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A Story of Punjabi Incestuous Sex

The Basra’s were predominantly from a Jatt community and that meant they were direct descendants of the rich landlords, who once had their word in the farmlands of Punjab. It also meant that honor and pride were a huge factor in their lives, especially for the males. So when people say Anand Basra, the head of the largest Basra family in the north-eastern parts of the state, was a ruthless, cunning and strict man, it was believed to be so.

Anand Basra and his family lived in a Palatial house, gifted to him by his father-in-law for his marriage with Jannat Basra, his wife who was in her 40s. He was 20 years older than her, but even in his 60s, Anand Basra’s name was enough to scare away the local people. He even maintained a good physique, not by visiting gyms, but by frequently visiting his huge farms, walking almost wherever he went and keeping a tight control over his diet. He had vowed to himself that unlike his own father, he would never develop a pot belly and die of alcohol consumption.

To everyone who knew Anand, they always described him as this man who had developed an insatiable greed for accumulating vast resources, a man who had driven his rivals into either exile or bankruptcy thereby claiming their businesses or even going to the extent to say that he cared for no one, except himself and his family. But that was just the business side of Anand.

In the house, Anand showed himself as a doting father to his only daughter, Luvleen. Luvleen had always been a mischievous girl and Anand had actively encouraged the lively spirit with which she engaged the large household of theirs into playing with her. Anand did so, because he knew what he had been deprived of in his childhood and didn’t want his daughter to face the same.

But as she grew up, Luvleen became arrogant as a teenager. She started hanging around with boys, groups with questionable intentions and even had a brief relationship with one of her father’s longstanding rival’s son. So Anand began to control her every activity and this naturally led to Luvleen feeling betrayed, as she was so used to getting away with nearly everything that this new face of her father deeply changed her understanding of him. She started to hide things from him, which somehow got out and there would be huge fights. School days were missed, exams and tests were skipped or deliberately failed. But ultimately she had to resign to her father and she began to relent as she matured. But her hatred for her father still developed into her adulthood.

Anand loved his daughter more than anything in the world, even his wife Jannat knew that, despite his failings as a husband. So Jannat and her daughter grew close while the father and daughter developed rifts in their relationship. Jannat found in her daughter, Luvleen, a new friend and vice versa. Luvleen, now 18 years of age, could always be found cuddled in her mothers lap and both talked endlessly. Luvleen got to know about her mothers life before her marriage and how she was forced to marry Anand, when Jannat’s father couldn’t pay back money he owed and had to give away his house and youngest daughter’s hand in marriage to Anand.

Luvleen knew about the bad side of her father, but never really understood the depths he would stoop to. She had already made up her mind in the middle of her school days to leave this place and never return. So when it was time for applying for her college, she had chosen several universities in cities and states outside Punjab. But when she told her father about it, she was shocked to see him merely shrug his shoulders. Days passed and still there was no official confirmation from any of her applications.

As she was brooding about nothing in particular that day on her balcony, like she usually did, Luvleen heard the door to the second terrace below her open and saw her father enter. Only her mother was present there and she too glanced at the door. Her mother went back to spreading the spices to dry on the ground, which was her usual afternoon routine. Since she was on her hands and knees Jannat’s voluptuous ass was facing Luvleen and her father. Luvleen looked on as her father went behind her mom and lifted the back end of her salwar. Both she and Jannat sprang back in shock.

But Anand seemed unfazed by his wife’s reluctance and loosened his pants, while indicating his wife to turn around and face him, which she did, wincing as her husband began shoving himself in her face. Luvleen was too shocked to move, but somehow her gaze couldn’t stop staring at what she was witnessing from her balcony. Even when her father caught her watching from above, Luvleen was merely covering her mouth to stop from screaming, yet staying in position.

Anand tensed up when he saw his daughter staring at him getting a blowjob from his wife, but seeing her not running away, strangely peaked his interest and he nudged himself further into his wife’s mouth with his erect cock. And like that, still maintaining eye contact, Anand began to ejaculate inside his wife’s surprising both himself and his wife.

Leaving her mother to clean herself up, Luvleen watched her father wear his pants as he appeared to leave, like nothing had happened. Anand looked up to see Luvleen no longer standing and went back to his wife, who had made herself busy. He strode forward and leaned on the parapet wall, looking at her bent figure. Jannat saw him and sat back on her knees, returning his stare with defiance.

Anand shook his head and folded his hands.

“You’re such a fucking Randi.” He said to her, disgusted.

“That’s mostly because you treat me that way.”

“NO!” Anand shouted. “It’s because you one.”

Jannat felt her husband’s rage and decided to keep her head down.

“Isn’t it time to forget this now?”

“Forget? You might have forgotten, but how can I? You disgraced me…”

“Please,” Jannat pleaded, “Not when Luvleen’s here.”

“If she’s here, let her listen. Listen to what a stupid whore her mother is. I don’t know what,” Anand knelt down and pulled hard on his wife’s hair, forcing her to meet his face.

“What prompted you to sleep with him, huh?”

“I made a mistake. Hai Tauba!” Anand let go of her by pushing her down and Jannat sat on the ground, letting herself fall.

“It was once. You weren’t here and… It was a mistake. But I was lonely.” Jannat stood up.

“Of all the people, that bastard. You have any idea what he was saying about what you two did? To the entire eager populace who wanted to hear his shit? And what in heavens do you mean by saying I wasn’t here? What do you think I do in the city?”

“You consider yourself a saint?”

Anand boiled from within. “I’m the one who takes care of the land, the workers, our daughter’s education. I gave a bloody roof over both you and your daughter’s ungrateful heads. I even married you to rid your father off debt or else who knows, maybe one day I would have found you on the streets selling yourself.”

Jannat fumed but said nothing.

“I had to cut your lover’s tongue out to shut him up and his friends tips had to be singed so that they shut theirs. I’ve lost your respect, your daughter’s respect and apparently everyone’s.”

“You never thought of losing respect, when you went out seeking whores when you were still married to me? What then?”

“You ungrateful…. That was my money I spent, looking after you all had a toll and yes I took out my stress that way..”

“And you don’t think I had any?”

“I provided enough for you so that you didn’t have to. What are you even talking about?”

“You might’ve provided mighty lot. But you were never here as a human being to me or your daughter.”

“ . And before you say another word, don’t bring Luvleen into this.”

“Tell me truthfully, how much do you even know about her? How much do you actually bother about what goes on in her life?”

“Don’t play this card. Even for a woman of your filthy status, it seems too crude.”

“I’m being crude? You are addressing me as a whore, your own wife, to whomsoever listens, in the same house we share. You must even be telling your friends, that I’m a whore.”

“Yes.” Anand muttered intermittently during his wife’s speech.

“Definitely. Oh! They’re so, so interested in having you service them. Mmm.”

“If you’re so concerned that I don’t spend enough time or that I lack interest in what happens in Luvleen’s life, know this. When she goes to college, I’m making it a point to go with her.”

“It would’ve been much helpful if you’d have done this earlier, rather doing it now just to prove a point.” Jannat sat cross-legged and continued her work.

“A father must maintain a respectful distance from his daughter. Even you, as a mother must stop molly coddling her, especially at this age.”

“I’m the only one in this vast house, that she can freely speak to. Do you even know what goes on in her mind? How your aloofness from her has affected her? How she has absolutely no idea what to do next in her life?”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s in a crisis, Anand.” Jannat got up and stood in front of her husband, wiping her hands on her salwaar.

“She has no goals and no set purpose. She..”

“No, not Luvleen. She’s very good…” Anand began to say.

“I think it’s time, we began to discuss about her marriage.”

“…. She’s the most..” His wife’s sentence stopped him and he looked at her in annoyance.

“Luvleen’s marriage? Already? And you think I don’t care about her?”

“Anand, please listen.”

“No. I’ve heard enough.” He pushed away his wife’s hand and Jannat stood back.

“Whatever she does, I know she will do well. I know about Luvleen that much. She can never disappoint me. No matter what she does. As for you, you want her to become like you, don’t you? Uneducated, married to a wealthy man, settled with kids, a permanent housewife.”

“I never said her education will stop, Anand. Anand!” Jannat stopped him from leaving.

“And it’s not like you gave me much options after our marriage, did you?”

A lengthy silence followed, after which Anand spoke before leaving.

“If there was any other man in my place, he would have slit your throat for the shameless way you talk to me.”

“Of course, I would know, wouldn’t I, about men,” she spoke while she saw her husband walk towards the stairs.

“After all, I’m just a whore.”

Hours later, Luvleen was on her bed on her back, feeling guilty of not having helped her mom after or at least talked to her. She was also not able to move past the image of her father’s erect and quite impressive dick. Disgust coupled with shame and the awkwardness of the situation made her feel queasy.

A week later all the packing was done and Luvleen’s trip to Delhi was confirmed. But before leaving, her father had dropped a bombshell. He was going to accompany her till her college. Luvleen was furious. But no matter what she said, her father made it clear, without his presence she was going nowhere. Reluctantly, she agreed and as their journey began, so did their awkward relationship.

Like usual, both father and daughter did not talk much. Just about necessities or daily routines, during their train or bus journeys. The cold silence prevailed till their stay in the hotel. The hotel was just a few kilometers away from the college, so any pending work that was to be done would require nearly an entire week, thus the hotel room was adequately booked. Though Luvleen didn’t approve, but it was decided that both of them would stay in one room.

The first day passed smoothly. Luvleen knew that to keep her secret, she had to escape before dawn the next day. The only trip that was made that day was by her father, who said he was going out to meet a distant relative. Luvleen decided to spend the time watching TV or reading some of the magazines. When her father did come back, it was quite late in the evening. He appeared a bit angrier than usual and kept asking a ton of questions about the college, which she thought was a last resort to show he still had some interest in her life, but she answered them anyway. He didn’t appear satisfied. Dinner was ordered. Silence prevailed during the meal. As usual, she finished reading and decided to sleep earlier. But before she got to bed, her father told her that he wanted to talk.

‘Well what is it?’ Luvleen asked, after her dad stayed mute for a while. She noticed his face change and get a bit redder than usual before he responded.

“You’ve been lying to me, haven’t you?”

“Lying to you? About what?” Though she tried to feint innocence, her voice betrayed her as it came out shaking.

“About college. About this whole trip. It was all a pretense wasn’t it?”

“I don’t know where this….”

“Shut up! Don’t utter another word.” Luvleen was startled and she hurriedly backed off to the wall, as her father began to pace around scowling.

“I talked to the college’s office this morning. They’ve no record of you even applying for an admission there. What were you even thinking about?”

Luvleen didn’t respond for a while, turning over possible answers that might least upset her father, before she chose one. It didn’t go well.

“I don’t have an interest in college, papa. I don’t know why, but I just don’t.” Luvleen blurted out, stunning them both.

“You don’t do you? Why should you anyway? Didn’t I just spend all the money, all these years, so that you end up saying you have no interest?”

“Papa, thoda samjha karo…” (Please hear me out)

“Arre, Chup! After having done unimaginable things, just so that you never have to want for anything and this is how she decides to pay me back. What the hell were you planning on doing tomorrow? When we got there, at the college? What would you have done in the college? Huh?”

Luvleen shook her head in desperation, too scared to meet her father’s eyes.


Her father’s yelling, scared her and she began to sob.

“My friend was going to pick me up….before you woke up and I would stay with her for a while, before deciding further.” She mumbled tearfully.

Luvleen saw her father had stopped pacing and he was busy with his phone.

“What’s this friend’s name?”


“Is she coming tomorrow? If she does, you better make sure she knows that I’ll wring her neck.”

“Papa please..”

“What kind of tomfoolery have you been up to?”

Her father’s repeated shouting and her returning them, ended up keeping the both of them sleepless the entire night. The next morning. Luvleen called her friend who was supposed to pick her up and cancelled the trip.

Today, the weather outside their hotel room was dark and ominous. Rain had been pattering away since dawn and hadn’t slowed down in its intensity, thus confining both father and daughter in the gloomy atmosphere of the hotel room. Neither wanted to be in the other’s presence after yesterday’s shouting match. Curses and words, that weren’t supposed to be uttered were used and the damage was extensive.

The incessant rain meant that the electricity was interrupted thus bathing the entire room in darkness, save for the curtains from the windows which gave a brief light into the room. With no electricity, there was no hot water, no TV, no distractions. Just the sound of drops of water and infinite silence.

Anand was staring into the open lawn in the back of their room, through the curtains, watching the water gather into small pools and seeping into the dry earth, reminding him about a memory from his childhood when his father taught him the trade of tilling the rich earth when it was moist and when he showed the same to his daughter, Luvleen. He obviously didn’t hate his daughter. He was just not happy the way she had turned out to be. He was sure he had made every right choice as a father, to be for his daughter’s needs. But what he had failed miserably was to have been there as just a normal father. He had in a sense subjugated his daughter to the same experience he had sworn he would never make his daughter face. This was pointed out to him, by Luvleen, during their heated exchange earlier.

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Luvleen had grown into a beautiful woman, he realized, as he stood watching the dim light from the curtains shine on her sleeping figure on the bed. She was dressed in yesterday night’s clothes, not having bothered to get up from bed and change, owing to the bad weather outside. Her dupatta was draped on a chair, her hair loose on the pillow, her body covered with the bedsheets. Finding it only right to console her, after having made her cry all night long, Anand pushed back the sheets to allow himself to cuddle with his daughter from behind. Something he hadn’t done in years.

Still asleep, Luvleen stirred involuntarily, as her father slipped a hand through her armpits and held onto her from back. Something stirred inside Anand. Something he thought he had mastered and pushed aside years ago inside his mind. Something that scared and made him ashamed. It had some time since he had cuddled with his sleeping daughter and the shameful thoughts had begun to fester in his mind. From whenever they had started, Anand had begun to put barriers between his daughter and himself, thus preventing himself from acting on those dark thoughts, but now after such a long fight he had come to realize the extent of the distance he had put between them.

Luvleen smelled perfect. Her body gave out this inviting scent of fresh shampoo and hair oil, that made Anand mad and forced him to kiss her head. Without realizing, Anand found himself caressing her breasts through her dress. He felt his daughter moan in her sleep and turn on her back, her hands adorned with bangles clinking as she placed one of hands above her head and the other, inadvertently on her father’s crotch. Anand didn’t feel like moving.

He just stayed like that. His fingers kneading his daughter’s breasts through the thin fabric of her dress. He loosened his pants and freed his member. It was hard. He glanced at it, like it was a foreign object.

Is this what I’ve become, after so much trouble, raping my own daughter? Anand thought to himself. His lust for his daughter, outweighed by his self loathing. He covered up his sleeping daughter and made himself decent, before sitting on a chair and staring at the wet glass windows as they were bathed in soft rain.

He felt her stir and move beneath the covers, then saw her remove herself from them. She stood up and stretched, her face still heavy with sleep.

“Go and have a bath. You’ll feel less sleepy.”

Luvleen didn’t want to argue and extracted the towel from her father’s outstretched hands, before going into the bathroom. The water wasn’t cold but still enough to make her shiver, as she proceeded to strip. The first cold cup made her shiver, but then she felt a sudden wave of emotion overpower her and she felt tears slowly fall down her cheeks. She continued to pour water over herself as a punishment, while thinking back on her life. Her failed life. Especially her disappointed father. It was upto her now, she decided, to make amends.

She quickly dried herself and stepped out, covering herself only in the towel. She saw her father still sitting in front of the hazy windows staring at nothing. Luvleen quietly sat down on the bed and took a deep breath.

“Papaji, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be the daughter you wanted. I didn’t achieve anything. I know I’ve failed. Are you even listening?”

After a brief moment of silence, Anand finally responded.

“There’s no point, beti, in wallowing in guilt now. Especially you. I have guilt.” Luvleen saw her father stand up and walk towards her, before sitting beside her.

“My guilt though is something I can afford to think about, but you dear, you have a life. It’s about to begin. I know, that I can’t make the choices for you but at least if I’m aware I can hope to guide you. There is no time for you to feel guilty or sorry about. Ok?”

Seeking comfort in her father’s shoulders, Luvleen leaned and rested her head. Anand simply stroked her head. He felt her hands wrap around him and he allowed the familiar yet awkward feeling rising in his groin to grow, in hopes it would subside before it prompted him to do something stupid.

“I’m so, so sorry…” Luvleen seemed to mutter as she rested against her father’s chest but inexplicably she felt herself slide down the fabric of his shirt and plonk down softly yet unmistakably on her father’s bulge. Her eyes widened and she felt her father stiffen.

Before anyone of them could say a word, Luvleen slowly but surely began to unzip the front of her father’s pants. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but barely wiping off her watery eyes, she struggled to find something to find comfort in her hands. Which now appeared to be in her father’s pants.

Anand wasn’t sure what was happening or what he was supposed to do as a father. Was his daughter trying to please him or was she trying to seek some sort of connection…. Oh!

That feeling. It stopped Anand’s mind from further doubts and he gently pushed on his daughter’s head from above. In one swift yet almost like a practiced motion, Luvleen who had freed her father’s erect cock from his pants, lost no time in swiftly gobbling the head of his prick in her mouth.

Neither of them, among father and daughter knew why they were encouraging the other’s act but they definitely didn’t seem like they wanted this to be over soon.

Luvleen took her time in salivating on the tip of her father’s erect penis before allowing herself to go down further and attempt at swallowing the entire shaft of her father’s cock in her mouth. She could feel it throbbing as she did and turned sideways to see her father lying back on the bed. His eyes closed in wonderment and his hands holding his head in disbelief, as he locked eyes with his daughter.

She held back her head and steadied the base of her father’s dick by holding onto it’s base, took a muffled sigh and a satisfying breath before beginning to bob her head up and down continuously, sucking her father off.

Anand could barely steady his hands to remove the wet towel from his daughter’s body and throw it, before he began to feel Luvleen use her pretty mouth on his dick. He could only make an attempt to see once, his daughter bobbing her head on his cock, before he struggled to hold back his cum from erupting. He reluctantly made his daughter slow down and pulled her mouth away from him, releasing with a sloppy ‘pop’ sound.

He pulled her face to him as he sat up. He saw no regret, but an underlying sadness was still persisting.

“Is.. Oh.. Wahe Guru! I can’t breathe. Whoo! Is this what you want, Luvleen?” Anand struggled to speak, his erect dick rubbing between his daughter’s breasts. He licked his lips, as he waited for her to answer. He saw her look down, then meet his gaze, as she simply used both her hands to slowly coax a heap of precum out of his dick while stroking him. She wiped her lips on her outstretched arms before responding.

“I don’t know why I did that, papa-ji.” She burped making both of them smile for a second. “But I’m sure that you’re not very unhappy that I did.”

Anand didn’t utter another word. He pulled his naked daughter to him and kissed her on her lips. Luvleen stood back and removed her bangles, while her father began to remove whatever clothes he had left and soon became as naked as the day he was born.

He lost no time in scooping his daughter and placing her under him, while he got on top of her. He spread her legs and leered at her shaved pussy region. He saw his daughter grow red and turn sideways to look away. She was brought back to meet him, as she felt her legs being spread apart and she felt the tip of her pussy being rubbed by her father’s dick.

Anand pulled his daughter up and embraced her in midair, just when he entered her with a thrust. He felt Luvleen grunt under him and he happily began to fuck his daughter, in his frenzy forgetting that neither was she a whore nor his wife who was used to his harsh movements. He slowed down when he felt his daughter whimpering in pain.

“I’m sorry. I just… Do you want to me to..”

“No. No. Wait.” Luvleen still had her eyes closed, right from the first time she felt her father enter her and his mad, merciless thrusts that had followed soon after, threatening to tear her apart from within. She tried hard to stop the tears from flowing.

“Maybe, papaji. I think you should learn to punish me once in a while. Or say ‘no’ to me, after all you’re my father.”

Anand felt a lot of things run through his head. His daughter under him, allowing herself to be at his mercy while telling him quite literally, that this is what she deserved made him lose his mind a bit. But somehow seeking solace in his daughter’s own abilities, he turned back to his favorite position and hugged his daughter tight, as he began to pound into her.

Anand felt his daughter scream with wild abandon, while also feeling her stick her face into his neck and bite down her immediate pain, as he mercilessly fucked her. The slaps of their bodies echoed while his daughters muted screams and passionate pleas made him tingle too.

“Don’t stop! Papa…. Ahhh! Just don’t. Whatever Happens…… Don’t stop……”

Hearing his daughter’s words in Hindi, made him recall the first time Luvleen, when she was much younger, being taught the alphabet by him as she smiled while sitting on her father’s lap. That happy memory was now gone, replaced by what he was currently doing to Luvleen.

He felt his daughter’s grunts match his and he rose up. He held his daughter down, their eyes meeting, still fucking each other. He saw Luvleen thrash her head side to side at brief intervals, then briefly brave her father’s gaze on her and choke, as she felt him squeeze her neck in ecstasy.

Anand pulled out and flopped his daughter over. He felt his daughter comply without much energy left in her, her sweat stained hair swinging wildly with the moment, slapping him harmlessly on his cheek. He pushed into her from behind, bringing out a groan from his daughter’s lips.


“Yes? What is it?”

“This feels so weirdly amazing. I think your being inside me, is going to make me cum.”

“Let me help you.”

Luvleen felt her father’s fingers on her pussy and after a few special and furiously paced rubbing and licking down there, she began to buck gently and beautifully on the sheets as cried her pleasure into her hands, her orgasm releasing through her body.

For a while, neither of them made much sound as they both sunk into each other. Luvleen could still feel her father’s dick erect inside her, even when he had made her cum. Then Anand began gyrating his hips faster than before. Luvleen met her father’s thrusts by bucking against him. Pushing him further inside of her.

“It hurts. It hurtsss…. But it’s such a good hurt… Mm…. Ahhh…. Ahhhh….. Ahhhh….”

Hearing his daughter utter such words and grunts in the throes of pleasure moved something deep inside him. He pulled her up by her shoulders and crushed her breasts with his hands, as he continued to fuck her. He felt himself come close to his orgasm.

Luvleen reached back with her hands and her neck stretched to lick the side of her father’s face, enticing him in an incredibly erotic manner.

Anand made his daughter hold herself on all fours by supporting on her shoulders and he grabbed them, while fucking her. He began to come harder than ever before, whilst in that position and threw his head back.

“Aannnhhh…… Aaaaahh….. Aaaaahh…. Ahh.”

His rhythmic groans matched with each thrusts as every eruption of his cum left his body and entered his daughter’s sweet one. Filling her up with an impressive load, Anand shakily sat back after emptying himself and continued to absentmindedly stroke himself, as he watched his daughter regain her composure from their furious fucking.

Anand saw his daughter move and sit on top of his heaving body. She tried to sit but ultimately gave up and lied down on top of him, her breasts crushed against her father’s chiseled chest. Anand could still feel his Luvleen and her wetness below, creaming and flowing into his thighs.

Both of them were sweaty, their smell further dampening the cold room, only the light rain daring to break the silence. Anand felt for Luvleen’s hair through his fingers, playing with them for a while, before being distracted by the ringing phone. It was his wife. Anand leaned back a bit, without disturbing his daughter and picked it up from the bedside table.


“What have you decided?” Anand had called her the previous night and talked in detail about their daughter.

“Nothing concrete.” Anand saw Luvleen stir and ask him to put the phone on speaker. Anand obeyed. He pulled her up by cupping her drenched pussy and lifting her forward, as Luvleen diligently listened to her mother.

“I know she has committed a mistake. A grave one and knowing you, I’m sure she will get a befitting punishment. But please, dont be too hard on her, ok?”

“Don’t worry. She’s my daughter too.”

Anand cut the call and stared into his daughter’s eyes. She seemed unsure, still on his chest, her big, brown eyes mesmerizing. Her head was perched on her chin, tilted to await whatever her father was about to say. But Anand knew nothing to say.

“Hey, want to go back home?”

“I don’t think there is any other option, papa.”

Anand nodded and gently prodded Luvleen to get off, which she did and she saw her father’s naked body walk to the bathroom. She too stood up.

“Papa, what are you going to say to Mummy ji?”

“We’ll deal with it when it’s time. For now, change and get a bath.”

“I had already. Before…” Luvleen looked down at her toes, too shy to look at her father. She looked at his outstretched hand towards her.

“Doesn’t matter. Join me anyway.” And for one of the first rare times, she saw her father look at her with happiness, a broad smile etched on his handsome face going perfectly with his large moustache. And of course, lust.

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