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A visit to my aunt’s house – part 1

Every Summer my family would visit my aunts house on the lake. I had just turned 16 and we were about to make one of our regular trips when my mom comes into my room, “Now Robbie, don’t mention anything about uncle Jim ok. You know that they got divorced last month. Just don’t say anything about it ok.” “Geez, I know. Ok!” I grunted “You’ve told me this four times. I won’t say anything.” “Ok. Are you packed up, we are about to leave?” She asked. “Yea, I’ve got everything.” “All right lets go. We have a six hour hour drive and I’d like to get there before dark.” dad yelled from the living room. We piled in and started the drive. When we got there, My aunt was sunbathing out on her dock, dad growls. “Shit didn’t she know that we were coming and to put some damn clothes on. Nobody wants to see her skinny ass.” He tooted the car horn and my aunt looked up and waived. As she got up I could see her sun tanned lil ass. She had a short petite figure and little perky boobs even to be 40. She wrapped a towel around herself and came to greet us. Mom and dad got the usual hugs, then when I went to hug her my hand accidentally went inside her towel and was hugging bare skin! “Oops I’m sorry” I said. “Why? we are family? Just don’t try and grab my ass or my titties!” “Jill!” mom said, “Do you have to say tits and ass?” Aunt Jill rolled her eyes “Look at him Debbie, he is a growing young man. He’s not 6 anymore. Shit. And this is my house! I will say tits, ass, fuck, cunt, pussy, dick, whatever the hell I want.  I know y’all drove a long way let’s go inside. I’m hungry. Who else is hungry?” We all went inside to rest up and eat. After some boring family conversation (and a few beers) everyone was tired and ready for bed. My aunt started giving out room assignments. “Bill and Debbie you guys take the spare room, Robbie you can have the couch, the floor, or if you want to, pile up with me. I’ve got half of a king size mattress to offer and I don’t snore.” “Well since the couch is uncomfortable and the floor is hard, I’m choosing you.” I replied. “See Debbie I CAN still get a man!” She giggled. “Jill, I never said you couldn’t. But you are getting the best looking man in the room.” “Mom” I groaned. “Ok. Well, roll your suitcase in there. I’m going to take a shower and wash all this sun tan lotion off. See you guys in the morning.” And she headed into the adjoining bathroom. I rolled my suitcase into the now empty bedroom. Instead of a room filled with fishing trophies and hunting rifles, there was 1 trophy, shelves with family photos and self help books, and a huge tv with stacks of yoga and Pilates dvds and a yoga mat on the floor. “You can watch tv if you want too!” I heard her yell from the bathroom. “I told that asshole ex of mine that I’d be damned if he was going to take MY 50” flatscreen so he could watch porn movies with his new bitch.” “thanks but I think I’m just going to change and go to bed.” I called back. I unzipped my suitcase looking for my pajama pants but couldn’t find them. “Crap! I knew I forgot something.” I said loudly. “Are you ok? My aunt called from the shower. “Yea, I forgot my pj pants. Now I don’t have anything to sleep in.” “Look in those drawers under the tv. Maybe there are some in there.” She answered back. Looking in every drawer I found jeans, socks, but nothing sleepable. “Hey If you need to brush your teeth or pee just come on in. I’m not bashful. I’m sure you already got an eyeful this afternoon.” “No I didn’t see anything” I said quickly. “Well if you did, I still don’t care. I’m not ashamed anymore. Your uncle did a great job of making me feel like shit when it came to my body. I guess he wanted bigger tits, bigger ass, and no brains. Guess my 24” ass and B cups tits no longer did it for him. “Well that’s his loss Aunt Jill.” I called back. “It looks like you’ve toned up since you started running.“ “Running?” She said sarcastically, “I run, do yoga, and swim a mile 3 times a week.” She said as she came out of the bathroom wrapping her hair in a towel. “Anything there?” She asked. “Not really.” I replied. “Well that’s tough tootie ain’t it. Awe shit boy, just sleep in your damn underwear. I don’t mind. I told you we’re family. I think I will be able to handle it if you can.” She went over to her dresser and grabbed a T-shirt. “This is all I sleep in” then she dropped her towel. Now here is my aunt standing totally nude no more than 3 feet from me. “You said you didn’t see anything this afternoon, well here it is! What do you think? Not bad for a 41 year old huh?” Her shapely body, perky tits, and shaved pussy staring right at me. She turned around, “oh, here is my ass too in case you missed it.” She giggled twirling around. Then she climbed into the bed. “I usually sleep nude, but I figured I’d give you a break tonight. Now don’t you go grabbing at me tonight and keep that dick of yours in those boxers. I’m already starting to see a lil tent popping up.” I looked down and my dick had started to swell and a bump had formed in my boxers. My aunt grinned, “It’s ok. You don’t have to hide it or be ashamed of getting a boner around me. I don’t care anymore and it’s a little flattering. I am 25 years older than you! Shit your cousin Tommy used to walk around the house with a hard on in his shorts all the time! His dad hated it. Probably because that prick couldn’t keep his up. Asshole. Did your mom tell you that he left me for some bimbo 29 year old with fake tits.” No she never told me that. Actually I wasn’t supposed to talk about uncle Jim at all.” Well I think I’m about over it now. He’s moved out and on, th divorce is final and I’m stuck here by myself.” I’m sorry aunt Jill”. “It’s ok. I can sunbathe all I want now and piss off the neighbors. She laughed leaned over and gave me a hug. “Good night”. “night I replied and we fell asleep.
During the night I woke up to the sound of my aunt moaning and crying tossing and turning. All of a sudden I felt her arm reach over and slide across my chest. “Oh Jim, I’m so glad your back. I’ve missed you so much”. She said sleepily. I tried to tell her that I wasn’t Uncle Jim but she moved her hand over my mouth. “It doesn’t matter. Your here now. Jim, I want you. I need you.” She took my hand and put it between her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet! “Don’t you feel how much I need you Jim. Make love to me like you used to. Please!” She then reached down to my boxers to find my growing hard on! “Oh I feel you want me too! Oh Jim I love your hard cock. Fill me with your cock Jim, I need to feel it inside me.” She pulled off my boxers grabbed my dick in one hand and slowly lowered her head swallowing my cock. “mmmm, your dick tastes so good. Oh I’d forgotten how much I love to suck your big strong cock.” She continued to lick up my shaft several times then deepthroated me all the way to the base. “Mmmmm fuck you are so long and hard.” Grabbing my balls in her hand, “oh I love holding you big full balls. God I want you to empty these balls inside me.” All of a sudden she climbed on top of me, pulled her T-shirt off and laid down on my chest whispering, “Oh Jim, I’m going to fuck you so good, you won’t leave again.” She reached down between us sliding my dick into her awaiting pussy. She was so tight. I guess it had been a while since she fucked anyone. She had to slowly lower herself down inch by inch. “oh Jim I’m so tight for you. Your cock is filling me up”. It felt so good as I slowly entered my aunt. “Mmmm,ohhhh,mmm” was all I could utter. ”You like it tight don’t you baby?” She finally got me all the way in. “oh yes! Fuck. you fill my pussy up.” Slowly she began grinding herself against my buried cock, then started raising herself up almost to the tip then dropped down. “Oh yes, that’s it.” She grunted as she started riding my cock like a pro, pounding her pussy against me. I couldn’t believe my aunt was fucking me. She may believe I’m her ex-husband, but that’s my dick she’s riding right now and it felt great. She definitely knew how to fuck. Slowing down when she needed to, teasingly my tip, squeezing it tight. Not able to contain myself I reached around grabbed her ass and started forcing her harder down on my cock. “Oh yes baby make me fuck you good.” She moaned. I guided her hips down my shaft feeling her riding the best hard on I’ve ever had. I pulled her down on top of me pressing her against my chest and held her in a tight hug while pumping my cock in and out of her gaping pussy. “Oh yes Jim fuck me like that, oh yes you fuck so good. Pump that cock in me. give it all to me.” All her talking made me thrust in her even harder. “Mmmm, ugggghhh, mmmmm, ohhh god, this feels so good. Keep fucking me. Ohh keep fucking me. OOOHHH Shit!!! Your making me cum! Fuck I’m cumming hard! Uggghh!!!!! She tightened up every muscle and her body started shaking as she felt her orgasm. Her cunt gripped my dick so hard I didn’t think it would let go. “Oh god Jim, that was the best cum of my life!!” Then she sat up and pulled me on top of her. “You fuck me hard you bastard!” She demanded. “Fuck me good and make me cum again.” Climbing back between her legs I entered her waiting pussy. Once I started thrusting she grunted, “Yes, that’s it. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it good.” I reached up and grabbed her legs holding them open as I thrusted harder and faster. ”Oh yes, just like that! Oh you fuck so good.” Then pulling her legs up and together I dropped all of my weight down on her pussy driving my cock deep inside her.”OH SHIT!” Pounding her harder and harder.”OH FUCK I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” She yelled. As she tensed up I felt myself begin to cum, “UGGHHH, GOD!” I moaned. “Oh yea, cum with me baby cum with me.” Both our bodies tensed as I felt myself unload my cum inside of my aunt! “Oh god yes cum inside me! Fill me up!” Load after load I felt shoot into her. “oh yea.” She said as she pulled my swollen tired cock out of her. She held it in her hand as it started to gradually go limp still dripping with my cum. She pulled on it gently squeezing out the remaining drops of my spunk then licked her fingers. “Mmm.” This is good. Should have had you cum in my mouth. Maybe next round.” she said squeezing my tight sore balls. I rolled off of her and immediately fell asleep.

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