Sandra in excitement. Sandra got off her knees and stood on the couch. The high heels of Sandra’s boots dug deep into the material of the couch as she stood above me. I sat up and gazed in delight up Sandra’s skirt at those tight moist panties pressing against her vagina. Then Sandra kneeled forward against the back of the couch so that my face was directly in front of her hips. “I know you always wanted to get into my knickers.” Giggled Sandra. “Now is your chance.”

My inhibitions now gone, I eagerly put my hands up Sandra’s skirt, massaging her patterned stockings and bare thighs in delight. I moved my hands up to her hips, playing joyfully with Sandra’s skimpy panties for a moment, pulling and caressing the material with my fingers as Sandra sighed in delight.

“Oh, please suck my pussy, Marie.” Sandra asked, almost pleading, hitching her skirt up to her waiste and pulling the material of her panties to one side with one hand to expose her pussy. “Please suck it now.” I raised my head up and pulled Sandra’s hips down to my waiting tongue.

Sandra gasped and sighed with delight as my tongue flicked over her clit and eagerly sucked out the juices from her pussy that were pouring into my nose and mouth. I moved my hands the length of Sandra’s quivering body as I sucked out her pussy, caressing her hips, her buttocks, her stockings, her bare thighs and her kinky boots.

With the intensity of the pleasure, Sandra was only just able to stay up-right as she moaned in ecstasy. “Oh, Marie, suck that clit harder.” She gasped, just as she was reaching climax. Sandra leaned back a little and looked down at me. I looked up in delight at her face contorted with pleasure as I continued working her clit with my tonque. Then, with a long lustful moan and an ecstatic smile on her pretty face, Sandra orgasmed, her knuckles turning white as they gripped the back of the couch. “Oh, God, yes.!” She cried biting down on her bottom lip in pure joy. Then, With the waves of pleasure finally passed, Sandra collapsed exhausted in a heap on top of me.

Sandra soon left, saying she had to see to her mother. It seems the little slut had used me for sex and discarded me. But I looked on satisfied as I watched Sandra’s gorgeous hips sway down the drive, the outline of her sexy panties clearly visible through the material of her skirt. The memory of that image and the afternoon’s events would stay clear in my mind for some time. Despite that fantastic orgasm I had experienced earlier, I realised that the vibrator would have to be brought into action again this afternoon. And once would clearly not be enough. It was going to be a long , hot, ecstatic day.

– The End –

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